Parvarish SS : Friendship vs Love Part 5

Later everybody leaves to their respective houses. Aditya buys gift for his friends specially for Jassi.
Aditya : I am sure you will love this gift (looks at the gift)
At night Jassi looks at the bright sky recalling her moments with Aditya.
Jogi : Jassi, how is this gift? (shows her pair of earring)
Jassi : is that for me?
Jogi : are you okay? why would I should you this if it was for you (takes it away)
Jassi : oh that is for Ria? I knew it
Jogi : you have become so smart, thanks to myself (praises himself)
Jassi : it is a bad gift

Jogi : you got jealous? I know because I didn’t give you the gift
Jassi : Stop it, I don’t want to discuss this, I am sleepy good night (goes to her bed)
Jogi : what happened to her suddenly (thinks confusingly)
Next day the whole school is enjoying the friendship day. Aditya is waiting impatiently for Jassi to come. He sees her coming inside with Jogi and Ria
Aditya : how should I talk with her alone?
Somebody pats his shoulder but Adi ignores his initially but get irritated when somebody keeps pattering his shoulder.
Adi : what is it (turns around and sees Ria)
Ria : who are you staring Adi, are you looking for someone special
Adi : no, nothing like that (tries to cover up)
Ria : cover it as long as you can but your face clearly says you were looking for Jassi
Adi gets bit surprised to hear

Ria : don’t be so innocent I know what is brewing in your mind
Adi : Ria, please help me, I just want to be around her,
Ria : fine but in return what will I get
Adi : what do you want from me
Ria smiles at him when scene shifts to Jogi who is searching for Ria.
Jogi : did you see Ria?
Jassi ; no I did not, why are you asking me, I don’t know (leaves)
Jogi sees Aditya and Ria talking to each other outside the school
Aditya : Ria, you understood everything right
Ria : of course, don’t worry this time there will be no mistake, I am so glad we are back to friends and my momzie forgave you
Aditya : I harmed everybody especially you, I am sorry for everything
Ria : Its all over, now lets start new beginning (hugs him)
Jogi hears the last sentence of Ria and misunderstands the situation thinking Adi and Ria got together. Jassi too witness the scene together and leaves with distress.
Jogi : my doubt was right, did you see that Ria is more happy with him
Jassi : are you sure? maybe it is not what we are thinking
Jogi : No jassi, i never saw Ria happy that much when she is with me
Jassi : it is not like that, I know nobody can take care of Ria more than you
Jogi : Jassi, just go from here, I want to be alone for a while

Jassi leaves Jogi alone and goes to the corridor
Ria : hi jassi (comes in front of her)
Jassi : hi Ria, you look so happy today what new
Ria : nothing, I am just happy that everything is sorted now, are you coming today evening in school
Jassi : but why? is there something special
Ria ; they are having a party in school for friendship day
Jassi : yea sure, why not
Adi gives thumbs up to Ria from back of Jassi. She suspect something and turn behind but does not see anybody.
Jassi : i will see you in the evening, bye
Adi promises himself to make day special for Jassi.
Ria : Adi, I fulfilled my promise now it is upto you
Adi : thank you so much, I will remember this favor of yours
Later in the evening Jogi and Jassi return home

Suri : you both are back, how was your friendship in school
Jogi funnily tells it was great as so many people tied bands on his wrist
Ria comes calling for Jassi and Jogi
Jogi : what are you doing here?
Ria : are you ready Jassi?
Jassi : yea just give me five minutes
Ria : I am waiting outside
Jassi wears the purple dress and have curly hair with eye shadow.
Ria : wow, you look fabulous, by the way where is Jogi, is he not coming
Jassi : no actually, he is not feeling well
Ria feels bad when Jassi tells about Jogi not coming to the event. Jassi notices her reaction and smiles.
Jassi :lets go
Both girls reach the school to attend the event.

