Ek Duje Ke Vaste 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya asks Sumo about herself, her catering business and suggests to get a big place for it. Sumo says she has been planning for this. She gets a call and invites the person to café, Aditya was offensive that she called someone else on his date. Sumo says he is a decorator and it was important to meet him. Aditya takes a leave to help Pushkar with wedding arrangements.
Mr. Malhotra comes to Shravan who sat lost. He accepts that wedding preparations are difficult and offers any help needed. He asks if Shravan had a talk with Suman, he can share anything with him. Shravan accepts he must give his feelings a little more time, those made for each other meet someday for sure. Mr. Malhotra was worried that Sumo is fulfilling her promise but Shravan is still hopeless. He says people must accept

the reality and move on in life. He takes a leave from Shravan. Shravan gets a call, his business associate calls him at Airport road to meet him in his way to Chennai. Shravan arrives at the restaurant to see Sumo there with the designer. He smiles at her, then explains he was here for business meeting and takes a seat on another table. The designer leaves the restaurant, Sumo asks for her bill, both smile at each other again. Sumo turns to leave, Shravan offers her any help that he can be; then asks if it’s necessary to go. Sumo says she has preparations for wedding, then explains the guy on stage was Aditya. Shravan taunts that she always brings about time for the one’s she will to. The waiter comes to serve Shravan and asks if she was the one he had been waiting for, that day. Sumo and Shravan stare at each other. Shravan’s associate arrives, Sumo leaves.
At home, Vandy shows her henna to Kamini. Shravan comes there, Kamini asks him to make a call inquiring about the food that they need to feed the Brahman’s. Preeti was getting her henna done while Sumo feed her with her own hands. She wonders why Shravan is calling, is it about cafe’s matter. Shravan asks if his aunt must send the food. Sumo asks him speak to Mami ji and takes the phone to her. She puts the phone on loudspeaker, Kamini asks Shravan to let her speak. Mami ji says they didn’t have to cook, just sent raw materials that she herself would cook. Kamini complains she didn’t clarify it earlier, what they will do with all the food that has been prepared already. Mami ji asks her to eat it all, Kamini says they don’t eat without garlic and onion. Mami ji says their mental ability would improve with such a simple food. Sumo had controlled her laughter, then asks Shravan if he understood it. He smiles saying well.
Aditya comes across Kamini, she complains that Pushkar’s family is performing so many rituals. Aditya offers her any help needed. Shravan dislikes watching him speaking to Kamini, Aditya stops him but gets a call. Shravan asks about PCD, Aditya says it’s not related to him. Aditya holds Shravan’s hand wondering what to call him. Shravan withdraws his saying he doesn’t make relations to everyone. Aditya heads to kitchen.
Mami ji was worried about cooking and panics, she asks Sumo to call Shravan. Aditya just arrives with all the raw material and offers to cook with her. Mami ji wonders if he would cook, Aditya boasts to be a good cook. Sumo was left open-mouthed, Aditya says Sumo must be insecure he would snatch her place by cooking better. He assures Mami ji he has come bathed to cook and takes the ladies to kitchen. He says since Suman is his friend, he belongs to girl’s side as well. Sumo comes to him and says he might know the world class cookings, but not kheer. He tells her that kheer is a world class dish. He tells her about the techniques of preparing kheer, Sumo appreciates him. He asks if his job as head chef is confirmed. Sumo smiles that PCD has less space about it. He asks what if he gets her more space, that in budget too. Sumo cheers and thanks him for doing this for them. Aditya gets his mother’s call, she asks why he will return as he only went to attend Sangeet. Aditya says he is thinking about attending wedding as well, he looks towards Suman and says he saw someone whom he wants to see forever now. His mother was excited to meet her. Aditya assures his mother to let her meet after wedding. Her mother blesses him to marry the one he loves.

PRECAP: Aditya blows into Suman’s eye as something gets there. Shravan comes there and watches them together.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. lily

    i am loving this track..loved todays epi………………………………aditya is cute…loved the precap….i am pretty excited for monday…….

  2. Supriya

    I think
    aditya is nirmala’s son as he is step brother of shravan n dis will creat an intresting messs

  3. Ireena

    btw,this aditya rocks!!!(don’t curse me,guys😛)….that moment with shravan..just fantastic!bro or bhaijan..ha..ha..and 2 inches shorter…well,even he is too tall then..
    but sorry to say,aditya,no matter how much cute u r,u will have to take a leave soooonnn….otherwise,u know,we know may ways to show u the door,doesn’t matter anything…😂😉😜
    guys,I was thinking shall I keep a name 4 aditya-sumo jodi (TEMPORARY OF COURSE)))actually their friendship(only) look cooool.don’t beat me,ok??
    how is sumya??

  4. sweetu

    Sharavan really jealous …… but iss sumo ko kya ho gaya hai … kyu itna avoid kar rahi hai usko… akhirshe also loves him … to wo itna control kaise kar sakti hai……. really waiting for their confession and romance…. ab is adi ke ane ke baad aur delay hoga …. infact complications badhne hi wali hai …. what say guys ….

  5. Sss

    |Registered Member

    wow loved today episode specially aditiya n shravan conversation the way shravan hold his hand lol n adi he is funny one thing agree with him that one doesn’t need to pay tax for smiling so keep smiling shravan n shraman scene their expression uff with can’t stay away from eachother but still anyway now its shravan vs aditiya so nirmala will be in trouble 😉

  6. Marie

    |Registered Member

    Today ep was good I loved shraman scene in cafe KAASH sumo ruk jati…..Lekin jab shr ne kaha ke Jana zaroori hai toh mujhe wo sumo ki moch wala scene yaad aaga us ne Bhi yahi bola tha lift se nikal te waqt……
    Well Aj ke ep Mai adiman ( sumo n adi) ke scenes Bhi Thai….he is cute ….I lyk him bt sift tab tak jab tak wo Hamare shraman ke beech ki had di na bane…kyuke ramu toh already ravnath bana hoa hai….uff jab shravu ne kaha na suna hai jo ek duje ke vaaste bane hote hain wo kabhi na kabhi zaroor mile hain I love him…ramu ka face dekhne wala tha…!!!
    N yay adi is nir son ab hoga Asli drama shuru…..!!! I m looking fr word to many things….
    Well it will be definately going a love triangle…….
    N Precap hahhahah I love jealous shr….

  7. Lightsabre

    |Registered Member

    Oh no… adi seems to hav a “real” crush on sumo😨😨😨😨. Shish… r v gona c yet anothr story of 2 brothers in luv with the same girl🙈( i jus left thapki pyaar ki n startd watchin this.lol).
    Adi seems like a nice guy… hes like pushkars twin 😜… i hope hes jus tryin to help his step brother (😉😋optimism) n tht thres not gona b a bhai vs bhai war.

