DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 5

Ragini’s phone rings,

Ragini: in a sleepy tone) hello?
Lak: hello ragini!!! Get up fast and come to my house , I hav to tell u an important secret
Ragini: what?
Lak: u first come and after finishing the talks we both will watch a horror movie
Ragini: u want to watch horror movie na then go and stand infront of the mirror
Lak: ok I will first u come
Ragini: I have to ask ma’s permission
Lak: I already did that
Ragini: really???!!! ok then fine, I will be there in five mins

Ragini: lucky I came
Lak: wow!!!!! u said u will come in 5 mins but u came 2 mins early
Ragini: ok stop it, I know I am bit late
Lak: bit late ? I called at 8 and now its 10:26

Ragini: ok fine na , tell me, u wanted to tell a secret right
Lak: oh ya yesterday in d grocery store
Ragini: what
Lak: I bought pancakes
Ragini: ok
(he comes to near her ears and whispers and she listens to him very eagerly)
Lak: u know they are very tasty!!!!

He raises his hand to give hifi to her

But she stares at him with full rage , so he puts his hand down
Ragini: if u r gonna make such lame jokes ,I will murder u ,the way I murdered ur shirt yesterday ( she says it very seriously)
Lak: chill yaar , cool down (in a bit scared tone)

Lak: lets watch the movie
Ragini: which movie?
Lak: the cabin in the woods
Ragini: ok fine. First off the lights
Lak: ok I will then don’t blame me if u get scared
Ragini: scared ???! me or u?
Laksh makes faces

They both watch the movie , in mid half,
Lak: Ragini ?
Ragini: what?
Lak: stop the movie!!!!
Ragini: why?
Lak: I will use the washroom and come
Ragini: ok fine ( she stops it) go fast and come

After a few minutes,

Laksh taps ragini’s shoulder
Ragini: what ? over now come and sit
Lak: no I didn’t use the washroom
Ragini: why not?
Lak: ah………….

Ragini: jst pretend u don’t have any shame and tell me
Lak: ok , will u stand outside the washroom?

Ragini hits her head and imitates him: ok I will off the lights ,then don’t blame me if u get scared

Laksh looks up like he doesn’t know who told that
Ragini: come now

He follows her and she stands outside and he uses the washroom and comes outside

Ragini: over?
Lak: u were not scared right, like for standing outside, that too alone
Ragini: no I was very scared!!!, then I thought of my very brave friend lucky and his thought gave me courage
Lak: oh lucky who is that? ( he winks at her)
Ragini smiles and they both go and watch the movie

Lak: aaaaaaahhaaaah
Ragini: what happened? Did u see the ghost?
Lak: yes

Ragini: Where? But I didn’t ..wait I will rewind it
Lak: no need of it
Ragini: why not?
Lak: i will show u live
Ragini: how?

Laksh takes out a mirror and keeps it infront of her

Ragini: indirectly, u r saying I am a ghost?
Lak: no
Ragini: then?
Lak: I am saying it directly….. hahahahahha

Ragini gives him a killer look

Laksh turns his head to the tv. as he knows if he makes one more silly joke, she will definitely kill him this time
Ragini plays the movie ,

And after that, they both watch the movie, and this time
very seriously.

To be continued…

Credit to: asheeyana


  1. divi

    ur story is so good
    is laksh love ragini?
    one more thing if u dont mine can u tell me why ragini is sad at 1st ep plzzzzzz

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