Reincarnation 12

Hello friends..thank u very much for liking the past birth..let me know ur views on this chapter..

Radhika ran inside of city hospital..neil was sitting there,looking like someone took out all his energy,pale..without wasting a minute she went n hugged him tightly in a consoling manner..till now Neil held himself; once he saw his best friend,he got his peace back; he released his agony,his torment,his inner consciousness,his remembrance of past birth everything in the form of tears..he said;” everything happened coz of me..Arjun is in this condition for me..he has not retained his power because I cursed”… He stopped abruptly n looked radhika who stared at him perplexed n shocked..she said;” what are u blabbering,power n curse!!..i think u just exhausted by mentally n physically ..u need rest now”..teji n Sam saw this..both had same thought when n how she remembers everything..they intervened when radz pushed Neil for some rest…he said;” Arjun got consciousness..lets go”..all went..

Arjun looked everyone with a bright smile..slowly yet with full of emotions he asked;” m I passed the test which u gave me,ur task neil”..

Neil went close to him n gave a lighter punch on his stomach,replied; ” no need for you to pull up such stunts..try once again & I promise to broke ur bones”..

Arjun smiled ; but he wanted to tease neil more..he said;” I won’t do that scary thing again..i love myself too much..just wanted to show u Arjun can never fail..btw u r there for me..I’ll appoint u as my personal guard to pull those stunts”..he winked..Neil glared him..teji n Sam laughed..

radz was silently thinking;” what’s gotten with them?? They are behaving weird “..her thoughts broken by Arjun saying;” why m feeling sad?? mmm…my heroine didn’t ask about my health!! Are u really got so much shock with my hospitalization that u don’t know what to do??!!”.. Arjun exclaimed with fun filled tones..

Teji said;” then I guess Arjun must be happiest person of the world now now”..

Sam nodded;” that goes without saying..m still amazed seeing Arjun’s love n Neil’s care”..

All laughed out aloud except Radhika who couldn’t figure out what’s happening..she was wondering..doctor entered n checked Arjun..he told that they can take him back to home ..teji was going to bring the prescribed medicines stopped by rads..she told she should go from there as it’s odd man out for her..she went…

After she gone every one seems worried..neil held Arjun’s hand n said;” I am sorry..because of me u lost ur power..u got stabbed”..

Arjun replied smilingly;” there’s nothing u to feel sorry..i deserved that things.. i am happy to get back my friends..and u r there for me always,I don’t need any mythical powers”..

Sam said;” u don’t have to feel guilty neil.. We did very wrong & that was true rule of aryavarth that; if anybody cursed both the persons who cursed n who got cursed , both would loose their powers..but; m astonished seeing u retained ur power..how?” ..

Teji replied;” that was radhika’s wish last time..might be the saint blessed him”..

Arjun asked;” then what about her??she has her powers!! But why can’t she remembered anything ?”..

Neil replied;” it was her wish..until n unless she doesn’t want to remember by herself nobody can force her to do so..and importantly she will only get her memory back when she will see that mythical sword n talisman..even we don’t know where are those things?? Only two persons had the ideas of those things; one radhika herself n the saint..but ; now one valid case left..so it’s better if we forget about her remembrance”..

Arjun sighed n said;” in other way its good for us that she didn’t remember anything..i don’t want her to remember those painful past what she faced because of me..I’ll give her those happiness n comfort what I promised to give her”..

Sam asked Neil;” I am curious about something..what happened when u all left us??


Warrior neelkant with radhika n teji went to saint in belief that he could correct everything..neel begged saint to make radhika cured as she still had her heart beat..teji tried to console the crying devastated Neel..saint said calmly;” child,this is something destiny wrote before,and it’s already happened..we can’t change that..but we can secure ur futures as u told..she herself wanted to leave this life,I can’t do anything..lets accept what happened”..

He further continued;” u both go on ur own way to find peace n never come back again..finally the devastation is going to happen in aryavarth as prophecy said..everything will be destroyed..but; as it’s nature’s rule after destruction new creation will happen..u will see each other again as u wished..prince n princess will pay their debts..now its ur time to leave..I’ll take care of her”..

Both Neel n teji left for north as per saints advice ..after they gone saint took radhika near the holy lake..without her saying saint granted her untold wish n she peacefully closed her eyes..he made her body dip down inside lake which can take care of her further..the sword n talisman also graved inside water with her..he didn’t burned her body as the normal ritual coz he knew past will back again in future, history will repeat and for that everything should be preserved under the guidance of water n earth power..
And time passed on….to meet the destiny fixed by time n fate after 5000years….

