A Dream Episode – 18


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The episode begins with Pragya trying to say about her dream to abhi but stops as someone knocks the cabin. Abhi says come in. A guy comes in. Pragya looks puzzled. Abhi asks him what do you want??? The guy gives abhi, a file. Abhi goes through it and says, so its finally you, Mr. Yash Gupta Singh.( The guy name is Yash). He says yes sir. Abhi tells to him that from today you will work under Miss. Pragya Arora, until you get train. Abhi says to Pragya, you have to train him in accounts as he is a newly appointed staff. Abhi continues, I know who are also appointed few days back only. But I feel it will be good if you train him. Pragya nods her head and says I know him. Abhi asks how you know him??? She says today morning, he is the one who helped me, when I was unconscious in the road. Abhi says, is that so !! He thanks him for helping Pragya. Yash says, sir, you need not to be thankful to me as I have done nothing great. I have seen her unconscious in the road. So helped her. That’s it.

Abhi smiles and asks yash, you were supposed to come to office in the morning, am I right Mr. Yash Gupta Singh??? Yash says yes sir. But….. Abhi asks him why you were late to office on first day?? Yash asks abhi, sir do you want me to tell me the truth or lie??? Abhi says tell both. Yash tell abhi, sir, lie is there was heavy traffic in the road and bus moved inch by inch, grandma not feeling well. No.. Sir, no…., somewhere in my heart was telling that Pragya di is going to get unconscious in the road. That’s why I am late. Abhi smiles and asks him, then what’s the truth??? Yash says the truth is…. he pauses for a second and asks abhi, sir, after telling the truth will you sue me out of this job??? Abhi says that’s depends on your answer. Yash says with a lower tone, the truth is I wake up late in the morning.. Abhi and Pragya smiles and says you are impossible. Abhi warns him saying hereafter if you wake up late, then be in home itself. Don’t ever come to office. Yash says wow is that so??? Then you are going to credit salary for not doing any work. That’s soooo sweet of you sir. Abhi says hello… hello, I mean, if you repeat this again, then you will be fired from this job. Pragya smiles. Yash eyes widened. He asks yash to leave form here. Yash does.
Abhi sees Pragya smiling. He says I always wanted you to smile like this. I cant see tears in your eyes. Pragya nods her head and thinks not to make him worry by telling about her dream now. I will let him know about it at the right time.

Abhi asks why your mobile was not reachable. Pragya shows her mobile to him. He laughs by seeing her mobiles condition. She too laughs by seeing it.
After a while, Pragya in her cabin, thinks that Mr. Mehra has lots of love and care for me. But what is going to happen next??? First I have to find the root cause of this dream. If I let the dream to play the game, then my life will be miserable. No… I have to think positive at this point. If I loose Mr. Mehra’s trust once, then it will be difficult to gain again. I don’t want that to happen.

Abhi thinks that Pragya came to tell something to me but she didn’t. I think she is worried. But what it may be?? He thinks to ask her directly after sometimes. Then he concentrates on his work.
Pragya was restless in her cabin. She was fully confused. She sees abhi busily doing some work. She calls him in her mind as Mr. Mehra, he didn’t react to it. She again calls him as Mr. Mehra. But he didn’t react to it. She becomes sad and says nowadays he is not hearing my voice too ☹ She thinks to call him again. She calls him as abhi.. Abhi looks at her with a smile and winked at her. He says in his mind, if you call me as Mr. Mehra then I wont react. Pragya smiles and says cheater cock. Abhi laughs. Some knocks Pragya’s cabin. It was yash. Abhi thinks, I thought till now PA only used to give entry in wrong time but now yash too joins this list?. He takes a deep breath and gets back to work.
Pragya ask Yash to come in. He asks her, di..have you had lunch??? Pragya nods her head as yes. Yash says di.. I didn’t expect, I will see you again. Pragya says chotu, even I didn’t. She continues saying I already have one bhaiya in this office, now I have got chotu too. Yash asks her, who is that bhaiya?? Pragya says PA. Yash says di.. But I wont accept him as bhaiya. Since don’t know why di.. I don’t like him..

