Royal palace where everything is NOT royal – Introduction

Guys this is eating me since a long time. So finally I decided to write off and share it with you all. ETRETR(Ek Tha Raja Ek This Rani) started promising us to show a unique story of Gayatri(common girl) and Indravadan(King of estate).

Well while everyone in this show boasts or shows royal attitude let us verify their royal lineage.

Rana Indravadan singh(Known as child of Rajmata and late king to the world)
Biological parents: Sartaj and his wife……………so actually not royal
Gayatri Rana Indravadan singh(Born commoner and died as queen)
Their daughter Gayatri singh: both the parents’ common so common blood

Kaal…………not royal but portrays himself king
Does not public or anyone know the truth. How come no one knows his history? Strange?
Kaal kids………….same case as of kall : both jeevan and raja………no royal blood

Bindu……..(known as child of Swarnalekha and lakshyaraj)
But Lakshyaraj is commoner. So Bindu is half royal.
Badi rani ma killed them in public but no one bothers about it.

This royal serial has no royalty except massacres and humiliations.

  1. Agree

  2. I tooooo agree

  3. I also agree

  4. Marissa Linda

    100% in agreement

  5. I wanted ask a question . Is Jeeven kaal illigetimate son ?

    1. Mona146

      yup………..kind of.
      Jeevan is the child of Raageswari and Kaal.
      Rageswari is wife of Late Indravadan singh and illicit wife of Kaal.

  6. We do not require any such stories

  7. Dee(devaksha)

    I’d like to read this

  8. Dee(devaksha)

    Pls tell when u publishing ur first epi

  9. Is Rageshwari married to kaal ?

    1. Mona146

      I think it is an illicit relation.

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