Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone is waiting for Shravan. Pushkar tries his number but in vain. It’s been 2 hours already. Where are you Bhaiya? Nanu asks him if he spoke to Shravan. Pushkar lies that he said he will be home soon. Nanu hopes he comes soon. He promised me. He wont break his promise. Preeti asks Pushkar why he is tensed. Pushkar tells her everything. I find it weird. What if Bhaiya wont come? Mami ji says he will come for his wife’s vidaai. He has also promised Babu ji. He will feel bad if Shravan wont turn up. Pushkar has the same concerns. Mama ji speaks about Sumo who is going through so much back to back. Now that things are falling in place, how will she feel when her husband will not be with her? Pushkar tells him to relax. I am sure Bhaiya will keep his promise. He tries Shravan’s number


Aditya scolds his goons for making Shravan smell too much chloroform. He throws water on Shravan’s face who finally gains conscious. Shravan tries to break free but fails. Aditya laughs seeing him thus. Good morning. Shravan asks him why he tied him. What is this? The goons laugh. Shravan asks him if he forgot the beating last time that he came back. Aditya replies that he dint forget anything, neither beatings nor insult. I have come to take revenge for it all. Shravan says I will do that but later. I promised Nanu I will come to take Sumo. Leave me. Aditya laughs at him. Have you come on vacations? I have kidnapped you. You’re ordering me? You think I will listen to you? I will first break your ego today and even out for whatever has happened. we will even out things today only.

Ramnath is really tensed thinking about Shravan. You are not even picking your phone. Where are you son! He thinks of Nirmala ji’s words about Aditya and Shravan’s enmity. Aditya! He calls NIrmala ji. He says I can think of you to be wrong but you prove yourself to be worst. When will you leave me and my son? She is confused. He says I understand everything, you and your son. She tells him he has no rights to speak badly about her son. Don’t cross your limits. He tells her that they are doing that actually. I am warning you. If anything happens to my son then you and your son will meet the consequence which you both would have never thought of. Tell your son this! Tell me where Shravan is. She is clueless. I am back to Mumbai and you are asking me this. What is the matter? He tells her to stop the drama. You want me to believe what you said in the morning and how my son is missing now. To hell with you and your son! I wont spare you and your son if anything happens to him. She panics hearing that. Did you call him? He advises her to stop acting. Tell your son to leave Shravan. Nirmala ji tells him to find the facts first. He is not interested in her facts. Your son is a loser. Where is he? She tells him not to blame Aditya. Let me try my way. Maybe we will find out something. The call ends. She gets thinking.

Prita comes to Tiwari House. I came as I got to know about Sumo’s vidaai. They speak of the wedding. Mami ji gives her tea for her and Sumo. She will feel better by spending some time with you.

Prita asks Sumo why she is sitting like a joker on the floor. She teases Sumo but Sumo says I was tired. Prita offers her tea. Sumo calls it the best gift. Prita notices her tensed. Are you only tired or is there something else? I should congratulate Shravan too. Where is he? Sumo replies that he went for some work. You both just got married. Control him right away or he wont be around. Young Shravan walks in (Sumo’s imagination). Do you remember the school days when you used to make me wait for hours for you? She thinks of their childhood incidents. Shravan says it is your turn to worry. I will take revenge for every second of that wait. You will sit here and think where I went to, when I will be back and how I am. He leaves. Sumo gets sad.

Prita says entire gang wanted to come but I told them to meet you when you are free. She notices Sumo lost in thoughts. Are you listening? I got call from investors. I will handle everything. Sumo wishes to accompany her to PCT. Prita is taken aback. It is your vidaai today. Sumo thinks Shravan knows Sumo already. I will never leave my duties. You can find ways to trouble me but I will always find a way out.

Shravan tells him to hit him. My hands are also tied. You have a good chance. I wont be able to hit you back if you will hit me. Aditya asks him if he feels he wont be able to hurt him when his hands would be free. Shravan says I know it already. Use this opportunity. Show me you are the man. But if my hands were free then I would have showed you! Aditya tells his goons to open Shravan’s hands. His over confidence should get blown today. Open his hands. Goons get tensed but Aditya wants to break Shravan’s ego. I will take revenge for my every insult. It will be fun when he will plead me to let go of him. Goon tells him against it but Aditya insists. Goons free Shravan.

Shraavn gets up angrily. Aditya is holding a stick in his hand. He tries hitting Shravan with it but Shravan holds his hand and hits him instead. Goons try to hurt Shravan but Aditya says this is between us. You wont come in between. Just watch the drama. This time Aditya punches Shravan. Shravan hits him back because of which his phone falls down. Nirmala ji calls Aditya just then. Shravan shows him the incoming call. Your mom is calling. Should I tell her his mom is calling again and she needs to cover up his wounds again? Aditya pushes his hand because of which the phone falls down. The call gets picked up. She hears Aditya and Shravan’s voice. Aditya falls down near the phone. He hears his mother’s voice. She says I told you against it. I told you to move ahead in life but you forgot everything in your anger and hatred. You have turned into an animal. You don’t value what your mother said. If you have ever thought of me as your mother and respect me even a bit then stop. She asks him to put the phone on speaker. He tries to get her out of the idea but she orders him to do so. Aditya complies. She says I never wanted a wall of hatred between you and Aditya. There were so many difficulties in my life already. Remaining peace left my life after you both met. I am such an unfateful mother. One son does not want to see my face and the other one wont let me face anyone. I don’t know what to say to whom. I beg you both to stop. Hatred and anger has already ruined one generation. I wont be able to see the same with the second one. Aditya drops his phone in shock.

Precap: Shravan apologizes to Nanu. Please forgive me. If my wife is ready then can I take her home with me? Mami ji turns to go to Sumo’s room when Rachna Massi shares that Sumo left for PCT with Prita. Sumo forgot her phone at home and Prita is picking her phone.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. sona

    Great work done by CVS..
    Hats off…
    How cutely..they covers Niki’s absence..😍😍😍
    And sumo and chota shravu convo😘😘😘😘
    Ye sumo ney kya kar dali…😓😓😓😓
    I think sumo reception party tak aa jayegi vaapas..
    I mean Nikki…😊😊😊

  2. Ameesha

    Guys!! Sumo is hospitilized with dengue!! Well, now she has been stable but not discharged yet! I really hate the dubbing artist who is dubbing her voice.. We cant even blame her after all she is doing her job!

  3. Bhagyashri

    Ohhh what a episode. Aaj to maja aa gaya.what a fight between shravan and adi no words.mind blowing acting by namik and ronit.and nirmslas phone conversation really hatts off to u gitanjali mam.actually mere aankho se automatically pani aa raha tha.very emotional. Precap looks very interesting. Gn all,SD,tc.

  4. Bhagyashri

    Kittu,sonai,shobit very great great reply to this nonsense krpkab fans.and all rrrr,rashi,****and all other who support edkv. U know na guys krpkab wale ek no ke idiot, nonsense, and disgusting hai so unko acha bolake ya samjake kuch fayda nahi.plz dont pay attention to this nonsense people.and dont spoil ur mood.ok.

  5. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Awww tht small shravan and sumo’s dream dialog wit shravu….
    But i thought sumo wil feel bad for her behavior in past… No she is not… She too had ego same like shravu…

    Poor thing always misunderstandings… Btwn thm…

    Wow nirmala ji best line…. Ek beta jo meri mu dhekna hi nahi chahta aur ek jo muje mu dhikaney ke layak nahi choda….
    Shravu now come on leave ur ego man… Kitna sumo ko aur kudh ko pareshan karogey… Iss falthu ke ego sey….

    • Kittu

      @Devga..he(plez read this upto last word)my dear..no offence..I too agree that many of u were not interested in my cmmts..its okay for that..n I was too calm n I m …well I think my frnds has given u the reply.. I have no words..n ya I have no info abt yr prop. seems interesting…. U too enjoy yr show n so do I..I don’t want to start my day with a sizzling n bakwaas full fight…its not good to compare any things…hope u will read Bhagyashri di cmmt of this pg..n u can move to last pg also…so sorry for hurting u..hey dear my “sorry” bank is blank now…so no sorry to say..😖😖,hope u will forgive me on my nonsense, which u think it was..

      • Devga

        |Registered Member

        No need of sry…. Grt tht u understud ur mistake… But yar i was not angry on ur first commnt … But nxt one in this page a long one wich i dint read fully raged me… Coz someone said tht u hav used wrng language to describe krpkab actors( in ur loooonnggg cmt) … So plz here aftr dont degrade any actr though u see or not…
        And abt bhagyashreee watevr… She itself gave answer to her comment tht y shld i worry for nonsense talks… Y i must off my mood… Lol.. … Anyways i have cooled my grudge dear… Plz dnt talk abt any actor wrng…

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Nice episode wow i thought they Weill drag this kidnapping thingy for a week at least but they ended in less than 2 days and as always maintained the fact of never dragging from day 1 👏👏👏 and well i can say it is a body double doing sumo’s role in today’s epi and voice also diff , can’t wait for Nikita didi to comeback with a bang she is just amazing and happy to know she recovered 😊 And todaya star is Nirmala Aunty. And well precap i think sumo have done right if Shravan can leave for some work and go why can’t sumo , but i just hope that doesn’t make things much worse i m sure ramu kaka will be there to make things worse 😡

    • sona

      I agree…wt
      .shravu did leaving sumo at court..and sumo going to do..is tit for tat actually…
      But..I’m just scared of fact that ..it will leads to some more misunderstandings…as sumo actual don’t know na…the fact behind..being late was that shravu got kidnapped😐😐😯😯😕😕😨😨😧😧

  7. rt

    What an epi…..
    Fight sequence was awesome ….and at last when adi was talking to his mom …our shravu was waiting for him to complete as we used to say time plz when we played in our childhood ….. 😆😉😆

    One more thing guys I have an idea
    as it is namik’s bday on Monday so
    lets make it special for all edkvians as
    well….so lets share our thoughts like when or from which scene or episode we strt liking shravan /namik as love at first sight doesn’t happen always😊 ….

