Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th February 2013 Written Update

Jeevika’s dupatta catches fire and viren notice it. He suddenly takes it off. And try to put off the fire by pouring water from a jug. Jeevika is horrified. He goes near her and hugs her. He asks whether she’s fine.

Virman enters all scared and manvi asks jeevika whether she’s fine. Jeevika replies she’s k. Manvi accuses virat for what happened. She says she asked him not to keep candles in the room. He knew that wind was blowing but still he did not listen to her. He says sorry to jeevika. But manvi is not ready to listen. Though jeevika tries to justify him, manvi doesn’t listen to her. She asks what if something had happened to jeevika . jeevika said viren was there so she’s fine. Hearing that what if something had happened

to viren. Viren tries to say all are fine.

Virat is not happy hearing all this. He says he ‘s not fine. And leaves from room angrily. Manvi also leaves. Virika wonders what happened to them now.

All are at the dining table. Virman is not looking at each other and is upset. Beeji asks jeevika whether she’s fine. Badi beeji also asks the same. She replies that she’s fine. Beeji thanks god. She asks manvi whether there are any more candles there. Manvi replies she doesn’t know. And all wonders what ‘s wrong. Dabbu drinks water from manvi’s glass. She gets angry on seeing that. And scolds him. Dabbu replies that one glass is less. So he took her glass. And tells she can share virat’s glass.

Manvi gets angry on hearing that. All wonders what happened.

Outside in the garden manvi and virat are fighting. Manvi says she can’t stand his attitude anymore. Virat says it’s difficult to adjust with her. Manvi asks him to leave. Virat asks her to get lost. Virika are watching this and is getting upset.

Jeevika says problem is getting worse. Viren agrees to her. They decide to talk to virman.

Viren talks with manvi and tries to make her understand. But she’s not listening to him. On the other side jeevika is trying to calm down virat. But he’s so angry that he starts to talk about divorce. He says he can’t live with manvi anymore. Jeevika is shocked hearing that.

Virika enters their room. Virat comes there and tell them that there’s No use hiding his and manvi’s relationship status from the family. So he’ll tell everything to everyone today itself. Virika tries to stop him, but he leaves.

Virika are upset. They wonders what can they do to solve this. Viren says he tried a lot to talk to manvi, but she’s not listening. Jeevika says that she tried to make virat understand. But he’s talking about divorce. She cant let this happen to virman. She says that they have only one day. And they have to do something within this short span of time. Tonight virat ‘ll bring this in front of everyone. So before that and hiding from all the guests at home they have to do something . Viren replies that they ‘ve to forget all their differences and work together in this mission. He extends his hand and asks her whether she’ll be with him. They look at each other. Jeevika too extends her hand. They decide to do something fast and starts to think. Jeevika suddenly says she has a plan.

Precap: one girl in manvi.s kids gang tell a boy that even she wants to play tug of war. The boy replies that girls can’t play this game. Manvi doesn’t agree to it. But virat nods in agreement. Virika are watching. Boys challenge them. And manvi accepts the challenge. Virika smile. Boys and girls are playing tug of war. And they are getting ready. Jeevika and viren joins them.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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