    🤔Wud b funny if adi makes dal and a bulb flashes in sumos head “ye to kamaal vala dal hai. This is aditya ahuja!”…. n then we can play the song yadon ki baraat song – 2 brothers connected by love for the same dal recipe😛😛😛.
    🙄u know… standin next to aditya, shravan luked like of normal ht 4 the first tym… i ws wonderin if he was standin on a tiny stool or sumthn.but then he himslf pointd out hes tall😋. I guess pushkar ramnath n adi r al abt 6 ft tal n namik is 6 2” or sumthn .namik makes evry1 luk like dwarfs evn though they hav a gud height for indian standrds.😛lol! 🖒
    PS: HI TO ALL.😊

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      Hi rosh happy to see u here i love this show too yar and tpk i left long ago only read updates now i m bore of reading updates yaar i just love to watch this show a lot n 2-3 shows more, i also fed up of tpk poor thahaan and haha lol pushkar’s twin yeah namik is too tall like giraffe

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Hehe. Hey! Yeh this show is far bettr. Yup… pushkars twin.. both seem kinda cute n innocent (so far …. i hope adi dosnt bcom likedruv.lol). I cudnt help noticing how shravans and adi’s upbringin has changed them. Adi ( brought up by nirmala) seems high spirited and happy despite his fathers demise. But poor shravan… hes havin a heavy emotional burden n trust issues due to ramnaths possessiveness n the twisted politics he played to keep him away from nirmal .

      • Fatarajo

        |Registered Member

        as a show i always liked edkv more than tpk from day 1, during my holidays i only used to watch tei and tpk regularly and other shows sometimes, and then when bhrk, edkv n dhleez started i saw those shows too as holiday nothing to do na, n edkv n dhleez were my personal fav as shows. i initially found krpkab boring, but later i loved that too. now i watch ishqbaaz baazigar, edkv and krpkab only, like i try to watch them regularly but due to busy schdeule cannot so i watch it on weekends if i missed the episode

  8. kittu

    ..what happened???
    No cmmts…is this serious???

    Hey what’s yr problem ,pur modu uncle???

  9. kittu

    This aditya is superb… Nd what abt shravan??.

    @Sonai..hey CVS means….the team of series which put creativity into show….
    Like ,ours…
    Means, the CVS(creativity) team of edkv, which put something interesting or something new into the show… So that team we call “CVS”.. Hope I had cleared… Nd I only know this abt CVS,hope it is sufficient nd right tooo..
    @Guys…good morning… How r u all??????

  10. Prettypreeti

    |Registered Member

    Epi was good and looking forward to the precap and this tu why don’t u go to hell
    Now coming to epi it was a sweet one I loved shraman cafe scene a lot
    Shravan he looks so woriied bad and jealous seeing sumo and aditya in precap
    Does adi have fall of sumo or not
    I m not getting will he help shraman or not
    But I think shraman will be one again

  11. Ireena

    this site opened after 12 hours….last week this happened too in weekend…say directly,uncle that no entry on Sat and Sun…what’s happening???

  12. AREEBA

    hiii guys I also like this adi nd this precap seems very intresting………
    but guys this adi has true lovie dovie feelingsfor sumo yaar …..
    hey guys I think ki when adi will confess his feelings then sumo will say yes to stay away from shravu or shayad nanu will force her emotionally…… no no no guys don’t get serious…..
    kittu, minakshi di, khushi,anu where r u all

  13. Ireena

    @areeba,sooo nice of u….a box of thanks to u,dr🎁🎁…u translated it with a tone of rhythm,do u know?😊😊and that’s…😍😚😙
    such a lovely poem on friendship…..💚💛💙

  14. sona

    I can’t tolerate this..if it happens again..😖😔
    I don’t knw..y..the server of this..telly updates didn’t worked..from last night to now..I just fed up with this..😔😖
    Anyway..happy that at least now..it hapnd..😏😏
    About the episode..
    Its…more than expectations😂😁😊😊☺☺
    Guys..if u observed..whenever..shravu get jealous..he used to avoid sumo..instead of reacting..like others..that’s the difference I noticed in this..😉😄
    And my heart got melted when. The cafe person mentioned that shravu waited for her..😉😇☺☺mch..bechara..😁☺
    And the mami..aur..kamini chachi nokhjhok lolll..😂😂😂
    Shravu and suman eventual talk..😃😉😄😄😊☺
    Its just like..wt hapns..with us..too..😊☺☺
    Totally..totally..enjoyed a lot..
    And kaafi besabai sey..next week ka intzaar kar rahi hu..😃😊☺☺

  15. sona

    @ireena..yaar..sumya..teek hai …par hamari…Marie..already naam deh rakhi hai Delhi..adiman..lolll😂😂
    It sounds like adimanav..hahaha😂😊☺
    @sweetu..seriously…jitna…hamarey shraman kar rahey hai…utna..mujhey..lagta hai..koi..bhi pyaar karney wala nahi kar payega..in real life..I
    Mean..Im seriously..shocked..to see…that from..that much long time..they r waiting..for each other..being with each other..😃😃😄😄😄😍😍😍😍lovelllyy…
    Don’t knw..kab confess karengey..😉😉
    @areeba..I don’t think so..dear😊☺
    In my view…sumo ko jab patha chalega..adhitya..loves her she may..straight..farwordly..says him that she don’t love him..kyonki aaj tsk sumo ko kabhi cheezon ko complicate kartey huvey nahi dekha hai na..always..she is very clear..dos what she wants..only..😊☺☺
    And tabhi..tho..vo ramnath ko bhi..much this jawabh dedhi..if u remember..in their argument..she said..to ramnath😉😉😉
    *U played gud with me using law..but how can u stop ur son when he came to knw..that he loves me too?*😛😛😜😜😜😜
    Yaadh aa gaya na..😂😂

  16. Bhagyashri

    Hii good evening, yesterday episode too good. Adi r so cute.and precap looks very interesting. Poor shravu.feel very sad for him.

  17. SONAI

    Yeh TU ka sight kal raat se nahi khula !!!!!!!!!!! I’m very angry !!
    Aur ye Nirmala cahti kya hain !! Khud aake ShraMan ko puri tarah se aalag kar nahi pai to aapne bete ko bhi vej di………………………….Sry if anyone is angry on my words, I know that u disagree but I can’t………….
    ……Samajme nahi aaraha ki jalan Shravan ko ho rahi he ya mujhe !!!
    @ Kittu di thanks nd no more explanation is needed,its ok !!