    • kittu

      M glad to see yr CMMT .
      Have u time??
      Because m goons to write an essay here…
      See.. During promos …when I first saw him…I was like..
      “Ha ha,ye kaun Hai,kise le aaye…KOI mila ya nahi…lagta Hai show ka budget kam tha”… Because he was so so I mean so strange.. I said…” Ye banda had se jyada lamba nahi Hai😕😕”…
      But when I saw the 2/3 episodes on u tube… Because in first epi….only junior shravu was there…..
      So that part ..his entry was like…
      But I had no crush…
      But with the passage of time..n when he met sumo for the very first time after 10 years.. His each n every expression… N when he did lunch with his frnds…nd then he came to meet nanu,that kidki wala scene…stolen my four chambered heart….
      N that scene…when pushu said..Tiwari Ji ki naatin…n SHRAVU was in shock n suddenly turned to her earnings…how lovely.. N said.. Mai KISI sumo ko nahi jaanta<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333…
      😘😘😘😘😘😘(well I have that shock wala pic too in my gallery)..
      U r asking abt NAMIK.. So won't include vishal here..so no childhood scene..okay..
      Nxt…water scene ..how adorable.. Ha ha…sumo ki car repairing k chakkar me gila ho gaya…n then changing of T-shirts…woohhooo!!!..
      Nxt was…thappad scene of Mr. Verma…
      Mere dil pe NAMIK ka naam likh diya Maine..ha ha😝…
      Nd ya…reunion party dhamaka…awesome..
      Nd ya when he returned from Tiwari quilla..sumo says sorry,he asked…y??..
      She says uske LIYE….. He: mai to use bhool bhi gaya…..nd at last when he says to himself… "Itni bhi badi baat nahi thi"..while sitting in his car .
      N her plan of insult was outstanding…
      N in holi…
      Bhang scene😝..nd that eyelock of SHRAMAN when kamini Chachi zindabaad…announced urvashi n SHRAVU's alliance.. Oohoo…n how mercilessly he insulted urvasi😍😍😍,uske baad WO aaj tak nahi dikhi..
      Nd ya..in reunion.. Their dance..n when he give kerchief to sumo..when he was crying.. N says.." AB CHODO NA YAAR SUMO…AB KYA LIKH K APOLOGIZE KARU, JAISE TUMNE KIA THA"…AWWW..!!!..
      N YA..WHEN SHRAVU came to give sumo back her mom's jewel..n that line.."mai Jaan raha hoon"..nd how sweetly he gave her bank info..😲😲😲..n that moving scene in blue n white n sumo in red…wihoo…us din chand bhi jamee pe aa gaya hoga..I mean sooraj bhi…because it was day scene😍..n ta when sumo gave him her mother's jewel..n when he got emotional… N have u noticed his tears…..awwww www!!!
      I m explaining this episode especially because I watched that three no no four times…first on Sony,n then 3 time on u tube Bhaiya….n ya that childhood jewel scene was fantastic..
      N when sumo comes MALHOTRA associate to give ramu..a fe…pushu Baba's hi to sumo was amazing.. N that time ramu was very pujaniya for me n us too…but Ab pitane hoga Hai….
      Soo..n when sumo says…that SHRAVU is going back…ramu said,"tum ise bata sakte ho,mujhe nahi"…n when SHRAVU said her outside the house.."ki kya jarorat thi papa ko ye sab batane ki,she: check kar rahi thi..ja rahe ho ya bas.. He:is baar ja raha hoo,pakka."..n when he in front of ramu says..ki SOCHA baharwalo ko pehle bata du…I cried guys…!!!sumo bagarwali ho gayi,banda Ghar wali to pehle bana le,

      Nd in khosla's SCE NE ….amazing.. My hands r ooo!!but I'll write…
      See sumo's emotional scenes…jhoola wala SCE NE… Their first hug….nd when sumo put her hand on SHRAVU's mouth .I was saying kya kar raha h…Ab pakad hi legs kya..
      Then ,staircase scene.. Nd ya when sumo shows him knife.. When he said,"ki ye Hindi film nahi Hai"..
      Nd ya..when shravu says.."ladkiyo ko do chize nahi karni chahiye"…..in reply sumo says.."ha ha JAISE tum ladle to haath me driving licence le k paida huye the"…
      Then ,their eye lock in pond.. .nd ya how can I forget googlu's scene..n that dialogue "KAHIN diabetes na ho JAAYE sale ko"..
      N ya that loo scene was amazing ha ha….he was saying ki tum SK me bhi aise hikarti thi….ha ha..
      Nd ya when that guy says..ye Teri biwi Hai ya bullet gun..he:ye sab kismat Hai..
      N the condolences of SHRAVU to sumo was amazing.. N that final hearing.. Ooooh..thnk goddd!!..
      N uske baad accha hi accha..
      First NAMIK's shirt scene,beyond expectations.. N then sumo's fear for kiss
      😘,after that preetibhoj..n their closeness in kitchen… Heart stolen… N puspreet met for the very first time in front of us..
      Then rickshaw pe charcha on CHai..
      ND ya sumo SHRAVU's mobile fight…amazing..
      Nd ya 3rd day epi..when SHRAVU says to DABBU" mai SHRAVan ho,sumo ka dost SHRAVAN nahi"..
      Ya nxtttt…karelka scene n parlour too…his turning back scene to sumo was brilliant..
      Thennnn,sumo's shaadi track…n niru came,means his pasand n care for sumo…ha ha,n says ki"bura mat manna par tum mushibat ho,sumo"…
      His n mumma's hugggg,n then sumo se kahan..mujhe nafrat Hai us jagah se bahan WO daal banti Hai.. .
      See daal concept was bravo,kambhakto NE daal mahngi larva DI😘,well dhurander ka dhona n onion scene were excellent.
      Nd that scene "thodi chao mujhe bhi de do,sumo"…. Nd back to back..sumo..sumo…….nd ya that conference room eyelock of SHRAMAN… Woohoo!!!means isi Chao ka aage wala part..
      Then gift of niru to SHRAVU by sumo..
      Nd lift wala scene.. It lifted SHRAVU in my heart.. N doc. Scene was PREETY beautiful… N qutub minar ha ha…sumo said," kahin in logo NE TUMNE bahar to nahi NIKAAL DIYAA"..n he says…tum Aur sunglasses.. N ya his shayari.. Actually Mr. MALHOTRA is my guru..hey guru Ji..where r yr charan(feet)..aashirvaad de!!..
      Ha ha…n that mirror scene of NAMIK..jab chahu dishaoome sumo dikh rahi thi.
      Their date fabulous nd pushkar was..ha ha….bhaaga bhaaga PHIR raha tha..even my mumma too laughed…
      N I must say…pushu perfume scene was amazing…. Loot gaya….well!abhi bhi preeti ko may b nahi pata Hai…
      Then thennnn,ya accident scene..n ya how he slapped Mr berry,kaisa Mara ki Buddha uth nahi pata..n then calmly said,sorry..pushu was like,Bhaiya ye kya kar diaaa Ab case k paise kaun dega..
      Then.. Ya his tie scene.. N when ramunath gives him pct papers….first time I saw him as chocolate milk… We'll well…SHRAVU's anger..n when he said, "ki tumhe accha lagta h,ki mai tumhe miss KARU".. Nd said..ki tumhare liye ye kiya nd WO KIYA.. I found cycle thik kiya quite funny..😝😝…
      Accident was oo hoo…
      Nd " pagal,bevkhoof"..how lovely..
      N then care n care…
      Thennnn,last turn of SHRAVU when sumo was fine.. Remember?? With BG music..
      Then their coffee date….
      PHIR shaadi me DHOOM dhaam..
      N ya their terrace hug.. SHRAVU's eagerness to tell sumo his feelings.. N ya after terrace hug.. He said"mujhe phir se PYAAR hogaya,TUMSE, sumo" ..then,,ADI's entry..nd all scene of luv triangle..
      N angry young man..ohooo,bravo..
      Then sumo's protection nd pitaayi of adi..hey I liked that car n hug scene when my chocolate milk was in black…looking black berry
      😝…nd that sleep in car nd her on bed…
      Nd up to their marriage to last night's epi..
      Hey rt…I had told u my fav.scenes with some lines of his n her dialogue….
      SOORY for an essay on My Crush😝..
      Hey guys… Mere has to hi had diya hil gayi Hai…sorry for this long cmmt..but what to do..jab NAMIK ka naam aata Hai..feelings umad khumad k aati Hai..

      • kittu

        @rt..nd guys I wrote last some episodes in short because first reason is ki mere haath DUKH rahe Hai..n charge is now on 2% again… Actually for writing such CMMT… It is important ki cell haath me hoo..n waise bhi pehle hi bht cmmt kar chuki hoo!!!

      • sona

        Yaar..u r super girl…
        Kabhi na takney wali fan ho..tum edkv ka…haha..😂😂ummaaahhhh…😘😘😘😘😘😘
        Thanks for making us remember all those things…
        I did watched everything…u mentioned…
        And my crush ..completely..on shravan..not on namik…😉😉😉
        He was very gud at performing as shravan..but I’m pretty sure…that i even if i say im crush on namik..i will going to maintain this till there is shravan..after that..I will definetly..get out of his trance..😂😂😂😂😂
        So its better..to accept the truth😊😊

    • kittu

      @rt..nd guys ..two more things.. One when SHRAVU told their relationship to adi..nd that mirror breaking….
      Nd ya one of the pic of NAMIK is my what’s app dp…guys..that Audi scene with this is it..remember????? Hey give reply..
      @Anjali Didi..we r missing uuuu..come soon after yr pooja…okay DI..

    • sona

      That’s a gud idea…
      I used to watch krpkab.. edkv serial from 1st day.In repeat telecast…I jst enjoy watching the shows..till its love confession and waiting which people do before love confession..then romance..😉😉😃and that’s the part which attracted me towards edkv 😊😊😊😍😍😘😘
      Then..after krpkab love confession happend ..in June..I strtd watching..edkv at actual time slot of 10.00pm..and get addicted to it😂😂😂😂till then I used to watch repeat telecast of edkv..as it was late night show😊😊😊
      Share ur views too😊😊😊

  8. Anjali

    @smile dear…
    Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday dear smile babu
    Happy birthday to u
    May god bless u
    Happy birthday to u…
    Many many happy returns of the day smile babu…m very happy got many younger sisters here 🙂 n ur one of them…
    Love u loaattssss my dear…
    Stay happy n blessed …
    Never be weak in ur life …
    Always fight n win over ur demons n problems…
    Have a dhaasu birthday…
    Tum Jio hazaro saal ye meri hai arzoo
    Happy birthday to u
    Miss u dear…
    Just came to wish u…
    A big tight hug for u meri choti behna 🙂

    @Sorry guys didn’t check last written update if anyone would have replied…
    Just came to wish smile…
    Miss u all a lot ..
    See u all soon…
    Love u all…
    Epi was good …
    Hope Niki Di to be back soon 🙂
    Shraman dreams
    Take care all

  9. Anjene

    Firstly Happy Birthday for Monday Paul
    Enjoy a blessed and fantaboulius day
    Many more
    The one episode I love watching over and over again was the super cool and confident attitude you displayed whilst discussing your the relationship between you and Suman with Aditya
    The role you play suits you perfectly
    Love it
    Standard of acting is par excellence
    Keep up the great job you are doing
    Super cool and and so good looking
    You look good in just about anything

