I am yours…edkv sharman two shots… Intro


Hey guys… This is me khushi here…I m here with two shots on sharman….I just hope u will like it….. It’s a little filmy dramatic and very very different from my ff….so here I present u the intro..

Shravan malhotra: a tall and handsome hunk of the college….not afraid of anybody…. A lil selfish…
He is a Casanova…. Though he do not plays with the dignity of the girls but he wants that all the beautiful girls should be his girlfriend only…..he uses and throws girls like tissue paper…. He have had an uncountable number of girlfriends in his life…..
All the girls were crazy for him even after knowing that he is a Casanova

Suman tiwari : she is a damm beautiful girl….she belongs to a middle class family…. She loves her family alot….she has managed to get the best college on behalf of her scholarship… She is very selfless…loved by everybody… Many boys are after her but she is very focused and does not want to indulge in such things…. She considered this love and all as time waste….she has the responsibility of her family and is very mature….

So two different people with different ideologies…. Different thinking different goals …what will happen when they will meet….will there be tashan or love….
Will Shravan try to vow her???
Will Suman say yes???
What will happen when u such opposite people will meet in the same college…
To know tune in here and be ready for the next part…

Well what do u all think ???
Should I continue or not plz do tell ur reviews and suggestions also….plz do relpy…❤❤❤❤

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  1. Angel_pari

    ohoooo introoooo is really awsome and yeah diff frm ur ff..,,,,,,,, mn to bht excited hn…… Post soon

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much di…m working on it…will post asap

  2. Oooy khushi !!!! 😀 kya baaat hai yr must say u r veryyyyyyy brilliant !! wat an intro loved it yrrr!!! 2 cmpletly opposite people 😉 😉 ohooo !! cant wait.
    When will u post shot 1 ??? Becuse when such an amazing writr like u write a ff i cant wait to read it plzzzzz post s1 ASAP…..!
    LOTS OF LUV….! 😀

    1. Khushi

      Ooo Maria… Tu Kuch zayada hi tareef karti hai….m so happy yr….thank u so much….ab main aur kya kahun….and yes I read that comment …..on ur ff dear….who says that u r unromantic u r so good at romantic scenes…. Love u dear..and thanks for suggestion I will try to read or watch something romantic…. Love u

  3. LovelyLady

    nyc intro…it makes me eager to wait epis……post nxt prt ASAP

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much di…and yes I will try to post asap

  4. Oohhhooo…
    Ye bhi Bhala poochney ki baath hai..
    Tum bus likti raho..likti Rahoo..
    Aur hum padtey jaayengey..
    Padtey jaayengey..
    Intro was so..nice..
    All the best..?

    1. Khushi

      Aww thanks sona di…aap bahut ache ho….love u di??

  5. Sumo

    isme poochna kya h… of course u need to continue… ????

    1. Khushi

      Thank u sumo di…❤❤

  6. you have too!! amazing one.. write soon

    1. Khushi

      Thank u Niki…love u??

  7. Shalini Naicker

    AaHAa kya intro tha Khushi, dil khush kar diya tumne.

    1. Khushi

      Thank u shalini…. Well may I know that in which class u r ??

      1. Shalini Naicker

        Of course I am in 10th Standard. And which standard you are??

  8. Khushi

    Guys I have posted the next part of my ff and m still working on the first shot so will post it by tomorrow… Thank u all for the love and support????

  9. Kavina

    I love it

    1. Khushi

      Thank u kavina…love u dear

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