    I’ll miss u all very much as I’m leaving this site nd show……………………..
    …………………………………..Not Forever !! Just for this whole week !
    My exams r starting . So see u all, COMING FRIDAY !!
    Miss All Of U !!!! except Beas !!!……………………… (tere sath roz mulakat hogi )

  18. Ireena

    guys,I need to write name and mail again and again when I enter this site….after a while..r u too facing this??

  19. AREEBA

    ireena di…… I tried it yaar hopefully u liked……thanx alot
    kittu yaar kahan h tu
    guys I wish this adi is nirmala’s son ..
    waiting for Monday

    • Bhagyashri

      Areeba adi is not nirmalas son. He is ahujas son.after ahujas death, nirmala took responsibility of ahujas business and kids for ahuja last wish.

  20. AREEBA

    hmm sona I remember hope soo ☺☺☺
    one song for shraman ….
    dard dilon ke kam ho jate main aur tum agar hum ho jate ..
    kitne hasin aalam ho jate main aur tum agar hum ho jate …
    main aur tum agar hum ho jate….
    Tere bina aae sukun na aae karar MUJHE …..
    main aur tum agar hum ho jate…..

  21. Anamika

    Guys niki is on 2 days leave as she is really really not well in the morning she was hospitalised… Plz guys pray for her to get well soon🙏

  22. Beas

    I too will not be commenting the next week as my are also starting from from Monday. I’LL really miss u 😞 all (except Sonai ) and my beloved show.😍
    So meet u all again on next Friday. Carry on with your comments , see if u all can reach 500. 😭

  23. sona

    Yaar..adimanav..means..the people..of first stage of human beings..who used to live in caves..did u get it? And ya I’m facing same problem..😕😃😊☺
    @areeba..hey..nice sng..☺☺

    • Ireena

      oo…Adam…now I got it…
      well,I think,during the long maintenance time of 12 hours,uncle has done this mischief.that we will have to put name and mail again…must admit,uncle…ur misdeeds r la jabaab…

  24. kittu

    @Arbi..ya ,now u r back…hey m here..well plez go to last page nd read my cmmt…which I wrote for u…nd was busy …bye…

  25. Anshi

    Dats really rude of tu site… Dey practically kcked me out of dere site… Yesterday wen I commented dey posted my half comment… N when I tried to post more dey wanna say my email is invalid… N today dey tol me dis site never existed… I mean seriously ???

    • Sss

      |Registered Member

      what really..don’t know what mosquito bite them that they are doing like this but in my they showing some cloudfire problem like really..

  26. kittu

    @guys….as my shayar frnd is back…so ..m also in mood…so now m not a shayar but the old lyricist…. My song…


  27. sona

    Oh..god..when and wt hapnd dear..to her..
    OK..our prayers..will be always..with her…😯😇☺
    We do..

  28. kittu

    Song ….
    For sumo ,to shravan..
    Zinda hoo lekin WO baat nahi Hai..
    Haatho mei tera Jo haath nahi Hai..
    Ishq ka Hai naam bada..
    Maine kiya kaam bada….
    Kar k magar aadha chodu naaaa…
    Tera rasta mai CHODU NA……. Naaaaaaa..
    @Guys…m waiting for “THE VOICE KIDS”….

  29. kittu

    @BEAS….both of uuuu..my YKY(yaaro k yaar)…guys…all the very best…may be this is yr FA….m I write????….. So all the best …nd in my language…….
    KALAM TOD K LIKH NA…nd hope u will get highest marks in whole class….. See u soooon…nd mine will happen in Aug. So m busy with that…nd ya I won’t b able to cmmt in August… Till my FA over….but will cmmt for sure…nd again bye… Going to watch The voice kids…enjoy yr Sat night… Nd Niki mam …get well soon….. God plez…

    • SONAI

      Thanks di nd yeah its our FA 2.
      Aap log apna aashirwad aaur best wishes do taki hum at least acche no. la paye !!
      I’m sure Beas will !!

  30. Ireena

    I”ll have to leave as well from monday….i think study season going on….📑📚📙📖…lots of studies lots of exams lots of irritation…but I will be back on weekends…I don’t wanna miss(to irritate) my friends at least then…so don’t take a sigh of relief for good…

  31. Anshi

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    Pehle toh kl jb maine itne mashakkat se itna lamba comment likha toh in logon ne usse adha hi post kiya… Aur meri KITTU se ladai lagwa di (sweetie main abhi tumhe manaungi pehle in logon ko toh suna loon).. Uske baad se server hi nhi khul rha…

  32. Minakhi

    O man what’s wrong with this Site ….Modu uncle was soo rude..I m Trying since yesterday but nno results….what’s wrong with u Modu uncle..why u r trying to break our communication ……Really u r hurting us man😠😠 ..

  33. Sss

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    hey guys…how are you all?

    @kitty how are you? n plz don’t say sorry all that in friendship no sorry so n i was just joking don’t take it seriously actually this i am being so much dramatic lol
    about less comment even i was surprised but you this was closed for long time n all are busy with am so that’s why otherwise everyone is alluring hopefully

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    @sonai all the best for exam very dangers thing it is but do your best

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    • Ireena

      I would love to get annoyed from u,dr…and I an no less to annoy..😀
      and actually can’t open it shortly…so I will open it lil late
      …. after….(thinking )…gotta take time😉
      and thanks for ur care,dr☺

  34. Anshi

    Ab mere comment ki baari…

    Well shravan beta tu na mujhse ek love tip leta jaa lv mein na ego ko side rakhna pdta h… Common dude..
    I m findin dat adi cute now… M I d only one??

    Ok so I guess we r having ‘ Malhotra n Sons ‘ ahead… Bcs ab jb do bhai ek ladki k liye ladenge toh toh kehar dha jaaega… Gaddar mach jaayegi… Dhrti hil jaayegi… Aasman fat jaayega… N bla bla bla..

    Yaar kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khyal aata h ki edkv saturday sunday ko bhi kyu nhi aata h???

    🙂 😉 🙂 😉 😛 …

  35. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    whatever others say I m enjoying this jealousy track and its so fun to see shravan fuming in jealousy haha excellent acting by namik but why aditya like sumo? -_- and now with nirmala things will become worse between shraman and aditya i dunno why i m having this feeling at the end aditya will be the one to unite shraman only

    • Ireena

      hello miss fatarajo,sorry to say that I don’t recognise u…I used to know a joyee about century back…but she isn’t seen in this century,u know….and no info any her even since a decade….searched her but didn’t find him..so filing a missing complaints,i sit home quiet yawning ….