  10. kittu

    Yr cmmts…mind blowing… Thnk uuuu
    @Ameesha..hey dear long time ryt???..
    @Smile…happy birthday.., I asked u a question….. R u a boy or girl???
    BE HAPPY N CALMMMM….N ENJOY EDKV N OUR LOVE DEAR….WISH U TO GET LOTS OF GIFYS N WISHES AS WELL….🙌(best wishes from me n Anjali di ,as she is not here…so from her behalf tooo…so give us two pieces of cakes …we r eagerly waiting)
    @Sona di
    ..yeah of course di…hi! Five….ASR n khushi.
    But this won’t happen in our I mean SHRAMAN’s story…😖
    @Fatarjo….hey hi …well ya ya PYAAR KO HO JAANE DO..,U r ryt…even I too had watched some episodes of PKHJD….initially I liked but found something typical… As the worship of lead actor was like Muslim but his uncle’s family were Punjabi..n ya Mona as preet…ryt…
    N ya terrorist… Got it…actually I didn’t watch it more..so just misplaced from my mind…n ya may b in one scene I mean on one stage ,(rizwan)lead actor’s cousin was going to marry with a Muslim n the (Abhi’s friend of kkb had played that role)..ryt…
    Its storyline was different.. I didn’t watch because… To watch 3 daily soaps back to back was quite difficult for me…
    N ya yr choice was amazing..🙌..n sorry for KRPKAB cmmt…n even I had mentioned sorry in my cmmt for devga to u nd Anjali di….n to friends of the pg..
    @GUYS.. HEY ITS….
    @Anjali di..
    @4444(bro)…n to all those who watches KRPKAB n EDKV both…
    Hey everyone u can see that…I didn’t compare…n many of u supported me…
    So a huge thnk uuu to my friends…
    @Bhagyashri DI… Thnk uuu my Didi…a lotttttt n how r uuu???
    @shobhit…omg..even u too think that I was ryt…how sweet !!!
    @***..thnx a tonnes..
    @rrr…oh oh…
    Ya .ya..u guys should b ambaani ..amazing cmmts ha ha ..bhukampp..seriously how sweet readers r uuu…hatts off!!
    @Rashi….oh my rashi…my zodiac u were ,are n will always before me…
    I m very very thankful to god for giving me such sweet friends like u and all…
    N chocolate bar for sure….😘

    • Smile

      Thanks kittu di
      I am a girl
      Thanks fr ur wishes
      Hamesha ki tarah
      I love ur song😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  11. kittu

    @Alina di..di…abt which link u were talking.. I mean where will b that link in Twitter pg…I had posted some links on yesterday pg..but they didn’t get posted….
    Nd abt yr succession ..thnk uuuu…
    I tried to open an other account ..
    But see m facing a problem there…
    After giving them my account name, phone no. ,password nd all required info…they were asking abt the code…n the format was like…
    (Write here code)…
    But which code????😕😕😕
    PLEZ do tell…
    N ya my papa has some problem as I use my cell..but my mumma faces this a lottt…
    I can say that parents r same everywhere…
    N a credit for this mindset goes to news channels too….every day u will get one news against of social networking site.. Uffff!!!!…
    But leave….this…
    N PLEZ clear both two doubts..m bothering u ryt???..sorry di…
    Actually I have no elder bro n sis…n cousins also come on vacation…. N none of them watches EDKV that’s y I don’t like to share anything with them related to EDKV…

  12. kittu

    @Giys…again my SHRAVU in chocolate milk get up…😘😘😘😘😘😘,I don’t know …on being a girl should I do or write such things here or not but…I must say ..Mr . NAMIK aka SHRAVU has stolen my heart…
    N vishlak scenes r amazing always… N how sweetly n calmly vishal aka junior shravu walked to sumo….so peaceful scene was that…
    Well I m following vishal since pratap..I didn’t like him much in that as faizal was the charm…but here he is in my heart…I love both SHRAVU…. N guys when any SHRAVU says something emotional or romantic type sentences to sumo…..I feel like he is saying too me…
    Nd whenever hugs happen…I was like omg..
    As SHRAVU is tall n sumo is short n SHRAVU is quite healthier than sumo because of his body…so he covers sumo completely… N SHRAVU has to come downward to hug sumo back….that scene I like ….
    Sometimes.. When I have no work n no coaching… I like to watch n see NAMIK’s videos n pics…n I blush without any reason.. Once I was doing this during my vacation.. My sis asked..”Didi ,u r gone mad…or not so u r going to b mad for yr crush…” I said…tere muh me ghee shakkar.. Even my class too had declared me mad…actually I like to talk abt EDKV without any reason… N each n every girl is facing this …they scold me in her mind…ha ha….n bus me to rashi ko pakka deti hoo…
    But she says that she like to hear my nonsense…
    My rashi😘
    Well m a declared mad for NAMIK… Kahin bahan ho na😝

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Ooooh kittu meri choti behen..I wish tujhe ek ladka bilkul Namik ki tarah jald hi mil jaye…sach me aisi pagalpanti mai bhi karti hu …videos pic n all..issi liye to mere mobile me bht sare vm nd pics namik nikkki k hai..or jb mere bhai ne delete kiya to. I gone mad..kuki Saturday sunday to usse nhi dekh pati na..

  13. kittu

    @Guys for for this cmmt…actually I was writing this cmmt..but suddenly got a message..
    “5% charge is left”….
    But I was writing…
    N then suddenly.. 2% left..(now m standing beside my circuit n charger plugged in my cell😋)
    That’s y I gave a comma to my bakwaas..
    Now ,see..
    I didn’t sleep yesterday..
    Not in eagerness…. For edkv for for
    Chandranandini…hey I got this news yesterday only on SKR pg..
    N n n..
    My RAJAT TOKAS..is back..awwww..my Akbar….my cutie face..awww..
    Love u rajat…as I had told u abt my jodha Akbar’s love ..that I skipped my one day of skol for JA….so crazy na…
    Now he is back as Chandragupta Maurya..
    Guys…my mumma will surely allow me to watch….because everyone knows my craze on history…. So will face no problem.. So guys m going to join CN pg….from the very first day..hope god n my destiny will help me…I was keep thinking abt rajat’s character …it is too a love story like jodha Akbar… Well my last crush is back..uuhooo!!
    Hope Oct will come soon…n my xms will over n CN will start
    …is here anyone who is interested in this…actually mujhe na pehle pata ni tha that there is such a world tooo otherwise during JA….mai to pakka JA n pratap k pg ko hack kar leti..😋😋
    M thinking ki agar CN dekhkar…rajat pe phir se crush ho gaya tabbb???..
    Well u know guys….first love is after all first love..!!
    Our srk(shahrukh khan)..has said ki him ZINDAGI me jeete ek baar Hai marte ………PYAAR or PYAAR bhi ek hi baar HOTA Hai ma”😘😘😘
    But my love for NAMIK will remain stable…no one can move this…
    N guys as this is my first pg..so I provide my all thoughts here first, so guys I had recently joined siya k ram’s pg..as our Priya 15 di is here….bit m regular here only….
    So r u upset….
    Well I ‘ll regular here during CN tooo…
    I m very happy..actually I was thinking ki kaas koi historic series start ho…n see…actually ashoka is..but I had craze for ashoka only for siddarth nigam not for mahadev…sorry if I hurt anyone….
    That y..n see mere to DONO haatho me laddu Hai..

  14. ***

    @Kittu..amazing rey..u r a fighter…
    Ha ha..
    Keep fighting like this we r before uuu..
    @BHAGYA.. U were ryt…rrr,rashi ,shobhit has given good reply.. N Sonai too..
    Keep it up dear…all silent readers r with uu..
    Best wishes..

  15. navz

    Namik(shravu) u killed wid u r acting today. And wat an attitude .I just loved it. And wat this sumo is going to do. Will sumo will be in any trouble?? Today’s episode is very nice. Especially shravu n adimanavs part. And also chota shravu nd sumo s part. Really soo cute nd good. Can’t wait till Monday. At last advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMIK PAUL

  16. Beas

    |Registered Member

    😊Happy 😊 birthday 🎂 Smile 😊 many many happy 😊 returns of the day 😉 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂❤
    This is for u 😁 😃 😊 ☺ 😂 😊 😊😉

  17. Alina

    |Registered Member

    I miss my Sumo sooo much I wish Nikki di get well soon n back to show..wow its soo nice that our 4eal sumo came ..I mean she went to pct very good well done…shravan was thinking that he will make do sumo whatever he feel ..ooh his dialogue ..mai usse shadi kr k la rha hu ab jo mai kahuga usse wo krna hoga..not possible shravan ..she is not suman she is sumoo did u get it ..bht badhya sumo..

  18. G

    Lovely Episode… Get well soon Nikita…
    CVs pls show proper marriage of shraman…
    Before They enter Malhotra house.plsss

  19. Shrutipriya

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys, Nikki’s sister said she is stable but not discharged yet. Remember Namik shared a pic on twitter in which he was wearing a towel and sumo was in a night dress, I think that was a body double. Really, I am somewhat okay with this body double and dubbing artist who is playing sumo these days. But, if the same continues between the Shravan and Sumo scenes and there will be also a dubbing artist and a body double then I will not like it because kuch bhi ho lekin shravan ke sath humesha apni sumo (Nikki) hi acchi lagti hai, yaar jo pic Namik ne share kiya tha agar vo body double ke sath tha then vo scene bilkul bhi accha nahi hoga but maine suna tha ki Nikki kuch samay ke liye shooting pe aayi thi closeup shots ke liye, hope that will be included. I just hope ki Nikki di jaldi thik ho jaye, jo nahi jante ki vo bimar hai unhe bhi ab unki kami mahsus hone lagi hogi. do din se jab bhi sumo ka scene aata hai to main scene dekhne ke bajay pray karti hun ki vo jaldi thik ho jaye. Sach mein main sumo ka welcome aur wo reception party Nikki di ke sath dekhna chahti hun.
    Phir bhi Aijaz sir ne kamal ka direction kiya hai body double bilkul sahi chuna aur purane clippings dikha ke sumo ki kami utni mahsus nahi hone di, bura lagta hai to sirf sumo ki awaz sunke, dubbing artist ki awaz kuch zyada hi patli hai, vo sumo ki awaz se bilkul match nahi karti. lekin itne kam samay mein ek nayi storyline banana aur sumo jo ki main lead hai usse focus hata ke hero aur villain pe focus karna kamaal ka direction hai. Hats off…
    I just pray ki hamari pyari sumo vapas aa jaye aur aakhir mein birthday boy ke liye wishes. Happy Birthday Namik, Many many returns of the day.
    Pata hai jab maine EDKV ka promo dekha tha tab mujhe laga tha ki ye shravan bilkul male ego se bhara hua aur selfish insaan hoga jise apni dost ki bilkul parvah nahi hai lekin vo reunion vale episode ke baad jab asliyat pata chali tab mujhe shravan ke liye bahut dukh ho raha tha aur maine apne ghar mein aur doston mein sabko bataya ki EDKV mein jo shravan hai na wo bahut accha actor hai. (Mujhe unka naam nahi pata tha) mere papa humesha mazak mein kehte hain actor accha hai lekin kuch jyada hi lamba hai, bechare ko tiwari killa mein jhuk ke enter karna padta hai. Summing up, Namik and Nikita both are great actors. Social sites par in dono ki following utni nahi hai jitni Shaheer aur Erica ki hai magar in reality wo log isiliye famous hai kyonki wo dono pehle bhi films aur serials kar chuke hain aur unke serial ko had se jyada footage milta hai, unke serial ka promotion wo khud bhi karte hain aur channel bhi karta hai, EDKV ke sath aisa kuch bhi nahi lekin bhi ye famous hai kyonki iske actors acche hai aur iski story bhi. KRPKAB mein na koi khaas story hai aur na hi uske actors mein koi khaas baat hai, par India mein jo dikhta hai vahi bikta hai that’s why they are famous par dekh lena ek din Namik aur Nikita har dil par chha jayenge because after all talent wins. Chalo friends bye… and Happy Birthday again to NAMIK… aka humara pyara Shravu…

    • sona

      @shruti Priya..
      When I saw first promo…of edkv shooted on Nikita dutta..aka suman…
      I was like..
      Hey she idls our life OK..serial dream girl..let’s watch how it will b..😜😜😜😉😉😂😂
      And thn second promo..in which namik..aka shravan..and suman ki takraar..wali baatey in office ..
      I thought..*he must b a angry young hero like everyone now a days..ASR..RK..etc..😕😕😓😓😉😜😜😉😉😂😂😂
      And the 3rd promo..
      In which..whom sumo came to shravan..and their..taunting talks..
      Shravu;mardh ko dardh nahi hota..😉😉
      Sumo :
      Aurath ka bees had I toot tha hai..jabh vo ek bachi ko jamam deti hai..Teri tho ek hi haddi tuti hai..
      Get well soon MARDH..😂😂😂😂😂lol…
      Actually..in thrd promo..I found friendship wala..bond😍😍😍
      The way namik smiled while..saying..dialogues..I limed it very well..😉😉😂😂

  20. Asmita...

    |Registered Member


    Can you plz tell me why you are having grudges for KRPKAB ???

