Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
vidhi is crying in her room, jeevika knocks the door asking if she can come in? Vidhi says this is your house don’t embarrass me she says but this room is yours, she says i sometimes forget that this isn’t my house i’m just here to complete my duty. Everyone hates me. Viren comes in any says wrong. Nobody hates you.

Scene 2
virat makes breakfast for manvi and makes a smiley on bread with ketchup. Manvi finds it cute. Virat says come on queen have the breakfast to which manvi responds saying if i’m queen make me eat with your hands.

Scene 3
there in vadhera house, viren makes vidhi understand that nobody hates her. Its just that people when live together fight but that doesnt mean they hate each other. Manvi

calls jeevika saying i have a breaking news then turns on the speaker and virat asks her how she is. Jeevika says wo so finally you guys have patched up. Virat says yes and you know because of a cockroach manvi got into my lap. They all laugh and virat and manvi vow That they wont ever fight again. Jeevika says okay then we will talk later. There viren says to vidhi that i dont want you to misunderstand my feelings. To take care of you is my responsibility. But if you will take it wrong then it will be your mistake. I warn you not to do this otherwise it will bring a tornado in yours, mine and jeevika’s life. I hope you are understanding. She says yes i am.I’m feeling ashamed how will i make even an eye contact with you and especially jeevika. Viren says it’s not like that she considers you her younger sister. She won’t ever be angry with you. You’ve given us the biggest happiness and promise we’ll make you always happy. We’ll find a really nice boy for you to marry. Jeevika comes in saying is my sister still unhappy? She says no i’m perfectly fine jeevika jee. Jeevika tell viren about the good news that virat. And manvi have patched up . Viren says yes that good this time their drama went too long.

Scene 4
manvi goes to visit her doctor where she finds doctor bakhsi, manvi greets him saying that this is the first time we’re meeting after the cancer treatment. You can’t even imagine how this have changed ever since. Manvi tells him about her pregnancy. Doctor says that i don’t know how to react over this. Manvi has been through so many chemo sessions. This will not only effect manvi but the child. Manvi asks what are you saying? Doctor says that due to chemo sessions you lack that basic elements to carry a child. Your cells are weak this may cause in a physical or mental disability in your child. You should go for an MTP, When manvi asks what is this? Virat say Medically terminated pregnancy explains that doctor is asking to abort our child. Manvi remembers everyone congratulating her. virat consoles her. Doctor says i know you must be so emotional right now. Manvi stands up saying thankyou doctor. Doctor says we need to terminate this fetus as soon as possible. Manvi says my child isn’t a fetus. Virat. Asks for any alternative option but doctor says no

scene 5
vanshika asks viren did he talk to vidhi? He says yes. He says she’s a nice girl you don’t need to worry. And nobody can ever damage our relationship . Maa suggests him to go somewhere out with jeevika for somedays. He says but who will take care of vidhi. She says i’ve given birth to two children i can take care of her. He consents over the idea being a little excited over it. Viren goes to kitchen. Jeevika is making milk shake for vidhi and thought it’s Sundar giving her fruits but it’s viren. Then hugs him from the back jeevika got dazed. Then finds its her husband. Viren tells her about the idea. Saying let it be our second honeymoon. Jeevika says this is so irresponsible how can we leave vidhi alone. He says maa and bari maa are here. Jeevika consents. Viren hugs her and is so happy about it. He says i love you. Then informs her that tickets have been booked already. I’ll do the packing for both.

Scene 6
Manvi and virat. Comes in the house and beeji has made the lunch ready for them. They both say they don’t wanna do lunch. Leaving beeji worried about what has happened. Beeji asks virat. If they’ve fought again ? Virat. Says no it’s not like the that. And leaves. Virat. Goes to manvi looking at her. He says why don’t you let your tears fall? She says no i want to be strong. I’m just so angry. Virat. Brings her a vase saying hit me with it. This will diminish your anger. Manvi throws it down on the flower and fall down in to tears hugging virat. Manvi says how could this be virat? Its impossible what will we do? Virat. Asks tell me what you wanna do? She says i’m a mother i can’t kill my child at any cost. Virat. Says okay then we won’t go for Mtp. We will bring our child in this world. We’ll love him even if he’s disabled. What if any of us got some problem. Will we stop loving each other. And doctor isn’t God. Miracles are possible. Didn’t one happened with you when you were fighting with cancer. We will not stop this baby from coming in this world. Manvi is in tears saying i never knew you were this good. I love you virat.

Precap – manvi and virat are in mandir. Manvi says to God i never asked for anything from you when i was fighting from cancer but please don’t let anything happen to my child. Please take care of him in all circumstances.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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