Shakti 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman standing outside the house. Varun comes and asks why you are standing out. Soumya thinks to call Harman and says I will know if they want me to return or not. Harman is in deep thought. Soumya calls him, but his phone is in the room. Varun says I can’t do anything, but I can tell that it is not right to get ill, and have to take care of health. He suggests him to go to room and sleep. Harman listens to him silently and is going to room. Meanwhile Soumya is calling Harman and thinks why nobody is picking my call. She thinks if nobody is waiting for my call and forgotten me fully. She calls Harman again. Harman comes to room, but then phone gets disconnected. Soumya thinks to message Harman and thinks he had taught me how to message. She writes message, on seeing Rani about to wake up, she keeps phone back. Rani wakes up and sees Soumya sleeping on bed. Soumya wakes up and sees Rani picking her phone.

Nimmi recalls all the childhood incidents of Soumya, and wakes up. She recalls Soumya’s marriage and all the incidents…She imagines Soumya and get happy. Soumya says you have woken up, I will bring tea for you. Nimmi asks her to stop. Beeji says you must have seen dream. Nimmi asks why you are my enemy. Surbhi tells her that she is her daughter and Beeji is her mum, and says we also wants Soumya to be back. Nimmi gets hysterical about Soumya. Beeji asks her to come in her senses. Nimmi comes back to her senses and says Soumya is not here. Soumya is sitting sadly while everyone is having food. Saya asks why do you want to run away from here and reach mum. She says your mum can’t be alive for life and your younger sister will marry and leave. She says we are your family now. Kareena says I am also like your sister. Others also say the same. Saya asks Raveena, what will be your relation with Tarana? Raveena says let Soumya accept our relation. Soumya thinks she has a special relation with Harman ji.

Harman wakes up in the morning and thinks it was a dream. He thinks I hope Soumya would have been in the house. He check his phone and sees missed calls from an unknown number. He thinks who can be so restless. Saya asks Tarana to tell. Soumya gets up and says I will not accept you people, and says I am someone’s daughter, sister and wife too. Saya says what kind of wife? Raveena picks Harman’s call and asks who are you? Harman says I have missed calls from your number. Soumya thinks he might be Harman ji. Kareena understands and takes the call, says I called you yesterday and makes an excuse. She checks the message box and deletes it, thinks Soumya must have messaged. Raveena asks why did you call from my phone. Kareena says my phone battery was low, that’s why used your phone.

Guru Maa hears them, and takes phone from Raveena’s hand. She breaks her phone and throws the battery and sim. She says everyone is here, then whom you want to talk to. Guru Maa says nobody shall use mobile phones. She tells Kareena that you are ruining Soumya’s life by supporting her lie, and says Soumya must have called her family. Saya says kareena told naa. Guru Maa says Tarana called her family and they can come at any time. She asks Rani and Raveena to go, and asks Kareena to go on work. She asks Soumya to be infront of her. Harman reads the message and reads it…Main yahan kaise bhagun…aawo. He thinks message is strange, and thinks Soumya must have messaged me. He calls on that number again and it comes as switched off. He

He calls Surbhi and tells her that he is leaving from home now. Raavi hears him. She comes to Preeto and tells her that Harman is still not come out of Soumya’s love, and says he went to meet Surbhi. Preeto says don’t know what black magic they have done, and says one thing is left and asks her to wait and watch.

Surbhi meets Harman and gives letter. Harman checks the letter and says it is sent from Bhatinda…Surbhi says may be someone posted this letter from Bhatinda, to misguide us. Harman says may be, and tells her that he got missed calls from a number, and when he called back, woman talked strangely. He says then I got a message from the same message, asking help. Surbhi says can we find out the location. Harman says he will get his friend’s help in finding location and calls his friend and comes to know that the call came from Bhatinda. He says Soumya is surely there.

