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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone is waiting for Shravan. Pushkar tries his number but in vain. It’s been 2 hours already. Where are you Bhaiya? Nanu asks him if he spoke to Shravan. Pushkar lies that he said he will be home soon. Nanu hopes he comes soon. He promised me. He wont break his promise. Preeti asks Pushkar why he is tensed. Pushkar tells her everything. I find it weird. What if Bhaiya wont come? Mami ji says he will come for his wife’s vidaai. He has also promised Babu ji. He will feel bad if Shravan wont turn up. Pushkar has the same concerns. Mama ji speaks about Sumo who is going through so much back to back. Now that things are falling in place, how will she feel when her husband will not be with her? Pushkar tells him to relax. I am sure Bhaiya will keep his promise. He tries Shravan’s number


Aditya scolds his goons for making Shravan smell too much chloroform. He throws water on Shravan’s face who finally gains conscious. Shravan tries to break free but fails. Aditya laughs seeing him thus. Good morning. Shravan asks him why he tied him. What is this? The goons laugh. Shravan asks him if he forgot the beating last time that he came back. Aditya replies that he dint forget anything, neither beatings nor insult. I have come to take revenge for it all. Shravan says I will do that but later. I promised Nanu I will come to take Sumo. Leave me. Aditya laughs at him. Have you come on vacations? I have kidnapped you. You’re ordering me? You think I will listen to you? I will first break your ego today and even out for whatever has happened. we will even out things today only.

Ramnath is really tensed thinking about Shravan. You are not even picking your phone. Where are you son! He thinks of Nirmala ji’s words about Aditya and Shravan’s enmity. Aditya! He calls NIrmala ji. He says I can think of you to be wrong but you prove yourself to be worst. When will you leave me and my son? She is confused. He says I understand everything, you and your son. She tells him he has no rights to speak badly about her son. Don’t cross your limits. He tells her that they are doing that actually. I am warning you. If anything happens to my son then you and your son will meet the consequence which you both would have never thought of. Tell your son this! Tell me where Shravan is. She is clueless. I am back to Mumbai and you are asking me this. What is the matter? He tells her to stop the drama. You want me to believe what you said in the morning and how my son is missing now. To hell with you and your son! I wont spare you and your son if anything happens to him. She panics hearing that. Did you call him? He advises her to stop acting. Tell your son to leave Shravan. Nirmala ji tells him to find the facts first. He is not interested in her facts. Your son is a loser. Where is he? She tells him not to blame Aditya. Let me try my way. Maybe we will find out something. The call ends. She gets thinking.

Prita comes to Tiwari House. I came as I got to know about Sumo’s vidaai. They speak of the wedding. Mami ji gives her tea for her and Sumo. She will feel better by spending some time with you.

Prita asks Sumo why she is sitting like a joker on the floor. She teases Sumo but Sumo says I was tired. Prita offers her tea. Sumo calls it the best gift. Prita notices her tensed. Are you only tired or is there something else? I should congratulate Shravan too. Where is he? Sumo replies that he went for some work. You both just got married. Control him right away or he wont be around. Young Shravan walks in (Sumo’s imagination). Do you remember the school days when you used to make me wait for hours for you? She thinks of their childhood incidents. Shravan says it is your turn to worry. I will take revenge for every second of that wait. You will sit here and think where I went to, when I will be back and how I am. He leaves. Sumo gets sad.

Prita says entire gang wanted to come but I told them to meet you when you are free. She notices Sumo lost in thoughts. Are you listening? I got call from investors. I will handle everything. Sumo wishes to accompany her to PCT. Prita is taken aback. It is your vidaai today. Sumo thinks Shravan knows Sumo already. I will never leave my duties. You can find ways to trouble me but I will always find a way out.

Shravan tells him to hit him. My hands are also tied. You have a good chance. I wont be able to hit you back if you will hit me. Aditya asks him if he feels he wont be able to hurt him when his hands would be free. Shravan says I know it already. Use this opportunity. Show me you are the man. But if my hands were free then I would have showed you! Aditya tells his goons to open Shravan’s hands. His over confidence should get blown today. Open his hands. Goons get tensed but Aditya wants to break Shravan’s ego. I will take revenge for my every insult. It will be fun when he will plead me to let go of him. Goon tells him against it but Aditya insists. Goons free Shravan.

