Lajwanti 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jamaal tenthouse
As jamaal is lost in thoughts of lajo, nooran comes, and begs him to rethink his decision for a divorce. He says that its final. she says that if he so wishes, then she can compromise to live with the other woman. He denies that too. She says that she would follow whatever he says. he asks if there is anything else. She says that she has a small request. he asks what. she says that she wants to enjoy one last feast with him, before going to her mother’s. He agrees. she thanks him, and says that she shall cook his favourite meals, and requests him to have his would be wife too at the feast, as she would be honoured. he comments on her nobility, and then she leaves. he starts imagining his marriage with her, wherein she accepts, and he smirks.

In the tent, the servant comes and tells lajo, that the marriage date is set, and nooran herself is preparing the feast. lajo asks her if she knows when the priest shall come. The maid denies, and takes her untying her.

As Nooran waits, jamaal asks her where is aisha. she says that she would be here any minute. Just then, the maid gets lajo, dressed as a muslim bride. Nooran asks her to sit down, while he eyes her leeringly. she sternly looks away. Nooran comments on their wonderful couple. he says that he has taste of good choice, just like he had chosen her too. she says that his favourite food is ready, but should they start first with a drink. he complies. nooran serves him. Lajo and jamaal, sit both dressed, for their nikaah, while he is served a drink by the maid and nooran. Lajo is extremely tensed and worried. As they wait, he drinks and finishes it. his eyes roll over, and he falls unconscious. Lajo is boggled and eyes nooran. the servant rushes and gets a burqa and the bangles, and asks her to go and change soon. nooran tells Lajo, that she mixed afeem in his drink, and tells that her maid, shall leave her at the border, where her Baraati ji is waiting for her. Lajo is ecstatic and emotionally overwhelmed to hear this, as she eyes nooran with gratitude, thanking her for the risk she took, for her and sunder. Nooran asks her to hurry along. Lajo tells her that she is an angel while he is a devil, and she should leave him. Nooran says that she cant, as men do decide women’s fate, and she is incomplete without him. She says that the bitter truth is she cant live without him. lajo says that she cant put her life at risk, and says that she can go on her own. nooran asks her to take care of herself, and bids her farewell. lajo rushes off. The servant goes after lajo. Nooran tells him, that she loves him immensely, and hence knows how much lajo must be loving Baraati ji.

Scene 2:
Location: Peshavar Jail
Kausar comes and writes the date on the wall. yakub comes and smirks as to whats she doing, as sunder and lajo’s love story is incomplete now. She says that sunder and lajo’s love shall not be incomplete, as its about to be complete. he is tensed, but then starts guffawing. She says that she isnt joking, as sunder is alive. he gets tensed. She says that he tried to kill sunder, but love has immense power, and sunder had some breaths left, and with them, he crossed the borders. he says that their love isnt fulfilled, as he didnt get lajo. she says that she knows better, and the lord wants them to unite. He gets tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Near the border
Sunder sits down, at the dhaba, eyeing the tattoo, Baraatiji, with a heavy headache. Lajo rushes and comes upto the dhaba, and then finds her sunder. She finds Lord Hanuman besdie a rock, and goes onto pray, that he once again made Sita and Ram unite. She screams out Baraatiji, and he turns hearing her scream, and eyes her. she rushes upto him, while he eyes her dizzily, as he gets up. he is tensed and boggled, as she hugs him. he shoves her away, while she asks what happened, as he winces in pain. she gets him water, and he drinks it hastily. She again tries to talk to him, while he is frustrated. He asks who Baraati, and whose. She is shocked, and says that he is her Baraati. he says that he cant remember anything, and screams in headache. she is shocked, and he asks who is she, and what she wants, and why is she continuously referring to him as Baraatiji. she is surprised and says that she cant believe life is playing such a joke on her, as she cries out, how can this be. She is in a state of shock, as she cries through smiles, and laughs through tears. he comes upto her, and then apologises, saying that maybe he isnt who she is looking for, as he seems muslim, and not a Hindu. she says that this is impossible, as the world might go topsy turvy, but sunder cant forget his lajo. He then remembers his conversation with Kausar. kausar asks him to come along, as now they can save lajo’s together, since the whole world is bent on making them unite. he is boggled and asks dizzily, who lajo. she is shocked, and rewminds him, that its his wife. he says that he doesnt remember anything. she is apalled, but says that she had said that maybe due to the head injury, he is feeling dizzy, and once he sees lajo, he shall remember everything. he then asks her if she really is his lajo. she reminds him the bangles, the tandolas, and specially the song, that he cant forget at all. She takes his hand, and sings their song. She tells him that he is her husband, and everything. He sternly says that maybe she is saying the truth, that he is Sunder lal bharadwaj, and she his lajo, but he cant remember anything. She is stunned. He continuously trells him that he is a hindu, and tells how they have to go across the borders. he then takes off his cap, and then she takes off the burqa. She then hurriedly comes back. She says that he cant definitely forget the hanuman Chalisa. she starts the first word, and he picks up from the very next, boggled with amazement at his own spontaneous speaking. She eyes him overwhelmingly. she gets excited and happy, saying that he shall remember the lajo, as well as the tandolas soon. he eyes her boggled and confused. he however wipes her tears and then eyes the tandolas, and the red bangles. The screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Lajo and sunder find a hoard moving in huge numbers. she asks where are they going. they say that they are headed towards India. she begs them to take them along too. He complies, but says that only males can go. lajo asks him to come along to the border with this crowd, while she meets him there only, as he shouldnt be seen here, since this is yakub mirza’s area. she again dresses in the burqa, and eyes sunder going away with the men. She then starts her own journey. Herhand is held by someone, and as she turns around, she is distraught to find Yakub, holding her. she tries to wrestle free, but he holds her back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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