Reincarnation 11

Thank u very much all people for liking Neil’s remembrance of past birth… M seriously biting nails if u don’t like!! But; I m happy with all ur sincere views..yay.. yipeee ..kk..enough of my crazy drama…do let me know ur views as past will disclose totally in this chapter…
Human beings can do anything for the person whom they love most..when it will come to your best friend whom u get to remember after so many agony,dilemmas, then nobody can stop u from destroying enemies especially when u have ur own power…neil was growling like someone awaken the lion king from his see slumber…goons were running for their life..bad luck,bad move,Neil used his power with full force that goons flew highly n next moment a hard bang on the ground..only god knows if they had their any single bone left without fractured..he was going to kill them,teji stopped him n said;” this is not important now..we have to take Arjun hospital immediately..asap…lets go”.. Neil stopped n took unconscious Arjun to his embrace n said teji to took sam with their cars..next moment he disappeared with Arjun from the place..

Sam stood like a statue there..she was trembling..teji asked her to follow…but; she broke down n constantly mumbled;” I saw his this side only once..he was naturally a cool guy..why Arjun n me did that mistake..now its time to rectify everything…i should beg forgiveness from radhika,my warrior angel..how can I face them again??”…teji was shocked and asked;” do u remember everything?”.. Sam just nodded head silently while crying..teji consoled her n said;” past was past always..don’t worry..we have to leave now..everything will be alright according to time..let’s move”..they went toward city hospital…

Doctor were rushed to do treatment diligently without creating fuss to follow procedure, as Arjun lost much blood and they all aware that he was a business enigma…neil waited outside looking pale..he sat down on chair n closed his eyes as some drops of tears fell down…in his mind he called;” chasini I need u..plz come to me..soon”.. Radhika was still in deep sleep ; got up with a jerk..she asked where he was n ran outside….


” run radhika run..they are following us..how they knew about we went to find curing medicines “, said warrior neelkant as he was running barefoot..

” there must be a traitor among us,who informed our each moves to enemies..need to find out that person asap”, said radhika with thoughtfully..

” first we have to save queen…Arjun must be in trauma ..he loves his mother more than anything..then we’ll find that traitor n teach him a lesson”, said neel hurriedly..

” I think he faced many problems only because of me..after I entered into his life he was in trouble every now and then..i must be a bad omen”, said radhika as she felt herself as guilty..

” I think u r intelligent enough to know what is right or wrong..; but it seems u r also like emotional fools believe such superstitions..its situations n timing are wrong,not u…I hope I will not repeat myself in future”, said neel with assurance which made her came out from her guilty form…

Radhika made Neel stopped on midway n said;” we don’t need to run now..lets use ur power n go back..now we should be in front of queen..hurry up”… Neel gave her an unbelievable look coz the one one who held each power told him to use his power..before they disappear rads summoned earth power so that nature could divert enemies attention to other direction n they will be successful without any fuss..neel praised her in mind…

As they reached at entrance of the palace teji came running ..he looked tensed..he said;” I don’t know what is going on nowadays..why those both brother has misunderstandings..now they are going to get in a sword fighting n the reason is u radhika..Aditya took promise from Arjun that no mythical power should be use in fighting..n they will fight until one get hurt or dead in other way”..

Neel n Radhika stood shocked..neel asked;” if his majesty didn’t stop them..how they both behaved like insane??.. We have to stop them..Aditya is much better than in sword fighting..he was a clever hawk that took promise from Arjun not to use power..i knew he is not right..he might be the traitor among us”..

Teji replied;” nobody knew about this fighting except Aditya’s uncle..he was looking suspicious..i think he might provoke Aditya for this kind of fight..in anyway Arjun will be hurt.. I heard it by luck when I crossed their doorsteps”…

Till now radhika was thinking something..she said worriedly;” I got to know..it might be a trap to kill Arjun..we have to be hurry..neel u go to court physician n gave him the medicinal herb..i am going to control those both mad men”..

