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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nirankush writing the initial H. He screams and holds himself. He takes his last breath and falls. Ashoka wonders whose can be with H. Ashoka leaves from the well cave. Virat tells his men to ruin the well, Ashok has got to know about our secret. He says if you were not my sister Kaurvaki’s lover, I would have not left you alive Ashoka.

Devi Dharma tells about Lalit art competition, you all have to play Shakuntala and Dushyant’s love story, Sushim and Ashoka will get chance to play Dushyant and Rishi’s Vishwamitra’s roles, and anyone of you will get chance to play Shakuntala, other princesses will get to play Gautami, Menka and Shakuntala’s other friends. The princesses say we will become Shakuntala.

Devi Dharma says it will be decided after Ashok returns, till then you all practice your lines in the play. A princess says but I m scared thinking will Ashoka come back alive or not, he has gone on a tough task. Before Devi Dharma answers, Kaurvaki speaks up and asks the princess how can she say Ashoka will not say fine. The princess asks do you know Virat, how can you be sure. Kaurvaki says I don’t know Virat, but I know Ashoka, if you don’t trust Ashoka, then you don’t need to be here. Devi Dharma smiles and thinks I m sure Kaurvaki is the right girl for Ashoka, you will support his dream of having a united India.

Ashoka comes out of the huge well, and it collapses. Ashoka turns and sees the destruction. He says this is not the end Virat, we will meet soon.

Some soldiers put up soil. Virat says its true I hate Rajvanshis, and Ashoka is different, but I m fighting for the tantra for which you work, we are rivals Ashoka, I know we will meet him, you will need me soon. Ashoka comes back to palace and sees Sushim torturing a poor man. He holds the hunter and stops Sushim. Sushim asks how did Virat leave you alive. Ashoka says throw me in any well, till I don’t kill Magadh’s enemies, I will come back again, I told you not to torture Praja then you have to bear punishment, I feel you forgot that. He beats Sushim.

Sushim says you want to beat me right, beat me more. He holds the hunter and says I will show you how to give punishment. Ashoka holds the hunter and asks who is she who has become Gondna. Sushim thinks Ashoka did not know anything from Virat. Ashoka asks was this your plan or Virat’s, tell me truth of Gondna if you want to be alive, I know you are related to it. Sushim says you are also related to that truth, Gondna is Magadh’s enemy. They take swords and have a fight. Ashoka says I know her name initial. Sushim says you can’t reach her, as you are following a ghost. Ashok recalls seeing Helena, and the initial H. he rushes from there.

Sushim follows him. Ashoka reaches Bindusara. Bindusara sees his wounds and asks who did this, Virat? Ashoka says that’s not important, important thing is what I want to say you, just believe me. Bindusara asks him to say whats the truth. Ashoka says you may feel I m saying wrong, but the ghost you all have seen, the secret is related to it, Rajmata’s ghost, Gondna’s truth, the truth is Rajmata is Gondhna, this is complete truth. Bindusara gets back.

Bindusara says I did her last rites myself. Ashoka says this is the deceive, she did not wish to get burnt, she was buried by her wish, she wanted to play this game. He tells them everything and says I found it strange how Gondna came here and committed suicide, Uttar did this to save Gondna, Rajmata knew that I know the truth Uttar is not Gondna, and I will find Gondna everywhere, except one place, that’s this Raj Bhavan, its easy for her to hide here, when we believe she is dead. Sushim comes with Charu and others, and claps. They all laugh at Ashoka’s story. Charu says Ashoka got hurt, that’s why his senses got affected. Bindusara says Ashoka, I think you did much hardwork to do your duty, you need rest, go to your Kaksk.

Sushim says no, Maa is right, this work needs mind’s hardwork too, that’s why Ashoka is dreaming. Siamak asks Ashoka did he lose to Virat, so he is saying all this fake stories, to make us feel you are right heir. Ashoka says fine, why don’t we dig the place and check if Rajmata is there in her grave, then we can know whether I m saying true or not. Siamak says it will be like insulting elders. Charu says doing this can get disgrace and curse on our family. Ashoka says Samrat, we will get proof, if we get nothing, it will be proved I m saying true, if we get dead body there, it will be proved I m wrong. Devi Dharma asks Bindusara to permit Ashoka to testify. Bindusara says I hope Ashoka’s words are true, else it will be big mistake.

The men dig up the grave and find the skeleton. Siamak says that’s Rajmudrika. Ashoka thinks how is this possible. Siamak asks are you all sure now, we have seen the ghost in our place, that’s Ashoka, his shadow has danger, since he came in our lives, our peace got ruined. He asks Ashoka not to regard Rajmata as their enemy, she was against us, but she was our mum, we all have ashamed humanity today. Sushim smiles.

Sushim tells Ashoka that the times of Chanakya are gone with him, even united India’s dream is gone. Ashoka shouts Sushim and holds his collar. Devi Dharma asks Ashoka to leave Sushim. Everyone leave. Ashoka says I have to prove that Helena is Gondna, I will do anything, but I can’t let my country’s enemies rule, even if they are my family, this Chand won’t leave anyone.