      • Fatarajo

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        Haha ireena looks like u very angry with me what to do yaar I m very busy with projects and all that not even getting time to upload my ffs, but now three of my projects r done, just one to go, so i m chilling a little and at aug 11, i have got physics test, and aug 22-24 maths n ep exams, but i will be totally free after aug 6 as no lessons after that n yes joyee is me only please dont be angry yaar will be more active now and most active after 6 aug

      • Ireena

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      • Fatarajo

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        Oi don’t kidnap me I will call the police 😛 jking jking nahi gayab hunga unless if TU again got problem 😛 n I may not comment at 10 Aug as 11 Aug is physics test

  36. Anshi

    @Bhagyashri… Hey dear… I addresed u in yesterday’s comment bt as it didnt got posted… Soo I m writin it again… Dear track ko dekh kr lag rha h ki abhi kuchh dino tk toh hamein flight pakadne ki koi zarurat nhi h bt jb bhi ravanath ko maarne jaana toh plssss yaar mujhe bhi saath le chalna….

    @Ireena… Agaun I too addresed in yesterday’s comment bt as I told… Baby wat an amazin news.. Edkv topped again… I soo happt.. In hindi.. Tere munh mein ghee shakkar (Sugar n refined in ur mouth) Keep tellin us such awsum news…

    @Sona… We r ridin on d same boat yaar… Dese tu ppl r tellin me d same..

    @Areeba.. Hey areeba… I guess we didnt hd a proper wrlcum..

    • Bhagyashri

      Pakka anshi,sath me hi murder karenge and sath me jail bhi jayenge.akele nahi jaungi main jail me nahi to bore hoga.so hum sab milke jayenge.as modiji said sabka sath,sabka vikas.hamara sabka sath ,sabka jail.hahaha

  37. roshni

    Oh so finally it got opened thank god…. Yesterday there was no update till 11 so I slept n morning same old error prob…. Just thought to check another time n yeah its opened ….. Yesterday’s epi was awesome. hehe I guess shravan need tax for laughing after ur entry Aditya…… His talks were awesome…. Oh so my thinks got true it didn’t flopped ge is son of Nirmala….nice nice…. Now I am very much exited to watch next episodes….it will dam interesting……

    Hi all how RU all??????

  38. Anshi

    Not again… It gt posted before I completed.. Common…
    @Areeba… So I ws sayin sayin dat we didnt hd a proper hello bcs whrn u entered my presence decreased bcs of family prob… So I jst wanted to say hello… Hello areeba.. I m anshi as u saw I talk a lottt… Dont worry dese r jst attacks… Excitement attacks…

    @Kittu… Hmmm ji… Sorry yaar… Bade bade sheron main aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti h yaar…

    Yaar pagal samajh kr maaf krdo..
    Yaar I even dont know till now wat sumo said to ravanath as a reply to offer…
    Samjha kro yaar pagal bachchon se ho jaata h..

    Btw… ‘Shravan kya chahta h’ k saath main ek aur book likhne ki soch rhi hoon… ‘ Kittu ki lokpriya shayariyan’… Dont worry I ll give u royalty…
    N haan copyright zyada mehnga mt rakhna… 😉 😉

    Yaar tum ekdum mere style mein wish krti ho… Ham log bhi ekdum tod phod wale wishes dete h like ‘Aag laga dena’ ‘Fod dena’…
    N again sry.. 🙂 ..

  39. Anshi

    @Jo… U hv got a cute dp… Heyyy I m enjoyin it too

    @ Roshni… Thank god… I ws nt d only one sufferin frm tu’s anger… 🙂

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      Hey anshi haha happy u liked my dp thanks i m big crazy jabra fan of pikachu 😛 thats why 😛 and i m loving edkv a lot now especiallly shravan’s jealousy sometimes that adi irritates me too 😛 and i m so happy edkv is no.1 in chaska meter rankings for two consecutive weeks

  40. AREEBA

    Anshi…….The moment you entered you spread a blast of happiness,madness nd so on…..
    shayari dekh (it’s sounds like order dekh😆)
    Din hua hai to raat bhi hogi,
    Ho mat udas kabhi to baat bhi hogi.
    Itne pyar se dosti ki hai,
    jindagi rahi to mulaqat bhi hogi..
    do reply kk. …..

  41. AREEBA

    yupp ireena di feeling great talking to u all such a long time yaar
    Sss. ……. thanx yaar
    kittu yaar kahan h tu
    Yeh le ek song Tere liye
    Aja Aja main Hu yaar teri
    rabba rabba izhaar tera hooooooooooooo
    aaaaaaaaaja aaaaaaaaaaja aaaaaaaa😂😆😉

  42. AREEBA

    Hey anshi what a great intro of the book named what shravan actually want it’s really confusing……
    A6a book se yaad aaya when will u all r writing ur ff do tell me kk

  43. kittu

    @Anu…hey I think that we should make an “A” team…means ek team by name ..A Ka Dum..😝😝..nd I”ll change my name…from Kittu to to AKKU…😝😝😝
    …nice na….haha ha …..well guys…ek to tum log mahino baad aate ho…Aur by god…full power me….nice Dearies …..
    Well @Anu…nice book.. What shravan wants….ha ha…now I would like to give u a name..”. Anshi the writer”…(ATW)…how is this..????….
    @Arbi….hey m here…nd le yr reply….
    Mai aaye mai aaye…
    Dekho dosti ki gali…
    Mujhe roke na koi..
    Mai aaye mai aaye..
    LAl lal laaaa…
    Meri arbi…
    Mujhe dhond tu yahan…
    Mai aaye mai aaye…
    Tu RU ruuuu…..

    Tu RU ruuuuuu…..😘😘😘😘
    Hey go to last page nd read my shayari.. Which I wrote for uuu….of 21july page…..

