Dym-Revenge that leads to love (Chap-3)


Hey I m back…pls ignore my grammatical mistakes..here it goes,…..

Radhika was shocked to the core..she thought she would be dreaming so she pinched herself hard nd winced…it was true..Arjun chuckled at that nd said ‘u r not dreaming babes…u messed wid me nd Arjun Mehra never forgets or forgives…from now on u will work as a slave under me Nd that would be the perfect way to settle the scores …”
Radhika ‘Mr. Arjun Mehra I m not ur babe or some slave…I m not gonna work here at any cost so it means I will always be 1 step ahead of u..”
Arjun-‘that cost is 10lakh rupees’.. Radhika gasped ‘what??’Arjun smirked nd said ‘babes don’t u remember u signed some papers it clearly states that u have to work here for 1 year Nd follow my instructions nd if u want to quit u have to pay 10lakh rupees…
Radhika clenched her fist to stop her anger on the other side Arjun was enjoying the show Nd the looks she was giving was a treat for him to watch..
Radhika -“where’s my cabin??”‘Arjun was surprised with this sudden question but then he pointed her cabin.. Radhika left his cabin Nd entered into hers but there again Arjun didn’t left a chance to surprise her..As she sat on the chair the chair broke Nd she fell down really hard…jst at that time the phone rang..she picked the call quickly nd on the other side she heard Arjun’s voice ‘this was the first pay back…hope u enjoyed the fall..”Nd then he kept the phone down…
Radhika’s was burning with rage so to cool down she drank the water kept on the table but it was too late to realise she spit the water out it was bitter..Arjun was watching her from his cabin he laughed so loud that she heard him Nd gave a dangerous glare to him..
Arjun called again Nd said ‘come to my cabin let’s get some work started..with no other option left she went to his cabin with a thought ‘only today the ball is in your court but tomorrow will be different ‘nd a smirk came on her face..Arjun saw her smirk Nd thought “looks like she has gone mad wid the shock”!!
Radhika entered his cabin Nd he gave some work…after some time she completed her work… there was a company meeting in the afternoon which every employee has to attend including Radhika..The meeting was for finding nd giving ideas for the new project..
The meeting started Nd Arjun thought to irritate Radhika so he kept on asking her to bring different stuffs..so she was roaming between the meeting hall Nd Arjun ‘s cabin throughout the meeting..only 10min were left for the meeting to end Nd nthg was decided for the new project till now…then a voice came from the corner of the room in fact a idea came from the corner of the room Nd everyone was impressed Nd when they all turned to saw the person it was Radhika who was breathing heavily, her hands were on her knees Nd she was all sweaty ..
Arjun coughed to get everyone’s attention Nd said” the idea is good..All of u start working on it Nd give me the reports till tomorrow ..Nd he left the hall after giving a look to Radhika …so the day ended Nd everyone went to their home..

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

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    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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  3. Nice chapter dear….. Post the next part soon.. ?

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  6. It’s really short dear. I was enjoying it bit suddenly completed. Very nice.update next one longer and soon.

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      Thanks a lot raha..I will try to update a longer one next time??

  7. Superb saloni you nailed it

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    Awesome episode saloni… I loved it.. Will be waiting for next episode…..

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    Superb saloni.. Radhika so sad of you… So what she gonna do tomorrow waiting for it… update soon dear.. tc..

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    U know saloni….I was reading…..reading & it stopped……I loved it…..but want a little longer episode…… D way u penned down radhika’s emotions was really good…..waiting for d next one

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      Thanks meen a lot…Lots of love dear..Will try to write longer episode.?

  14. Jessie

    Saloni…was Arjun impressed with her idea….chair broke and bitter water…am eager 4 Radz give back…superb yaar….TC and stay happy

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