Don and his Roma Season 2 Epiosed 54

Don:I wasn’t expectingyou to keep a secret like that all to yourself. But I’ll beverymad at Ragini if she ever shares that with someone else. Be sure to convey that to her
She felt her neck go dry

Swara:S… Sure.

Don:All the papers and legal documents are ready. Don’t worry… unless Malik decides to do something stupid they have nothing on me. I’ve changed my whole identity, you’ll be changing your name as well.As long as Ragini keeps everything to herself we should lead a normal life.

he said tracing his thumb over her lips She nodded and leaned into his palm that was caressing her cheek now He began reciting whisperingly as she closed her eyes sleepily

Don:Your childish smile so full of tender charmHas power to quench this life drawn out in woeAnd fill my eyes with fire, my soul with calm…I love you so.

The next morning she woke up and looked around her rapidly. What time was it? She had a feeling she had slept in. She took her silk robe on and stepped out of the master bedroom. She gasped as she saw a room filled with flowers.

Don:Kya hua?
Don pretended to look around as per to find the object of her surprise She grinned

Swara:What’s all this?

Don:Flowers, as it appears…

She giggled and circled his neck As She sat up on her toes to kiss him

Swara:Thank you.

Don:Never thank me for what you deserve, sweetheart.
She smiled sweetly at him, then he added

Don:Nor admonish me
She furrowed her eyebrows slightly till he gave her a half smile

Don:Sorry. None of that today. Today we get to really celebrate your birthday, yesterday having been so crowded and whatnot…

Swara:Oh yea? And whathave you in plan for me?

she said as she sat at the counter and began sipping on the coffee mug that was waiting for her, as always

Don:Well, you’re to meet with Ragini in aaaabout
he checked his Tag Heuer

Don:45 minutes

Swara:Huh? Why so early, and what for?

Don:It’s a quarter past 12, darling
he raised an eyebrowas he sat back on his seat opposite of her facing his laptop

Swara:Shoot! I had a feeling I overslept.

Don:You were tired, it’s alright. Mostly due to me, so it’s more than alright
he smirked and she blushed taking her mug to her mouth rapidly

Swara:So, uhm, you never told me what the mystery meeting is all about

Don:Well, she’s going to take you somewhere I suspect you’ll like

he said as he placed his readingglasses on. She squirmed as she absolutely loved to see him wearing those, especially when he would look over them at her and then push them back on his ethmoid

Don:Is that not alright?
he did just as she anticipated and she had to jump off the bar stool before fainting off it

Seara:Yup. I’d better get ready, then

he said rather hastily

Don:You know how I hate it when you skip breakfast.

Swara:Please, Don, I overslept. I’ll grab a bite to eat with Ragini, alright?

she made her way around the bar and placed her hand on his right knee as if to gain his attention, he slightly bent and she gave him a peck, she could tell he didn’t agreebut he was letting this one go, for once

Swara:Hey,we are celebrating my birthday today, after all…
He exhaled audibly

Don:You always know how to turn things in your favor, don’t you?’She laughed

Swara:Really, Don? That too, coming from you? Tsk… let’s be reasonable
she giggled and left before he could respond she just had to take a minute and crunch.

All the tulle was making it difficult but she felt overwhelmed. Suddenly she felt like crying and she had to stop the tears

‘Swara, are you alright?’ Ragini said from outside the small luxurious room where Swara was trying on a few Vera Wang bride dresses Swara inhaled deeply

Swara:Yes, just …give me a minute…
Ragini barged in un apologetically as per her nature, and immediately crunched next to Swara holding her cousin’s shoulders carefully

Ragini:Swara… kya hua?
She nodded in denial

Swara:I don’t know… It’s a bit overwhelming I guess
she was wiping her silent tears away but they kept rolling down her cheeks

Swara:I wish… I just wish Adarsh was here,you know…
Ragini bit her lower lip, that was a really sensitive subject, one she didn’t know how to handle

Ragini:… please… come on, let’s get you on a chair…

Swara wouldn’t move though. She wasn’t ready to see herself in the mirror again, wearing that beautiful wedding dress. Was she ready for all this? Was she ready to leave her old life for good, forever? Was she ready to marry the man that killed her brother? So many questions and no answers…


Ragini was looking at her cousin, worried to see her so pale

Ragini:Wait, I’ll get you a glass of water.
she then rushed out of the room leaving Swara with her troubling thoughts She heard footsteps approach her and a glass of water was lowered to her. She took it without looking at her cousin and just as she was about to drink she heard

‘You better get out of that dress… and out of Don’s life, now. Else, you’ll regret it.

She slowly turned to see who the calmingly threatening woman that spoke to her was and was shocked to see

Swara:…You?Aysha(one of the gang member of Don last loves Don)

Aayesha:Don is mine
she again said calmly, with a smile on her lips, and just like that Swara lost consciousness when she opened her eyes again she was looking at a man that was apparently a doctor, examining her

‘Oh thank God!’ she heard Ragini and then actually saw her push the doctor out of the way

Ragini:Shona! Are you alright!?

Swaraj:… Where is she?

