Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2014 Written Update

Parmeet knocks the door and takes Ishita’s permission to enter the room. He asks her if everything is okay and keeps touching her. Ishita says she’s okay, she’s coming down. Parmeet finally leaves. Ishita is confused with his behavior. Parmeet comes out and laughs. He says poor her got scared.

Ladies laugh finding out Mrs. Bhalla is on diet. Mrs. Bhalla says she wants to prove to Madrashans that punjabis can be slim too. Mrs. Iyer hears it and tells Vandu that she will show Mrs. Bhalla what she really is.

Ishita comes out and Parmeet goes in front of her and they bump into each other. She asks him he’s still here? He takes her hand and asks her to sit there and drink nimbu pani. Ishita says she wants to go down, but he keeps insisting her

to drink nimbu pani. Rinki comes there. Parmeet says he came to get milk for his baby and saw Ishita is very weak. Ishita tells him that he could have told her, she would make the milk. He says, you’re already weak. He tells Rinki to make Ishita drink nimbu pani and he leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla’s friend arrives at the function. Mrs. Iyer sees her and tells her that she can get her parking spot, but in return, she will have to do something for her. She then goes to Mrs. Bhalla and says she has gained weight and laughs at her. Mrs. Iyer enjoys. Another comes and says same thing to Mrs. Bhalla. Vandu asks Mrs. Iyer how she did this. Mrs. Iyer says she offered parking to everyone. They both laugh.

Ashok is in a restaurant. He sees Tanu, the journalist, with other businessman. Ashok calls her, but she keeps disconnecting. Ashok gets angry. After her meeting ends, she finally picks up and lies that she’s out of town. Ashok says then it’s your twin here? She sees him and goes to him. Ashok tells her she’s good at making up stories. She says, she can’t meet him all the time. He says whenever she needed any party invitation or something, she always had time. She tells him that he is not important any more, his time has passed especially after the land deal. He tells her she is so opportunist. Both argue. Ashok tells her that he’ll finish her. Tanu says before that she will destroy him that he won’t be able to show his face to anyone. She leaves. Ashok receives a call from Shagun and he gets mad at her asking if she doesn’t think of anything else beside parties. She asks him what’s wrong. He says nothing, I am coming.

Ishita comes to the function. She talks with Mrs. Iyer and Mihika. Pammi comes and tells Ishita, she’s looking very pretty and a very punjaban. Parmeet is eyeing Ishita.

Ashok arrives at his home. Shagun informs him that investors are waiting for him inside. The investors ask him for their return and they refuse to invest any more. They say they will rather invest in Raman’s project as he uses his brain and doesn’t have an ego like Ashok. They leave. Ashok gets mad.

Ruhi tells Ishita that Raman gave her ice cream. She asks Raman to feed her ice cream as well. Raman feeds Ishita in front of everyone. Ishita smiles. Ruhi wants more ice cream. Ishita goes with her. Bala comes and talks with Raman. Romi comes. Raman tells him to congratulate Bala as he got some position in his college. Romi gets worried. He leaves. Raman asks Bala how they give results in their college. He has never seen Romi studying and he still gets good marks. Bala wonders.

Shagun asks Ashok why investors came. He takes out his frustration at her. He then calms down and tells her that this is just temporary phase, once he gets a new contract, all who are taking Raman’s name now, will come back to him. He asks her to get ready and as she will also go to Mumbai along with him, so she can charm his American clients with her beauty. Raman used to think she was his lucky charm, now her charm will only get this deal to Ashok.

Pammi goes on the stage and tell what Ishita did and thank her. She asks her to come on the stage and gives a gift to her. Mrs. Iyer is very proud. She says Ishita is her daughter. Mrs. Bhalla interrupts and says, she’s her daughter in law in end. Raman looks at ishita.

Precap: Ruhi and Shravan dance on song Radha. Raman goes on the stage and tells Ishita, this is for her. He then says something in Tamil.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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