Ria : wow it looks so good
Adi tells Ria to bring Jassi in the music room
Ria ; oh god, I forgot again, Jassi I think I left my phone in the music room
Dolly : Ria, what are you doing here? I want to show you something come quickly
Ria : I will be there, I have to run to music room quickly
Jassi ; its okay Ria, I will get it you go with Dolly
Ria : thank you so much, I am waiting near the corridor
Jassi nods and goes to the music room. She enters the dark room and turns on the light. The scene surprises her. The room is decorated with candles and roses on floor. She sees a gift on the table which has her name on it. She opens the gift and gets overwhelmed to see a friendship statue but wonders who gave her. She keeps looking around and starts to leave
“Won’t you meet the person you came to meet Jassi” a voice comes from back
Adi : what happened, you didn’t like the surprise
Jassi : you? oh this is what you and Ria were planning this since morning ?
Adi smiles at her cute antics and feels her jealousy. Jassi searches something in her purses but cannot find it
Adi : is that what you are looking for (shows the friendship band)
Jassi is bit startled to see the gift with Aditya
Aditya : I know this morning you saw me and Ria together and left the gift in corridor
Jassi : Adi, actually

Adi puts finger on her lips to stop her and is mesmerized with her beauty.
Adi : give me your hand Jassi
Jassi hesitantly forwards her hand when Adi shows her a friendship ring
Jassi : what is this?
Adi : this is not an ordinary ring, it is a promise ring Jassi, it means I will always stand with you, will you be my best friend forever (forwards his hand)
Jassi gets emotional hearing Adi’s words and gets in tears
Adi : what happened Jassi,
Jassi gives her hand to Adi and lets him put the ring on her thumb. She immediately bends down too and hugs him emotionally for the first. Adi too reciprocates her hug as he got the care for first time. Ria sits in the corner feeling alone when somebody puts hands on her eyes.
Ria : who is it? (touches the hand) Jogi
She turns around to see Jogi and looks at him lovingly.
Ria : jogi, you came (says joyously)
She dreams of jogi and her dance listening to the music
Dolly pats her shoulder bringing Ria to reality.
Ria : what is it
Dolly : where are you lost? are you okay
Ria : I am fine, (in her mind) why am I thinking Jogi would be here
Adi and Jassi breaks the hug and wipe their tears.
Jassi : I think we should go outside, if anybody see us then it will be problem
Both of them goes outside in the hall where they see couple dancing
Adi : lets go dance
Ria watches Jassi and Adi dances closely and gets happy to see them together
Adi : jassi, why your brother did not came

Jassi : actually I did not want to tell you but this morning he wanted to surprise Ria, he misunderstood your talk with Ria
Adi : oh my god you both brother sister, how can you forget if me and Ria are safe here today is because of you both
Jassi : but you have to do one thing for me, you have to find Ria’s feeling for my brother will you be able to do that
Adi : there is nothing that Aditya Kapoor cannot do, you leave that to me and did you forget about the inter school competition
Jassi : oh yeah, I am so happy that they are together for that,
Adi : what about us (pulls her closer)
Jaasi : stop it, what are you doing
Simran calls Ria and tells her to come home soon
Ria : yes mom, i will be there soon
Jassi and Adi’s moments is interrupted by Ria.
Ria : guys if your romantic moments are done, let me remind we have to go at home
Adi : I can drop you both home
Ria : no thank you we have our car, we will manage, come Jassi (takes Jassi away)
Adi : Ria (tries to stop her) never mind I will see you both tomorrow

Precap : Examination day. The school starts preparing for inter school when both couple rejoice their moments. Adi and Jassi brings Ria and Jogi close and gets intimate at the same time.

  1. Alisha

    Perfect! Marvelous! Hey Ashini, can you bring Sumed back in your fanfiction, actually I am a fan of Amir plus I loved him in this serial. Please please please.. If not! I am okay with the current track. ??
    Anyways.. Keep writing and have a nice day. ?

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    I was a silent reader. I am big fan of parvarish season 2.It was ended suddenly.I am feeling good that someone writing a ff on it.So, plz continue and don’t care about comments. Waiting for nxt. When will you post it???Keep it up dear.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

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