Beintehaa 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya tries to stop Hakeem Saheb/unani doctor and apologizes him on her family’s behalf. Hakeem saheb asks if she wants her madam/mother-in-law to kick me out of this house literally. Aaliya says she did not insult him though. Doc says he saw Usman, knows his problem and can prescribe him medicines, but does not know what to prescribe rest of her family. Aaliya aplogizes doc again. Doc says she has to come to his house again to apologize him and goes from there. Aaliya sees Surayya coming and apologizes her for calling Unani doc without informing. Surayya says Usman’s treatment is her most important goal in life now and she would not like anybody’s interference, especially her as she is the reason for Usman’s paralysis.

Shaziya gives 15 lakhs cheque to Chakkiwala and informs that Surayya wants to cater him Aayath/Rizwan’s engagement party. Chakkiwala says Surayya is very wicked and clever and knows how to seperate Zain and Aaliya.

Aaliya sadly reminisces Surayya scolding her and Zain taking his mom’s side. Zain comes there and says he knows she is worried about Usman’s health, but she would have informed him about unani doctor.

Aaliya says unani doctors can also cure patients well, her Bhopal uncle had also same problem which Usman has, but unani doc treated her and he is fortunately Rehan’s father. Zain says he will apologize Rehan about it and says Spain doc has many success stories. Aaliya says she saw herself her uncle walking after many years of paralysis. Zain says we should respect mom’s decision and not interfere in it. Aaliya thinks her heart says that unani doc can treat Usman. She gets Zara/Kabeer’s call who say their grumpy/grandpa/unani doc became more grumpy after coming from her house. Aaliya says she needs their help in treating Usman. Kabeer says he has an idea and tell it to her. Aaliya likes his idea.

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Shabana thinks about Surayya’s angst against Aaliya. Ghulam comes with engagement shopping bags and asks what else she needs. He senses she is tensed and says he knows she is worried about Aaliya. Shabana informs him about the unani doc incident, Surayya scolding Aaliya, and says she is worried about Aaliya now. She says Fahad and Zain are under Surayya’s control, Zain did not take Aaliya’s side and instead told that Usman’s treatment will be according to Surayya’s wish.

Ghulam says he will speak to Surayya about it and question her. Badi phuphi comes there and says he should question Surayya from her behalf also. Ghulam says why is she here after Zubair tried to ruin Aaliya’s life. Badi phupi says Zubair did a big mistake, but Surayya was the mastermind behind it. Ghulam says though Surayya does not like Aaliya, she cannot stoop to that level. Phupi shows him 25 lakhs cheque given by Surayya to Zubair and says he is making the same mistake by marrying his second daughter there as Surayya does not like his whole family.

Shaziya sees Nafisa sitting silently and asks if she does not want to shop for Rizwan/Aayath’s engagement. Nafisa says he is my brother, why are you so excited. She says he is also related to me and me and Fahad are going for shopping today. Fahad just then comes withi shopping bags and gives them to Nafisa. Nafisa says if he felt ashamed to take his scarred face wife for shopping. Fahad says he knows she is deeply hurt, says these are online shopping bags which you ordered and now we can go shopping now. Shaziya says even she wants to come with them. Nafisa says she already told Fahad that she does not want to go with Shaziya. Fahad asks Shaziya to understand the situation and they can go shopping tomorrow. Nafisa gets happy and she and Fahad leave for shopping.

Unani doc sadly reminisces Surayya’s insult. Rehan sees him sad and says Zain called him and aplogized on her mom’s behalf. Doc says he remembered his bahu seeing Aaliya. Rehan says nobody can be like her. Aaliya comes there says he came to meet Grumpy. Doc says only his chidren can call him Grumpy and she is not his child. Aaliya says she brought butter popcorn for him. Zara and Kabeer come running hearing popcorn. Doc takes popcorn and starts eating. He asks how does she know popcorn is his weakness. Aaliya says just like her family is her weakness and says her maamu loves her a lot and even she loves him. She says he asked her to come home and apologize, so she came home and is apologizing. Doc accepts her apology and asks to add more butter in popcorn next time. She asks about Usman’s medicine. He says he already prepared and requests her to drop his assistant home. Aaliya says ok. He calls assistant to come down with medicine bottles. A pregnant lady comes down with medicine bottles. Aaliya is shocked to see that the lady is Shaziya’s sister Gauhar.

Precap: Aayath and Aaliya select engagement dresses. Aaliya selects a cheap one. Zain gets angry on her for selecting cheap dress. Aaliya feels sad.

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  1. Samreen Ansari

    wht is the serial becoming boring day by day..? does any1 know what is going to happn nxt ?

    1. I completely agree with u… i m also losing m intrest for BI

  2. Samreen Ansari

    why* is the serial……

  3. Wat yaar…its interesting

  4. If aaliya is OK then zain becomes angry n vice versa .. Looking forward to the way aaliya apologizes..

  5. I got a feeling that rehan is falling for aliya if Zain and aliya split up May be they end up as a couple I think ayaath and rizwan May not get engaged because shazias sister is pregnant with his baby what do you lot think

  6. They start a serial well then keep on adding stupid stories inbetween cause they dont have a main story like that barkat episode now gauhar and unani doc …. usman acts well the serial is nothing without him mother in law dramas are so boring

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