Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says to Kalpi won’t you put color on me ? don’t think too much. I don’t care you name our relationship or not but this moment is special to both us. You opened new ways of life for me. I said what I had to but you never answered. Please tell me. Kalpi takes the plate and is about to apply a little color on his cheek when Paki comes and says sir I have been waiting for you since so long. She says please sir come with us and play holi. I won’t put much color on you. She takes him with her but Kalpi’s hand with color touches his.

Scene 2
Nettu is really frustrated. manda asks who are you ? She says I am your boss. Manda asks you came here for something. She says no I came hereto see something. She points at Raghav and Pakhi. Kalpi follows Raghav

and Pakhi as well. Pakhi asks Raghav to dance. He says no I don’t. She says you have to. Pakhi is dancing. Raghav just moves a little. Raghav looks at Kalpi she smiles. Pakhi applies color on Raghav and says happy holi, so does he. She goes to Kamla and says Raghav put color on me. I am so happy. Raghav comes to Kalpi but his phone rings. He says okay I will be there. He sees Pakhi and says I have to leave there is some urgent work at the office but I had a good time. Kalpi and Pakhi both are smiling. Everyone get busy in the celebrations. The lady comes in the balcony. Manda shows her to Nettu. Kamla comes there as well. Nettu wonders where has she seen her. She sees Kamal going up and she follows her. Kamla asks the lady come in. Nettu comes in too. Kamla says come in madam. She says I needed water. Nettu says she is the same lady she is alive what will happen now. Kamla asks do you recognize her ? Nettu says no how could I ? She says I have to leave and leaves .

scene 3
At late night Pakiya asks Manda that you must enjoy working in big homes. You must steal a lot of stuff. She says yeah I don’t leave anyone. Kamla gives Vitthal lemonade. He says I will drink if you sit here. Kamla says what are you doing ? Vitthal asks Kalpi how much I love your Ai ? SHe says so much. Vitthal hold kamla and says I love you. I juts wanna spend my life with you.You are the who stood by my daugter. Its all because of you. Kamla says what are you saying. He says a man only speaks truth when he’s drunk. Everyone uses to taumt me that my wife works and I sit at home. It hurt a lot but you never let me break. Kamla says how could I ? We are together forever. You are so rich for me. They hug each other and Kalpi hugs them as well.

Precap- Sahil comes in and Nettu says where were you I have been calling you since so long ? He says I am so tired will talk tomorrow. She says it will blow your mind. The one we thought is dead 20 years ago is alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. mytwobitsworth

    Sooo disappointed..:-( All her life Kalpi had to see Paakhi drag Kamla away from her. And here Raghav was no different. What stopped him from calling Kalpi or asking her to come too> How could he leave without saying bye to her. if you love someone you make them feel special and give them importance over others…Where is the Raghav Singhania who knows what he wants and goes ahead and gets it? As Kalpi said once..he says he loves her, but has so far done nothing special…If I were Kalpi…I would run no matter how much I loved him.

  2. UK

    Dont feel like watching the serial anymore – waited over the weekend for some more love but 🙁 🙁
    Another serial thats going to drag!

    • girijashiva

      i also feel the same way! going to stop watching this serial.dont like today’s episode when pakhi drag raghav from kalpi// why she is always forcing herself in between them? now they start showing that woamn and kapoor revenge.these story writers wont change.

  3. ravina

    Thanks atiba…. But y paki had to spoild they moment for kalpi I rele hate paki .. Always get wat she want .. If paki ever end up with raghav I will vote this show a zero

  4. Aman

    Very disappointing…episode…how can this is possible…he left her…kalpi is stopped due to paki..if rags really her then why he didnt express in front of evryone…why he is scared of paki…

  5. natasha

    Damm!! Expected some nice romance, paki really needs to let kalpi have her share of happiness!

  6. Aman

    Oh writer spoiled everything…oh my god…plz rag and kalpi sure to everyone that they love eachother..unless bcz of rags suspense this love will be spoiled…already the initial story is soooo much dissappointing plz writters do not spoil the stoy now..atleast give lead role to kalpi nd rags…

  7. Be optimistic guys.. Now that Kalpi has accepted Raghav Love, we will hopefully have good episodes to come not the usual Kapli-Raghav-Pakhi Triangle. In the end if Pakhi gets what she wants then there is no meaning/theme for this serial nor its title..

