Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 13)

Sorry for the delay guys. Actually I was I’ll so couldn’t update soon. Here is the next part of the story.

Part 13

Meeting was over, Shivaay mistakenly took Karan’s phone with him and moved out. While in his car when he went half of the way to the airport where his chartered was being prepared, he felt his phone vibrate and was shocked to see the caller name display “Annika”. He remembered that Annika’s phone was destroyed in the cylinder blast and no matter how many times he tried to call that number the voice from the other side just said “the number you are trying to call is currently unavailable”. Then he looked at the phone on his hand again and realized that this was not his phone and he must soon return to Karan’s place for taking his phone. Till the time he thought to pick the call, the call ended. The phone was not password protected so he unlocked the screen in order to call back to the number to confirm if its his Annika or not.

He unlocked the screen and found galley already open which had a pic of Annika in that yellow dress. He slides and found more of her pics in that same dress in different poses. He thought, “what the hell is she doing with him”. He slided backwards and found a selfie of Karan and Annika, both were smiling looking at the screen but the background was not clearly visible. He checked the entire gallery and discovered that all the Karan Annika’s pic are just after the day of fire and not a single pic of Annika before that. He gets angry takes Annika’s number from that phone and starts driving back to Karan’s place.

Same time at Karan’s place.
Karan went upstairs to Annika’s room when Annika disconnected the call and said, “tujhe pata hai mai kabse call kar rahi hu ki ab neeche aa jau ya nahi, teri wajah we ab tak khana nahi khaya bhuk se mari ja rahi hu. (you have no idea since when I have been calling you, because of you I didn’t eat now I am dying out of hunger). Karan says, “You know my phone is always in silent mode so I must have not heard it. Anyways I knew about it so see I have brought the suppur here. We shall eat together and then tomorrow you have to leave to find a new job and I have to make preparations for another project. So let’s eat”. They both eat together and then Karan leaves downstairs to his room and then sleeps.

Shivaay reaches Karan’s home and rings the doorbell. Annika knows that Karan is a good sleeper no matter how much sound is there its not easy to wake him up so she goes downstairs opens the door and is shocked to see Shivaay. She didn’t expect him to come at this hour. It was 23:55pm. Shivaay enters the house without a word and starts moving. Annika asks him to stop and says, “ye apka ghar nahi hai Karan ka ghar hai aur aap aise hi uske ghar me nahi aa sakte. (This is not your house, this is Karan’s house and you can’t enter here like this)”. Shivaay ignores her and keeps moving, he enters the study. Annika enters too and says, “ye aap kya kar rahe hain Karan mera dost hai aur mai apko aise hi uske ghar me aakar uski important cheezo ko hath nahi lagane dungi. (What are you doing, Karan is my friend and I will not allow you to enter his house and touch his important belongings)”.

Shivaay turns towards her and says with one eyebrow raised, “friend, he is your friend hmm”. He then shuts the door behind her, closes in on her and asks with anger, “what are you doing at your friend’s house in your payjamas that too at this hour of night”. Annika doesn’t realizes that he is hurt, she doesn’t realizes what he is asking and simply tells, “mai yahan kya kar rahi hu usse apko matlab nahi hona chahiyr pehle aap bataiye ki aap yahan kya kar rahe hain. (Whatever I am doing is none of your business first you tell me what are you doing here)”. Her answers increases his anger towards her, he makes her sit in a chair, turns her back towards the table and her body face him. He leans down close very close, Annika is shocked by his reaction, he moves his hand near her face, and then moves it besides her face to reach the table, he picks up a phone and shows her then says, “mai ye lene aaya tha, galti se tumhare us friend ka phone mere pas aa gaya aur mera phone yahan reh gaya wahi chahiye tha mujhe. (I came here to take this. By mistake your friend’s phone came to me and my phone was left behind).”

Shivaay stands straight then keeps both his hands on either sides of the chair in which Annika was sitting and leans a bit towards her narrows his eyes and asks with a low tone, “what are you doing here Annika that too in your payjamas”. Annika doesn’t understand that why is he so angry and says, “I live here as a Tennant on the first floor”. Shivaay is not quite satisfied with the answer so he asks her, “if you had to live as a Tennant then why in Lonavala why not in Mumbai”. Annika says, “I am not answerable to you, you have no right to question me”. Shivaay has anger on his face, he caresses her face with his left hand and questions, “I have no right, hmm”. He closes in on her again repeating the question in a low soft tone, “why Annika why do think I have no right? I have all the right to know about your whereabouts”.

Annika looks in the other direction and says, “no, you don’t”. Shivaay looks at her and says, “tumhari aankhe kuch keh rahi hain aur tum kuch keh rahi ho(you are saying something but your eyes tell a different story)”. Annika didn’t wanted him to know the reason why she left Mumbai, she thought he would think of her as a coward if he comes to know about it so she must hide it.

She didn’t wanted Shivaay to think that she ran away although the reality was different but as much as she knew Shivaay, he wouldn’t agree to her reasons.
Shivaay didn’t get any response, now he caressed her face with both his hands, he moved his face closer to her and gently placed his lips on hers. At first Annika was shocked with this, then she remembered there first kiss. If it was for some other man then she would have knocked him down but this man. She wanted to kiss this man again as she loved him and she too wanted to kiss him again or being kissed by this man atleast once more before dying. She loved him till that extent.

Shivaay kissed her upper lip then lower lip then slowly and gently discovered the nook corners of her mouth. He moved back, looked into her eyes and said, “why Annika, why do you think I don’t have the right to know”. Annika nodded her head in a “no”. Shivaay kissed her again. This time it was a small kiss, then he said, “Miss Pannika you remember the challenge right, Three days, just in three days you will realize my importance and tell my all your reasons. Till then bye and take care”. Saying so he leaves from the house.

Annika is still sitting on the chair thinking of what just happened. She couldn’t believe that her “baagad bills (wild cat)” just kissed her that too twice. She is in cloud nine with his love gesture, so much that she didn’t pay heed to the challenge words that he said before leaving. She is just lost in her thoughts of him kissing her and is smiling cum blushing at the same time. Shivaay has already left that place.

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