Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav is coughing so hard. Kalpi asks do you take some mediicne. SHe is so worried.
There Pakiya is applying some body spray and Gauri has an allergy too. KAlpi calls Kamla and asks her what to give someone when they have perfume allergy. Gauri tells that smell some onion and lemon. Kalpi brings for Raghav. Raghav says this wont do anything. Kalpi says don’t be stubborn. He says please I will be okay. Kalpi rubs them with her handkerchief and gives it to Raghav. He starts felling better. He says it worked thanks Kalpana. He drinks some water. Pakiya comes with the medicine. Gauri says I am much better. Kamla asks who told you this cure ? gauri tries to remember but she can’t. Kamla says its your medicine timings now. Kamla leaves o buy some milk. Gauri throws

it away. She says who is this chinto.
There Kalpi asks Raghav since when do you have this problem ? He says since I was a kid. Its from my mom’s side. Kalpi says I think you should sleep for sometime.
Gauri hears her son’s voices that I love you mom. She tries to recall but she can’t. She turns on TV and sees Sahil’s interview. She stands up and says he is the one. He is here. I should call police. I know him. Kamla asks what happened ? GAuri says he is the same guy who spoiled my life. kamla looks at TV and says who is on it ? Sahil’s interview is over. Gauri says he is the same one Kamla call police. I won’t leave him. Vitthal comes in asks what happened ? Kamla says don’t know what she saw on TV?

Scene 2
Ragahv is on bed. Kalpi says have this milk you’ll feel better. He says no I don’t like it. Kalpi says don’t act like kids. He smiles and takes it. Kalpi is about to leave but he holds her hand. He says I feel like I have found my lose family. I have been craving for love since years. I never had this affection, I was all alone. No one considered my pain theirs but you did. Please don’t go anywhere. Kamla asks why you had onion and lemon ? Don’t you agree that my aunt is so genius. He says yeah she must be. Kalpi says okay drink this milk I am outside.
Raghav says I don’t wanna miss you mom. You left me but your memories never did.

Scene 3
Kamla calls nettu and tells her that Tai was shouting she saw someone on TV. Nettu ass did she see someone right now ? Kamla says i don’t know but she said call police. Nettu says do you remember the name ? Kamla says I don’t know. Nettu says take her to city hospital I will be there.

Scene 4
Kalpi comes downstairs and takes everything to its place. She finds a photo album of Raghav’s childhood. Raghav comes in and takes the album. Kalpi’s phone rings. Its Kamla she says We have brought tai here come as soon as you can. Kalpi says to Raghav I have to go.
Nettu calls Sahil and leave this interview . Gauri has seen you on TV. Gauri has been taken inn for electric shocks.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. anshu

    Guys kalpi will wear a red saree in party
    Just saw a pic of raghav holding her & both are looking each other

    • AP

      i hope kalpi does not screw up again by not saying anything agian inspite of raghav’s effort and Raghav gets angry/misunderstand her and give up on her :(… Cvs can then try starting Rakhi trak. which i guess they want to start !!!! that would be my wits end. after the monday blooper i can’t think anything positive

  2. Mon

    If kalpi screwup karegi to?
    Kya hoga malum hai ragh kapoor’s se badla lega and again paaji
    Oh!! No plz writer don’t do this
    Good day raghna friends
    Need to sleep
    C ya

    • anshu

      Love u 2 dear & yes i was also vry vry happy for this
      Now i want them to more repeat telecast of ema

  3. me too yaar bt i dnt knw wt iz wrng with zeetv baki serials ke kitne repeat telecast hai & our EMA….it has only 2 repeat telecasts….

    • anshu

      Repeat telecat isbonly 1
      I dont know ybthey hav given so many slots to that gud 4 nothingprogramme do dilnbandhe ekndorinse & dolimarmaanon ki

  4. sham

    i see in FB the set ready for party is written I Love You on top and as paki knows kalpi is arranging surprise. I think she will think that Raghav arranged this surprise for her and may be she express her love to Raghav in front of Kalpi and Kalpi will takeen back

    • anshu

      Nonit wasbthere
      In noon’ s telecast i mmtalking abt
      I think 2day will be hit & miss moment of rags &gauri
      But the precap was that neetu saw rags & kalpi together coming to hospitalm& she is feared that raghav may see her

  5. u r telling abt noon repeat telecast wo mein nahi dekh paye bt I saw 11.30pm.. telecast there was no precap………..i thnk raghav could’t see her…

  6. Mon

    Good morning raghna friends
    I m keep telling u paaji is going to spoil party but nobody is listening
    Maybe 1 day kalpi and raghav will breakup just Bcoz paaaaaji
    I hate her

  7. anshu

    I m having gud expectations frm creatives as pawandeep kaur was also of geet
    So i think it wud be diff..

  8. Mon

    Hope so
    Anshu & chocopie
    After u watch today’s ema can u plz try to give me update
    Here is 8:28 am
    And I m not able c watch until 10am

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.