  44. kittu

    @Anu…hey.. Yaar plez write my biography soon…mai padhungi..he he..mai famous ho jaungi..he he he…maja aayega…well my ATW…it’s a great pleasure for me..as u r my frnd… But thnx for this…nd I really don’t want anything like this…par agar Teri dile tammana Hai tooo…u can…mai padhne jaroor aaungi…ha ha..nd ya copyright Jada mat rakhna…😝😝😝..ek to UP aane me hi pocket dhili ho jayegi nd phir tera amount… Ha ha lol lol…
    Hey I once thought ki tujhse baat nahi karungi…but…baat kiye bina tujhse …rah bhi to nahi sakti…nd no offence dear….can understand… Nd ya u r not pagal but a bht bada pagallllll…..ha ha….just a joke
    ..hey u r sooooo sweet …no words to describe…. Nd thnx…. For yr book..what shr.wants…nice intro…..now write nxt soon…
    @Arbi….no chance to write ff in this schedule……

  45. kittu

    @Anu…my ATW…hey m going to translate yr book (Shravan chahta kya Hai)…into my shayari version…
    Shravan shravan shravan…
    Banda chahta kya Hai…
    Banda chahta kya Hai..
    Kya WO sumo Hai..
    Kya WO Hai koi aor..
    Shayad WO sumo Hai…
    Shayad WO sumo Hai..
    Par kya Hai uski taklif..
    Samjhe koi nd tell us in brief..
    Sumo chahti Hai rehna usse door..
    Par shru ki soch Hai usse kahin door..
    Shravu nahi deta usse koi problem..
    But can’t understand her problem…
    Samjho koi to self respect ko…
    Sumo ki life me yahi to Hai..
    He understand but never do..
    But who is this new dued…
    Banda lagta Hai so cute..
    But shravu don’t like him..
    What a wonder…
    He is his newly bro..
    So it happens in brotherhood..
    Are yaar let’s come to our topic…
    WO dekh nahi sakta usse in takleef..
    Par samajhta bhi nahi usski takleef…
    Samjh na yaar…
    U r her life..
    But kah nahi sakti..
    Becoz of yr father….
    Par chahta kya Hai tu..
    Kah de Jake usko yu ..
    Ki rah na paye WO tujhse door…
    Aur kah de aake WO….
    That shravan…
    I LOVE YOU……😘😘😘😘😘…
    Ha ha…hey everyone plez give feedback… Nd my ATW…plez tell how is this…..I know it is not as fabulous as yours….but plez I really wanna know yr opinion….

  46. kittu

    @Guys….shayari for uuuu…
    Humne mangi ek duya..
    Mila Hume ek pyara yaar..
    Par humne mangi ek khayis …
    De do humko khushiyaa hazaar…
    Par phir mangi ek wish..
    I really want a friendship…
    I want a dost…
    Nd give me dosti…
    Nd got u alllll as my wish…
    M thinking now….
    I got everything…..
    My khushiyaa,my life….
    U r wish u r mine…
    But not only this as wish…
    But got many things…
    Minu Di nd roshu Di sona Di nd bhagya Di..
    Frnd mile mujhe Anshi jaise..
    Arbi ka koi jawab nahi..
    Ireena Di is so smart..
    Nd kya kahu mai abt our prettypriti yaar…..
    My Priya 15 Di is sooo sweet…
    Nd sonai beas r yaaro k yaar…
    SSS is so simple…
    Nd my Khushi Di is so humble…
    Yaad rahenge ye sare pal..
    Nd if I missed anyone…
    Hey guys…I apologise…
    U all r really cool….
    That our bonding is Aflatoon…
    It’s my pleasure to have u all…
    As my frnd nd as my dost…

    Bye nd plez give feedback……
    But where is smile,Nazia…nd alllll…..enjoy yr weekend everyone…

    • Ireena

      hmm…smart….i see.quite good compliment…but I know a person at least 10 times smarter than me,u know…..who just tied all of us in this page through poem(along with naughtiness)😉😉😀

  47. kittu

    @Vaishali…yaar tujhse mujhse kuch sunne ki iksha ho rahi Hai kya….Jo yu ut patang likh rahi Hai…

  48. Minakhi

    @Anshi ……there should be other Books to launch …..SUMO KYA CHAHTI HAI????,ADITYA KYA CHAHTA HAI??????,NIRMALA KYA CHAHTI HAI????AUR CVS KYA CHAHTE HAIN…..???….AUR CONCLUSION SHOULD BE THIS …..”KYA CVS AUDIENCE K CHAHNE K MUTABIK KUCH DIKHA SAKTE HAIN”????? Yaar Kab tak unki yeh Dooriyan Dekhne ko milegi……????100 episodes Ho Gaye aur Ek proper hug bhi nahi Hua ……CVs ko Shraman k Romance se itni problem kyun hai yaar…..


    Inteha Ho gayi…Intezar Ki …….😆😆 ….good morning all

  49. Minakhi

    @Guys…..Koi yahan PE IF se hi kya ????IF site bhi Uncle Ki hi tarah open nahi Ho raha …I hope ye comment Post Ho jaye😣

  50. SONAI

    Gr8 Kittu di !! Thanks for concerning about us !!
    Aap kehe rahe the ki kalam todke likhna…………
    ………par pata nahi………Kalam tute ya na tute,,,,,
    Hamare Kamad zaroor tut jayenge !!!
    Ek din me chaar exams…..Koi deta he bhala !!!!

    I think its my last comment before exams !!
    So bye !! Miss u all nd EDKV veerrrryyyyy much !!!

  51. Minakhi

    @Kittu Baby …..just relax…….She is just frustrated….nd meine notice kiya jab se yeh yahan PE ayi hai …..Episode k bare me nahi …bas Ramu k baare Mein pooch rahi hai…..Ok story is going with Very Difficult for Shravan ………My poor Shravan jalte hue kitna cute lagta hai😍😚

    but yeh @Vaishali. Yaar …..Agar patience nahi hai to mat dekho iss show KO plz……Iss show KO Samajhna har Kisi k bas Ki baat nahi …..tum yahan PE complaints kyun kar rahi Ho…….Hum CVs thodeina hain yaar …samjho …Tweet kyun nahi karti tumm……EDKV ko…plz yaar Hume Enjoy karne do …😊

  52. Minakhi

    @SONAI nd @Beas bye bye …All the very best 👍 We will miss u both…..Kalam✒ tod Dena nd Jo roke usse fod 😉 Denna….kidding yaar…..

  53. Minakhi

    @Kittu kya song 🎶 dedicate kiya yaar …too good…..Ek tight hug nd a flying kiss 💋 lele mere taraf se …tooo good…..Love u soo much dear💕💐

  54. Anshi

    @Areeba.. Firstly mind me callin u arbi?? Soo dear… U r awsum… I mean yaar kaise banati ho itni perfect shayariyan…. Its like WOW!!!… N ya well I m nt of a writer.. So its a fat chance of me writin ff… Bt agar mera dimaag ghooma toh pakka tujhe bataungi… 🙂

    @Ireena.. Hmmm u r rite… I crazily missed dis..

  55. Kittu

    Thnx minu Di…
    @Sonai….yaar Teri kamar toot rahi h nd Meri haddi hil gayi…ha ha..yaar ye teachers Q itne projects dete h..nd this xms problem is common for all students….😭😭😭😭

  56. Kittu

    @Minu Di…what a no. Books….ha ha
    Hey we have two writers…. Yipee…good Di means superb

  57. Kittu

    @Minu Di….I would like to complete yr song..
    Inteha ho gayi intzaar ki..
    Aayi na kuch khabar..
    Shraman k pyar ki..
    Par Hume Hai yakeen..
    Bevafaa CVS nahi..
    Phir wajah kya huyi..
    Intzaar ki…….