      • Saydz

        I noticed we have lots of directors – expressing themselves 😉 go slow, watch episode by episode, don’t make this a movie. Let’s wait <3

  8. Aman

    If it goes like other shows like changing choices..of love .taking revenge..sooo old concept..plzzz ensure love..btw 2….nd make show interesting….

  9. vna

    Kinda dissapointed myself…nevertheless, he probably left coz he knows that thr share some sort of mutual understanding n it really didn’t matter to kalpi.rags definitely knows she has acceptes him…they had to show paki coming in btw ragna in the near future..lets stay optimistic n hope the writers do read this..pls keep ragna together..

  10. TriniDiva

    Hmmmmmm so disappointed but we all know that it’s going to b another draaaaaggggggging serial.”……………

  11. why u people disappoint that kapli could not apply holi on raghav.Actually she has all ready applied holi on raghav.so dont worry that both are accepted each other.Let Neetu lives in foolish pardise.

    • AP

      Don’t care of what neetu thinks… what kamal thinks matters… coz she is gonna come between RAg and Kal right… SACRIFICE…. man i can’t stand it

  12. AP

    well neetu already knows Raghav’s mom is alive with kamala… now she is going to plot using that info and get raghav marry Paki …. Gosh … what a typical hindi serial route !!! aren’t people tired of writing the same thing again and again !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AP

    adding to that paki’s and kamala’s misconception of raghav loving pakki !!! crap… thisis going the same old way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  14. ashranna

    i too am disappointed……as for paki i think she gets away with everything…….and now raghav……same serial…..i thought it would be different…..but its the same ole story of poor girl sacrificing ……….after her exams were tampered with……….not sure if i want to see the future track…..come on kalpi fight for raghav……..dont give in to paki………be the 21st century woman….

    • mytwobitsworth

      At this point of time Raghav doesn’t seem worth fighting for. Come on…who leaves without saying bye to the supposed ‘love of your life”. It s actually a social custom you know..Fell a little out of love with Raghav today. a thread broken..

  15. AP and mytwobitsworth, agree. Kamla’s fatalism, Kalpana’s insecurity and Raghav’s anger, impatience and lack of emotional intelligence are the main enemies of the RagKal relationship. Neetu is just a blip on the radar, forget her. RagKal will have to drag for a while as Raghav is not emotionally ready to love someone yet. His needs some emotionally healing first and that is where is mother comes in, the past. This process may take a couple of weeks to effect. Interestingly, I see something is shaping up…Pakiya and Paki…hmmm…to be fuelled by disappointment in love?…hmmmm. This serial has been a bit different is a number of ways. The writers are up to something people, watch and wait.

    • mytwobitsworth

      Your analysis is on spot…and this serial was different, but today it followed the usual formula.
      The scene where Raghav was being dragged away by Paakhi killed it for me.And he was looking helplessly at Kalpi. Raghav’s character, after all that build up took a major dent today…He couldn’t control such a small situation. That too when Kalpi was about to do what he wanted so much. I would have loved him if he took his hand away from Paakhi and asked Kalpi to come down too..That way no unnecessary issues and at the same time letting Kalpi know how important she is..Why can he not say no to Paakhi.? And if he can say good bye to Paakhi, why not to Kalpi.? Kalpi was left high and dry like the rest of us…

      • I have not seen the epi yet so I reserve comments until. Still, the writers strike again or we can put it down to Raghav being drunk and Kalpana taking too long to act or react, as usual, so impatient Raghav just thought he was again being rejected or expected wait. Unsure and insecure are never definitive and timely in their actions. LIFE.

