Ek Boond Ishq 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 18th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mj ask you didnt like face revealing, you started liking that ‘baal ki dukaan’. he says you were talking much on phone that i hide my face behind hairs now see me, tara feels shy. Tara says to go as we cant meet. Mj says i will not go, tell me how i am looking, i am with my wife, he sits on sack and pulls tara towards him, tara gets up from there and says you are looking that much handsome that words are less, Mj grabs her and says to tell more, tara says its not a good omen that we meet before marriage, Mj says it will not be bad either as the bad things was of our past, tara ask him to go as all must be waiting for him, Mj says i took out time so that i can spend them with you, he comes closer to her and set her locks behind her ear, tara feels his touch by closing

eyes. Tara pushes him and says to go away, she draws line between them and says when you will come with barat only then i wil allow you to cross this line, he ask her to say him go away looking in his eyes, tara says i cant. Mj says to say that i will come back, i will and will take you away, he says we cant meet but can talk on phone, tara agrees, he is about to leave and looks back at tara who says bye, he leaves.

Radha calls yug,

Radha is fearing of rudra, otherside police get guddon who placed gun in tara’s bag, police ask for whom you work, he says i cant tell you, police beats him. In villa, all are happily applying haldi on Mj, nando bumps with adi but he leaves from there. aradhna, yug and nando applies haldi on Mj, aradhna says haldi taken from groom will be applied to bride. Mj imagines him and tara sitting infront of each other with haldi bowl, he says moon is jealous of your beauty, tara says today my husband is looking that much good that moon will come to see him, Mj says sorry moon you have to come, he applies haldi on tara’s cheek, tara tires but he doesnt allow her but then allows her, she applies on him, he says haldi mubarak, His imaginations breaks when meethi and vas start teasing him. Adi takes meethi with and says you said we didnt had rituals in our marriage so we will do it now he applies haldi on her cheeks, she too applies it.

In stable, tara remembers Mj’s confession and their pond mariage, she smiles and says that today is your haldi and tomorrow i will be applying mehndi on your name, i cant forget him he was looking very handsome, she imagines him there, he says you are missing me already, tara feels Mj coming close to her to kiss her and closes her eyes, her imagination breaks, she laughs and says i cant wait now, she says what if i cant see him i can talk to him, she calls Mj but he is too busy with haldi ceremony, he sees her call but couldnt pick up. Tara feels sad. All dancers dances around Mj, radha too is there ans stealthily applies haldi on Mj. she comes out and cries with happiness. She sees rudra and remembers how he had beaten her, she runs from there and hides, DIG calls rudra and says we got guddon now you have to bring Mj and tara here, Rudra says you do your work if Mj or tara are culprit then they should br punished, radha listens to it and tries toleave from ther but rudra stops her. Radha stops there

PRECAP- Rudra is coming towards radha and she is terrified.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. mj u r looking very very very much cute

  2. What a awsme epi,mj u r soo cute in ur new look,tara’s imagination was so sweet,bt i want to see it in actual,

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