They dispersed in different ways ..Neel told court physician to prepare medicine asap n cure queen for betterment..as he left the physician place other two ladies entered into room..physician stood up n showed respect them..at the practicing area Arjun and Aditya exchanged furious looks..an evil smirk spread on Aditya..he knows what he is going to do..he failed to get crown..he failed to create rift between neel n Arjun coz Arjun himself believed neel as Neel always provided him truth evidence.. he failed to get Radhika when radhika returned Arjun’s love confession answer after coming back from saint..he was burning inside now seeing arjun- radhika – Neel bonding..he knew princess sameera had soft feelings towards neel..he used that chance to poison her mind against radhika,as neel n Radhika always been together for any expedition or general things..he tried same for Arjun but; failed as Neel always proved radhika’s innocence..Aditya planned it by making radhika alone without any support from side,definitely she will come to him..already princess was not with her..now it’s time for Arjun to finish him off or sowing seed of doubt,mistrust in his heart..then he will let neel go away easily..

They were busy in fighting..radhika was running to them..when both went to stab each other,radhika came forward and stood in middle of them..both request her to get away..she knew what will happen if she moved..she took out her own sword and pointed towards herself and said;” both of u stop now..if u are going to start again I’ll kill myself..what have gotten into u,so u are in a oath to taking each other’s life..both are insane..i was so wrong to accept ur proposal..learn something from Neel..how to be tactful and handling situations??”..both didn’t feel good seeing her in such conditions..they threw their swords n came to her..she saw Neel was coming with teji..she asked neel to take away her from them..as they went,Aditya gave an evil triumphant look to Arjun which means” did not I say right?? Radhika n neel betrayed u on ur back “..Arjun tried to not believe Aditya’s meaning ; but somewhere it pinched him..he remembered Aditya’s words only..he thought how they always being together whatever the situation might be..how Neel took radhika’s side everytime..how they went out for bravery expedition?? He felt his brain would explode anytime; so he decided to take rest..after that he would think matter calmly..

As Arjun entered palace ,one estrade came running to him with crying n said in a broken voice;” prince,queen is no more..she passed away”.. Arjun was frozen n stood numb..by the time he composed himself n ran toward his mother’s room..he was full of tears n cried heavily by holding his mother..neel radhika n teji went to him..neel tried to console him; but he pushed him..Arjun put his sword on court physicians neck n roared ;” how she died? When she was showing signs of improvement ?”..

Physician got afraid n said;” the medicinal herbs brought by warrior neelkant n lady radhika,I made medicine from that only..those were helpful in retrieve power n energy back..he said that..so I thought to make queen cured asap..but; don’t know how it went wrong..until n unless they brought me the poisonous plants”…

All were shocked..while neel pleaded Arjun not believe physician words..he also regarded queen as his mother,then why he would kill a motherly figure..arjun shot a dead look to neel n said;” i believed u more than my brother..but; in return i got only betrayance..ur jurisdiction will be after some time n i personally took the charge to get justice to my mother..he pushed neel hard that he fell on the ground..

radhika intervened and said she was the one who chosen plant ..but; she correctly remembered she got right medicinal herb..even she double checked..if anything went wrong ,she should be the one punished..not u Neel”..she stood up to go to Arjun..neel stopped her..he went to royal physician and asked him by threatening;” why..why would u do that?? I want a straight truthful answer”..
He replied cunningly;” three important things in order for my family to get paid by kingdom through generation to generation..wanna hear those three rules”..

Neel glared at him ..he didn’t care n continued;” first find out the person who is powerful n wealthy,useful to u..second stick with him for ur benefit n profit..third believe that what ever I’m doing is right no matter what”..with that he started laughing..Neel was going to kill him ,radhika n teji stopped..they decided to go to Arjun n tell him everything..

After they went Aditya came to him n said;” u did a great job,u will rewarded definitely”.. Aditya assured him on his family’s safety whom he held as hostage to made physician do his work..a clap sound they heard from behind..princess sameera came n charged;” coz of ur saying prince Aditya I exchanged those herbal remedies; but what about my condition..i wanted neel’s safety..u used me n I trapped in ur web..now m feeling guilty for betraying our trustworthy radhika n Neel..Aditya laughed evily n said;” I don’t care about anything as Neel will be gonna punished by Arjun..after that he will be dead internally n I will get Radhika n my kingdom..about u ,if u open ur mouth its u only who will suffer”..

