Meri Bhabhi 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 30th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone looking for Anand and Shraddha. Meanwhile, they have gone to see Bobby in Mumbai. Kittu tries to call Anand, Papa asks her what happened. Kittu says I m getting a message in Marathi on his phone. Anand and Shraddha look out for Bobby. They reach a house and Anand realizes the door is open. They go inside and hear some voices. They see Bobby with some other woman laughing. Shraddha is shocked to see Bobby in such state. Bobby says we don’t need money now, we can have fun now. The woman asks him to pay the dues. Bobby says ok, if I need money, I will go back to Shraddha. The woman asks how did they give you so much money. Bobby sees Shraddha and Anand and is shocked. Shraddha stares at him. Bobby says Shraddha you here.

Mummy, Papa and Kittu are tensed as Anand is missing. They think maybe Anand went to Mumbai. Kittu says maybe he got Bobby’s address. Papa gets angry saying he would have told me once. Kittu calls him again and again. Anand picks the call and says I will talk later. Anand says Shraddha is with me. Kittu asks are you in Mumbai. Kittu says I think they have got Bobby. Everyone are shocked. Bobby tells Shraddha that I was going to call you. Bobby starts lying to them. Anand gets angry on Bobby. Anand slaps Bobby. Anand says you have not seen our values. Anand beats Bobby. The woman interferes in between. Anand says I will take you to police station. Bobby comes to his real self and speaks ill about Shraddha saying she came to marry me, I did not go to her. Shraddha is shocked. Bobby says you did not ask about her in six years, now you are caring for her, lets go to police station. Bobby says what will you say, what will you file against me. I will file a case against Shraddha and you. Bobby calls Shraddha ill character. Anand slaps him again.

Anand gets angry and beats Bobby. Bobby runs away. Bobby speaks infront of locality people against Shraddha’s character. Anand beats him infront of everyone.

Shraddha is lost in thoughts thinking about Bobby’s words. Anand beats Bobby a lot. Bobby tries to escape. Anand runs after Bobby. Bobby finally escapes. Anand stops seeing Shraddha shocked. Everyone are thinking what might be Anand doing. Papa says I will call him. He calls Anand. Anand talks to him and says Shraddha is with me, he tells everything to Papa. Papa is shocked and gets furious on Bobby. Anand tells Shraddha that he won’t leave Bobby. Shraddha says take me home. Anand supports her. Papa is shouting at home saying Bobby has ruined Shraddha’s life. Mummy and everyone try to calm him down. Kittu cries listening to this. Mummy comes to her and sees her crying. Kittu says I m blaming myself, this happened because of me. Mummy says we are responsible for this, we trusted him, if we knew about this, we would have helped her. Kittu says Anand should not have taken Shraddha along with him. Mummy thinks how Shraddha would be.

Shraddha thinks about her marriage with Bobby. She thinks of Bobby’s remarks on her character. Anand sees Shraddha lost and asks her not to worry. Anand says I will send Bobby to jail.

Mummy says we should bring Shraddha our of this. Shraddha breaks the mirror of her room and tells everyone that she needs divorce

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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