    Afterall these are TV serials only… so why are you being so possessive… I must say obsessive…

    You people dont even know each other… thn why this fight and all ?

    you all are behaving like infane…

    You are neither the writer of the show nor the story is going according to your wish… then why u behaving like a kid ?

    just grow up dear… behave like a grown up…

    When you are talking to unknown people like this… God knows how you deal with known people in your real life…

    Once again dont take reel life so seriously dear…

    And everyone is having his/her own mind to think and as per my knowledge India is a democratic country so everyone has the right to express whatever he/she feels so you do…

    but plz dont be angry…

    else upto you…

    But as Chanpreet I will never say sorry coz Chanpreet is very sweet girl who thinks that all others are sweet as her only but I dont think so…

    I did not say in the starting of this comment that you should read it till the end coz I knew that you would dfntly… 🙂

    • nitya.krishan

      @Asmita,ooho…u do care for yr name.. So see yr name..nd yaa agar kittu di writer hoti or may b director n producer to EDKV tab hi unique HOTA…because she is a very good writer.. I had read her ff”MILKE RAHENGE JO BANE EDKV “..may b up to episode 6 only….yaar unke Milne wale cmmt pe hi di suddenly stopped… But I loved wooo…well I don’t know kk but only read her cmmt…but I can say ki if she is so sweet here so she must b the apple of the eye for her love ones….n ya agar kk is very possessive so what r u??r not u possessive???
      Nd ya may b chanpreet hogi sweet but on our pg kk is much much sweeter than yr chan….because acchi chizo k liye acchi aankhe chahiye…n WO tumhare PAAS ni Hai…n I don’t know she had read up to last or not but Maine jaroor pasha Hai..n so boring… I thought to take nap while reading yr cmmt…okay dear…n now stop yr cmmt here too…u know that u don’t good things… See how beautifully se wrote cmmt but but u ..oh!
      Well,for YR kind info… I” ll b regular here… So u can say whatever u want but don’t dare to involve any of the member of this pg in yr bakwaas…not a single one…because m very possessive abt all of guys who CMMT here…nd EDKV too….

  21. Meena

    I can’t agree more with you Shruthi priya!you have written what I wanted to write!How crazy all the fans of ek dujeke ke vaaste are! I was wondering why the viewers also like krpab equally!you gave me the answer!since I am very critical in viewing,I found that was too absurd and even felt Shaheer was wasted in that stupid character!but now I got the answere from you.thank you.
    I hope Nikkita will get better soon to make this show a memorable one!

  22. rt

    @kittu wow …..what stamina…..😲
    If there will be any longest msg writing competition in the world …..u will put a 5000w bulb on India’s name ….😉😂 actually I strtd watching edkv after khosla case ended ..remember that preeti bhoj scene seemed like get together of tiwaris and malhotras….before that I used to watch edkv promos or glimpses of serial while my mom used to watch it …bt after that preeti bhoj scene I was like oh my god is bnde ko koi kaise na dekhe….kitna cute h and after that moment I have a big big big crush on namik….luv him and after that Vo sumo ka testing that shravan luvs her or not ….remember that karela eating scene parlour scenes and infact all shraman scenes are my favourite….and after that I started reading edkv written updates of previous episodes…and all comments too….

    I’ve read so many comments from all edkvians that I feel I know all of u and if any of them comes infront of me then I will recognize him in less than a second….😊 😊

  23. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @happy bday my dear choti….SMILE..may god bless u with lot of happiness…may u get whatever u want in ur life……

    tum apni naam ki tarah smile karte rehna …okay???

    luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…big big teddy bear hugs to u sweetie….

  24. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    wow…namik looked cute in white shirt..seriously that guy never miss to impress me yr….i luv u namik….and when shravan was sitting in the chair ..and speaking dialogues…i felt like hero toh hatke se band bajega iss aditya ka….and as he stood and beat aditya..wow….hero……but seriously guys…adi doesnt look like a villian…it isnt suit him..he just look good in comic…..

    and that little shravu and sumo convo was heart touching….

    sumo kahan gayi yr???par ek baat the dubb was not at all good..voice of sumo l reflect her power and self respect etc..but this voice doesnt suit her…hope nikki di get well soon….

  25. pretty preeti

    Hello everyone
    I know I m here after some daysss
    How r u all
    Sbse pehle Mr and Mrs malhotra ko congratulations sumo shravo love u a lot
    Sumo mam be healthy fast plz
    Is krpkab wale troubling us or joing hands with us
    If troubling then song for them
    Suno gor se krpkab walon
    Buri nzr na hm pr dalon
    Chahe jitna jhor lagalo
    Free me kitne bhi mukhe khalo
    aapne rangon ko badal dalo
    Edkv is best
    Krpkab wale can go and rest

    Tum log hmare samne ho chini kam chae(tea)
    Saying u all byee byeee

    😀AUR AGAR AAP dosti ka hath bada rhe hoo toh plz ignore upar wala song
    This one
    Aap aaye hai is bagiya me
    Phool kile hai gulsan gulshan
    Personally I respect both the shows
    Both shows have equal value
    I don’t won’t NAny fight
    Lekin agar hmare show pr buri nazar dhali toh aanken kharab kr denge
    We all r friends
    So stay peacefully
    Respect both shows
    Friends I will meet u a after 30 now
    Sorryyy byee
    Smile😊😊😊☺☺😀😁😁happy birthday dear

  26. Sonai

    |Registered Member

    Gyzzz something strange happend with me………I started loving Namik…….no I liked Namik but just as a simple fan but all of a sudden an extrme craze of love passed me and I became too crazy for him…..in fact changing my dp and bgp to his pic !!! Namik…..what have u done to me ???

    Forget that !!!
    I saw some where that Niki is in stable condition now but is still not discharged !!! Get well soon….bcuz in absence of u ….we r growing sick !!!!!!

  27. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Ok so..@kittu here I m telling u how to share twitter updates..ok
    Suppose this is written on twitter page –
    Namik’s Sc update BYE BYE DIET (HILARIOUS THOUGHT) @[email protected]/e1Nf7mUpHe
    View photo..
    Like this it is written..wat u have to do is….long press on pic . twitter. Com/e1Nf7mUpHe …options will come select copy link address not copy link text …ok??
    Then come on this page and paste here..ok??try it nd let me know is it work r not ..
    Nd dont b sorry again pls …u call me di na?? So u r my cute younger sister..u r not troubling me don’t dare to say this again dear …luv u
    Nd one more thing u hav written all best scenes of shravan..ab mai kya bolu

    • Alina

      Kittu…dekho tmhe pic ko long press nhi krna h …uper jo maine statement likha h ussi mein wo line h pic.twitter.com/e1Nf7mUpHe..ye line wo pata nhi ku statement se hat gaya..so jab tm twitter page kholti ho tb kuch posts dekhti ho ..na?? Agar photo rhta h to view photo click krti ho ..na??
      To ab suno tmhe wo pic se kuch nhi krna ..tm pic dekh li back kro or jo post k statement rhte h usi me link hota h jaise maine uper statement ka example diya h…us link ko long press krogi to option ayega copy link address to use kro nd yaha paste kro…
      Or agr fir b na ho to agr tm kuch problem na samjho to tm apna email address mujhe do I will send u screenshots..how to do this
      And 1 more thing …krpkab walo se tmhari kis page pe baat hui..I will also join you there..bht sahi kiya tmne itna zaroori tha..

  28. sona


  29. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I have a humble request as both KRPKAB and EDKV fan as I love both the show equally and I watch both of them also. i know most likes only one of the show and some likes both like me. I don’t read all comments and i want KRPKAB and EDKV fans stop fighting.
    And in real life if KRPKAB and EDKV actors can be friends like Nikita and Erica are good friends in real life why can’t fans so why don’t u all forgive each other and start everything fresh

  30. kittu

    [https://t.co/UuJTJauxuB] is good,have a look at it!..
    Nd @Alina di…hey agar ye kaam na KARE to samajh Lena ki mai kar kar k thnak gayi…par kuch nahi huya…..lezzz u helped me a lot…but sry for not getting… Plez tell again di..n ya after clicking on pic…no copy link option came…n if came to pata ni…nd where is copy text….???PLEZ..
    Nd ya di what abt “G______” I mean code for my account.. Please read my cmmt di…u will get my question n PLEZ do reply.. Tabhi to NAMIK ki pic mere dp me dikhegi…mujh se choti a age nikal gaye(Sonai,Bea’s)..mai yahi rah gayi…PLEZ zz nd ya its okay…okay won’t say sry….but will give u jaaadu ki jhapppi…
    Nd ya kya KARU NAMIK Hai hi I mean SHRAVU Hai hi AISA ki Jo words usually bolne me mujhe strange strange SA feel HOTA Hai..WO mai yaha pe likh deti hoo..par yahi word AAYE Hai…
    Sorry but hotttiee😂😂😂😂(NAMIK)..
    N ya agar aap NAMIK ki tarah ladka mere liye laaogi to phir aapko to koi ramu kaisa milega because pushu is married man..n jodi pe NAZAR ni daalte…n ramu is single… Soooo,just joking… N ya we can share NAMIK… Hehehe….actually I feel bht good good for him..but like him with sumo…vaise u r elder…pehle aap k liye dhondna padega…well no problem, ek JAISE 7 faces HOTE Hai,around the world… So original is NAMIK, dusraa mera😘,nd third u take….n baaki k jaldi le lo…stock khatam na ho JAAYE…..n di give reply to my questions…plezzz

    • Deotima

      di ur so lucky u can downlaod namiks pics but i cant as my mother is not aware that i watch edkv and also follow this forum . vo jab ghar pe nehi rehti then i comment on d pages… mei chup chup ke edkv dekh ti hoo aur iske bare mei sirf mera paa grandma aur grandpa ko pata hei… so i cant follow namik in twitter as my mom checks my cell …

      • kittu

        @Deotima..hey dear yeah,may b m lucky but not much…well I m not watching edkv nowadays… N ya my mom too was not aware abt my cmmts on this pg…but I had told her to let me do….she n papa had allowed so no problem…..but m not on fb,Twitter…. But I really want to b there so that it ‘ll b easy for me to follow my NAMIK….okay…n ya don’t feel bad ,I pray that your mom allow u to watch EDKV… N ya I too watch EDKV stealthily….