  16. girijashiva

    most irritating episode.i am going to stop watch this serial.begining they started showing something different ,now it is going the way all the serials.-love triaingle,kamala and vital episode -boring.when something interesting things happen betweeen kalpana and Raghav.I THINK SOMETIMES EPISODE WRITERS WANT SOME REST -SO THEY CREATE THIS KIND OF EPISODES.DISCUSSTING

  17. Aman

    Atiba many of us are irritated frm the episode of today nd this is ryt also bcz wKting 3 days nd again on monday u find this..most of the time everythong goes negative..ohhj..i feel sooo bad they are just making us fool like the other show make us…what is used of this..alwYs negative for kalpi then what is meaning of tnis title…plzzz writer if u r read this or others comment then show,some positive for kalpiand raghav as theytb

  18. Aman

    Kalpi and raghav has suffered all the bad events happend in past..sooo plz show there love as a strong wall that can be good 4rags and kalpi nd whole vitthal famoly nd baD events 4 kapooors…nd plz dont make a love triangle like other showz….plzz atiba make sure that this comment has reached to the writer..plz dont play with our emotion…want to see positive in this show 4 kalpi andt raghav….plzzzzzz..u.loss uthis show will loss its viewers…

  19. murja yuguda

    Oh NO ravina don’t hate paki lmao!!! Hate the writers and the director cuz dey always end up messing things up.

  20. ashranna

    the only good thing today was when kalpi put the red colour abeer on raghav and no one saw….i am guessing that their relationship will be between them both and no one other than sammy will know………….i hope she will help him resolve some of his childhood issues….maybe that is where the story goes…….maybe their love and romance will be stronger…..i can only hope….as i have given up all other indian serial…..even qubool hai….because orf the reentry of tanveer

    • Deads

      Qubool hai was everything i ever expected from a serial……..one mitwa moment did it for me,but not anymore,i also gave it up and now EMA is the only other show i have hope in……..i just hope my heart doesn’t get shattered again.

  21. mytwobitsworth

    The problem in Indian serials is that the writers work on the theory that once love is expressed and established, it cannot exist. it has to be broken. In this case they don’t really have to do it.. There is a strong revenge track, where Kalpi can be shown helping him in his fight. there is another track of Kalpis own struggle, her exams etc…Raghav could support her there. Keep Paakhi around just to show that Raghav is interested only in Kalpi, no matter what..But the writers seems to want to go down the same old path..(rolling eyes)

    • Yeah, but that is the only strategy they have to milk the shows. Since all their energy and focus is on one couple there really is very little else they can work with. Once the romance has settled, we all get tried of the shows. Case in point, Pavitra Rishta. Make the couple their own worst enemy surrounded by a few other good stories then the viewers will stay tuned until you do the unforgivable, like destroying a well loved main couple – Arjun and Purvi. I stopped watching PV 2 months ago. Done with that.

      EMA still has some life and hope left. It could get another 2 months of my time, unless the writers really make a sudden unpredictable mess of it.

      • mytwobitsworth

        They could keep the romance developing, ebbing and flowing in the background..with the revenge/redemption tracks. Or maybe they will mess it up and I will get a life 😀

  22. mytwobitsworth

    MaxRoyal…Watch it and you will be just as disappointed as the rest of us….No such justification for Raghav’s behaviour today. 🙁

      • mytwobitsworth

        Stupid Raghav broke my heart today. Poor Kalpi, now she is hooked and her hearts going to be broken too..

    • I hope her explanations for why they can’t be together is getting lost in translation. “You are rich and I am poor.” Is not good the enough. The dialogue needs to step up. As loyal as we all are, we are still intelligent!!!

      • mytwobitsworth

        It IS getting lost in translation. All her reasons are valid and sensible. Remember here we are not talking about a middle class girl. Its much more complex. She is the daughter of a maid. And Raghav seems to be proving her right too..btw You don’t understand Hindi?

      • mytwobitsworth

        Oh..so you are missing quite a bit. Kalpi is worried about the difference in status, cultures, economic background. Not just the money aspect. And all this with her insecurities due to her mother is why she hesiates. Raghav has also talked the talk so far.He says all the right things. In fact today he asked her to start a new life with him. But sadly did not walk the walk.
        Kalpi mentions in one scene earlier in the auto that “he says I love you but has done nothing to prove it…”

    • Disagree. The relationship is a journey not a destination. I have learned to watch the journey of the romance in these serials otherwise…pagal. What the writer’s do / not do can be interesting in itself. Just take it as it comes, except what is a great insult to our intelligence and good patience. These people are acting, they are not our relatives and I certainly don’t buy 90% of the products advertised. :-).