After some days
Everybody got busy with their works..one day teji sat with Rana kaka on living room..rana told teji about arjun’s composed behaviour n thanked them..he shared about zubin’s new love interest kritika said yes to him only because of Arjun’s persistence..he couldn’t believe everything will be set up so soon…

Aditya was pacing like a hurted animal..whatever he tried to do only opposite results he got..his each plan backfired to him..someone came to him..by seeing that someone his anger rose to his maximum level..he snaped his neck n said;” u r one good for nothing..I told u to break Arjun n Neil bond; but who told u to kidnap samaira..its my mistake to put my faith on u again this birth..u did nothing in previous birth also ‘ uncle'”…

His uncle replied;” don’t forget I brought u those inscriptions which made u remember everything..the way u behaved after seeing radhika ,otherwise u would be a mad person now..u r not worthy for anything Aditya..I am guilty but; why??the one thing only I want u to be on top always..this is the end of our relationship..good bye forever”… He went away…

It didn’t affect Aditya..he thought something n the devilish smirk crept on his face again..he called someone ……

Sam came to Arjun’s mansion..the news she gave everyone shocked..they turned on news to see that the most successful actor of this time Aditya Mehera quit acting career for his untold business..he will leave India asap..

Teji got afraid;” what this punk is planning this time?? For a person like him anything can possible”..

Sam replied thoughtfully;” as much I know him, he loves his career more than anything ..if he quit means there is something he loved more than acting..and importantly I m wondering why he was leaving India??something is wrong here”..

Everyone busy in thought..neil literally screamed;” chasini..i got it..he wanted chasini by her wish or force..he must be know now that this reincarnation of radhika is very much different from previous n she doesn’t have a bit memory about past..she’s all money minded now..though I warn chasini not to go to him; but I can’t believe Aditya”..

Arjun got worried..radhika went to office alone..he called zubin as her phone said dead n asked about rads..their tension went high when zubin informed she got some parcel from Neil n went out hurriedly ..Arjun told everyone to go find her..they were in hurry ran outside,stopped at entrance..radhika was coming from other side..a sigh of relief came out..Arjun ran to her n hugged her tightly..soon it turned out to a group hug..

Arjun said;” where did u go?? U know how much worried we r for u?? When ever u go anywhere just inform us before..btw u looked happy but tired”..

Radhika replied;” thanks to neil ..i got some priceless precious thing as gift..n u know someone filled my account..awww..i want to meet that someone “..

Others knows that was ploy of Aditya..when she will go to meet him,they couldn’t think further…Arjun told her not to go alone anywhere..she protested that she was not rich like him..she needs money in order to live by herself..Arjun asked her what she wants?? He can do anything,can give anything to her..but in exchange she should not leave the place..rads smiled cunningly..

Rads;” anything ,Arjun..think again”..

Arjun;” I promise,anything..just say”..

Radhika said all smilingly;” transfer ur all property n power of attorney on my name.”

Arjun got shocked n ask what?? Why this sudden idea came??

Radhika winked at him n said;” I don’t want to be ruled by anyone again ..i don’t want to work under anyone..if I got ur all ur power..mmm let me think..u will work as my PA..sam served as my designer n beautician..teji can make me laugh anytime n my dear Neil whom u appointed as ur personal guard will pull those stunts for me..what say?? Deal final..then I promise I’ll not leave..

All got shocked..coz this was first time radz said something like this..neil said;” chasini have u lost ur mind?? And about ur security I protected u from my birth..so why this drama”..Sam said she agreed on her wish with a smile.. Arjun called lawyer to go as per her wish..he said ;” I will give u everything u want,but I need that surety that u will not leave”..radhika said ;”don’t u believe me,u have my words..i hope u learnt many things from past”…teji stared rads in disbelief ;” what r u trying to do?? What r u upto?? M doubting u..

Radhika sat on sofa..unzipped her bag chain while said;” m just testing how much people changed..till which extent u all can go for me..i never doubted u n neil..u both are there for me always till eternity..but; something I need to confirm..the promise Arjun did to give me each comfort ,happiness n royalty how much he put that in work..I wanted to see how much Arjun n samaira changed..i wanted to see if he has his trust with friends or not!!”..

Everyone got froze at listening what she’s saying..they are trying to figure out what is all those twisted talks..first teji seems understood everything as he smiled , ran to rads n said ;” do u …radhika nodded in positive n both laughed as radhika pulled out some things covered by clothes n unveiled it..neil,Arjun,sam dumbfounded with happiness seeing the mythical sword n talisman..all rushed to her and asked ;” do u remember everything?? How??………………

Precap: Last chapter,the reincarnation

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