Pavitra Rishta 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pia asking the waiter to open the door. She gets inside RK’s room and hides in the cupboard. Chadda asks RK, whether the work is done. RK smirks and says it is a celebration time. Chadda praises him. RK keep his suit in the cupboard but doesn’t see Pia. He tells Chadda that his hardwork is showing colours. He says, I don’t need Purvi now. She should die now. You have to help me? Chadda asks, Purvi’s murder? RK says, we have to do two murders, one of Purvi and other is of that girl who was following us. He asks Chadda, did you caught her? Chadda says yes.

Chadda asks RK, if you have plan to kill her then what’s marriage drama and all. RK says, she is part of my big plan. Purvi’s face resembles with Sonia. Chadda asks, who is Sonia? RK says, my ex wife. He says, I love my wife very much. She was rich and I was middle class. We were different. She was in search of love and I was insearch of rich girl. I propose her and we got married but Sonia used to interfere in the business and I made a plan to transfer her property on my name. She came to know about my plan and that’s why I killed her. Her property couldn’t be transferred on my name due to technical issues.

When I came to India, I saw Purvi. Purvi thought she is signing the power of attorney papers but actually her photographers was taken. I will forge Sonia’s signatures. Now, we will live for Mumbai but only I will reach alone. Pia is hiding in his cupboard and hears everything. Chadda says, you are genius. Pia gets worried for Purvi. RK opens the cupboard and take out his suit. He says, it is time to finish the task. Pia comes out of cupboard and thinks to call Ovi. RK and Chadda come back. RK says, nothing can hide with me. I have seen you at the Dhaba. He keeps his hand on her mouth. She gets suffocated and falls down. RK plans to kill them in Khandala Valley.

Chadda keeps Pia in the car decky. Ankita comes home and sees Shashank. Shashank says, I bailed him. He is not at fault this time. Ankita thanks him. Mansi asks, is everything alright? Ankita says, everything is fine there. She asks, did you talk to the lawyer? Shashank gets a call from the lawyer. He gets angry. He tells Ankita that the lawyer refused to take our case.

Pia regains consciousness and thinks this will be the last moment of her life. She recalls Ovi’s teachings about life. She recalls about her childhood. She says, if my life gives me a chance then I want to see my mom and mausi together. She recalls Ovi showing her pics of her family. Pia asks Ovi that I am your mistake naa. Ovi says no. I didn’t know I was pregnant. Arjun came to know about you accidently and then Purvi came to know. They get seperated. Pia says, you sacrificed your family life because of me. Pia feels bad for her. Pia promised her to unite the family. She says, I want to live for you mom and mausi. I want to clear the misunderstandings between you, dad and Mausi.

RK and Purvi are in the car. Police stops their car and asks RK to show the licence of the car. RK says, I am well known businessman. Policemen asks him to open the decky. RK says, let us go. We are getting married tomorrow. RK calls to the police commisioner and tells that they have stopped at the check post. Policemen allows him to go without the checking.

Ovi calls Pia but she struggles to talk. She tells her that RK is going to kill them. She says, I am hand and mouth cuffed. She asks her to save them. She tells about the location. She cries miserably. Ovi is shocked and tells arjun. Arjun is driving the car and asks her to calm down. Purvi looks at her phone. Rk asks, are you expecting any phone call. Purvi says no. He asks her to make a phone call to Arjun if she wants. Purvi says no. RK thinks Arjun can’t call her. Arjun worries about Purvi and Pia. Purvi tells RK to stop the car somewhere for having tea. RK agrees.


RK tells Purvi and Pia that he will send them to his wife’s place as she is alone. Purvi and Pia tries to run but he targets the pistol on them. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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