Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Pakiya and Kamla come in and Kamla shows the paper to Gauri. Gauri says wow Kalpi congratulations. Kalpi says we should be grateful t Raghav. Vitthal says this must be Sammy’s idea. Kalpi says yeah at least they know what it means to me. Kamla says I am ready for this proposal, Vitthal says so am i. Kamla asks Gauri will she come to madir ? She says yes.
Raghav says she hasn’t come still. Sammy says you’re being so desperate. Gauri comes out with Kalpi she says you didn’t show me the guy. Pakiya and Kalpi point at the two.
Kalpi is bring Gauri to Ragahv. His face is turned. Sammy smiles at them. Gauri turns to kamla and says how will I go there without taking bath. You all should go and bring parsad for me. Kamla asks Pakiya to stay and take her when

she gets the bath. Sammy says Kalpi looks more beautiful with this smile. Sammy says to Kalpi that we all missed you in the office. A really funny incident took place.

Scene 2
Nettu is worried why kamla hasn’t come. Who will feed mummy ji now. This manda only opens the mouth to as money. Manda says madam i have something to tell you. She says Kamla bai.. Nettu says speak up. Manda says her daughter.. Nettu shouts why are you not telling the complete story. Manda says its too hot I don’t feel good. Nettu says take that juice and speak up. Manda says our Kamla bai’s daughter’s photo has been published in the newspaper. She has topped the exams. Raghav and Sammy came and they were all so happy. Nettu says whatever she is not intelligent as my daughter.

Scene 3
They arrive at the temple. Kamla says to pandit ji that my daughter has topped the exams. Kamla asks Sammy to join the pooja as well. Kalpi asks Raghav to join as well, he nods. Raghav comes forward. He doesn’t know hat to do. Kalpi tells him how to do it. Sammy comes later and does the pooja. kamla says I think we should leave them alone. Sammy takes Kalpi somewhere. She says where are you taking me. Sammy takes her downstairs where Raghav is standing. Sammy says my role is over now its up to you both. Kalpi says you didn’t come when I asked you to meet ai and baba. He says first you had to get the happiness you lost, I saw the hope shattered in your eyes that day. I wanna be with you how could I see you with hopeless eyes. Now you can talk to her without any fear. She will trust you now. Kalpi says what if I thought that you deceived me. He says that doesn’t matter. Kalpi says that doesn’t matter to you ? He says not stop the drama of being angry I am tired of going to university for 3 days now came to mandir did the pooja. You should at leaast smile for me. kalpi smiles.
Kamla says to Vitthal they were looking so good together. I wonder why Raghav came for pooja with kalpi but not sammy. Vitthal says they are new generation not much interested in pooja and all.
Sammy sees Kamla and Vitthal coming he comes and stands between them. Kalpi says to Raghav waht happened to you ? He says we are not committed officialy. Let it be yes and i will be with you. kamla asks Sammy which sweet does he like ? She will send with kalpi. Vitthal says she will send you day and night. They all leave.
Sammy says I will drive you should sit with Kalpi. Kalpi says how scared is he. He respects Ai. Kamla says its such a good day. Vitthal says its because of you both. Raghav says we are family after all. There are no favors in family.
Pakhi calls Sammy and asks where are they all. he tells her that they have come to the mandir. kalpi has topped the exams. She talks to kalpi and says when are you giving the party. Kalpi says asks your Kamla maa. Pakhi asks when is the party. Kamla says this evening. Pakhi says what a good news it is.

PRECAP-Vitthal says to kamla taste these sweets I made them. Kamla says what if we plan the party somewhere else. Vitthal says where ? Kamla says nettu wanna throw party for kalpi at her place. Vitthal and says Pakiya throw all this sweets in the drain.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ashranna

    why is kamla so dumb? what is wrong with where she lives….i hope vitthal stnds up to her…kalpi dont even like the kapoors…..i hope writers really get ragna married…..then this becomes the perfect show….no high voltage drama,no sacrifice and no type of triangles….i standby that men like raghav will love that one person all the way..in sickness health until death do them part….

  2. yoga efron

    Super episode…..I am loving it…….but there is something that always comes in the way that kamla and pak hi…….errrrrrrr

  3. Avnee

    Kamala pagal hogaye stupid.wt is al when raghav come to knw the sammy’s confusion of kamala he get hurt.and neetu has pland somnthng whch destroys ragna love story.then she tie him with pakhe.

  4. Avnee

    Yar koi tho javo kamala ko zameen dafanake avo.then only kalpi and raghav cn be mary.dumbo kamala every time she herself goes in problem whch affects kalpi.im just woried abt ragna in party nettu defenatly knw abt ragna and then she play her bestest devilish game to destroy

  5. TriniD!v@

    Never In my life that I saw a mother so damn DUMB………. Kamla maa please stop your nonsens…………….. My God…. We just want Kalpi and Raghav to be happy…..

