Ek Hasina Thi 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Hasina Thi 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 19th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shaurya and Durga in the car… Durga believes that Shaurya must have made a bet with his friends so that he can come closer to her… Shaurya is shocked and wonders why is she saying such a thing.. She says that being Shaurya Goenka he can get any girl he wants and instead he is pursuing a girl like her who works in an NGO… Shaurya says its nothing like that… The reach the Destination Some procession is taking place and shaurya gets a phone call from his mother to inform him that they have managed to trace the journalist who questioned his past… Shaurya is happy but due to the noise they are unable to talk further…

Shaurya tells Durga that she is very lucky for him as he has just received a call telling him that they have managed to track the journalist

down… Durga is disturbed and believes that she will have to do something before Goenka gets to him.. She slips away before Shaurya can notice… She tries to call the journalist and at first could not reach him as he is busy at some production… Finally she is able to get in touch with him… Saurya wonders where Durga has disappeared and finally finds her….he wonders where she went but Durga says that because of the crowd she was looking for him… Both leave…

At the Goenkas, Mr Mathur shows photos of Payal and both parents are shocked to see a face of the past… The beleive that the journalist purposely left these photos here for them to find…. elsewhere, Shaurya drops Durga home… He tries to get close to Durga but she pushes him away…Durga goes home… Saurya wonders why is Durga making him work so hard to work his charm on her…

Saurya reaches home and comes to see the photos of Payal.. He wonders why these old wounds opened again… Sakshi believes that this is not the work of the journalist but someone else who has been planing for a long time… Sahurya believes that the only people who were close to this case were them or Payal’s family… he says that Payal is in a mental asylum and her sister and parents are probably dead, so it cant be them…

Elsewhere, Dayal believes Sakshi will be boiling in anger but Durga disagrees as she believes Saskhi is like a snake who remains grounded and does not reveal her true emotions to the surface… She believes that the first win is theirs…

Sakshi plays the piano and remembers the past and present situation…Sauhrya wonders how his mother can not feel any stress… He says that he couldnt sleep worrying about the past and present… Sakshi says that has she ever disappointed him and always bailed him out of trouble and this time will also bail him out of trouble…Sakshi says she hopes he has learned from his mistakes and wont repeat the same mistakes again… He reassures his mother to be the case but once his mother leaves he promises that whatever he does will do with full heart and not get caught..

Shaurya picks up Durga from her home… He tries to compliment her by saying that yellow is his favourite colour and she is wearing a yellow suit… He promises to take her for a long drive and show Calcutta to her… She obliges but tells herself that she already knows the route he will take which passes the Calcutta Courts.. They reach Shaurya’s office..

Shaurya gives Durga the tour of his office and says that this is the first time you have come here… However, in FB we see Durga in disguise coming to the office to pick some evidence from Mr Mathur’s office… Saurya introduces Durga to Mr Mathur and in FB we see Payal begging Mr Mathur for help but Mathur dismisses her saying that his soul has already been brought by money and if only she wants the case to go away then contact him… Back to present day, Shaurya says that anyone they can trust in this world is Mr Mathur and he will be writing the destiny of the journalist who caused the disturbance at the party…

Durga tells her father that by inviting her to their manor they have done an inauspicious act.

Update Credit to: AK

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