Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita telling in court that Raunaq raped her sister Mansi. Mamta calls Shashank and asks, when did you come to know about this incident? Shashank says, my aayi got the call and was informed about Mansi’s rape. He didn’t tell his name and wanted our marriage to break. Mamta asks the judge to note this point. She asks, did you break the marriage. Shashank says, no as I know Mansi. She is a very religious and good girl. She didn’t do any mistake and the guilty should be punished. Shekhar says, I want to question Ankita. Judge gives him permission. Ankita comes in the witness box. Shekhar asks her to tell her full name. Ankita says, Ankita Karmarkar. Shekhar says, tell your full name. Ankita says, Ankita Naren Karmarkar. Shekhar says, you believed that Raunaq raped your sister on her sangeet day. Do you accept that you made the arrangement for Raunaq’s wedding night. Ankita says yes. Shekhar says, Did you see Raunaq on that day. Ankita says no but my sister told me.

Shekhar asks her to say whatever she knows. He says, Ankita said that she didn’t see Raunaq there. He calls Kinnari in the witness box. He asks her, can you tell me whether Raunaq was with you or not? Kinnari says, yes. We were together entire night. Shekhar says, may be he left after you slept. Kinnari says, we didn’t sleep even for a min. Shekhar asks Raunaq, do you have a clone. Raunaq says no. Shekhar says, Mansi and Ankita are accusing him wrongly. He calls Naren in the witness box. Shekhar asks Naren, who is that woman? Naren says, she is my wife Ahana Karmarkar. Shekhar says, your wife accused your brother of rape. Naren says, Ahana can never be wrong but she is wrong this time. Shekhar asks him to tell about Ahana. Naren says, she is beautiful and I love her very much. I know she loves me too. I promised her to fulfill all the wedding vows. We both love each other a lot. Shekhar says, this man is mad. Naren and everyone are shocked. Shekhar says, he is fully mad. Naren says I am not mad. Shekhar says, you are mad and I can prove it. He asks, do you have her photo? Naren shows Ankita’s photos. Ankita is shocked. Shekhar says, she is Ankita and not Ahana. Shekhar asks Ankita to get up.
Shekhar says, he is mad. Ankita says he is not mad. Judge asks them to maintain silence. Mamta says, this is not related to case. Shekhar says, it is related and I will prove it. He asks Naren, where did you meet her? Naren says, I met her in London. Shekhar starts taking his photos. Naren gets disturbed with the flash light. Naren says, close this flash light. Ankita and Sunanda ask Shekhar to stop. Naren tells her that he couldn’t save Ahana. He gets hyper and says I want to go to Ahana. Shekhar calls Naren’s doctor. Doctor says, he is getting treated since 1 year. He is mad. Shekhar says, I wanted to prove this only. He says, Miss Ankita knows about Naren’s mental status before marriage. She married him for money. She wanted to become Karmarkar’s bahu for money. He says, can we trust the woman who can change her name and marry a mad guy for money. Karmarkars is a reputed business family. He tells about Ankita’s father being a thief. He says, This woman is greedy for money. She taught the same to her sister. They are accusing my client to get money. He requests the court to dismissed the money. He says, this woman can’t love any one but loves only money. Shekhar says, Ankita targetted Raunaq for money.

Soham comes in the witness box. Shekhar asks him to tell how much money he has taken from Karmarkar’s. Soham says, I took much money. Shekhar says, this case is false. Please dismissed this case. Judge says, next hearing will be after 2 days.

Ovi is in the police station. Pia says, why this happens with me. Ovi says, everything will be alright. You should be happy that your aim is fulfilled. You brought your mausi and dad together. They will be happy. They will tell Aayi and Baba that I didn’t do any mistake. They will forgive me naa. Pia says, they will forgive you but you won’t be with them. Ovi says, just think I am getting punished for my sins. She asks Pia to do her work. Pia agrees. Ovi says, I am proud of you. You are very strong and sensible. She asks her to go. Pia says, I won’t allow your big sacrifice to go waste.

Ankita tells Shekhar that she didn’t feel bad about him remarking on their character. She says, I know that we are not like that. Our case is not fake. My sister got raped and Raunaq will be punished. We know that we are right. She asks, didn’t you feel ashamed to prove Naren as a mad? You are his friend naa. I won’t spare you if anything happens to him. She challenges him to win the case anyhow. Shekhar says, I accept your challenge. Soham gets angry and asks Ankita not to talk with him. Soham says, lets go home. Ankita says, I will go to my house.


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  2. This serial is very food

  3. I hope Ovi gets released from jail. They should let her free on the basis of self defense and defense of a third person. I’m an Arjun/Ovi fan and still hope that they somehow get together, but I know that it’s not possible considering Arjun/Purvi is the couple that is seemingly portrayed as the ideal couple.

  4. Bring onir back he is the only sensible guy in the whole serial.

  5. I love you Purvi,same name as me. Arjun is also hot looking. if you two werent there i would not watch the serial. Hope you get married in real soon, Very cute couple

  6. Awwee arvi is the most cutest couple on and offscreen.

  7. I luv ankitha..her actitng is so gud..

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