A royal justice was occurred outside of palace..common people present..prince Arjun accused Neel for killing his mother..everyone stood silent as they were not ready to believe that..radhika came in front n said;” u were wrong prince..he didn’t do any wrong..ur physician only did it n blamed Neel..why don’t u believe ur own friend when people are here believe him..he is innocent n m witness of it..

Arjun’s blood boiled seeing radhika take neel’s side..he remembered all words of Aditya n scolded radhika on her character..he said;” I thought u as a sacred holy being ,u betrayed me with Neel..u both gave me immense pain”..
Neel had enough of it..he stopped him n asked what’s his punishment,he will ready to accept..radhika looked Neel with teary eyes..she held his hand..teji also went to them n held them..neel told radhika to take care of Arjun after he gone..radhika was nodded negative n said;” u r my friend..i believed u..please don’t go”..both Radhika n teji held Neel tightly..Arjun’s anger rose up,to addition Aditya said some absurd things which fueled his anger maximum..he used his fire power in full force to kill neel ; but radhika came front to save her friend n lost her sense..

Everyone got shocked as the thing happened opposite..Aditya’s mind stopped working..Arjun stop froze..Neel couldn’t held himself now..he roared like storms..nature become imbalanced ..neel went like wind speed to physician n Aditya who stood near Arjun..he choked them death by making them stop inhaling air..physician blurted out the whole truth..Aditya also admitted his guilt as he saw radhika fighting with death..Arjun felt helpless in guilty..what he did?? He went to hold radhika,Neel stopped him..

Neel roared;” being a prince, Arjun u can doubt anyone; but being a friend n lover ,u should know to trust people..u should know how to handle relationship..i always provided u proof for our innocence..u should learn how to maintain relationship”…

He stood up with teary eyes n told;” u don’t know Arjun what u did..its u who brought devastation to our kingdoms..prophecy will be happen soon..u know the saviour who can save us is radhika only..she has all five powers ..she retrieved the mythical sword also..the reason why she didn’t fought u back is if she throws her power back to u,u won’t be alive now..u mistrust our friendship,mistrust her,mistrust the pure relationship between us..I’ll assure u that from now on if I will born again,she will be my first n only priority..nobody can replace her place..n princess sameera with insecurity what u did u won’t get me in future..aditya u will get ur reward from right person when right time approach…that’s a promise to u all people from a honest warrior Neel”…everyone was shocked hearing radhika has all the five powers..

Neel wiped his own tears..he looked back radhika who looked pale..his anger rose n he cursed;” if we are innocent n pure souls,I cursed u prince Arjun,u won’t get any peace and happiness in ur next thousand rebirths..until we come to u,u will suffer..learn how to trust n how to sacrifice for ur loved ones..then u will get everything back”…
With that Neel took radhika inside his cloak,teji also wanted to came with them..they all disappeared in a moment..as prince Arjun n princess sameera called them back wait…wait..wait..
Precap: Remembrance of radhika…funny moments between arnerads

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  1. Kavina

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks kavina

  2. S.v

    My peace is back twin wait i am going to have my inner peace . I’ll come back once i am coming out of this saga. Love u lods

    1. S.v

      Oh my god oh my god omg omg omg what juat happened ?? Sam knows the past god this was somethibg adhitya used the situation against arjun and neel and radhika. God such a betrayal person was adhitya. So now everything came to light. The reason for the curse of prince arjun. God o god i am out of words. Wanna hug u tight. U gave me what i wanted donno why but whenever i see the word reincaranation my heart danced. I love u soo much for giving my inner peace. Write more and make me the same feel i am always getting when i read this. Love u soo much and always feel so peace like today. Love u tons.

      1. S.v

        Im reading it for more than 5 times dear I seriously love this plot. Love u tons.

      2. Rossy

        Omg…twin ur words are energy booster..i told you once as u said it was inner peace I was overwhelmed n decided I’ll continue this only for u if needed..yes..aditya such a cunning crude..we will see him…ok..u read it five times..omg..m really confused first if I did justification to the past as what they are facing present..m grateful to u..??

