Ek Boond Ishq 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 21st February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
aradhna ask nando to give them gifts, nando eyes meethi who is laughing, she thinks laugh as much as you can but i will give you a gift, she puts some envelope in her gift, she gifts daaijan, fahim, nimmo and meethi. Tara comes there, meethi goes to her and says we will be coming to take you, tara blushes.

Scene 2
Mj ask yug whether i have to wear all these stuff, yug says more stuff is coming, Mj thinks about his marriage in jail and says earlier my cloths were simple but jewelry(jail chains) were much heavy, yug ask im to forget past and think about future, Daaijan comes with radha who is in veil, daaijaan says that she came to check the size of your shoes, she will make you wear, Mj sits, radha sits to make him wear shoes, yug sees gold bracelet in her

hand and thinks its radha’s, radha takes out the bracelet and hides it.
Nimmo comes and ask daaijan about dancers/workers, Daijan says nobody came, nimmo ask about radha, she informs that she came to check shoes, radha says will i help you? nimmo says no you go, yug requests to let her stay here, nimmo agrees, Mj gets ready for marriage in purple sherwani and dolden turban, radha and yug helps him, Radha takes out the brooch and puts it on Mj’s sherwani, Mj thanks her. Yug puts sehra on him Radha is happy and sad at same time, yug ask her to help him in putting sehra, she does. Jairaj and nimmo comes, Mj touches jairaj’s feet and then nimmo’s but she steps back, she gives money to radha for safety of Mj against evil eye on jairaj’s insistence, They all leave for marriage.

Scene 3
Kalal is doing her photo-session, her man informs that you are ahead with 15000 votes, Kala says i am celebrating my win with you because i will not get time afterwards, i wont be able to dressup nicely. this politics will eat me up, her worker says nothing can eat you, Jairaj calls Rudra who s in kala’s avatar, jairaj says i listened that you are ahead with 15000 votes, kala says i will win only, jairaj says we are taking barat, he ends the call, kala says yes take out the barat, band, baja because bomb will explode in this marriage, otherside barat comes to venue, tara is delighted to see Mj on horse, adi meethi vasu are dancing. here rudra gets the call, caller says you lost the election, kala throws the phone shouts no.
In stable, all are dancing in barat, radha is with them too, tara is seeing them from inside, Mj puts his sehra aside and looks out for tara, he smiles looking at her and waves at her, she smiles. Mj comes down from horse, aradhna does his aarti and tilak. he looks at tara, and touches aradhna’s feet, nando puts garland to all, she puts in adi’s and says i will be taking care of you as you are barati, she ask meethi do you have any problem? meethi says no, yug looks at radha and is tensed.

Scene 4
Inside tara says why my heart is racing so fast? meethi comes and says its because of our brother, tara says i never felt like that, meethi says its just eagerness before marriage, she says earlier when you married it was your drastic step for your family but now you are marrying your love. they hug, she says lil agitation is normal but you have given happiness to all so your life will be full of it, vasu comes and says ready fast Mj is waiting for you, they comes out, nando says to meethi that have seen your gift? she says no, nando says your will be shocked to see it, she then jokes that maa have bought nice gifts for you all,
Yug takes radha out of hall, and ask what are you doing here? she takes out her veil and says i couldnt stop, i had to come in meer’s marriage, yug says dont you know danger it is for you to step out of house, Rudra reaches the marriage hall, Yug says you should have not come, he sees rudra and ask her to put veil, she does. Rudra comes there and looks at arrangements.

PRECAP- yug ask radha to go back, she says i cant, he says think if anything happen then he will have to spend his life in jail, she leaves and sees her bracelet missing from her hand, she says did it fall in meer’s room, she comes to his room in villa and thinks that it had my written on it, Mj will be in problem if anybody finds it, she searches his room

Update Credit to: Atiba

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