Kalpi ‘s Raghav (EMA) Episode 3

Scene 1

Neetu and sahil are shocked to hear that Raghav has married kalpana. Neetu shouts in anger how could that maid kamla’s daughter do this? She has somehow flattered Raghav and married him. How could Raghav like kalpana who has no standards? Pakhi is hearing all this in room. She also thinks the same. Just then Prem arrives home from paris.

Prem says hi mom and hi dad. but no one responds. he asks everyone what happened? why all are sad? I am here after 2 months and no one is recieving me also? whats wrong? Neetu tells whatever happened. Prem is shocked and asks What? Raghav married that kalpana? how cheap? how could he do this to my sister? Prem goes to Pakhi’s room and knocks the door. He shouts. Do you understand now atleast? how wrong you were in believing those chowl people.. They have finally shown their true color to you. Blood relations are always the true relations. Just because that kamla bai showed you a little care when you were young, you have ignored all of us all these years. Pakhi comes running out of the room and hugs brother and cries hard. Prem consoles her. He says Raghav will definitely pay for what he did.

Scene 2

Kalpana ‘s bidai is happening. kamla, vittal and kalpi are in tears. Kamla tells Kalpana. Look Kalpi. you are my brave child, i know. you have lot more responsibilities in your new life about to start. Give lots of love and care to your family. Kalpi hugs her mom and cries and repeats it with vittal and pakya. Kamla says Raghav baba…. Raghav interferes and tells, kamla ma, kalpi is queen of my home. We will take care of her very well. Kamla ma says I know Raghav baba. Thank you so much. Gauri says, ok kamla, I will leave with sammy’s car to prepare for aarthi. Gauri takes leave.

Raghav and Kalpi go in Raghav’s car.

Scene 3

Gauri and Sammy’s family welcome Raghav and kalpana. Everyone is smiling. Kalpi completes her grihapravesh. Gauri tells kalpi and raghav to change and come down for dinner. Sammy’s mom takes kalpi to her room and Sammy takes Raghav. Kalpi comes out with beautiful blue and silver designer saree. Raghav comes out in white kurta. He looks at kalpi and stays seeing her(Kuch khas hai.. plays). Sammy calls raghav but he is not listening. He calls raghav again and raghav turns and smiles and they move to pooja room. Raghav and kalpi take ashirvad of Gauri and Sammy’s parents.

They all sit for dinner. Kalpi says I shall serve all. But everyone asks kalpi to sit with raghav and have dinner. Sammy and family take leave. Sammy come to Raghav and whispers, all the best Raghav. Raghav is smiling and says bye to sammy. Gauri says ok Raghav, I am tired and I would like to go sleep. Both of you go and sleep now. We shall meet morning. She holds Kalpana’s cheeks and says good night child.

Raghav takes kalpi to his room. As they open the door they are suprised to see the room……

(to be continued……..)


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    1. I am married and have a daughter of 4years old 🙂

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