    • Alina

      Hey kittu..u just my comment again dear..u don’t have to click on pic..ok
      U come on my that comment I am again explaining there..
      I m ur same Alina di ..just I didn’t login. .ok come there

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Haha 7 faces..thank u .
      I hav replied in older comments please go through that..and mai registration k bare m baad me batati hoo..becoz my younger sis is at home tomorrow is sunday..holiday ..so I will tell u on Monday ior if I will get tym tomorrow then.ok?

  31. Deotima

    i use to watch CID on sony. i liked d promos of KRPKAB AND NOT EDKV BECAUSE OF SHRAVAN I USE TO SAY ARE YEH LAMBU KYA ACTING KAREGA.. i had a special grudge against edkv cause 4 it cid was not being aired on fridays…
    during my break after exams i saw d first epi of edkv and liked it alot. after 5 days i had my results out and that day one of my friends said that edkv is a wonderful serial do watch it.
    then i watched d 4 epi party one and really enjoyed it. i had not still fallen for shravan aka namik which i came to know later.
    d epi when shravan visited tiwari killa and d sofa scene where he was looking at sumo while doing something in his mobile.. his deep brown eyes and perfect expression made me fall for NAMIK…
    i will cont later as my tution teacher has come…

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      😂😂😂 lol i also liked KRPKAB promo only I didn’t like ek duje promo as i didn’t understand what it meant 😂😂 and then i think second epi i on Sony to watch kuch rang but i felt it was boring and draggy and then ek duje started i was about to change channel but i liked it and then loved it and started watching ek duje instead 😂😂😂😂 that’s why never judge a show by its promo 😂 Jking jking 😂 And then i saw kuch rang after a few days and i started liking that later on now i love Both shows so much that i try my best not to miss an epi infact these two r the only shows i watch now and ishqbaaz sometimes

  32. nitya.krishan

    @Fatarjo…u have eyes…u can see….
    So read kk’s cmmt…how sweetly she went there with SOORY nd told those her feelings n thought… But u can see…ki yr KRPKAB frnds r not understanding her..n kitna sorry yaar…had Hai….mai to itna ni bolti…..oooye,KRPKAB go to hellll…..yr show is bakwaas,only romance,chee!!!!kaise koi itna Darling type dekh Santa Hai…n I can’t with my family.. Offff!yaar muh chupaane ki naubat aa jaati Hai…Aur itna sunne k baad bhi kk CHUP Hai..well good replied yesterday.. Today I expected the same ki kk full form me aayegi…but yaar itni loci jovi si Hai ki sorry se a age badhi hi nahi…mai na do chaar KUCH jyada hi KEH deti…first saas bahu boring drama…then love romance, sharam ni aati…nd then khilauna wala ad…..ye pehle khud hamare show ko bura bhala kehte Hai…nd now kk ko sunate Hai…mai to danke ki CHOt pe kehti ki ha ha KRPKAB is boring… Jahanumm me JAAYE…n how dare they r saying… KITTU’S behavior.. Well,I m a silent reader.. But guys I wait with great eagerness for some ppl cmmt nd kk is one of them..n kitna kk KE CMMT se SAMJHA Hai.. She is very cool,lovely, sweet,taddy bear type cute girl….she help everyone.. N ya she is intelligent too n shayari n songs…nd jokes omggg…nd how sweetly she wrote her cmmt..n kitna likhti Hai for us…nd ya she is like soul of this pg for me…I m very young read in 7 th standard n from tn..that’s y don’t cmmt,bht choti hu na…but Meri kk Didi ko kuch kahan to chodungi nahi…
    N ha she is brilliant bravo n EDKV rocks..
    @Kk ,hey if u r reading then PLEZ di,do reply them n KEH do ki show phaltu Hai…m with uuu….n u r gugli woogli wosh…. So cute…n yr cmmt,kabhi kabhi to apne aap hi hasni aa jaati h..on yr childish thing…n yr rashi n ALINA di..Anjali Sonai beas ,smile(Happy B’DAY)…sona di,Bhagyashri 4444 nd all should help u…guys u all know kittu…to koi kaise kittu k baare me AISA KEH sakta Hai..at least kittu k behavior k baare me hi KEH do…taaki LAGE ki ha. Koi to Hai Jo use jaanta Hai,buddu gal,itna cmmt karti Hai..but apne aap ko nahi show kar rahi Hai..sry but u should.. N where is yr rashi..KAHIN use…Jo jaane tammna kehti huyi aati Hai..n kk ko thnx kahke hi CHALI jaati Hai….
    Nd @Fatarjo…agar kk ye kaam nahi kar paayi itni humble hone k baad to I don’t think ki AISA hoga…kyunki from 1st up to last cmmt…she only tried to mend relationship…. But of no use…
    @Kk sorry for lng cmmt but sab AAPKI dain Hai..
    Hip hip hurrah!!!…n do yr cmmts…I love uuuu…

    • Deotima

      WHATS D PROBLEM WID krpkab FANS ??? samajhta kya hai apne apko?? during d accident track they said that edkv is cheating their story. at that time we were quiet but now when we say that KRPKAB IS COPYING d entire EDKV story then its our fault.
      i cant withstand this anymore. love u kittu di and nitya 4 ur lovely comments. no need to apologise to them!!!
      my cousin said that namik did a better acting than shaheer in the drunk scenes . shaheer was copying srk but failed and his expressions were very funny. namik was soo natural…
      i have never seen true love in devakshis eyes as i always see it in shramans. nimik r great actors….edkv is just awesome…

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        Hey deotima even my mom says that same that namik is better than Shaheer 😂😂 in both looks and acting 😂😂😂for me well i like Shaheer more than namik 😂 but actress i like Nikita more than Erica so balanced 😂😂😂 but namik is amazing too 👌👌 sometimes i like him Soo much
        Well Shaheer is not so bad but yes i won’t lie i will admit i like the pair of shraman more than devakshi i like devakshi but shraman thoda zyaada 😜 Maybe because i watched that from day 1

    • rashi

      @nitya .Krishn..
      Hi..m rashi,kk childhood frnd…u r ryt…
      Well sorry for being late…actually I was busy..
      Now ,see u r ryt…kk is not like that,n I should cmmt earlier…
      Well,kittu k baare me kisiko jaanna ho to…mujhe puche..
      Kittu is same jaisa TUMNE kaha..
      Well I know kk since 10 years….
      Everyone loves her not in our society but skol n in class tooo..
      Ek din WO skol na aaye,to even teachers say…where is kirti…
      Ya apple of the eye..
      WO sabki help bhi karti Hai,well ya mai yahan pe usi k liye aati hoo…because she is my only frnd…in class my group member (well we have a group of 6 girls,in class)
      So they used to call me bored…
      But not kk….even WO choti baat ko bhi is way me represent karti Hai,ki HAME samajh aa JATA Hai…ya she is intelligent… No doubt… N always rocks….
      Nd she is CR of our class…
      N WO mai jaanti hoo ki how much she love us…well WO cutie bhi Hai n her specks too..
      Waise bhi..KISI k CMMT se kk ki personality ni badalti…well usne sirf kaha hi to tha…WO log to sidha HAME show na delhne ki advice dete Hai…n u can see ki usne sab se sorry bola…
      Se is really unique…
      N agar koi use ni samajhta…to samajhne ki jaroor at bhi nahi…I understand her n all of her love ones too…
      Well,mai kitna bhi KAHU kam Hai…isliye mai sirf uske liye pg pe aati ho….because of her behavior, well ye to isi baat se clear Hai…ki jab mujhe pata chala that she is disappointed with me…uske liye yahan bhi aa gayi for her sorry… Well,thnx for yr support… N ya uski sweetness uski sorry show karti Hai,n ya use bhi gussa aaya jab KRPKAB ut patang bol rahe the….
      Well,sab NE is topic ko khatam kar diya…even kk NE,so mujhe bhi kar dena chahiye..n ya mai HAMESHA hu for kirti…
      Bye…..n thnx..a lotttt..itni young hone k baad bhi todu reply…

  33. Deotima

    so here i am back…
    i wanna share some funny incidents..
    my maths teachers name is mrs paul and she has a son too who is also very tall as she had said us once…so one of my classmates once asked her is namik paul her son ?? she said know and asked us in return that who is he?? we said that he is a srial actor and then she began wid her lecture about d ill effects of watching serials and following actors. but then also i watched edkv that night….
    in one of d interviews namik said that he hated chemistry as it flew over his head . he could not understand even a bit of it. usualy i get angry on people who say that they dont understand chemistry as it is my fav subject . but surprisingly i did not get angry rather began laughing… may be he had done some kind of magic on me…
    in my history text book their is a name of a place in south india called SHRAVAN BELGOLA .
    also d pic of QUTUB MINAR . so whenever i read history i can only visualize namik aka shravan . moreover instead of SHRAVAN BELGOLA in my history test i wrote SHRAVAN MALHOTRA then while revising i again made changes..
    initially i thought that namik is very grumpy and sombre like shravu but through his interviews i came to know that he is very jolly…
    i have never seen or heard of any actors who communicate wid his fans sooo well.
    namik has improved on his acting skills every day. he potrays shravu so well.
    ab aur kya bolu ?? kittu di ne sab kuch bol diya hai soo HAPPY B DAY TO NAMIK once again and also to SMILE…

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      😂😂😂 Even in grade 5 i had a Maths teacher named Paul and he was a guy but he was not namik Paul 😭 He Was ranjit Paul 😂😂 and he used to call my Friend Aditi(Preeti’s real name) Sumo 😂😂 and EDKV didnt even start that time and then in the same school i had a competition where i met a girl from grade 3 named Nikita 😂😂😂 and even some days ago i went to a birthday party of my Cousin’s Friend whose Sister name is nikita i accidentally said Dutta? Thank god she didn’t understand 😂😂