Harman and Soumya come there and ask the people about Soumya by showing her pic. Soumya is sitting on the window and is about to see them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The rumour is confirmed…….shakti will take leap of 1 yr…nd surbhi will be pregnant……..hate this twist

    1. What was the source through which you learnt there will be a year leap and then Surbhi will be pregnant as an outcome to a relationship with Harman????????

    2. I , like so many viewers, don’t agree with the rumour which is said to be confirmed that later in the show there is going to be a relationship between Harman and Surbhi.who is going to be pregnant. I hate this twist of events as it goes against the human norms of society as how could a sister get married to her brother in law? Not only this how could she betray her lost sister?????? How could she deprive her sister of her first and only love????? Surbhi is in a position to get married and she can have several opportunities to choose a suitable man for herself but why Harman not taking into consideration the harm and pain she would surely cause to her unlucky sister. If this twist of event is true I am very much surprised at the show’s director decision to make this choice of unwanted events. I hope they would think again about this decision.

    3. off course it doesn’t seem to be good twist though. .

      We need to see what makes surbhi marry herman n get pregnant. .. If that track is convincing we may not feel that bad.. lets wait n see how they take the story fwd..

  2. Renuverma

    Thanks a ton mam for the update

  3. nimmy ‘s part was really heart touching… siumya was looking so adorable in that salwar..
    I don’t know if it’s real. . y would those kinners keep anyone with them fircefully???

  4. What will happen to soumya after the leap!?? And wy is surbhi pregnant!! :O I hope cvs wont get harman n surbhi together!! 🙁

  5. Hey don’t make Harman and surbhi pair and if you make this nonsense twist I’m going to quit this show. ……..I hate this how could they do this yaa it’s not fair! !!!!!!! If it happen what about sowmya ? Bechari she is struggling there but here this surbhi is pregnant by her sisters husband Omg! !!!

  6. Ya….even I heard d news……nd soumya will accept herself as kinnar aftr leap……

  7. I thnk shakti will be more interesting aftr d leap

  8. Smaranika Pradhan

    yup they wont come out with a good pair..Harman And Surbhi… The show will lose its Highest TRP rate if it does so.. Plzz directors must think of something much better than this…

  9. Alisha

    First of all, greetings to the Shakti family! So, I had been reading the comments here on this page.. I have noticed people mentioning that Shakti would take a leap and then, Harman and Surbhi would get married. Surbhi would get pregnant. None of us wants that to happen, right? None of us wants Harman to go and marry Surbhi, even though he still loves Soumya deep inside. He still isn’t able to forget her.. For a sec, let’s just forget about the fact that Harman still loves Soumya, even then.. Harman can’t marry Surbhi cuz he has developed a relation of friendship with Soumya. On the other hand, Surbhi addresses Harman as her Jiju and since Haya got married Surbhi never mentioned about whether she still has feelings for Harman or not? It was just a crush. Surbhi knows very well that Harman won’t agree to get married to her ever and we can’t regret another fact that we have Varu, even though he is a negative character but.. We all always considered him as a parallel lead. Remember.. Surun (Surbhi and Varun) Yup! Varu’s character is not only meant to create problems for the Singh family but as he promised himself that he would get married to Surbhi at any cost. We can’t forget that, right?
    Maybe what you guys are saying is true but what I am trying to say is that if they do this, they are certainly gonna ruin the serial. Is tarhan to meri theory adhi sach ho jae gi (If anyone remembers it?) I remember how people reacted to it. It’s not Swaragini, it’s not Thapki Pyaar ki, it’s not Udaan.. IT’S SHAKTI! They should be focusing on Soumya instead of getting Harman and Surbhi married. (P.S: I am not comparing any of the serials with Shakti. Those were just examples in case the writers understand.)
    Why do they always have to swap the couples? Why..? The serial is progressing very well and the TRPs ????.. But kisi bhi serial ke liye Itne ziyada twists and turns ache naheen hote. Can’t it just be a normal serial with a social message.
    OPPSSY.. I know, mein bohot ziyada bolti hon.. But you guys know what, when Khadak Singh first called Nimmi and asked her to return his son to him. At that point, I thought that he is gonna ask her Surbhi’s hand for Harman. At another instance, when Khadak Singh and Preeto were talking about what would they answer the society when they would ask about their daughter in law, I felt like they are soon gonna ask Nimmi for Surbhi’s hand.. Gosh! My mind na.. ??
    Mujhai socha hi naheen chahiye.. ☹️?
    Anyways… SHAKTI FAMILY! After so many days, Itne ziyada comments.. DIL KHUSH KER DITA!❤️??
    LOVE TO ALL.. ?