  6. Mon

    Hello Tatiana
    Where have u been 2 days??
    U r 100% right kamla is a DAMBO
    Us always understand her paji but never understand her own daughter,
    And she is little selfish never ask raghav what kind is mithai he like ,paji creat misunderstanding about kalpi and Sammy she ask Sammy what kinds mithai he like dumbo kamla and miss wrong signal paji I hate them

  7. girijashiva

    i saw telechakkar.com and also facebook-Ek mutthi Aasmaan-Raghav and kalpi.there are lot of things are there.better we all give our feed back there also. dont know still have doubt about kamala. how she will react when she come to know Raghav is kalpana’s love.why neetu is wanted to give party to kalpana/ something fishy.

  8. anshu

    Hi ragna frnds, man , girija, tatiana & others
    Its a daily soap itni misunderstanding toh banti hai
    In bio we readmamstochastic prodess i.e. many chance events occur in nature & lead to evoltion same theory applies in here
    Many misunderstandings occur 1 by 1 & lead to a biiiig mess.. 😛 😛
    I just love sammy as the no. of episodes are inc my crush on him is inc…
    He is seriously too cute & i m loving the bonding of trio sammy-kalpana-raghav..

  9. ek

    Worlds ki samajhdar kamla gosh apni beti ko nahi samajhti kaisi mother hai aur neetu koi kaam nahi hai usko hope the story should flow in right direction

  10. hi RagNa frndz…….yeah so cute bonding of sammy-raghav-kalpi……luv their conversation…….i think kalpi ko ab promotion milegi……she deserve it……

  11. ashranna

    i really like this show….because it is not like the other serials…..i hate all the sacrifice for love and the triangles and the drama….it also sends a positive message that there is always someone who looks out for you….even when all fails……i hope nothing negative happens to this show…..there is so much to offer.

  12. Avnee

    Hai frnds., relax at facebook they gvn some inftn regarding kalpana raghav maraige with high voltage drama.but in actual Raghav is marng Pakhe kapoor dis is high voltage jhataka.nw lisn kalpana wt shl do dn’t knw.bt nw for dis its confirmed that Raghav wl mary Pakhe.they gvn very calculatd lines in facebook that kalpana and raghav ke shadi hoge but kis ke sath hoge wo nhe likha.kynki shadi hoge par ek dusre ke sath nahe exchange offer me kalpana with sammy.and raghav with Pakhe .bus kamala ke confusion ka end hai exchange marage.director pagal hogaye agar aisa hua tho il stop watchng dis show.

    • girijashiva

      The premise to the entire drama will be the wedding in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan between Raghav (Aashish Chaudhary) and Kalpi (Rachana Parulkar). The wedding will happen in the chawl of Kamla (Shilpa Shirodkar), and the track will have its own high point.
      This is from- facebook page:Ek mutthi Aasmaan-Raghav and Kalpi:-
      As for Sapne Suhane, Pihu (Akanksha Gilani) who is now being stalked by Vicky (Chandan Madan), will all of a sudden go missing. She will be seen in a chawl in Mumbai, and this will lead Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) and others to come to Kamla Bai’s chawl, looking for Pihu. This will be the crux of the integration track, is what we get to hear.

      When contacted, Rachana told us, “Yes, we are proceeding towards Raghav and Kalpi’s wedding which will take place in the chawl only. The Sapne Suhane family will be a part of it; they will be invited for the wedding is what I know as of now.”
      We tried calling Roopal but did not get through to her.
      The shoot for the wedding sequence in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan will begin in a couple of days.

  13. Mon

    There are confusson about kalpana and Sammy also paaji like ragh and kamla know about that so
    Marriage won’t happen next week
    If marriage week coming next week means many prob is coming to so ready for that raghna frnd
    Like today’s epi
    I always like Sammy as good character but never found him handsome but today I feel like he is cute ,

  14. Kamla maa….jarurat se jada dumb sound krti hai….really…her character is jst too much!!!Ragna looks grt together as always…luv u two….hope to see u tied in knot of marriage soon…pakhi and sammy looks grt together…inka kuch hona chahiye serial me…

  15. AP

    Folks.. more than anything i feel disappointed , i wasted so many months watching a serial.. which also is going to end up in the same old way… i guess they are all set to have Raghav marry Paaki… that day would be adios for me from EMA as well as Zee!!!!.. I was tired of serials will kept spreading the message that “Good people suffer!!!” Evn if they try to show in the end they finally meet up .., pls… after suffering for whole life .. what is the point i get the one i love when i am dying or after 2 – 4 remarriages !!! are these serials promoting/advertising divorces ???/ gosh… i have no words to express my feelings…:(