    Yaar plez our CVS ek hug to de to of our shraman.. Yaar aankhe dukh gayi h..nd mangte Aur bhikhari…ban gaye


  58. Nazia

    Guys miss u all very much. Agle mahine se mein apni phone ka chehra bhi nahi dekh payungi:( Actually my JSC exam is on november, so have to do only one thing now-study, study study!!! Plz pray taki mein achha result karu !!!!
    So a bye to all. Agar kismat ne chaha to phir yaha pe ayungi. Will miss SHRAMAN, EDKV. LOVE U ALL. Mujhe bhul mat jana…

  59. Anshi

    @Minakhi di… Hmmmm u r rite d main ques is wat cvs want… Lagta h is pr bhi book likhni padegi… 😛

  60. Anshi

    @Kittu… Now dats our lockin poppin real original phadu dhansu awsum kittu…
    Hahaha… Mera bhi toh wahi problem h… Sochti hun gussa rahoogi bt I end up talkin…
    Aapke charan kahan h prabhu… 😛 😛 …. Kottu tu mujhe mil ja main tujhe itnaaaaaa bada hug doongi ki tu saans bhi nhi le paayegi… Teri shayariyan toh aise hi mindblastic hoti h bt yeh wali dono k liye sorry dear mujhe wrds hi nhi mile….
    Arre yaar tere liye toh book free h… Author se thodi hi paise loongi…

    @Vaishali… Sweetie we r in an awsum mood … So fr heaven sake dont spoil it… N haan nhi pasand aa rha toh mt dekh… Kisi ne zabardasti nhi ki h..

  61. Ireena

    all of here writing poem,biography,stories….we got a bunch of talents,guys…our page got the title of most commented site(none declared except me),I think another title should be most talented site for my writer friends

  62. sweetu

    I think adi and sumo r made for each other…. and may be in future sumo will realize di dat wo aur adi bane hai ek duje ke vaste…….. jause ki thapki pyar ki main hua……. but aisa hua to acha nahi hoga yeh purana track ho chuka hai abb….. so plz shravan aur sumo ko banana ek duje ke vaste

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no way yaar aisa maath kahoon only shraman is made each other i hope adi gets some other girl and even thoug i watched tpk n i m big fan of thapki n bihaan pair i dont want this pair swapping to happen in edkv, shraman are childhood sweethearts n shravu n sumo both have soft corner so i dont think that will happen, makers r just creating some goosebumps moments for shraman fans so dont worry 🙂

  63. roshni

    @sonai @beas @nazia all the best dear to all…. Tc… Miss u all…

    @kittu wow it was awesome dear…..good job….tysm for the links dear….

    @anshi yup I am too there with to be angry on tu…. N ur book wah wah Kamal hain yaar… Superb…..

    Hello friends….. How is ur weekends…..exited for tomorrow??????

  64. Kittu

    @Anu…thnx dear…nd ha jaroor milenge….
    Nd yaar karenge…
    Once upon a time we met on edkv wu page…. Ha ha…what’s say….nice imagination na????…nd mere charan mere paas h baccha😍😍😍….well door se hi aashirwaad….

    @Ireena Di…hey Di…the title shld b like…
    1.HSAKH…..Hum Se Accha koun Hai….
    2.ss…superstar shramanias…😜
    3.TMM…talent me maharathi…😳😳
    4.SAS…serial Aur shayari…. Ha ha ha…
    5.DAD….not daddy…but Didi Aur dost…ha ha ha….
    Well I know I”ll get slippers nd shoes for these disgusting option ….but.. I have a slogan tooo…
    Gilli gilli chuuu…
    Gilli gilli chuuu..
    We r blue…..
    (We r on the sky as edkv is top on chaska meter)…
    Gilli gilli chuuu..
    We r blue..
    Edkv rokz…
    Will b always on top….
    Jai mata Di…ka naam leke..ek baar apne cmmt box se is slogan ko post kigiye….
    CVS aapki sabhi manokaamna puri karenge….jai ho CVS baba ki…🙏🙏🙏🙏..
    M worshipping our CVS with flowers….
    Nd …TANNNN…🌹🌺……nd forgive if I hurt anyone…….

    • Ireena

      hmm….quite impressive name for the craziest site!!!👍
      but dr,why do u always think that u will get slippers???I mean,u may get high heels too…😉😛😂😃…
      just kidding…u don’t worry at all…who has so audacity to throw slipper at u???I m there to save u💪💪look at muscles….I will throw 50 heels at once,and they r done..😄😂

      • kittu

        @Ireena Di….thnx Di…ya slippers..hehe..hey Di I like slippers..😝😝😝..no no Di..actually we all r here only ,don’t know anything nd we do not have any info. Abt our thinking.. So I think that on my weird thinking I ‘ll surely get slippers.. Ha ha…becoz I can’t stop my volcano of imagination …that’s y..nd I know one day it may happen so I tried my best to provide u all with slippers…😋😋😋

      • Ireena

        😁😀…first time in life,I found someone who Likes slipper,that’s why wanted to get beaten by slipper…really,kittu kumar,u r beyond expectations…

  65. Minakhi

    @sweetu …Don’t predict anything …bcz bohut baar Iss show k agey k track KO soch ke humara popat Hua hai ….ab Mein kuch bhi nahi sochne wali hoon Bas show KO show k jaisa enjoy karne wali hoon….

  66. kittu

    @Ireena Di….thnx a lot Di….well …a question….
    Were u talking abt meee??????..
    I mean that 10 times ,something like who joint us on the same cmmt…I think it was me….wasn’t me?????….plez give reply in +ve otherwise my parrot will happen (popat)….ha ha…just kidding Di…well thnxxxx a loadsssss….😋😋😋😋😋😋..
    @Vaishali…thnk u,,tu pehle hi samajh gayi….warna hame hathiyaar uthane padte…..anyways… As u said thnx for link…so I would like to say ….your welcome… Okayyy….byeee..
    @Roshu Di….thnk u Di…BTW how r yr driving classes going on??? R u enjoying????