  10. its better not to worry abt future tracks but just enjoy every episode (if it’s good)…

    so I have stopped worrying about leap etc…

  11. If that leap happen then I am sure I will stop watching this show cvs plz don’t do this with our harmaya

  12. Hey Uthaya we both feels the same right ?


  14. i am too disappointed
    on 14 sep it was my parents 12 death anniversary
    feeling bad alone

  15. Yes Nihaarika I too think the same while reading ur comment, I hope that twist won’t take place

  16. Well I know most of you here dont want herman and surbhi to get married but I am not understanding is that how can you even imagine getting somya and herman living togather?????? I mean I agree that somya desarv better life, and herman and somya diff can have good friend like relationship but have romantic relationship is just wrong on this note surbhi like herman first so in my eye there is nothing wrong if herman and sirbhi get married cuz even if they don’t there is no way that somya and herman will ever live normal and happy like as a husband and wife

    1. Alisha

      Yup Ankita! I do agree with the fact that even when Harman and Surbhi don’t get married, Haya can never be together, but they did develop a relation of friendship and most of all, Surbhi now addresses Harman as her Jiju and she knows very well that even though Harman knows that he cannot have a husband and wife relation with Soumya, but still he loves her.. So I don’t think so she would agree to get married to Harman. ?
      The point of disappointment is when o think of the fact that after the leap, they are going to show that Soumya would accept her new identity as her life.. And even after that when she would meet Harman or may I say Harman and Surbhi (cuz they would get married by that time) she is surely gonna misunderstand that Harman forgot her and would never like her to return.. These type of misunderstandings are gonna totally ruin the serial.
      And yes Saras, I do agree with you that we should stop worrying about the future and leap but what makes me even more worried is when I think about those misunderstandings that might cause and the results, plus I really don’t want Haya’s friendship wala relation to break! ??

    2. Of course it’s wrong when a sister gets married to her brother in law during her sister’s life. Would any of you girls accept and be in that situation??????? Definitely not…….. So if you don’t like it for yourselves please do not like it for others. AS everybody agree Soumya is a sweet person. She has suffered enough and it is fair after her suffering to be treated nicely by realising her incomplete dream of living a happy marital life with the man she loved. As all viewers of the show I nicely request the writers of the show to unite Soumya with Harman. Ok ,,,,I agree the writers of the show would like to cover kinnar people problems which are necessary and nobody opposes that . To please the audience as well , it would be nice to give the show a positive ending by making Soumya undergo may be an operation to get her gender problem sorted out.

  17. The show is going well. But pls dont spoil it by pairing harman n surbhi. Its a request from all shakti fans.

  18. All Shakti fans are not happy with the rumour that Harman and Surbhi are to be involved in a relationships after the leap. This disappointing news is unwelcomed by the show viewers and it is going to put off a good number of people from watching the show. Therefore please do consider getting Harman and Soumya together of course after covering the kinnar problems and getting Soumya’s gender problem sorted out by making her health condition curable.

  19. Pooja Prajwal

    Hey jassi don’t feel alone I am with you because atleast u know ur parents are died but I didn’t know anything about my parents. When I born my mother gave me to some other who is now taking care of me and she ran away nobody here don’t know who is she , y she ran away ? Y she gave her child to other. ? So ur better than me

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