Acharya asks Ashoka whose skeleton was it. Ashoka says it has one meaning that her planning was ahead of my thinking. Sushim says 10 years ago, Rajmata did this planning for this day, she kept a woman in her place, now Ashoka will leave thought to find Rajmata, he won’t know Rajmata is Gondna and we are her helpers. Charu says I will make sure Bindusara doesn’t believe Dharma and Ashoka.

Ashoka says I m sure Rajmata is Gondna, I m just one step away, I will find her from anywhere and get her to Bhavana, I will punish her, Chand Ashoka swears this.

Charu asks Bindusara why is Ashoka taking revenge, Rajmata was my mum in law, I got hurt seeing her skeleton, we are thinking of Ashoka and Sushim’s marriages, to secure Mauryavansh, on the other hand, Ashoka is doubting on ancestor’s death and checking their graves, I feel Ashoka’s mental balance is shaken, he used to doubt on people who are alive, now he is doubting on dead. Bindusara says I think where did I get wrong in raising my children, I assure peace and happiness to many families whom I did not ever meet, but my family, who stays with me, I failed in bringing peace and stability, don’t know peace will be founded in my life or not.

Dharma says it will be surely founded, let them get married, their wives will teach them about uniting family and new responsibilities, we should get them married soon, I will do Lalitkala arrangements before time.

Everyone gather for the Lalitkala competition. Ashoka looks around and says Kaurvaki kept her promise. Kaurvaki walks in and he gets shocked. Bindusara says start the competition to find suitable brides for Ashoka and Sushim, I decided both princes will become part of this play and do act with the princesses. Ashoka and Sushim say we can’t do this. Sushim says Ashoka can do this, its his nature. Ashoka says I have no time to act, someone here is showing love for country and going against, I have to expose them. Bindusara says I did not ask both of you, this is command of Magadh’s Samrat. Sushim thinks he has to make some plan to end Ashoka and Padmavati’s love story by using this lalitkala competition.

Helena says if we kill Ashoka and Bindusara together then, tomorrow when Bindusara and Ashoka will be dreaming of Ashoka’s good future, their hopes will burnt along with them. Sushim says I will make sure that their death plan is made tonight. Helena smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I knew it….I knew it…I knew it…
    I had before hand thought that virat must be considering kvk as his sister and d only family to him…..

    Loving episodes nowadays….
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    I also think virat will be the senapati of samrat ashok after nayak as ultimately nayak will die out of old age or in war…
    And radhagupta will be prime minister

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  5. Breaking news…. Breaking news…
    There Will be a new show launched by star plus that will replace siya ke ram….
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    1. Omg it will be awesome… Getting excited

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  7. Or may be sushim will use virat to end kvk n ashok’s love story by killing virat and putting the blame on ashok.. N may be that’s the reason kvk will start hating ashok or may be some one from the royal family will die and ashok will have a misunderstanding that kvk helped virat to do so and start hating while it will done by sushim and wn ashok finds it out it will be too late…

  8. iam not indian , is tis syory reflect the real bindusara, ?
    is a king always fool like that ? sad … sad

    1. The bindusara in this serial isnt resembling the real bindusara. In real bindusara was a sensible nd gr8 king. He led many wars nd many owesany victories. Played a crucial paet in extending the territory of magadh. He conquered almost kingdoms except kalinga. Kalinga was conquered by ashoka during his reign. It is believed that chandragupta dnt want bindusara to be his successor bcose he had no attachmnt towards anythng nt evn his wives

    2. true, bindu is shown as a weak king, who is useless and has no thoughts of his own. he believes in anything said to him. he is never seen in protecting his kingdom, doing any brave acts. he is only there to either give judgement in courtroom or romance with dharma. Since last 10 years, he could not catch Gondna..?? surprising

  9. Omg still dragging nd dragging. Whts thr point of drama in swyamvar. For becoming a gud wife is it necesaary to be a gud actress. Unbelievable. Writers is making fool if viewrs. Since weeks the story is the same. Ashoka finds out gondna bt again dumbi bindusar didnt believe him. He is nt befittd to be a king. Anoerson who dnt knw the true colors of hus own wife nd son nd his family members hw he can sort out his peoples issues. This drama is lastng since a yr. same villians. Lame story line. If this story us dragging lyk rhis it wil take anothr 2 yrs for ashoka to become samrat

    1. ha ha .. lalit kala.. it is so tough to become a prince wife. They are passing through so many tests and dharma is personally monitoring this. What is use of this useless crap, lalit kala, cooking competition, fasting for whole day….. wonder what else selection criteria they all have

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  17. How can kvk be virats sister. She herself doesn’t even know how him

    1. kvk knows virat as wn devi was telling her of ashoks departure to virat’s place she was shocked and told that virat is very dangerous and wn devi asked how she knows? does she know her personally then kvk acted and told no she doesnt knows him personally… .

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