    • Ireena

      i said 10 times smarter…look she is so….as got it just then…😂😁
      well,I have to reply in ‘ve,dr,at least for ur parrots sake…so announcing officially,she’s none other than kittu Kumar…😉😛😂

      • kittu

        @Ireena Di…I really liked my new name KK(Kittu Kumar)…ha ha…thnx Di…but PK seems to b more good (parrot Kumar)….he he

  67. kittu

    @Guys…hey listen…i too have a story…
    Just imagine….
    ADI nd sumo’s wedding.. After wedding….
    ……….ADI’s death………..
    Sumo’s condition…… Nd shravan’s concern….. Then second marriage of sumoooo…….Hai na joote khane wali story….he he……

    This is the second one…..related to nirnath….
    Court gives verdict that ramnath nd nirmala devi will live together for six months…. As ……
    See ..ramu want to regret…
    Shravan wants to unite them..
    But niru wanna live with ahujas….

    As both the parents r in witness box…nd shravu fight case from father’s side….nd bye his trick…he take 6 months time for their parents.. As niru want to give him divorce but ramu don’t want to live without her😋😋😋….(buddhe ki neeyat me khot h…..)..so court give them 6mnts for final decision… Bye shravu ‘s trick…..
    Nd everyone at Malhotra residence busy….suddenly…. Shravan comes with his mom nd bro nd sis….
    As niru put a wish that till 6 months…her children will live with her….
    Wow…..nd going track… Acc. To CVS…
    Just imagine… Shravan with mom….but lawyer from pop’s side….yipeeeee….

    Well tell me…..nice or not….
    M waiting guys….
    Well I know pehla wala pagalpan ki nishani Hai….but what abt second one… Awwww😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  68. Sss

    |Registered Member

    hi guys..
    @kitty yar what a shayeri..teri shayeri to always supra dupar awesome but true yar in here all the friends are amazing never thought i am also will be part of this…
    mujhe shayeri to nahi ati par song dedicate karsaktaho so..

    Yaaro dosti badi hi hasin hai
    Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindagi
    Koi to ho razdar
    Begaraj tera ho yaar
    Koi to ho razdar
    Yaaro mohabbat hi to bandagi hai
    Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindagi
    Koi to dilbar ho yaar
    Jisko tujhse ho pyar
    Koi to dilbar ho yaar
    Teri har ke burai pe dante woh dost
    Gam ki ho dhoop to saya bane tera
    woh dost
    Nache bhi woh teri khushi mai
    Ari yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai
    Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindagi
    Koi to ho razdar
    Begaraj tera ho yaar
    Koi to ho razdar

    this song is for all the friends here and specially kitty tere liye 😀

  69. Sss

    |Registered Member

    all the best dr..its very important exam fire laga dena golden+ tolkar and good luck..we will not forget but come back soon as irrena will be waiting for you in airport..

    • Ireena

      hey,won’t u come along with me?😣…
      I will get lost,u know…😣i am just a child…how can u leave me alone??😭u all have to just guide me the way.I will take care of rest….receiving her,presenting bouquet,luncheon…

  70. AREEBA

    Hey minakshi di ek Duje Ke vaaste no 1 position par h is it true I can believe OMG what a great link….The best link of my life thnx yaar 😆😆😆😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  71. AREEBA

    A word 2 say a word 2 heareven in ur absence
    i feel u near.
    Our relation is stronghope it goes long.
    We remain FRIENDStill the LIFE goes on
    Always ask God to give u what u deserve,
    not wat u desire….
    It is becoz ur desires may be few,
    but u deserve a lot!

    lots of gud luck to all my friends who all r buzy…… exams

  72. SONAI

    @ Ireena di nd Roshni di Thanks nd I’ll come back to this site this friday only !!
    @ Nazia Best of luck nd I’ll miss u very much !!

    Tomorrow our (Me and Beas) Exams r starting !! First day only 4 exams !! Hindi,History,Geography nd Civics !! Studying Hard !!
    Enjoy the week guyss without me !!
    I’ll try to watch repeat telecast !!

  73. Ireena

    @joyee,hey,u r doubting on my capabilities….how dare u!!!police can catch me!huhhh!!!leave police,even CID can’t catch me if I m on a operation😜😜😝…so beware of me😝😝
    well,this time I will kidnap modu uncle too….uncle,u too stay alert!!!😂😉

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      Hahah kidnap modu uncle :p not me 😛 i m a hacker 😛 i can hack your accounts warning you and track you down n escape from u 😛

      • Ireena

        yeah..I can…definitely.but in your daydream only.hey,did u forget that in ur hacking school,whence u have completed graduation in programming,then masters in hacking….there i was ur principal???
        I can’t believe that how can u be so forgetful….

  74. kittu

    @Arbi…nice one dear..
    @Beas…guys….go nd come soon…we’ll miss u…nd all the very best again..
    @Ireena Di…I would like to join u on this operation…. 👿MODU UNCLE KIDNAPPING👿..could I ????

    • Ireena

      what’s all this formality,dr??u know my answer…in all operations,u all r welcome,the more can be arranged,the better it will be…so get engaged…

  75. roshni

    @kittu yup dear its going awesome I am really enjoying it …….

    N guys tomorrow I can’t comments my direct comment will be on tomorrow’s epi coz tomorrow I n my family r going out one day trip…..hope u miss me hehe…. Love u all….bye bye.. Tc………

    Good night all…..

  76. pretty preeti

    Hlo guys meri jaad nhi aayi miss u whole day was little busy so talking about shyari so all who written shyari it was superb
    Love my tu friends I mean sisters
    Gud night guys
    Sweet dreams
    Sonai and beas best of luck for papers

    • kittu

      @Prettypreeti…hey my younger Di…I missed u..nd see I wrote a shayari for u tooo..in which I wrote abt my frnds
      …par tujhe itni furshat kahan ki padhe bhi…(jk )means just kidding… No problem Di… I hope u will come soon

  77. AREEBA

    Hey kittu such a drama queen yaar that shyari for u and anshi both yaar
    chal le one song 4 u
    badi badi aankhe hain
    aasuon ki tanki
    Yeh chori badi drama queen h

    bdw I m doing gud lots of love 😘😘

    • kittu

      @Arbi…hey who r u madam….I don’t know any Areeba nadeem….yaar had h..peche hi pad gayi
      ..kaha na nahi jaanti….
      Samajh nahi aata…
      BA’s yahi sunna rah gaya tha….sunliya na…
      Now don’t call me Kittu…nd don’t dare to talk me…….

      Just kidding dear..I know well ,who r u…but m lil disappoint with u…yaar ek baat bata..jab is pg pe aati Hai…to aankh band karleti Hai kya….yaar mere cmmt to kabhi padh kiya kar…well it’s okay dear…no offence…p
      But saying this since last two days…ki ja
      ..go to last date pg…sun Ab mat Jana…
      Nd who said ki badi badi aankhe Hai…

      Chalo Hai….par itni nahi ki mai aanshuyo ki tanki hoo..
      Becoz I fill rivers ,lakes nd sometimes ponds nd seas tooo😜😜….
      Just kidding… I like yr song…
      Nd it was all joke..
      But dear..I tooo wrote a shayari for u….
      On this pg….well not shabbakhair but shabbasubah….well could u do me a favour..