      • AP

        So true…. After so many years..in spite of knowing that it is just a story not real people . This serial came close to heart because it was different! Felt finally one indian serial taking a unique positive way. The other serial i used to like was balikavadhu till they changed anandi! Beintheha seems promising…atleast the lead lady stands strong and takes her opponents head on which is great.. I am sick of serials portraying women as cry babies and bearers of all injustice…

      • AP, do not get me started!!! I only watch Zee and to date my favourite heroine has been Gauri from Sanjog Se Bani Sangini – a lover and a fighter. 🙂
        The worst heroine and hero – Archana and Manav from PR. I will have to add Purvi and Arjun too. Major, major disappointments here. PR – what show is that again? 🙂

  23. Majesty

    Let us not lose hope- may be it is just a low to take us higher… Both Kalpi & Raghav are very pragmatic so they should be able to find a way for their love to succeed!

  24. Aman

    Frnds be optymistic….i think rags nd kalpi has accepted each other by their heart…in future episodes there may be positive events wid them…i hope sooo from writer..that thhey will make this show more interesting…..plz male this love as llong lasting love btw them and this would be good inspiration 4 us…plzzz dont go in direction the other show r going plzzzzzz…

  25. Aman

    Frnds I think we should have a fan club 4 ema nd queries to the writer..it will make,the show to go in right direction…do u all agreee’..

      • jeninlove

        actually dos nybody hav ny new ideas tat d writers n directors of EMA can use insted of using d similar patterns of love traingles/quadrangles n jealousies n confusions………..???

      • mytwobitsworth

        Good idea if it worked…but if they listen to us, the entire EMA would be one big RagNa lovefest..;-)
        To be fair to the writers they have shown some stupid stuff earlier and then followed it up with spectacular track. Like the RagNa jungle episode. For the life of me I cannot understand why Raghav get out of the car when the goons asked him to. The car was not punctured, remember the goons drove it away later. The goons had sticks not guns. He could have just ploughed over them.
        But I forgive them completely for giving us the heavenly romantic sequence that followed…Khudaya ve….:-)

    • girijashiva

      i also think so!!! why can not try writing a story line which will give more positive towards =real -EK MUTTHI AASMAN

  26. mytwobitsworth

    jeninlove, they could focus on the revenge track and Kalpis own issues with the Kapoors and how they overcome all obstacles together..like the stolen presentation track..This could be a romantic/legal/corporate/social thriller…And the triangle by itself is not an issue.Let Paakhi moan away in the sidelines. But when Raghav appears indecisive and pushed around by situation it puts me off.

  27. Saydz

    Love the plot of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, Kalpi is great in the way she express herself to Ragz, he needs to wait for her answer. She showed some love for him, the twinkle in her eye at the holi. (rich spoilt brat is changing and he can’t get it all his way from Kalpi)

  28. AP

    today’s episode is 30 minutes away and i am debating whether to see it or not…. kind of feel it would be a disappointing 🙁

    • jeninlove

      my thoughts exactly….i cam onlyn jst 2 read 1st b4 watchin d episode..hmmm..hop atiba s dng wel….

  29. Aman

    Today episode was very interesting……..kapoors tried to kill kamla and tai….raghav nd kalpireach the site nd saves kamla maa but old lady is wandering on the road…sooo sad for rags mom…but rags nd kamla both unaware about the identity of tai….it is interesting to see how they find tai ..she was walking on roaf nd nd she was about to go under the paaki car but spared bcz she took break.oh my god plzz save t.he rags mom

  30. Aman

    I doubt if paaki ask het to go her home it will become much complicated..i hope raghav will save her from kapoor nd kalpi should help him in all that.only tnen it will be more interesting..kalpi and raghav should com forward in the story

  31. AP

    true …today’s episode was not a total let down like yesterday!!.. Wish to see raghav’s and Kap;i’s romance grow strong in parallel to the mom track and hope they don’t “Kheech” it too much and also use the mom element for paaki to come in between Raghav and Kalpi… That would too predictable a story line not to say a big let down as well !!!!

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