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The Episode starts with Sakshi talking to Raima. Raima asks how do you stay prepared, you are amazing. Sakshi says you are my soul sister, thanks Raima, you know Shekhar did not tell I was in his plan, but he won’t be quiet later, so…… Mukherjee comes to arrest Shekhar for selling drugs. Shekhar says you are mistaken, you can check my bag. They show him the drugs taking from their jeep. Raima says so you mean you will do this. Sakshi says yes, he did a mistake, but not a big sin to see this, I just want him to go away from Kolkata. Shekhar says this bag is not mine, are you trying to frame me, this is done by Sakshi right, I don’t believe this, we had a deal which cancelled.

Mukherjee says then leave this city today itself. Shekhar says I want to go back. Raima says thank God, it means

Shekhar’s tension is over, but what about Rajnath, he was against this and he will be upset. Sakshi says he knows my strengths and I know his weaknesses, I know to handle him, I m worried for Shaurya, he gets aggressive when Druga sends him far and now I have no idea how I m going to handle him. Durga says she made food before going. Dayal laughs and says you were prepared, but I was shocked. I did not know you will tell them so much.

She says its good that enemy is smart, but she was oversmart using Shekhar. Dayal says when you got into secret room, I was tensed and then when you came out….. The FB scene shows them talking. Durga says I was worried about Shekhar, we have to end this matter soon. She says I have just one way, I will tell Shekhar that I m not Durga Thakur. He says the idea went well. She says she has pasted Nitya’s birthmark on Durga’s pic. She says he has to lose. Akash comes to them and says I came on perfect time for dinner.

She gave him the album and asked Akash to let Shekhar get this. She saw Shekhar coming to her house and smiles. Akash was there at her home when Shekhar was looking for the proof and he diverted him from the secret room. Akash says he was so stupid, he was naïve and did what we want. He says he left Kolkata and won’t come back. She says yes, what happened there, Sakshi will not use any fool like him. Dayal says good job both of you. Akash says I have an info.

Durga says tell me. Akash says Shaurya got an extortion call asking for a certain amount. Durga says he got it? But who will blackmail him, they should have called Rajnath, this does not make sense. She says maybe it’s a plan. Akash says I m trying to get info, I will keep you informed. Rajnath asks Sakshi to rest her mind. He says whats this, just stop it, and about Shaurya, he has a bet of 5 crores with his friends, t win Durga, and he will win Durga and the bet, now it’s a game of his ego, his win, so let him do on his own, he won’t back out.

He says that rape case also started with a bet, stop yourself, if you tell anything against Durga, we will lose the cancer project and our name and I can’t see this. She says did you think if Shaurya gets Durga, then what will happen. She says then we will lose this project 100%. He says stop calling me a fool. I know what I m doing, so I m telling you let Shaurya win the bet, I promise you I will take the project at such stage that Thakurs can’t back out. Rajnath says promise me you won ‘t be after Durga now. She does not and he leaves.

She says if I move back, it will mean I lost and this can’t be. She calls Raima and says I m coming to you. Shaurya says thank God, I got clean chit in accident case, but my parents doubted on me, but Dev next time you won’t be saved. Sakshi meets Raima and tells her what Rajnath wants this. Raima gets Rajnath’s message to explain Sakshi. Sakshi gets annoyed by her messages and Raima says I m sorry, please sit. Raima says you should agree to Rajnath. Sakshi says you mean I should let Shaurya do as he wish, I saved him from rape case as he is my son, my weakness.

She says he is still betting on girls. She sais I m afraid, else it will be a big problem for him. Shaurya says no one can ruin my plan, I will get Durga. Raima asks Sakshi to relax, Durga is not special for Shaurya, just another girl. Sakshi says she is not just another girl, she is wind and Shaurya stays with her, he will e finished, ruined, I m saving him. She says Durga wants to control him, her aim is something else, and you and Rajnath are not understanding this. Shaurya talks to his friend and says I did not lose any bet till now, I want Dev dead, so I want the world’s best sharp shooter, amount no matter, but work should be done. Send me the best shooter profile. Raima says fine, but did Shaurya change, look at him, he did not change.

She says just leave him and see, maybe it will give positive result, try to agree with Rajnath. Shaurya likes the profile with 100% record. He says no one will doubt on me, it will be a murder.

Shaurya tells his friends about the contract killer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good one by Akash… But the epi was boring

  2. oooou shaurya made a contract with the sniper I guess the new promo will be telecast on Thursday or Friday epi 😡 poor dev btw epi ws gd n GREAT JOB AKASH I really like dis show a lot..:)

  3. the epi ws soo boring…

  4. the epi ws soo boring bt gud job dn by akash

  5. Awesome episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow

  6. I don’t believe that shekar was that fool he did’t understand that it was all planned !!! Akaash is doing a great job helping dugaa 🙂

  7. i like dis show a lot…dis is my favourite show and i luv shaurya a lotttttttt….

  8. guys do you remember i told u guys about the new promo and u guys were so tensed thinking that dev will die or not
    i think that dev will not die in fact durga will take him to hospital where the doctors give dev’s ornaments to durga and durga sees his locket and finds that nithya is his lover
    sorry about the spelling mistakes[if any]

    1. yeah completely agree with u 🙂

  9. dev and durgaa is now going to be a couple and also a strong team to punish shourya , his friends and also his parents

  10. i hope so zara

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