      ..could u tell me the actual meaning of shabbakhair….I know this is good night… But what is its actual mean…I heard this word in jodha Akbar…..
      Well …okay u r doing good…..
      Okay ,do u know what m doing…..

      Any guesssessss…

      M doing cmmtssss😜😜😜😜😜😜…
      Lots of love to u dear…nd ya next question…. What u say to good morning in yr language…. Hope u won’t mind

  78. AREEBA

    thanx lily for this spoiler
    ireena di …… I would also like to join in this operation….
    kittu….. when u r writing ur ff yaar
    chlo good night everyone ,shabbakher

    • kittu

      @Arbi…yaar ff ka naam bhool ja…no chance to write any ff…becoz it’s really a very busy time….nd see 4:20,5:15……..something this time I cmmt…yesterday was Sunday….but now offf….but m enjoying dear…but can’t write any ff…I m thinking is there any device which can change our imagination into language…. Wow maja aa jata …..
      So no ff nowadays.. Well what abt uuuu

    • Ireena

      u r here and so am i….so why to wait??welcome our dangerous group with ur sharp knife…🔪🔪

  79. Minakhi

    @Kittu …..Ur link……ufffff😍😍😍 This is really too much …why why ….nd How .????This is totally illegal to be soo dam hot…….😚 Namik is soo dam hot yaar ….. Nikita is not well nd Namik is going to Meet her In this morning…plz guys pray for her……🙏.

    @Lily ….if Adi will propose Sumo then It’s better for Shravan to Confess his love to her ASAP …otherwise Shravan to Gayo ….wese bhi Wait karne Mein to usne Ph.d Ki hai….😆😆..

  80. 44444

    Pl leave Suman alone to over come her loss. Please do not show Aditya and Sumo together for shravans good nature’s sake.

    Aditya may be good but without Shravan Sumo would not be alive today. They are made for each other with all their short comings.

  81. Sss

    |Registered Member

    hi guys..good morning

    @ireena don’t worry buddy you are the smartest kid of here as kittu said so you won’t get lost btw i will also join you to kiddnap modu uncle 😀

    @roshni di enjoy your family trip n come back soon will miss you..

    @hey kittu nice pic yar hostess overload

  82. Ireena

    friends,from naive child,we have turned into dangerous dacoit…look,whom we left,we have kidnapped modu uncle,murdered ramu,killed cvs,the threatened the basher with gun,attacked kamini with injection….what not…DANGEROUS SHRAMANIAN SQUAD!!!👹👺👽👾….

    • pretty preeti

      R we now going to jail
      Police is behind me
      Oh no
      Guys I will meet u all in jail
      Bye guys
      Police handcuffed me

  83. Ireena

    well,guys,lot of fun was this week,catch u and edkv again next weekend…till then,a big bye!☺

    • Sss

      |Registered Member

      @ireena why on next week busy? anyway will miss you buddy but come back next week naughty iruu 😉 with your your dangerous plan for dangerous shramaninan squad nice namen tc 🙂

  84. AREEBA

    Hey kitti agar tujhe gana nhi pasand aaya toh please don’t take it seriously it was a joke yaar pr maine teri shayari padhi thi aur reply bhi kia tha tu check kr na 21 July
    nd date aur time bhi dekh lena yaar
    chal chod A6a shabbakher means have a sweet dreams
    or morning
    aur thodha chill Mar
    A6a do u really think ki main teri PICHE padi hun ???

    • kittu

      @aarbi….i was joking dear….now I ‘ll surely read…nd liked yr song to the core…..thnx for good night nd morning

  85. AREEBA

    Hey guys see the similarities between the three brothers
    shravu ne sumo se pyaar kia
    pushkar ne sumo ki behen se pyaar kiya
    aur adi ne suman se pyaar kiya
    shravu ne sumo ka pct tudvaya
    pushku ne sumo ko support kiya
    adi ne sumo ka pct wapas usse dilwaya
    shravu ne apne dill ki baat na sunne ki kasam khai h
    pushko ne direct kiss karne ki kasam khai h
    adi toh sab se aage suman ko dekhte hi pyaar ho gya
    so the thing is whole serial is for sumo luv nikita

  86. pretty preeti

    Kitty Jo tune hm PR shyari liki hai won phir se post kr I missed it post it soon hello guys gud evening
    Kaise hai sabhi

  87. AREEBA

    Hey kitti agar tujhe gana nhi pasand aaya toh please don’t take it seriously it was a joke yaar chillax take a chill pill…
    aur maine teri shayari padhi thi aur reply bhi kia tha tu check kr na nd date aur time bhi dekh lena yaar
    chal chod A6a shabbakher means have a sweet dreams or morning me we use assalaamualaikum kk

    A6a do you really think ki main tere PICHE padi hun? ?

  88. Sss

    |Registered Member

    wow @abeera bilkol sahi point pakra he..shb sumo ke piche esa lagtahe wohi hero he baki shb serf uske piche ghorte he lol

  89. kittu

    @Ireena Di….okay…so kk(Kittu Kumar)….nice name….
    Nd thnx…I hope …what a Wonder if I changed my pic with Niki mam….yup..
    Well I’ll miss u Di…try to come soon..
    @Preetypreti…okay I ‘ll try…wait…. M fine ..nd how r u???

  90. Nazia

    Thnk u sooo much guys for the best wishes. I love u all and really missing u all
    Missing NAMIK, NIKITA, EDKV!!!!!!!
    Ek bar yei jsc khatam ho jaye apne phone pe fevicol se chipki rahungi. Kyunki tab koi rok-tok nahi hoga! Waiting for that time desperately!!!!!!!
    Well shravan ka jealous wale expressions kitnaaaa cuteeeee hai! And meine 3 epi kya miss kiye yaha pe toh aditya bhi chala aya. Well I have a strong feeling that Adi is nirmala’s son. As nirmu’s son’s name was also aditya. And nirmu ka chapter itni jaldi aur incomplete toh nahi rakhi ja satti,ryt? Adi sehi ramnath ka parda fash hosatta hai aur nirmala aur shravan shayed ek ho sattehe. Esa mujhe lagta hai.
    Sry ki meine bohot late reply di but as I said earlier ki mein bohot bsy hu studies mein so cudn’t reply!
    Ab sab pray karo taki mein apne parents,teachers, friends,relatives ki icchao ko puri karpau ek bohot achhi result se. Ap sab ki duyao sein mujhe aur hope milegi ki mein esa kar sattihu!

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..