    • kittu

      @Deotima…see dear,thnx…n leave them..well my Hindi teacher name is nirmala sharma… She is very cute n friendly…. As she teach higher classes but she is not strict…. N my fav tooo…we love to share our feelings with her…..actually she tooo watches Sony…n both KRPKAB n EDKV… When I n my frnd went to her someday during our zero period….. She was chatting with her frnds while sitting in staff room…..but U know she didn’t hide her cell…but called me hey,kirti bacchi idhar aaooo…. I went to her for something as I had to represent a poem nxt day….soooo…..se said see my dp…n u won’t imagine it was NAMIK… I asked mam u n this dp….mam said ,I watch EDKV …n get to know from khushboo that u tooo.I asked why she TD u???she said….she never told me,actually she had once headache n was looking very sleepy…I asked her what happened….. She told me that…u always talk abt ek DUJE with her n to all girls… She said this when u went to physics lab…..
      I said,sorry mam…mam said…koi baat nahi,bacchi AISA HOTA Hai….
      Mai bhi dekhti hoooo….n my frnds tooo…
      N laughed….n u know she is of 45-48 years old….I mean is age ki teacher n ye serial… But she is very jolly…so ni problem n she has two sons n one had completed his secondary education… N another is in 8th grade.. . u know mujhe samajh ni aaya what to say….my frnd was laughing …she then said…poem…I said ya…then she told me n I went from there…. In class I asked monitor to b quite….. Then I asked khushbooo…..TUJHE headache HOTA Hai…she said nahi…u know mera DIMAAG na ,I was up to kill her…well only 3-4 girls watch EDKV n khushboo tooo….she asked who told …I said dharma mam….whole class was was laughing on my craze…I was blushing…. Kuch kar bhi to nahi sakti thi…but I was glad ki wooow..mam tooo….from then, many of boys too started watching EDKV n girls to pooch mat….n during break,aditya came (our classmate)
      ..she said kittu your NAMIK is amazing but sumo is much better…. I asked ,y r u saying this…. He said I started watching EDKV as well…..wah wah….mujhe AISA feel huaa JAISE mai is DUNIYA me ho hi nahi.. N u know that epi was of preetibhoj…dekha bhi to epic wala …n ya my maths teacher name is Mr.ahuja…….quite cooool …
      Ha ha,nd love u tooooo ooo….
      Well tell me abt u???I really want to know abt u….
      N yeah,I tooo don’t like physics… But chemistry is my fav….n not bio…..it goes above my head….
      N ….
      My fav.sub is history…even I too had her that name….nice …

      • Deotima

        di in y bio class in genetics we have a part which deals wid people wearing watches in left and riht hand.. our teacher asked .. do u know someone who wears wach in his right hand ?? i said namik paul… softly .. my friend sitting beside started laughing and we got scolding!!
        i study in LORETO DAY SCHOOL class 9. i am from kolkata..gys share ur schol name and class ..

  34. rt

    Hiii guys , I guess today everybody is talking abt copying of track or scenes of krpkab and edkv…. Now I m watching brahmarakshas and in breaks they are showing promos of zee TV’s upcoming series” mehak” …..
    And I feel this serial similar to edkv….coz there r many things in common
    1. Lead actress loves cooking like our sumo.
    2. Nobody in family cares for her feelings like our sumos family
    3. Facebook like edkv.
    4. Rich n arrogant lead actor like our shravu in promos of edkv .
    So now all r copying edkv 😂😂😂 ..
    Sry if I hurt anyone

    • kittu

      @rt…ha ha..u r watching brahmarakshah…..ha ha…enjoy bhooottt…ha ha…well ,I don’t believe in this paranormal things.. Do u???my mumma don’t allow me to watch bhootiya show…but I liked to watch aahat,fear files…but not now..as it is based on a storyline.. I mean a sow…I like to watch cases of these shows…

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Haha lol after Tashan-e-ishq i don’t watch any zee tv shows 😂😂 well i used to watch one or two but those became boring and i saw the first epi of bramarakshas but when bramarakshas make entry i change channel because i didn’t like it so bad graphics 😂😂😂

    • Smile

      Mehak is been a copy of ur edkv
      But I am sure
      Trp of mehak will not be as much as of edkv
      To u agree friends

  35. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Today i was chatting with my Friend Asma and we Both love serials so i told her that today is shravan’s birthday and then she denied. She said it’s Not shravan’s birthday and we Almost had a fight over it for 10 mins until we realized that Asma meant by Shravan is Shravan Reddy (Aryan in Krishnadasi)and i meant by Shravan(Namik Paul) and we shared a laugh over it 😂😂😂

  36. Shreya

    Both the the serials are good on their place but in edkv shravans behavour is very confusing nowday . Off cource sumo is self cofidence but she shows it only to shravannot adatya.

  37. rt

    @kittu I like horrer serials becoz when I was 5 . My elder brother n other cousins coz we have a joint family , used to watch aahat so it was our gang who used to watch aahat stealthily when all elders go to sleep so it was my first series n at night .and my cousins used to bribe me not to tell anyone….i watched aahat x- zone fear files , kya haadsa kya haqeeqat n many more horrer series wid them ….my first connection wid Sony was due to aahat then kutumb coz our whole family used to watch it while having dinner ….after kutumb edkv is the serial which made me a stalker abt any series….😉 but its worth it ….ok gn all edkvians….have shraman drmz ….tc

    • kittu

      @rt…good …well I only watched one movie with cousins….CHANDRAMUKHI……Really soooo haunted na….but my fav. Haunted movie is 1920 London…. Chandramukhi…nd MERA badla the revenge….return of chandramukhi is quite good…yeah aahat was first show for me tooo…I watched only two movies with parents…. Chandramukhi,MERA badla….as my mom like rajnikant😊…ya I know in second no raji bhai…but its story was really interesting…. Haunted is also good… I had watched veerana…but forgot its story….arundati (south movie) watched only half …but liked it…..well bhool bhulaiyaa is nice..n my frnds had told me kanchana n its sequel… But never get the chance to watch…..remember… “Shri” the haunted series which aired on zee……I liked that…shri n hari(husband -wife)…
      I watched fearfiles only for 2 months…n the problem for me is…m very darpook…yet I don’t believe butttt….n remember the song of chandramukhi…. Aaya,Ab tu aaya,sahi swapna swapna Hai mera…sahi roop rang Hai mera…..yaar dar ki SAARI hade PAAR ho jaati Hai…n that lucccckkkkkkk….ohhh hoo…
      I was abt to hug my mom…..
      N ya ye SAARE RAAT ko AAYE Hai…jisko dar na LAGE…WO bhi dar JAAYE…SOORY now m going to coaching.. Byeee
      Will talk later…

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      I used to love aahat so much i miss that show a lot i saw a lot of Sony serials i think almost all the serials 😂😂😂 but then in middle i stopped watching Sony and then again i started watching it sometimes but thanks to ek duje ke vaaste i started watching Sony more now, actually i started watching KRPKAB also while watching EDKV idk why people say EDKV is boring for me this show is still amazing if they say EDKV is Boring i wonder what about other shows

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Anyone remember about that show in Sony called jassi Jaisi Koyi nahi about a nerdy girl i used to love that show so much infact that was the first serial i loved watching in Sony and then there was also kaise yeh pyaar hain angad and kriya were amazing well i was a kid that time so i don’t remember much but i still can’t forget about these two shows and aahat 😂😂😂

      • kittu

        @Jo..okay..well do u know HAMSAFARS????on Sony…..
        It was fab..n that dialogue… Allah knows… Wohooo…well I didn’t watch but remember some of it’s epi….as it was different…. I really wanted to watch humsafars…but…n ya remember that show of bro n sis…don’t know the names…..are in which 4 siblings were n their father had died n their mom too because of cancer…then 4 of them were separated by orphanage.. As they were adopted by different ppl….n one of their bro come to Muslim family, one sis to simple family… Another sis to high profile family n another bro …YAAD ni..well my mom liked that a lotttttt..n I tooooo….
        But with the passage of time I forgot the name!!!!
        Ya ya jassi jaisi koi ni…well I n my ma liked to watch parvarish season 1….n started watching 2 too but we didn’t get that much interest so we left….my mumma’s fav.was base acche n itna karo na …..
        Well no Paul Sir but nirmala mam….actually she is our Hindi teacher…… N sweet

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        @kittu yes i remember humsafars that show was 👌👌👌 but i didn’t like the supernatural part in the end of that show and also the time change and the girl is in ek rishta now but i don’t like ek rishta
        And as for parvarish even i liked season 1 more but season 2 was also not bad i used to watch sometimes
        And that show idk the name but i know kritika kamra was one of the actress that was not bad
        Then there was one show honge juda hum a love story of an artist and a girl named muskan and then they meet accident and forget each other i liked that show too

  38. Sonai

    |Registered Member

    This happens not only with u dear……my mother not even knew what I watched in tv but I recently confessed that I watch a serial but she does not have the slightest idea about its name. But one day when I was watching it my mother came inside the room and seeing Shravu drinking told me to not watch this !!! But I kept to myself as I was in luv with edkv and not any Niki or Namik !!! I usually hatede Namik and the same point was angry over edkv for taking the fridays of CID….but now…..my life is edkv and I know no one exept Namik !!!

    @Guyzzz GOOD MORNING !!! 1 DAY left for Namik birth day !!!

  39. kittu

    @Alina di…hey Didi….copy link address ni aaya…actually AAPKI baat mai samajh gayi….photo dekhke back AAKE..sirf link pe press kia Hai…par copy link address ni aa raha Hai…BA’s black box show HOTA Hai n with many option… Batao us me se kya choose karenge…
    N I had cmmted on KRPKAB pg of 15 th n 16 th September pg….u can read there…n if u want then u can there my cmmt…plez first read n my 15 th September pg pe ek reply BHI kiaa tha…use bhi pad Lena….bura LAGE mera CMMT to no problem do teen jad bhi dena…..
    Waiting for yr cmmt…

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Kittu tm kon sa browser use krti ho??
      Uc ..opera..chrome..or any other ..may b some settings sahi krni hogi just check…kkk
      Or us dialogue box mein kya kya option aa rhe hai

  40. rt

    @fatarajo I used to watch jassi jaisi koi nahi coz my papa was frustrated due to its promos ….as we r Punjabi so my dad said “ajj tan Mai dekh k hi rhanga k kedi hai jassi?” ( I will see today who the hell is this jassi?) then at first day when jassi came I n my father laughed a lot ….

