Meri Bhabhi 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 29th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha arguing with Kittu. She says why did you trust Bobby, why did you give money to him, without informing me. You should have told me. Kittu says I wanted you to be happy. Shraddha says you made me fail infront of your mum’s eyes. Kittu says mummy do not know about this, I did this thinking about my family’s happiness as I can’t see you in pain. Papa and everyone want to see you happy. Shraddha says I know you did this for us, but I am sad that I trusted Bobby again and thought only about us. Everyone got punished because of my mistake. You thought about everyone being a bahu, but I did not think being a daughter. Kittu says you did not think bad, a woman needs her husband’s support, you did right. Shraddha says you are very good Kittu, my best friend. No one should know about this money matter. Kittu hugs Shraddha.

Mummy comes to her room and says no one should know that Kittu gave the money. Mummy asks Papa with whom he was talking on phone. Papa says I won’t leave Bobby. Mummy says we are angry on Bobby and we are forgetting Shraddha in all this. Mummy says we did not see whats Shraddha is thinking and what she is going through. She asks Papa to go and meet Shraddha and see how she is, talk to her. Mummy says I would have gone to her but she needs you. Papa says even I want this to happen, to hug Shraddha, but I m worried about her. What will I say to her. Mummy says how long will this be, how long will you run, you are her father, she can cry on your shoulder, let her cry, go to her, meet her and talk to her. Dhruv comes to Shraddha. and asks her are you sad, why dad left us again. Shraddha looks at him sadly. She hugs Dhruv.

Papa comes to see Shraddha and Dhruv. He sees them together. Dhruv asks will Nanu ask us to go from this house. Papa says no, never. I will keep you with me always. Papa hugs Shraddha and Dhruv. Shraddha cries. Papa consoles her saying don’t cry, I m with you. Dhruv says everyone are with us. Dhruv asks her not to cry and he will recite a poem for her. Papa too does so with Dhruv and make Shraddha sleep. jaya comes in the kitchen and ask Kittu for the chocolates. Kittu gives her the chocolates and have a talk with her. jaya says I m thinking from where did Bobby get the 2 lakh rupees. Maybe Papa give them money and hide from us. Kittu says Papa did not give money. jaya asks did Anand give him. Kittu asks her to go and sleep. Kittu realizes her mistake.

The next morning, Anand comes to Papa and asks about Bobby. Papa is hurt. Anand says I will find him out by any way. Papa says he spoke about relations and what did he do. He says I have seen Shraddha in pain, how will Bobby pay for this. Papa says I would have listened to you. Anand says its ok, this is not the time to regret. Anand gets a call from his friend and he tells him about Bobby, that he is in Mumbai, you can come soon. Anand takes Shraddha with her.

Mummy asks Papa not to take tension, she will tell Kittu to go and stay with Shraddha for sometime. Kittu comes and asks about Shraddha and Anand, as they are not in their rooms. Did they go anywhere. Papa says Anand was in drawing room and Shraddha was in her room, where did they go. Mummy says maybe Anand took Shraddha. Kittu says Anand loves Shraddha more than you do. Papa agrees and says yes Anand cares for her a lot. Mummy says we have to take care of this from the beginning. Kittu says we all are there for Shraddha. Let her come, see what we do for her, she will forget her pains, its my promise. Mummy and Papa bless Kittu. Anand is taking Shraddha to Bobby. He gets Bobby’s update from his friend. Shraddha is shocked.

Anand and Shraddha come to Bobby and see him with another woman. Bobby says if I need money, I will go back to Shraddha. Shraddha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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