      3. S.v

        U r asking me im a crazy fan of this and yes it is justified and the best part is when neel cursed arjun those same words which came in arjun’s dream.

      4. Rossy

        Blushing ??

  3. Myra

    You did a fabulous job rossy……it was a sheer delight to read it…take care 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Myra..take care ?

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      Thanks dear sweety..will update soon

  5. Brin

    Outstanding episode, Sam betrays Radhika, Arjun needs to learn how to trust, Neel Curses Arjun, all well written, you nail it Rossy, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

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      Thanks dear brin..after so many attempts I know ur dp is blackie dog..ur pet??

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  7. Sammy

    Rossie di what to say …iam lacking words …my god this was really superb ; mind blowing ..I mean what you eat .. such an emotional episode . So radhika died becoz of arjun …and the curse Neil gave to Sam was really awesome .. that prophecy things was marvellous …main tera haye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gya . Love u di more for this update

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      Oyeee ladoo…r u busy with uni?? I m asking for u to ur hubby..i found an action oriented plot to write..only coz of u..u said u miss dark..someday I’ll write n post the prologue..do read it..now m waiting for ur reply oks…??

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  10. Jessie

    Rosiee..!! Am speechless… without time machine u took me to some other era..! I tell u.. pls compile this as a book else are u in Wattpad.. u surely need some copyrights on this story..this is fantastic plot compared 2 supernatural n other different genres telecasted now a days..So.. no wonder if this turns to be a plot of a serial in future..!! The first part describing Neil’s power is fantastic..! Oh god.. means everyone can use their power..! Tats y fire power Arjun has got angry burning eyes..lol..
    Sam too got to know.. oly Radz left..!! The Past was absolutely mind blowing..So Rads has accepted prince…Arjun n trust.!! Seems he has problems with that? wanna know Aditya’s plan…and sam..gosh d girl almost killed Arjun’s mom..! Cruel Aditya.. and wat happened after that in Astana..n where Neil radz n teji disappeared..Aditya’s uncle..was he punished n is he in this birth too.. Fire power on Neil.. Arjunn..tats tooo much..!
    Betrayal of sam n Mistrust of
    Arjun lead them here.. Awesome dear!! I loved when Neil used his powers in this birth.. still beating..how devil Aditya got 2 know it b4 hand. May be tat parapsychologist!! Did he help him?,!! now u urself know how much am curious 4 next update..wat 2 say.. I may come in ur dreams giggling n asking 4 ur updates wit chocolates..loads of love n TC dear.. when will u start our odisha trip?

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      Jessie dear m really trying to find words to reply u..so many praises for me n m thinking seriously if m really deserve this much!!! Thank u very much dear for ur encouragement,appreciation…m really grateful to u..no m not in wattpad..copyright © for my story…lol..about rads realization m thinking which things will fit for her..Aditya n his uncle..I’ll tell u next update,also what happened in aryavarth after Neil left..Odisha trip n mars trip u will get soon..yummy chocolates n giggling..come dear..again u make me emotional

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      Appi di…what should I tell u?? What u want to hear from me?? My soul sister u always there for me online ..off line everytime..m really thankful to god for getting u..there is nothing secret between us..u know how much I love u n respect u..u always support me,encourage me,show me way to go ahead..loved ur selfless love n affection for me…missing u…come soon back..at Agra..ohk

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    Love u loads n tc

    1. Rossy

      Giu baby..u caught the thing right..a real cop…hehehe…the thing which make me happy is u find this story good…from starting m afraid for u only?? If u can able to believe it or like it…I know ur and mine environment n surrounding n thinking are much different..but m glad finally…thank u

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        Yes dear my full name is lakshmi harisha but y did u get that doubt suddenly ? n about ur story n praises r becoz u deserve that dear…okay say hello to arjun n sam coz they r also on mars…

      2. Rossy

        Lol…don’t know just saw google plus..think its u or not..btw u r looking cute with red dress..thanks for liking my stories..will let Arjun to say hello to u personally…?

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