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SCene 1
jackey is pointing gun a tara, mj comes to him and says you are admiring guest, you have to do service, mj calls manager and tells him about jackey not doing work, manager scolds jackey, he leaves, mj admires tara.
vidant comes in tara’s room, nandu hides, vidant takes the medicine, he feels that someone is present but leaves then, she says what this inspector is doing here, I will rob his house now, it will fun.
vidant comes in party and strikes with jackey, he scolds jackey and leaves, jackey says many will get killed today by my hand. vidant comes to tara and gives medicine to her, he ask do you need anything, tara says yes, I need loneliness, vidant leaves from there. mj sees tara standing and thinks that I should go and tell her that her life is in danger, I have

to ask her whats relation between us that I came here onlu to save her. one waiter falls on ground, mj goes to him and ask what happened, tara also looks at him, mj says you have fever, you sit here, manager comes and ask why is he sitting here, mj says he is not well, manager says its all drama, go and do work otherwise no money, mj says calm down, I will handle him, manager leaves, mj ask waiter to leave for home, he says no I will not get the money, mj ask how much money you will get, waiter says 1000rs, mj gives him money and ask him to go home, waiter thanks him and leaves. tara thinks that this man seems good, maybe he is not om’s man, he can help me. mj comes to tara with juice, tara looks at him, mj keep looking at her, tara ask what? he says lemon water, it will make you fresh, tara takes it and drinks, om sees it. tara thinks that how to talk to this waiter om is looking here only. the light is turned off and a juggler plays with fire in party, tara takes mj out, mj thinks that I should ask her what I want to, she is infront of me, tara says I need your help, I saw your goodness so please help me, mj says ok, tara says bring one artist who can make sketch, mj ask why me, tara says don’t question me, she says ok take my rings, its expensive but help me, mj says no, tara holds his hand to give him rings, she feels something, they share an eyelock, tara ask who are you, mj says balli, tara ask him to give his phone number, mj writes it and gives it to tara, tara says please do my work fast, I will call you, om sees tara missing from spot, he is coming to see tara, tara ask mj to leave from here, om comes to tara, mj has left from there. tara says I was dreaming about my bright future, she leaves from there.

mannat comes to mj, mj says work can be done but sia is not stopping at one place, mannat says ok I will do something from which your work will get easy, she leaves, she sees tara drinking cold drink, she takes cold drink from waiter and takes out medicine, she says after taking this medicine tara will be inebriated state and will go in her room then laado’s man will kill her, she goes to tara and changes her drink with tara by making tara fool, tara now drinks which have medicine.
pari is studying in her room, she pulls the lamp and wire comes out of it, laado comes there and ask where is balli pari thinks that balli told me that laado should not know where he has gone, she says balli is taking bath, laado says but he can listen to me, laado goes forward and puts foot on open wire, she gets shock as current hits her, her servants come and gets shock too, pari is laughing and then switch off the button, laado scolds her servants.

tara feels dizzy and is inebriated state, mannat smirks and ask tara did you eat something, tara says I am not hungry, tara vision gets blur, she looks at om and thinks that you are happy after giving me surprise now I will give you shock.
nandu is searching a room and doesn’t find anything, she says I will find in another room.
tara gets drunk fully and starts dancing in party, om is highly unpleased, mj smiles looking at her, tara dances vulnerably on song mujhe yaar ne pilayi tou, she dances around om, nandu comes near stair case and sees tara dancing but cant see her face, she leaves from there, tara stands on tables and is about to fall but mj holds her in time, they share an eyelock and start imagining that they are dancing together in hall, they dances romantically on song ek boond ishq pe, mj is wearing coat oant in imagination. mj kisses her hand in imagination and lifts her in his arms, imagination finishes. they look at each other.

PRECAP- tara says to om in party that why his face is pale, I want to tell you all in party that I am tara, tara shikhawat, mj thinks that why this name tara seems known to me, fahim also took this name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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