      • AP

        Hey Anshu.. you are really a sweetheart… i feel compelled to tell you my name !!!My name is Aswathy.. Hello 🙂 from Aswathy not AP… Am not sure i would want to see EMA if they split up Ragna now (i don’t care whether they plan to bring them together sometime in future). You marry the one you love and i swear.. no matter what you can sense if it actually ur man sitting next to you… i don’t know to explain how .. but you just can…

    • AP

      I saw the news girija… but they also says high point drama!!! and all the stupid illogical things they have been showing in the last 2-3 episodes … i am kind of nervous and omnious as to what are they planning now !!! you see i again say .. the attire of Rghav in spoiler is matching to Pakki’s dress not Kalpi’s 🙁 … which gives me a flag up saying everying is gonna go west!!!I have seen Marathi marriage… i had been to mumbai for the marraige of my best friend’s sis and the dressing of Raghav is not that of Marathi Bridegroom in the spolier … which is actually giving ,e dreadful thoughts 🙁

  16. Mon

    Where is chocopie ??
    Raghna frnds I m relly worry if kapoor’s creat prob Ane make raghna separate?
    If marriage don’t happen next week no prob but do not wont paji with ragh
    I really have a head pain can’t think more for raghna what will happen
    Anshu miss u and your comment

  17. sob sob sob this is unblevble zee also stopped 11.30 repeat telecast……..v r requisted them to show 1 more repeat telecast…….they ate our 1 more……this is disgusting……

  18. AP

    Folks someone was saying – ragna got bappa’s blessing so they won’t be separated !!!- Well In real life, you could be right- you get blessed by bappa and you will get through all museebat.. but in Hindi Soaps .. all the couples who get such blessings from bappa aur devi ma gets split up… i have wondered whether these serials are trying to spread message that “there is no point praying or being good – such people will only suffer !!” I was sick of this funda and had hence stoppe watching soaps till EMA came .. now i have a feeling this too is going the same old negative way with Rakhi marriage happening(twist in marriage epi could be that – as usual dulha exchange or revenge marraige or may be another stupid reason – like raghav did not take a bath!!!” !!!

  19. Hlo….evry1. ….yes u al r r8 sayin dis show is goin in same direction….as odrs ..stupid daily soaps. ..dats nt fare. ..I never expected dis 4m EMA. …lik odr shows wil seperate ragna …..n marry rags wid pakhi….now d confusion b/w sammy n rags is goin 2 much …..now its irritating me….. I lik sammy n all der bondin 2…bt kamla’s confusion is now at peak ….not gus….n stupid kamla why she nvr understand neetu is 2 mastermind. …don knw y she wanna thrw ds party andr game plan ????? Scared a lot…if ragna wil b seperated quit n kill writers. …..

  20. Mon

    I really feel to cry so attach to raghna can’t belive it’s me i fall in love with raghna
    My husband knows about I m watching ema so sometime he is pulling me leg
    Specialy in weekend
    I hate paaji and kamla

  21. anilah

    pakhi luk gud with both raghav and sammy though so anyone she go with gud 4 me but kalpi doesnt luk gud with any

    • girijashiva

      you are too good with Pakhi. here we all feel the same way.otherwise you start with your own channel and write your own story act along with Pakhi.so whole day and night you only watch. even though it a public forum all are here for – RAGNA -fans.if you want to in a sadist way there are many sites which you will give you same advice like me. so better you search .

  22. Mon

    Anilah why u came back ??
    If u like paji it’s ok with that, i know why don’t u like kalpi Bcoz she is servants daughter and paji is little fair and kalpi is little dark
    Raghna frnds don’t care we just love raghna

  23. ash

    Pakhi with raghav….hell no…I hate pakhi and kamla….if the writers get pakhi and raghav married, I will be quitting this serial….kalpi deserves to be happy….and besides raghav doesn’t love pakhi, he loves kalpi…..he is too sweet and adorable…raghna is the best

  24. I am positive the serial so far going appropriately so don’t worry all of u raghav n kalpi stand for each other come what may when time comes they will clear all confusion n I hope Paki gets married to Pakiya coz it’s only Kamlama who handle her. Initially I thot Sammy n Paki will pair well but seeing the goodness of Sammy I feel he needs someone who is not aggressive as Paki

  25. gh

    Hey girls

    Dont you think the longer the Kamala and Paaji have a confusion about Sammy and Kalpi, the lesser time they have to create problems .

