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The Episode starts with Aarti giving her statement to police. Ayesha takes wedding rounds with Raghu and smiles. Aarti tells what all happened with her. Pandit says you are husband and wife from now on. Ayesha thinks congrats to me for my second marriage. Pandit asks them to take elder’s blessings. Ayesha sees Manav. Police comes there and stops them. Ayesha thinks did Aarti open her mouth. Inspector asks Aarti to come with them to police station, we went to hospital and there Aarti ji said she is Aarti and this is Ayesha. They all look on. ins

Ayesha starts acting and says what happened to Ayesha. Inspector says you have to come wth us, sorry. Karan says its simple, she got conscious and planning this. Manav says Karan is right. Aarti asks nurse to let her go. Nurses stop her. Ayesha comes

there in her bridal wear and shows her mangalsutra to Aarti.

Raghu, Manav, Karan and Sona come there as well. Aarti gives her hand to Raghu. Ayesha holds Raghu’s hand. Aarti says Raghu ji, she is not Aarti, she is Ayesha, I m Aarti. Ayesha starts acting and says Ayesha don’t say this after all this, don’t lie, you want to cheat everyone even now. She says its fine, no one will believe you now Ayesha. She says Raghu ji does not need any proof now. Aarti says she is lying, I m Aarti, trust me. Inspector says whatever, both statements are important, maybe Ayesha is clever, maybe Ayesha attacked Aarti and became Aarti to blame her. Ayesha asks what, why will I do this.

Inspector asks her to give statement. Ayesha says its all infront of you. She shows the engagement ring. Inspector says its not big thing to change ring, if you can plan such big thing, tell something which everyone can believe. Ayesha says there is nothing to prove, there are many things, I m Aarti. She says I can say something which Aarti can know.

She says Raghu ji, remember when you got engaged and Ayesha fainted by drinking, you told me that you want 7 days to prove Ayesha is after your money, you told me, just Aarti and Raghu knew this. Aarti says she is lying, I m Aarti. Karan says maybe Ayesha did not faint and acted to faint, maybe she heard Raghu. Aarti says Ayesha did not faint, she heard all that and saying now.

Ayesha says I m not lying, Ayesha is lying. She says stop it now, fine, I can say more things which Raghu ji told me. She reminds Raghu who asked me to say I love you yesterday. Raghu says I know whats true, no need to give any proof, I know you are Aarti. Aarti gets shocked.

Inspector says once she gets discharged, we will see. Ayesha says no, I don’t want to do anything, please Manav ji, but I request Ayesha don’t do anything like this again, change now. She cries and everyone leave with her. Raghu turns to go. Aarti says Raghu ji and he stops. She gives her hand and he leaves.

Manav thanks Raghu for agreeing to stay here, Aarti is scared after this, I think she will feel good being here with us, I m so happy for you and Aarti. Raghu says I know the pain when anyone you trust breaks it. Manav says I know, life has to go on, I took a wrong decision to marry Ayesha, anyway I can say you took right decision, Aarti is really nice girl, I m sure she will keep you happy.

Raghu goes to room and sees Ayesha, assuming her as Aarti. Her pic falls. He picks it and smiles. He holds her hand. He promises he will keep her happy and love her a lot. He lifts her ghunghat and holds her face. She says I know everything got fine now, but maybe I need some time. Ayesha is in hospital. Raghu smiles and thinks I m very lucky to get a wife like you, who thinks about everyone, you are so good Aarti, what Ayesha did with you, now her game is over. He says as you find right and goes. She thinks its so simple to become Aarti, just an innocent face. Aarti cries in hospital.

Manav takes Aarti in the car, and media asks Ayesha to say something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now arti will take revenge on ayesha..gud

  2. noooooooo .. nt nice .. fr nw on i will stp wathing it .. i will watch it again once ayesha is busted and evryone gets to knw she is nt aarti .. owh poor aarti 🙁 .. .. n i’m suprized that raghu failed to identify his love aarti .. bt when aarti fsrt came in frnt of him he identify .. bt nw wht? .. huh .. whtevr .. btw its nice somehw

  3. I just can’t understand why raghu is not understanding the simple thing

  4. Awesome spoiler. I am waiting for the episode in which Arthi will bring Ayesha truth out.

  5. Bullshit n boring story line…..!!! we alredy stopped watchin it…..n wil neva watch if it continues Lik this….

  6. Hw stupid is all this…..hw can u people give so much importance to ayesha…..atleast this tym it shud hv been ignored ….bechari aarti:'(

  7. Stupid
    Serial name is dream girl and that is laxmi
    Where is she
    I don’t want raghu ayesha manav Aarti or any other stupid characters
    I want only laxmi-samar
    Pleeezzzzz laxmi and samar come back

  8. want our old dreamgirl back with samar n lakshmi…..there love n romance not this boring track

    1. Yes I agree I like to watch samar and laxmi

    2. Ayesha is the Dream Girl, laxmi was just a wannabe. And I miss samar……

  9. I am fully agreed with aashi

  10. Well well well!
    The same OLD DRAMA again!
    Your RIGHT “UNKNWN” now AARTI will take revenge from AYESHA and prove she is AARTI..
    “RAI” your absolutely right! This is excatly the SAME POINT i raised in last update dated:- 14th january, 16.
    There is NOT much to say about today’s as usual BORING episode..
    Same NONSENSE goes ON!
    What i’m thinking is in this episode AARTI gave her HAND to RAGHU but he DID NOT take her HAND maybe when he touches her then he will realize she is his love AARTI.
    But then this does NOT explain that when he touched AYESHA so many times then why didn’t he REALIZE it was NOT AARTI??!!
    Thank you guys for reading my today’s critisism. COMMENT and SUPPORT me if you agree like you guys did earlier 🙂

  11. this serial is becoming too much, everytime ayesha is shown successfull in her motives, first they vanished laxmi, the lead character of the serial and now they come up with this stupid storyline were again ayesha is shown winning the game , pathetic !! stopped watching this serial

  12. It was time to end this show on a good note when Manav returned. This is a ridiculous twist and very frustrating to viewers. Makers, please don’t test our patience. We liked this show for a few reasons, and they are all disappearing one by one. End it before you lose all your TRPs.

    1. Yz ,agree

  13. honestly it goes to show people can do the wrong and get away wit it so easily gosh Wil ayesha ever stop

  14. It was going on a right path and damaaal, the boat is upside down on the road. Why the serial makers wants to spoil the mood of the viewers. To pull the serial they make all these bakwass stories and spoil the interest of the viewers. By showing positive things to the positive characters will bring more viewers and success. Raghu Marrying Ayeesha is the one of the worst storyline one could think of idiots.

  15. It’s time to stop watching the serial.Where is Laxmi and samar.We want to see him.

  16. lagta hai manav nd raghu belvd aarti .thts y raghu didnt talk 2 ayesha mch .bt nw ayesha s raghus wfe na 🙁

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