Pavitra Rishta 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th February 2013 Written Update

Purvi is getting ready for the god bharai function .She remembers the warning given by the backmailer and gets all tensed up .Onir comes in the room and gives her a gift for the god bharai .He wants to be the first one to give good wishes and blessings to his wife and the baby .
It’s a little murti of Ganpati .Onir tells his Mishti that she should always have faith and if in any trouble , then she should just look at this murti and give all her problems to him .He will always stands besides her through her troubles .He tells her that she should try and enjoy this special occasion of her god bharai . Purvi looks happy now and she smiles at Onir .
Sulochna also comes i nthe room .She is surprised that Purvi did not wear the diamond set that Archana had given to her

as shagun for the god bharai .Purvi makes an excuse that she has worn the gold set because this was gift from Onir .
Sulochna says that for just a little while she should also wear the gift from her mother as that too is a shagun …

Guests start coming in the Karanjkar house . DK, Manav and his family are also there . Arjun and Ovi also come in .Purvi and Arjun look at each other . Archana sees a worried Purvi ( because she was looking around for Onir ) and tells her to sit down .
Archana is missing Teju and she talks to Savita about this . Savita says that the Khandesi family may not let Teju come to this function and they will surrely keep her busy with a million things to do at home ..Sunny is quietly listening to Archana and Savita’s conversation .

Punni comes i nthe function and is greeted by her mother . She sits besides Ovi .Ovi comments that Punni has changed a lot and at one time she used to work in Ovi’s company and call her Ovi Ma’am ‘ .Punni curtly tells Ovi that since her status is now the same as Ovi, Ovi should not expect her to call her Ovi ma’am anymore .

Aniket gifts Purvi a book about expecing mothers .He tells her that he was very confused as what to give her but the shop keeper helped him to pick up this book for Purvi .
Purvi looks very happy and she lovingly tells Aniket that the biggest gift for her is her brother laddoo and she pinches his cheek …
Punni comes in and congratulates Purvi .She tells Purvi that she could have got all the luxuries of life a long time back , had Purvi not interfered in her and Mr. Mital’s affair .
She starts telling Purvi how much her jewellery and saree costs and says that Onir can also make a lot of money and she should tell her husband to use his talent as a big surgeon to make money and not to help poor people .Purvi tells Punni that she is very happy in her life because she has a husband like Onir and that money is not so important for everyone .

After Purvi, Punni goes on to taunt Archana .She remarks in front of Archana that though Purvi is her adopted daughter , Archana has differentiated between Ovi and Purvi as Ovi is wearing a big diamond necklace and Purvi is wearing a simple gold necklace . Archana notices that Purvi is not wearing the necklace that she had gifted to her specially for this event .She takes Purvi in her room and wants to know wh yPurvi did not wear her gift .Before a worried Purvi could say anything , Onir walks in the room with the diamond set .He tells Archan that he had to take the set for some repairs as it was too long and now Purvi can wear it …
Archana looks happy now and tells Purvi to wear it immediately .

Archana goes to Punni and in a loving but ver yfirm way tells her that she is happy to see that Punni is so concerned for Ovi and Purvi .Archana says that what Ovi and Purvi mean to her and how much she loves her daughters should not be a concern for Punni and Archana does not owe Punni any explanations as to how much time and love she gives to any of her daughters .Punni looks embarassed and does not know what ot say now .

The God bharai starts . The ladies of the house , Savita , Archana and Vandita do all the rituals .Ovi and Purvi are sitting next to each other .Ovi looks very happy but Purvi looks worried .Onir keeps looking at her trying to tell her to stay calm .Sachin is making a video of the whole ceremony . Arjun is also looking relaxed as he sees a very happy Ovi enjoying her god bharai .

The function gets over and all the guests leave .Purvi gets a call from the blackmailer .She panicks and while talking to him, starts looking around for Onir . Arjun sees her looking a little worried but she gestures to him that everything is fine so he leaves the room .Purvi sees Onir and she gestures to him that she is talking to the blackmailer and he is waiting outside the house for the money . Onir goes out of the house looking for him while Purvi keeps talking to the blackmailer on the phone . The blckmailer tells Purvi to bring the money to a particular place .

Precap : Purvi goes to the place ( as told to her by the black mailer ) with Onir . She is shocked to see that the blackmailer in none other than Vinay , the guy she was about to get engaged to at one time .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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