    @ kittu @ fatarajo
    Do u know what my father says seeing namik in edkv ?
    He knows that I like namik and my pH. Gallery is full of namik images ….so he teasingly says ” lae aa gya ruseya bnda ….me tan kdi isnu hsde Ni dekhya” ( means here comes the akdu person I hv never seen him laughing ) …
    Then I say to my dad ” papa dnt say him anything ….see ur rekha ( he likes rekha even me too ) gandi si ….
    We used to fight daily on this topic ….as if we both will have stomach ache if we don’t fight on this topic ….😆 😊 bt rekha is really gud ….sry if I hurt nyone

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Hey Rt looks like u share a special bond with ur Father awww so sweet 😊 Well my mom calls his hairstyle looks a rooster and my Cousin loves his hairstyle 😂 Funniest thing is whenever he sees EDKV Shravan is negative like firstly he saw the revenge episode where Shravan danced with someone else and then the court marriage epi where Shravan said he married her to teach her a lesson so he thinks Shravan is the villian 😂😂😂 i got tired of explaining to him that he is the lead actor not villian
      Sometimes i feel Shravan suffers from spilt personality disorder

  41. kittu

    See here is the name of that series based on siblings love…

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear …bhoooooooot zada …I m missing her badly..God make her well soon..
      Yes her expression r really awesome..she is best ever actresses…

    • sona

      My bhi..
      Bahut miss kar rahi hoon..sumo..ko..
      Sumo k bina kuch acha nahi lag raha hai..😓😓😓😓
      Get well soon Nikki…
      Miss her a lot…lottttttttt……😔😔😔😞😞😞

  42. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…
    Guyspdo u know someone has commented on krpkab 16 sep page by name..she is sying that she is new there and is against KITTU…guys I think that girl is fake she has commented like that just to craeate misunderstanding between me and Kittu..
    N kittu u know I m here from last 20 days…I hav never commented at late night..u all can check…I m saying all these because mai gyi thi krpkab k page pe to see wat has happened there (kittu n Devga) and I found that comment by bl**dy Alina…
    This krpkab people itna gir skte the itna maine nhi soocha tha….kisi ne zaaroor dekha hoga ki I m always replying to Kiitu’s comments so they must hav did this…
    Please don’t take me wrong anyone…I am die heart fan of edkv and love all my edkvian friends…
    One thing more that Alina’s logo is also differ from mine and also see her English is also good ….but mine is not
    Please friend reply…mai to ja rhi thi waha Kittu ko support krne..or shock k saath yaha aai ..im crying ryt now

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Please reply krna..or agr ye kisi krpkab walo ne hm log me fight krne k liye kiya h to..God is seeing everyone he wiill definitely punish them..

  43. sona

    Ya dear..I read it…
    And sumos hesitate can b justified..after all..kaunsi ladki yesi…shaadi k baadh…sindoor aur mangal sootra Penney mey hesitate nahibkaregi..batau..at least shravu sindoor tho lagata sumo ki maang mey…😐😐😐😐😐
    This situation makes me to ..remember the most famous dialogue of srk and deepika from om shanti on😉😉😃😃😊😊😊
    EK CHUTKi SINDOOR..😉😉😉😉😇😇😊😊
    Par hamarey shravu ko ye sabh kaha pata..vo tho ultra modern ..husband..hai…
    Vo ye sabh nahi maanta hai na…
    Ek sign sey ho gayi shaadi..
    Ye bana pati..
    Aur banadhi sumo ko khudh ki patni..😐😐😏😏😏😊😊😊😊

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      @SONA D I …maza aayega when she will not apply vermilion …then I m sure in anger Shravan will fill her maang…it will b sooo ssooo nice..I m eagerly waiting for that moment…jaldi aajao

  44. kittu

    @Alina di…oh..that’s so sweet of u…
    Well,no problem… I don’t care….they can do whatever they want…I only know..a girl ALINA…who is sweet ,elder than me,intelligent, sometimes silly😘,loves NAMIK,watches EDKV, love her kittu,against of KRPKAB, lives in chennai, gorgeous, smart,have one younger brother, nd he teases her…..n she is ryt now enjoying with her younger sis….helps her jhalli kittu for copying nd to b registered.. Never seen her in frustration… Cool girl n belongs to Lucknow….
    Well ,Alina ,is it enough for my di…n ya don’t say that her English is not strong… Because I don’t care,who the hell uses eng or not..(.(even I too)sorry)😋,I only know that… My di is beyond this world.. N her English is much much much smarter than that guy….because I love her…n will love her….actually I didn’t went there after tomorrow… N don’t care….but I only know one thing….that u r a true Didi for meee..n I love uuuuuuuuuuu,is it OK Alina of KRPKAB pg……
    Sorry for writing here only Alina….
    I love u,sorry yr kittu lovessss uu…
    N ya my Didi’s b’d is on 10th Nov…see I had provided u her bio data….
    Okayyyy,now leave this,m greatful to know that u even went for my help…n Didi get out of shock ,tomorrow is NAMIK’s b’d
    Nd mere long cmmt padhne k liye to shock se nikloooo,well I think this b’d is not especial for NAMIK as it is for us…itni excitement to khud k b’d k liye bhi nahi hoti Hai….
    Well Mr. NAMIK Paul, sorry to say one thing… I love u,but today I’ll only love my Didi….n my hugggg for Didi only….tigggggt wali jaadu ki jhapppi😘
    N for NAMIK only…smile😄
    Kittu(Alina’s sis)EDKV pg….
    Is it okay my dear didiiiii

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Ohh thank u sooo much meri pyari sis .luv uuu tmne mere mind se sari tention hata dii thank u ab mere face pe bara wala smile aa gya…abh8 mai apne bhai ko padhai rhi nd smiling ..u no wat he is saying kitna khush hogi appi…padhao bhi ab..once again thank u soo much dear…ok bye see u later bhai ka xam h …padha k aati hoo
      Ek or baat ..how is my dp..??
      Chalo sb lg apne dp me Namik ka pic lagate h with birthday wish..
      Love uu ..a thigtttt huuuuggg fromm me….
      Alina(Kittu ki di)

  45. kittu

    @Alina …well well….my Didi n I had something similar….see
    We both like EDKV…
    We had watched, IPKMKND…..season 1..
    Not season 2…n not on hotstar..
    We both r waiting for ASR’s movie…..
    N see,kitna we know each other…..
    So,go to hell(sorry)..
    Nd send my Alina di…I don’t want sad Alina di…n what,in logo NE aapko rulaaya..ohhhh,plez..sry it’s all because of me,agar mai AISA nahi likhti to AISA nahi HOTA….my Didi AAPKI jooti mera ser.. PLEZ don’t cry….I love uuuu…
    See,this is the positive power of three magical words…m smiling now…n for u,m very very happy to see yr cmmt on Sunday tooo….okayyy
    Now smile, m with u..n KOI bhi HAME ni tod sakta… In fact not even me from u guys….I hope this positive cmmt from all…
    Please make my di,laugh…
    Once a man was going…nd singing..

    ANOTHER GUY, no no this is the symptoms of madness..
    Are nahi nahi,ye pagalpan k lakshan Hai..
    I had same written on SKR’s pg…

    Nd ya…one thing more…
    AS I M WITH U…
    Now feeling better…..
    Yr kittu…

  46. kittu

    @Alina di…don’t know abt setting.. But m using UC…chipdaaaa,well I have chrome n other browser tooo…
    See the options if dialogue box …..
    *open on link..
    *save link…
    *select n copy..
    *view pg info…
    *share link….
    See,n ya yr link was fantastic…
    @Sona di….woo,ek chutki,n ultra modernhubby(quite funny)…
    See,now its my time….
    (Dulhe ka sehra)…

    (Ishq sufiana)…
    I can’t control my laughter…..

    • kittu

      @Alina di..sorry sorry,first option is *open in new….sorry..n di,logo change huaa Hai…log nahi..m same….

    • sona

      Tumeu koi shayari mey…maar dhey sakta hsi kya..bhala..
      Superb hai yaar😊😊

  47. Bhagyashri

    Hey alina don’t worry .hum me se kisiko bhi misunderstanding nahi hui hai.becs we all know u r regular commentator on edkv page.so dont cry we all edkv team with u.aur about krpkab bhi wale unki niyat hi kharab hai.bahut Shana samjate hai apne apko jitne hai nahi.becs iske pehle bhi abhi ke bare me aisa kiya tha,aur this page pe bhi name badal badal kar ek hi ladki edkv ke against comment kar rahi thi. Aur apne comment ko name badal kar support kar rahi thi against edkv.so aise gandi harkate to hamesha hi karte hai krpkab wale idiot. Thank god edkv fans very pure aise gandhi harkate to nahi karte.so plz dont pay attention to this non sense people.ok.edkv rocks always.

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Thanq u ssooomuch bhadya dii .luv uu..now I have no tention .today is Namik’s birthday so no dhyaan on bakwaaass..luv uuuu ummah

  48. Bhagyashri

    Hey guys anyone watch new birthday wala promo of behad.aneri look very beautiful in that promo. Aneri is my favorite from nisha aur uske cousins. I am big fan of her.

    • Deotima

      yeah i saw it. i too love aneri and also miskhat . my friend ARUNIMA use to watch nisha aur uske cousins she is a huge fan of aneri

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Me too…but I m not fanof Aneri ..she is good bt im bigfan of Jennifer…since kasauti zindigi kii..she is vry beautiful talented ..maasooom sa face

  49. rt

    @fatarajo u r ryt …me n my dad are very close . In my childhood my dad used to tease me saying that i m not their daughter ….they found me in the temple . I used to cry a lot hearing this …

    Fatarajo do u remember serial ” kajal” in which surveen Chawla n apurva agnihotri were lead actors..i liked that serial n used to discuss it with my classmates…

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Areh no yaar that one i don’t remember 😂 So many serials 😂
      And did u see a single episode of that show, like that show was for only 2 months like last year named 2025 where there is a computerised Mother it’s about what happens in 2025 i loved that show but i don’t know why they end it suddenly and abruptly

  50. Deotima

    i am tooo excited 4 NAMIKS B DAY..only an hour and few mins left…
    did u guys watch d interiew where he shared about his school memories?? it was great..

    namik is newto d industry and he has soo many mad fans following.
    y dad says that he will soon be in bollywood..
    may that ppen so that we will be able to enjoy d superstar namiks films..

    his celeb crush is miss padukone..
    @ guys did u watch d recent seuence … bold and somethng??
    the ask such cheap questions !!!

  51. kittu

    @Deotima,nitya,rashi…thnk u guys…
    But I really deal don’t want any more discussion over this issue.. Okay…good luck…
    @Bhagyashri di…u r ryt…abso ryt..let thm to what they what..okay…..
    N ya I too had saw that promo…actually she too was my fav from saraswati Chandra… Let’s see what happens well may she she is playing a role of psycho…. I mean mad for ryt in her had se jyada love..but where was aneri in that???
    @rt…see ,when I says to papa to plez switch on to edkv, I say papaji sumo Aur SHRAVAN wala laga dijiye na…because I feel hesitation means how how how to say papa ek DUJE K VAASTE… Really very difficult word for me ….😍
    Well,the very episode which I watched with my papa was,that accident track in which sumo took tafri of adi…n in that epi when SHRAMAN got the info of preekar ‘s relationship. .means that phone cnvo of preekar which was heard by SHRAMAN….
    My father said,this is yr sumo SHRAVAN wala…I say ya ya..papa said..but this is ek DUJE k VAASTE..I said ,this is only sumo Aur SHRAVAN wala..n m here to watch sumo n SHRAVAN, uska accident huaa Hai na…papa asked… Then where is yr SHRAVAN.. I said ,ye raha sumo k bagal me…papa..what???this latest Amitabh bacchan….I said..papaji ..plez…my father controlled his laughter n went from there…I said…shukar Hai!!!..n was scolding preekar… For their awww convo…
    Nd what ,,latest AB…😘
    The epi which I watched with mom was the track of nirmala met SHRAVU……
    Nd SHRAMAN’s first hug…
    Cute scene..
    Well,my mumma too liked that n asked is this lady (KAMMO)SHRAVAN’s step mom..I said no at all,see she is saying bhaisaab to this guy….how could it b???
    Then,when ramu comes n scold niru n SHRAVU… My mom said….chain ni mila…
    But but..in the party night of Anjali….
    N hug of SHRAMAN, actually that epi was an epic for us..total SHRAMAN.. Woo!!!
    Actually u were n many were not when we watched that scene….
    Actually a rumor spread related to SHRAMAN hug…n we just hacked …u can’t
    Imagine what we were thinking…..
    N that promo of 9 June…see I can tell u the date as well…n lines were…
    9 June ko SHRAVAN apne PYAAR k ishzaar karne ko Hai…
    9 June lo sumo SHRAVAN ko ……..Hai….
    9june….then suddenly both niru n SHRAVU comes closer then suddenly entry of chipda Budda…
    Do dekhiye ek DUJE k VAASTE 9 June ko…
    Well,the date of SHRAMAN tooo,I watched with my mumma but not whole epi..actually she was busy with someone n was hearing… Ek saath do kaam…
    N that BHAGA BHAGA scene of pushu..mumma too laughed…
    But ,when mumma saw SHRAMAN n terrace hug… She said,this is not of yr age…just stop this show…I said okay!!!
    But my ph n Lappy is full of NAMIK’s n EDKV pics n yeah some videos too…

    • Bhagyashri

      Hey kittu,in birthday promo of behad jenifir chodke jo dusri actress hai na vo pehle cake layi thi aur jenifar aane ke bad ek ladka use bolta hai tume pehle wish karna chahiye tha she is aneri vajani.

