Jodha Akbar 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 14th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
In amer, jalal says to bharmal that i will go to find jodha now, bharmal says maybe she will come, jalal says i know you are worried for her, he says to meena that i hurt two mothers but i promise i will find her and will never hurt her, jalal says i am sorry, she says dont say like this, jalal says it was my mistake and i will return after finding her, God will protect her but i will go to find her, i cant live without her, he says to bahrmal that i am leaving, he says its not safe, jalal says no i will go but if she comes here then do inform me, he leaves. women consoles meena that jalal loves jodha alot and he will find her.
jodha is tired walking, she comes to some religious people and ask for water, he says okay, jodha says i was staying in mandir they said i will get place here in this village, he says yes you are accommodated, he gives her water, jodha says i have bangles only, he says no need for that as todal mal looks after people of this welfare center, jodha thinks i have listened this name, man ask her name, jodha thinks and says lakshmi.

Scene 2
jalal is finding jodha and ask some ladies about her but they say they havnt seen her.
in agra, sharif says jodha you are not here but i can feel you, what you got marrying jalal, you would be happy with me, jalal allowed you to go but if it was me.. bakshi comes there and ask what if you were.. he says bakshi you need rest, she says tell me if you were in place of jalal, tell me. sharif says jodha was doubted and now you are joining my name with her, bakshi says i can see your eyes, sharif grabs her hand and says if i see some other lady then fault is yours and also you must not want to loose me again, he leaves her hand, bakshi sees its bleeding, he says now you know how much i love you, please dont care for your child.

Scene 3
jalal comes to some village and ask some men, jalal is finding jodha, he ask someone at mandir that i am finding rajvanshi women, she is about 20years old and has kahna idol in her hands, have you seen her, man says yes she is here, he ask to bring that lady, jalal says i am here jodha, i am here to take you back, thank God jodha is safe.. the lady comes and its not jodha, jalal says she is not her, he gets sad and thinks why are you so far from me jodha, i dont know how are you.
in agra, salima prays fro jodha’s safety, ruks comes and ask is everything alight, salima says how can things be alright in this situation, she says i dont know how is jodha, ruks says i think she is safe and maybe she is in amer and she is rajvanshi, she must have got some jewels which can help her and also jalal will bring her back, salima says question is whether she will come with jalal, she must have hidden herslef to the place where noday can find her, she has high self esteem and what happened with her was not good, ruks says maybe i dont know jodha but i know jalal that if jodha didnt accept jalal’s apology then he will leave her, salima says relations are greater then attitude, sometime you have to leave your ego for your heart. she leaves, ruks smiles and says she doesnt know that jalal doesnt have heart.

Scene 4
in village, jodha comes out after taking bath, she prays to kahna that when all are away with me you stayed with me and gave me place in this center to live thank you,she prays that hamida, salima and … jalal should be safe, she says i cant take him out of heart, may he is safe and he remains happy, dont make him sad about me, she cries and says that i wasnt able to win his trust and love but i hope he remains at peace, he is safe and healthy always. here jalal is continuously on journey, soldier says you must be tired, jalal says i will not stop till i find jodha, jodha finishes her prayers and sees her kahna idol missing, jodha comes out and sees one girl is running is with her idol, jodha runs behind her and ask her to give her idol. jalal comes to some place, he says one women making rotis, he recalls how jodha made it for him when they went to priest chisti. some rajvanhsi soldiers comes and says bharmal have said that if you find any clue about jodha then do infrom him, jalal sits and thinks where is jodha, please come back, why you are taking my exam.

No precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Will jalal find jodha in tht new promo??

  2. I guess not..ekta will take a month or so for that.

    1. You are right, she definitely take at least 15-20 days to meet both of them

    1. she will take

  3. Me..ive stop xpectin too much frm this show….well they shuld meet in a grand manner howevr..

  4. tanthyaaaa slept??????????????

  5. Oh hell wats tht epi???? No precap as it same fr last epi!!!!! Uff…

  6. ouch someones mad what the heck i am too

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  9. Hi ray n sharon..toD am upset n u guys?

  10. @ray they didnt evn show friD’s precap..toD ‘s epi is shit!!!!

    1. im mad at her too

  11. No anael fridays precap is der in 2days episode

  12. why no precap?????????????????

  13. @sharon where do u see it?? N y no precap toD???

  14. @anael really i went to a differ website and read the precap and the whole epi

    1. desitashan but the thing is that they update later and u can see the eposides probaly right now

  15. omg she still hasnt updated!!!!!!!! that is so …….im bout to lose my temper at her

    1. what happened?

  16. @ ray w o w i didnt know that desi tashan had eposides and written eposides i just watched the eposide for today thanks ray!

  17. Thx guys..toDs epi was awkward..wat do u think abut new promo guys?

  18. Anael they’ll show precap 2morrow at 1:pm..i think so..coz always if precap is nt shown dey show it 2mmorrow

  19. ur welcome the website is im trying to paste the link on here but its not letting me post!!!

  20. Y no precap there smethin special tomrrw??

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    1. New serial??R u talkin abut kumkum [email protected]
      @ray tht promo where thy both r in tht river..

  23. I’m getting bored. Pls find jodha soon, Jalal. I is tired………

  24. Oh god nw its goin to take a lifetime to get them back together..

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