  26. anshu

    Guys i dont think there wud be any marriage
    Neither ragna nor raghav & paakhi
    Becoz then story wont hav anything gud..
    Lets see wat happens
    & yeah if marriage happens b/w raghav & paakhi
    I will also stop watching the episode

  27. dd

    guys i read your all comment and scared if writer is planning to get tie of nodes raghav and pakhi NO way.its true marriage raghavand kalpi its not going to sucess may be raghav came to know about his mother and marriage stop there or neetu will create big misunderstanding between them and paaji get emotionally blackmail to kamla and screifies al story will take place ……but god please do not seprte raghv and kalpi….guys i cant understand when kalpi ask to raghave ” ager main ye samjhati ke apne mujhe dokha diya to” raghav reply kuch nahi hota she asked it doesnt matter for you he said No why he replied like this why he take all these words so light. he loves her very much and he never want this i think bu wy…

    • girijashiva

      why Raghav is so scared about kamala/ why he can not ask kalpana’s hand for marriage? how can any one thing other guy – sammy is the boy? is it happen in real life?so stupid writers. in real life family will get to know the boy or girls name first not last.what i happening here. this is for the viewers in mumbai- most watched show – whay you are doing for this injustice doing to main character-kalpana- as it story happening in mumbai.

  28. anshu

    Hello !!!! Aswathy!!
    Thank u 4 telling me ur name
    I like this forum becoz
    I got so many frnds here..
    Girls u knw we hav many things in common
    We allmlove ema
    We all hate kamla & paakhi
    We all like character of vitthal
    We all hate kapoors
    We all love or like sammy
    & last but not least we all love ragna & want them to be 2gether

  29. Mon

    Raghna frnds i just find out zee tv have new show coming in June Jamai raja hope so that show don’t replace with our ema
    Cross your finger girls
    Now I belive tele news raghav kalpi marriage u never known
    I hate zee tv

  30. Nat

    Friends, I love this show and don’t mind all the domestic problems but the show can still talk about all this while keeping Ragna together. If they make Raghav accidently or on purpose make Raghav marry paaki then I will stop watching BC then the show is about sacrificing love and bring helpless instead of being a show of being poor but striving for excellence!!

  31. ek

    hai frns sombody tell the repeat telecast time of ema as zee t.v stopped telecast of 11.30pm idiots telecasting stupid serials many times but not ema

  32. Nat

    Zee likes to drag on stupid shows like pavitra rishta which is so boring now and qubool hai is dumb now too. I don’t like them dragging on shows that were good before by putting in the characters as double roles!!! Not cool at all. Story is just not the same!!

  33. AP

    Folks.. I have made up my mind… may be it is a small step but something I can do and within my power… my silent protest on Zee’s attitude towards a positive show . I WILL CUT ZEE FROM MY PACKAGE ONCE EMA GETS OVER. I am not going to watch zee again for their ridiculous shows and attitude…I plan to do the same if EMA turns sour as well playing by the same old negative trails(Rakhi marriage) due to whatever reasons …. and I really mean it …

    • AP

      Oh Anshu.. I have atleast sent 4-5 feedback mails to zee tv and have put in umpteen comments in zee site … !!!!!

  34. sham

    I think Kamala tell she wants both her daughters get married together and this misunderstanding will create in wedding venue

  35. AP

    The page had the news of the Milan of Sapane suhane and EMA and Ragna Marriage.. The news that EMA retelecast will start again from coming Friday and a lot of edits of Ragna !!!

  36. Star

    have anyone of u tried writing a fanfiction on any site….. if yes then plzz give me the link to it
    and i agree with all of u tht ema is going like other daily soaps
    Zeetv is very bad to stop the repeat telecast 🙁
    N pakhi n pakya shud get married not rakhi
    i have a question have any one of u noticed raghav’s eyebrows ? they are always up!!

  37. anshu

    ‪#‎EKMUTTHIAASMAN‬ tellyexpress spoiler update…After topping the university Kalpi throws a party in chawl. Meanwhile, Kamla thinks that Raghav wishes to marry Pakhi and Kalpi will wed Sammy.But Kalpi refuse to marry Sammy and Kalpi gets shocked when the family asks her whether she likes someone…‪#‎DS‬

    This is the news on fb

  38. anshu

    confirmed nws EMA RPT TELECAST TO START FROM FRIDAY same time but time may have a last minute changeLike·Comment

    Another news on fb

  39. anshu

    Hi star!!!
    U knw before start fommenting here
    I was also a silent reader 4 1 & half month
    Now i m addicted of commenting here
    My day doesnt complete before commenting here..
    I knw line thodi filmy ho gyi
    But this is truth
    I luv u ragna frnds

    • Star

      it is really nice to discuss about the episode n spoilers… i actually commented on two episodes before this but finally got addicted to reading tht i decided on commenting

  40. dd

    Hi all Raghavkalpi friends,

    Kamla really creating big misunderstanding basically its started by pakhi i dont know why she always live in dream and feel bad for her as well when i think that her heart will be broke one day.But she should know it soon because raghav and kalpi are best no other.

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