Ragini:Huh? Yaar, tum teek toh ho, na? Don should be here any minute…

Swara:That woman… Ayesha… where did she go?

Ragini:What woman??

Just then Don stepped into the small, overcrowded room and literally shove Ragini aside, crunching next to Swara and taking her into his arms protectively

Dn:What happened?
she could sense the nervousness in his voice, which he was trying to conceal She just buried her face into his chest and stood like that for a few moments as Ragini informed him

Ragini:She was feeling a bit overwhelmed… seeing herself in a bridal gown and all… so I went to fetch her some water and by the time I came back I found her unconscious

Swara:The water… where is it? Swara asked all of a sudden

Dn:Are you alright?!
Don turned to ask her worriedly

Swara:raginia, where’s the glass I was holding?
Ragini frowned at her, puzzled

Ragini:You never got to hold the glass I brought you

Swara:No, the one Ayesha gave me
Don had an immediate reaction, as he straightened his back immediately upon hearing that name

Don:Ayesha was here?
he asked gravely

Ragini:Kya? No! Guys… no one was here… I was gone for like 5 seconds
Ragini pointed out

Swara:She was here
Swara looked at Don

Swara:She gave me a glass of water, told me to stay away from you, that you were hers…
Don cupped her face and searched her eyes

Ragini:…It can’t be Swara… no one was here, I swear. I was literally in the other room, I brought you my own glass of water, see?
she showed the glass sitting on a small table

Ragini:I just exited and then re-entered the room, no one was here… Who the hell is this Ayesha character anyway?
she asked, concerned

Don:She wasn’t here…she can’t be.
Don said confidently, never breaking eye contact with swara. Swara touched her forehead. Everything did seem kind of hazy

Ragini:You where hyperventilating, shona. The paramedics said your blood pressure was haywire. You’re getting all worked up and that made you collapse
She said placing her hands on her hips

Ragini:enough for today. You need to take some rest. And tell me who this woman is

Don turned to her

Don:I would much appreciate it if you dropped the issue
his voice demanding

Don:I left her in your care and the minute you turn around she faints?

Swara:Whoa, wait…
She tried getting up but Don took her into his arms and then placed her on the chair gently

Swara;Don… please, it’s not her fault. I wasn’t feeling well, she came into the room when she realized I was too silent, I mean, I was crying right there…

Don furrowed his eyebrows

Don:what’s happening?
he said as he crunched next to the chair

Don:What’s upsetting you?

Ragini said, and then immediately regretted it as Don shot her a deadly look

Swara:No,… I mean,… yes, a little. But it’s normal. Don’t worry… I just got overwhelmed

Don was still staring at Ragini and that’s how she felt she needed to leave the room, right then. She waved at Swara, who looked at her cousin apologetically and then back to her fiancé
Swara Why are you being so hard on her? She did nothing but helped me

Don:What’s this about Ayesha? Don asked her lowered her gaze and nodded in disdain

Swara:I don’t…I don’t know
Don titled her chin gently to face him

Don:Don’t lie to me

Swara:I’m not… I really don’t know… she just came out of nowhere, into my imagination, I guess…

Don:Listen to me
Don cupped her face

Don:She is not here, nor will she ever be, and I am not hers, nor will I ever be. Did I make myself clear?
She nodded slowly and Don kissed her gently

Don:This was supposed to be a nice, relaxing day
She sighed

Swara:I know…I’m sorry…

Don:Sorry? Come on, let’s get you to eat something. This is the reason why all of this happened, in the first place.
She gasped

Swara:You’re not really going to use that against me, are you? she squinted at him and he slowly smiled, a dimpled smile, even

Don:Now there’s my kitten
he kissed her again, more roughly this time

Don:Of course I am using it against you. Serves you right, I suppose
She wrinkled her nose at him and then slowly stood up, with Don’s help

Swara:Oh no!

Don:What now?
he asked ironically

Swara:You’re not supposed to see me in my wedding gown!
Don looked at her, head to toe and grimaced

Don:You’re certainly not getting married in that ugly dress
She gasped and punched him playfully

Swara:Shhh, Vera Wang’s people will hear and throw us out.

Don:You’re never stepping foot in here again, not after what happened today.What kind of staff to they employ here, anyway?People left unattended …
Don stepped out of the room as Swara began undressing and immediately ran across one of the ladies that helped her pick the dresses

Don:One hell of a place you run here, indeed
Don reprimanded

Don:I’d like to speak toyour superior
Swara gasped hearing him in the hallway
Swara:That won’t be necessary she said as she stepped out, taking her jacket on

Don:See that?
he gestured towards Roma

Don:The lady fainted just minutes ago, and she has to get dressed by herself?

“I’m sorry, sir, we’re…’‘

Don:Enough! I’ve had it with this place. Unprofessionalism irks me to no end

he said between his teeth and Swara almost had drag him away and out of the building.
How was this chapter seriously and while writing this chapter I was out of idea so whatever came in my mind I just wrote that.hope it didn’t messed up the story.

Thanks a lot for your support. Without u I wouldn’t not have been able to complete so many chapters.

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