Shraavn gets up angrily. Aditya is holding a stick in his hand. He tries hitting Shravan with it but Shravan holds his hand and hits him instead. Goons try to hurt Shravan but Aditya says this is between us. You wont come in between. Just watch the drama. This time Aditya punches Shravan. Shravan hits him back because of which his phone falls down. Nirmala ji calls Aditya just then. Shravan shows him the incoming call. Your mom is calling. Should I tell her his mom is calling again and she needs to cover up his wounds again? Aditya pushes his hand because of which the phone falls down. The call gets picked up. She hears Aditya and Shravan’s voice. Aditya falls down near the phone. He hears his mother’s voice. She says I told you against it. I told you to move ahead in life but you forgot everything in your anger and hatred. You have turned into an animal. You don’t value what your mother said. If you have ever thought of me as your mother and respect me even a bit then stop. She asks him to put the phone on speaker. He tries to get her out of the idea but she orders him to do so. Aditya complies. She says I never wanted a wall of hatred between you and Aditya. There were so many difficulties in my life already. Remaining peace left my life after you both met. I am such an unfateful mother. One son does not want to see my face and the other one wont let me face anyone. I don’t know what to say to whom. I beg you both to stop. Hatred and anger has already ruined one generation. I wont be able to see the same with the second one. Aditya drops his phone in shock.

Precap: Shravan apologizes to Nanu. Please forgive me. If my wife is ready then can I take her home with me? Mami ji turns to go to Sumo’s room when Rachna Massi shares that Sumo left for PCT with Prita. Sumo forgot her phone at home and Prita is picking her phone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. andagood news for all of us.edkv makersare clear that edkv not ended soon.so dont worry.behad edkv ko nahi replace karega.they said its just a rumours ki edkv off air hoga but its not true.so chill pill.and very good morning to all.

  2. HAPPY B'D NAMIK PAUL...?,Anjali di..m missing u...plez write a report on my wanted di..?,m just kidding....

    I became mad for my NAMIK because of this pic…my SHRAVAN we all love uuuu..
    See this…

    1. Priya15

      Ya kittu.. U r ryt…. The tweet suits me too but not coming across from that pic.. For me it l come like this…

      It’s all started bcoz of that smile….

  3. HAPPY B'D NAMIK PAUL...?,Anjali di..m missing u...plez write a report on my wanted di..?,m just kidding....

    @Priya15..di all the very best for ur xms…
    N I admit…ye each n every words r just true….
    @Bhagyashri di…hi,so bad di..19th of April… It should b 19th of September..?
    @Namik Paul…
    See,we r now giving u our best wishes…
    ??. ?. ??
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    ?. ?. ?. ?
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    ? ? ?
    Hey,this is NP…..NAMIK Paul……

  4. HAPPY B'D NAMIK PAUL...?,Anjali di..m missing u...plez write a report on my wanted di..?,m just kidding....

    Sorry sorry,don’t know what happened with my NP??

  5. Hi,lovely ppl…could I join u all???I really like EDKV… It’s the best show ever….I love NAMIK bhai as well as Niki Didi…
    Plez allow me…didis m a die heart fan of ek DUJE k VAASTE…..
    Nd,happy b’d to my Bhaiya(NAMIK Paul)
    I love u…

    1. Alina

      @Nihariki..u don’t need any permission dea.!!
      U can join us..hav fun here..

      1. Hii niharika.most welcome in our very sweet edkv family.coment regularly and enjoy

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    Guys plz if anyone will watch any interview of namik today plz do post the link coz I am very busy today. So I won’t b able to watch SaaS bahu aur sazish etc ….

    And for our namik ….happy birthday to king of our hearts….may god fulfill all your wishes ….party hard and dnt forget to invite all of us? because tumhare liye hum kahin b aa skte h.
    Luv yaa….and I wish u have a great carrier ….god bless u always …..

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    Gud Morning everyone…!!
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    Our HoTTi….
    May God take u to height of success. ..
    @guys…if anyone is there on twitter so pls wish Namik from my side also..
    @Kittu sach me …agr Modiji ya fir unki beti ..poti ya unke koi b khaas relative agr edkv k fan ho to kittttnnnnaaaa accchaaaaa hoga na..? Hamara show amar ho jayega …haha
    @Sona di …is bar aap train ka zimma li ha naa…reception me jana h hme… v all r coming ek saath do kaam ho jayege (shraman ka reception nd Namik ka bday)..
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  13. Anyone watch gruhapravesh of sumo.I saw it on bhabhi tera devar deewana on ibn 7.sumo wearing red colour saree.she look very stunning.

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      I watched…it..but..SBS celebrelates and shows..everyone birthday…don’t know..y not namik Paul this time????
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      And ya…barun Maya show tho kae raha hai par..its an online series..yaar..not on TV…so I didn’t listens it carefully..?????
      And ha..jabh reception ki announcement tabh my aavungi first apni rail gaadi lekar taoyaar rehna sabh..??????

    3. @alina they showed ASR and surbhi Jyoti of qubool hai wil b lead actors in upcoming show ” tanhaiyan”..i donno the channel name and time ..

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    Actually my mom came so could watch…if anyone then PLEZ do tell,m excited to see sumo…I mean my Didi…sry but my bhabhi in read as NAMIK is my bhai?

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      Hey Priya..that pic is awwwsssome..but if u will see the one which is shared by Ireena on 19 sep page and even I am having in my dp u will definitely faint.. ???

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