Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th July 2013 Written Update
Scene 1
beeji tells bari beeji about the behavior of manvi. Bari beeji suggests maybe doctor has said something sad. Beeji says wait let me call doctor. Manvi comes along with virat saying why are you calling doctor beeji? Bari beeji say when you don’t inform us about it we would obviously call doctor. Manvi says we met dr. Bakhshi and he told us that my cancer side effects have not abated yet. He even suggested an abortion. But doctor isn’t God. We wont kill our child God has always been so good to me. And this isnt my individual decision . Virat also says that. Hold virat’s hand. Beeji says im so proud of you both specially you virat. You have never proved me wrong about letting you manvi’s hand.

Scene 2
jeevika comes to manvi

handing over her the milk shake. She says you take care of me a lot. Jeevika informs her that she and viren are going out for a few days. Vidhi is in deep thoughts. Jeevika says dont worry vidhi maa will be with. Vidhi asks when are they leaving and she says Tonight. And suddenly her phone rings. Its manvi. Manvi says i want to tell you something. But jeevika says no listen to me first me and viren are going for a second honeymooo same place goa. Manvi says wow thats a good news her voice is trembling .jeevika notices asking if everything okay? She says yes, its just that i miss you so much. Jeevika says i will shop a lot for you viren virat our babies and everyone Manvi is in tears. Says safe journey di.

Scene 3
jeevika and viren are leaving and jeevika asks where is vidhi? Vanshika tells her that she hasn’t come out of her room since morning. Vidhi comes suddenly saying i was making this gift for you both and hands over her sweater. They both meet everyone and leave.

Scene 4
virat is in front of God asking for an apology that he wanted to kill their baby now he has realized the importance of God’s blessing. Punish me but please take care of my child. There bari beeji is taking her medicines and manvi is standing and contemplating over all this in her room. Manvi is in tears and so is beeji and virat. Manvi finds virat praying in front of God. Goes to him saying i will never let you fall virat. We’ll stay her in rishikesh until i don’t test everything. We won’t tell anyone in chandigarh. I have asked beeji not to tell anyone. I didn’t feel it right informing them. Devi maa will make everything right. She’s also a mother like me she’ll understand what i’m going through. They both stand up in front of God. She says i never asked anything from you when i was combating cancer but asking now please don’t let anything happen to my child. Take care of him in all circumstances and you have to accept my prayer.


scene 5
there in chandigarh vidhi finds that viren has forgot his laptop open. Let me shut it down. She finds the pictures of viren and jeevika dancing in that party. Suddenly vanshika comes from the back. Vidhi tells her that viren forgot his laptop open i was closing it. Vanshika says we’re here to look after these things. Giving her fierce looks. Vidhi apologizes and leaves

Scene 6
jeevika calls vidhi from goa. Asking if she’s done with breakfast or not. She says yes i’m about to go . Jeevika says look viren is also here. But viren says what would i talk? Jeevika says please viren jee. Vidhi listens this. When she starts talking viren talks bit rudely and vanshika comes from the back snatching the phone from her. She Talks to viren and disconnect the call saying vidhi i know didn’t have anything important to talk. We should not disturb them.

Scene 7
virat goes to kitchen saying i wanna make chocolate shake for manvi. Now and onwards i’ll do her everything. Milk suddenly falls from his hand . Beeji says why are you becoming so angry virat it’s just milk. He says how will i manage doing that big things for her when i can’t do these small things. Beeji says don’t worry virat. You’re standing with her isn’t it enough?

Precap-virat and manvi go to hospital, reports are ready. Doctor is serious. Virat asks what has happened? Doctor says just as i said earlier and looks up …

Update Credit to: Atiba

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