Pragya says okay okay.. Lets concentrate on our work. Yash says diii..its first day. So no work. Pragya says lazy goose. Lets start doing our work. Yash says please dii.. Pragya says noways….
PA comes to pragya’s cabin. He asks Pragya, how are you?? I mean how is your hand??? How it has happened??? Pragya tries to say but yash interrupts and says, oh god!!! How many times we have to repeat the flashback..??? PA gets irked. He stares at yash. Yash too stares at PA. Pragya smiles and says nothing bhaiya, just a small accident and now I am fine. PA says Mr. Mehra was disturbed. Actually she goes out in search of you but you came at right time. Pragya looks at abhi. Her eyes filled with tears.
Abhi’s mom thinks to call pandit and fix the date for engagement. She thinks to call Pragya to home when pandit comes. She then calls abhi and says come along with Pragya to home. Abhi asks why?? Mom says I cant say everything in mobile. Abhi says okay mom.
Abhi looks at Pragya, who was smiling and chatting with yash and PA. He says I want to see this happiness in her face always. I know my angel is worried about something. He prays to god. Hey bhagwan, whatever be her problem please solve it as soon as possible. I cant see her like this. Please give her happiness. Retain this smile on her face forever. Pragya sees abhi. She raised her eyebrow and asks what?? Abhi nods his head as no..and goes back to work.

The clock strikes at 5. Yash hurried in packing his stuffs and going home. Pragya stops him and ask who will arrange these files in rack. Yash says meri pyari di..( my beloved sister) today you do this work. I assure you that from tomorrow I will do all the work. He hurried to home.
Pragya was arranging files in rack. Abhi comes to her cabin like cat. He hugs Pragya from back. Pragya shouts. He keeps his hand on her mouth to make her silent. She bites his fingers. He shouts and break the hug. She turns to see, who it is.. Its abhi. She doesn’t know what to do. Pragya then holds his hand and says sorry.. sorry.. I don’t know its you. Abhi asks her, other than me who has the right to hug you??? Pragya looks on..and says, this is office. Abhi says so what??? He continues, I think in your previous birth you might have been dog since you are always biting me. Pragya stares at him and says, you are so mischievous. Abhi says what!! I am mischievous?? Pragya says oh..ho.. Please stop this.. I am not in a mood to argue… I am going to hostel. Abhi stops Pragya by holding her hand. He says you cant go now………..

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  1. Hey very nice…don’t create misunderstanding ff…make it abigya knows abt takhil evil doing…

    1. Roli

      Thank you Rajesh for your suggestions. Keep reading continuously

  2. nice

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      Thank you mukund raj keep reading continuously

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  3. Hai roli…..epi was nice yaar….especially naughty Yash….and abhi and Pragya too….?

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      Thank you Varsha for your reviews. Keep reading continuously

  4. Nice episode . Hope Yash not troubler maker for ABHIGYA . Waiting for episode 19.

    1. Roli

      Lets see what yash is u upto in the upcoming episodes. Thank you Jessie. Keep reading continuously

  5. Sandy

    Such a nice episode ???. Thanks nothing happened to pragya

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      Thank you sandy keep reading continuously

  6. Superbbb!!

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      Thank you abhigya keep reading continuously

  7. Nice episode yaar thn yash really too cute

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  8. Super dr…

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  9. simple n cool epi dear……….

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  10. Superb dear

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  11. Prathi

    Both PA and Yash have joined Robin’s list actually ?? good one I don’t want Pragya to be sad

    1. Roli

      Even I don’t want her to be sad. But what to do story goes like that ?. Thank you parthi keep reading continuously

  12. Nice episode ??lovely abhigya ?????PA and yash cute naughtiness?keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ?

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  13. Superb..,

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  14. Saranya24

    Loved to the core darlu superb????

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  15. nice story

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  16. asusal u rock it…nice going suprb…intrstng also…

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  17. its really nice to read the dream e;pisode you are posting nice atleat idulayachum avanga kadaic varikum ona irukanum plz dont stp updating.

    1. Roli

      Sure iswarya. I wont separate abhigya till end. Keep reading continuously

  18. Very nice

  19. Superb shona…???
    Lovely episode..
    Abhi is amazing as always???

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