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Hehe..mai bhi papa ko nhi bolti …I don’t know y we fell shy in taking our show name thats y I never give remote to my papa frm 9 30 only …I make plans with my sis at 9 30 …I tell her remote chipo mission shuru kro ..haha

  52. kittu

    It’s alllll because of uuu diiiiii…
    Alina di…..apne charan doooooo..
    Thnnkkkkk uuuuuu
    M coming to chennai by the very first flight…plez come come otherwise I”ll list…n see my NAMIK …😉😉😉

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Yes pls come to chennai v will talk soo muuuuccchh..our talk will not end before a week ..or thank u kya..mai to tmhari help nhi kr payi…u should say thanks to Namik …becozffor him to share his pics ..infos …u tried hard nd u succeed…hip hip hurrah ..isilye kaha jata h ki koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar n I hoti…congrats…mere taraf se tmhe 3 jaddo ki jhappi..ye mt khna y 3 only becoz its for mubarakbaad …luvv uuu..

  53. HAPPY B'D NAMIK PAUL...🎂,Anjali di..m missing u...plez write a report on my wanted di..😭,m just kidding....

    Well,happy b’d to our NAMIK Paul…
    Guys,plez get ready to loose yr pockets as m not bill Gates… As I had organized a party n how expensive tickets I send to u guys…for yr arrival to Delhi….now its yr time…my piggy bank is mum…plez organise a party on my behalf I’ll pay later with interest as well….okay,,,n how much expenditure ,guys remember gifts which I had purchased for u to give to newly weds…. So,plez do… AISA subh MAUKA baar baar ni milta..
    I wanna say more…
    @Sona di..yeah even I too liked my song, so funny…. N what abt my links…
    @Alina di…thank again… Anything for u di….m very happy thank uuuuu
    @Anjali di…we r missing u,its 19 ,plez come..
    @Guys..I have bht bht bht jyada to say…
    But I won’t take much time…

    @A good news….Niki’s sis has said that Niki mam went to shoot yesterday.. So may b we’ll get her glimpse on Thursday or Friday…
    Well,see..m goona dedicate my fav. Song on NAMIK…
    WELL,THIS MY FAV SONG OF ALBUM “kailasa”.. I really love this…so I really wanna song this for NAMIK…
    Guys plez request to our DJ to play this…
    @Guya…on Twitter ppl r saying…” We r goona set Twitter on fire”…I was 😡😡really… Then what will happen to fans like me…
    @Alina di..hey di u requested to all of us here,to put NAMIK in our dp..sorry but I can’t…anyways, m happy with my link…all because of u,m very greatful… I can’t express myself before u…
    Byeee,n di tell me abt my links.. Itne dino baad kittu k links…
    Ha ha,my fav was of modiji….Twitter NE kisiko bhi ni choda😋😋😋

  54. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hii all.. Today is my xmz….. So I couldn’t cmnt strdy.. As tdy is namik’s bday I m cmntng a wish…. And guys if anybody is in Twitter.. Then do tell my wishes to namik… Plsss..

    Happy Bday to the handsome hunk of TV industry…. Who just made every girl fall in love with him…..U r an expression king… U r a cutie pie…… I have know words to express the cuteness and expressions of urs…..

    U r the first actor for whom I become crazy fan.. I used to like actors before too but not that much that I used collect all the pics in my ph… But u r the first men for whom I collected alot of pics… Ur images l be the highest no in my ph storage….. Luv u sooooooooo much namik.. May u have a great year ahead.. Pls entertain us like this always.. And u r the suitable boy for the character shravan.. Nobody else can be perfect to that position.. If anybody take shravan name too u r the one who comes in my heart…. May god gives all happiness and blessing to u….

    Once again a very very big happy bday to u handsome…

  55. Bhagyashri

    Wish u many many happy returns of the day namik.may u have prosperous, healthy and successful life.god bless u.my birth date also 19 but its April.

  56. Bhagyashri

    andagood news for all of us.edkv makersare clear that edkv not ended soon.so dont worry.behad edkv ko nahi replace karega.they said its just a rumours ki edkv off air hoga but its not true.so chill pill.and very good morning to all.

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Ya kittu.. U r ryt…. The tweet suits me too but not coming across from that pic.. For me it l come like this…

      It’s all started bcoz of that smile….

  57. HAPPY B'D NAMIK PAUL...🎂,Anjali di..m missing u...plez write a report on my wanted di..😭,m just kidding....

    @Priya15..di all the very best for ur xms…
    N I admit…ye each n every words r just true….
    @Bhagyashri di…hi,so bad di..19th of April… It should b 19th of September..😝
    @Namik Paul…
    See,we r now giving u our best wishes…
    😘😘. 😘. 😘😘
    😘. 😘. 😘. 😘. 😘
    😘. 😘. 😘. 😘
    😘. 😘. 😘😘😘
    😘 😘 😘
    Hey,this is NP…..NAMIK Paul……

  58. HAPPY B'D NAMIK PAUL...🎂,Anjali di..m missing u...plez write a report on my wanted di..😭,m just kidding....

    Sorry sorry,don’t know what happened with my NP😭😭

  59. niharika

    Hi,lovely ppl…could I join u all???I really like EDKV… It’s the best show ever….I love NAMIK bhai as well as Niki Didi…
    Plez allow me…didis m a die heart fan of ek DUJE k VAASTE…..
    Nd,happy b’d to my Bhaiya(NAMIK Paul)
    I love u…

  60. rt

    @kittu your links are amazing….especially modi ji vala…..lolzz…

    Guys plz if anyone will watch any interview of namik today plz do post the link coz I am very busy today. So I won’t b able to watch SaaS bahu aur sazish etc ….

    And for our namik ….happy birthday to king of our hearts….may god fulfill all your wishes ….party hard and dnt forget to invite all of us😉 because tumhare liye hum kahin b aa skte h.
    Luv yaa….and I wish u have a great carrier ….god bless u always …..

  61. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Gud Morning everyone…!!
    Today is..
    EDKV DAY..
    n most special..◆NIMIK BIRTHDAY◆
    Our HoTTi….
    May God take u to height of success. ..
    @guys…if anyone is there on twitter so pls wish Namik from my side also..
    @Kittu sach me …agr Modiji ya fir unki beti ..poti ya unke koi b khaas relative agr edkv k fan ho to kittttnnnnaaaa accchaaaaa hoga na..? Hamara show amar ho jayega …haha
    @Sona di …is bar aap train ka zimma li ha naa…reception me jana h hme… v all r coming ek saath do kaam ho jayege (shraman ka reception nd Namik ka bday)..
    @Anjali di..where r u??come soon v r missing u badly

  62. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…I don’t know how to make pages of ff like many people make here..
    I searched and get the infos that ..1st v hav to b registered thn v hav to click on sumbit article.ryt?? Then v hav to give titles and main article then pic and then we hav to submit..ryt??
    But it was written there theywwill post our article after 24 hour ..is it ryt ??
    Do they post after 24 hours..pls reply..
    I m asking this becoz I want a page with a bday wish to Namik..and there all crazy fan of Namik can share there links..thougts..wishes everything…
    Pls reply soon

      • Alina

        |Registered Member

        Oh no..I should have checked that earlier..now no use if I will make now it will b post tomorrow. .so no use..
        I will do this in Nikki’s birthday..surely

  63. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Guys the above link I hav given is good..v can find these videos on youtube also but from wapwon.mobi site v can see sooo many videos in less data …I know I m silly sharing old things but wat to do.. I m crazy

  64. Bhagyashri

    Kittu,alina,smile all links are amazing. Aur vo modi ji ki kink hahaha nice. Thank u so much for great links.

  65. Bhagyashri

    Anyone watch gruhapravesh of sumo.I saw it on bhabhi tera devar deewana on ibn 7.sumo wearing red colour saree.she look very stunning.

  66. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Friends one bad news these sbs ..sbb and other news channel none of them shown bday celebration of Namik…y they do this with us only..
    One more news…Barun sobti(our ASR)is coming back wid new show ‘kivchi’..I donno when n where ..

    • sona

      I watched…it..but..SBS celebrelates and shows..everyone birthday…don’t know..y not namik Paul this time😐😐😐😐
      May they all actually celebrating his birthday today…and they may show it tomorrow..hope so😊😊
      And ya…barun Maya show tho kae raha hai par..its an online series..yaar..not on TV…so I didn’t listens it carefully..😊😊😉😉😉
      And ha..jabh reception ki announcement tabh my aavungi first apni rail gaadi lekar taoyaar rehna sabh..😉😉😂😂😂😂

    • rt

      @alina they showed ASR and surbhi Jyoti of qubool hai wil b lead actors in upcoming show ” tanhaiyan”..i donno the channel name and time ..

  67. Sonai

    |Registered Member

    OMG !!! Its raining links !!! Thanks to all link givers namely Beas,Smile di,Alina di, Niharika,etc !!!

    Happy Birthday Namik !!! I’m sooo much happy taht its ur bday….in fact happier than my own bday !!!

    Ohhhh relived that Niki is back to work !!!!

      • niharika

        @Smile Didi…thnk u Didi…but ryt now m preparing myself for 2morrow’s xm…sorry but u enjoy… N PLEZ could u tell,what was in this video… Sorry for bothering u…n its my pleasure as u liked my link…😄

  68. pretty preeti

    Happy birthday namik sir
    A lot wishessz
    Love u sirrr
    U stole heart
    Live for long
    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  69. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    How is my dp guys????

    Really the first thing y I become mad for namik is HIS SMILE…. I just fall for him once I saw his smile and expressions… How many of u people r like me??

    And this pic just stole my heart….. I m sure every girl would have fallen for him after seeing this pic… Luv u namik…

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