Vishkanya ff epi-30

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The episode starts with Apu and Malay sleeps.. Kalpana thinks about something and comes to nanditha house and asks about apu? She tells they went out.. So pls don’t call them and disturb… Kalpana gets irked and comes out and sees flower shop and comes there and gets one flower and comes to veiled man and gives him flower and tells him to come tmr to the house.. Kalpana smiles.. Man smiles and tells I love u kalpana.. She tells me too.. He leaves from there.. Malay gets up and sees apu hand on his body and smiles.. He slowly moves it and does not disturb her and comes to washroom and sees mirror and beats his head.. And smiles at his face.. He recalls romantic moments with apu… He gets call and he tells I will come within 5min..
Malay comes out and wakes apu and tells her to close door and I will come within 10min.. Apu agrees.. Malay leaves from there and comes out and meets some guy.. Apu gets up and ties her hair with band and sees mirror and recalls romantic moments with Malay.. She smiles. Bolna plays..

Apu and his friend walks on road.. Apu gets kalpana call. Apu takes it and taunts her and shouts at her. Apu tells her to calm down and asks what happened? Kalpana tells nanditha told like this.. Apu tells her to recall it once more and tells she is believeing me so this is our first victory.. Kalpana tells I am idiot. She tells her to carry on and cuts the call.. She comes to her didi and smiles at her and tells this is our victory..

Abhi and tapur comes to restaurant and smile at each other… Abhi tells tapur that we can have lunch here.. Tapur cheers and tells OK.. Abhi smiles and comes close.. Tapur pushes him and tells this is hotel.. He tells so what? U r my wife. He smiles…

Kathy and shai walks on road and sees Malay walking and walks toward him.. Kathy sees truck coming to hit Malay and jumps and saves him.. They both falls down.. Kathy asks r u ok? Malay thnx her. Kathy and shai asks for pic? He poses. Shai thnx Malay and bids bye and comes to hotel reception..

Narendran, Kathy,shai,ooshi,rufina meets each other. Narendran fells we have to do something spl such that they both should not forget us.. Rufina agree.. She tells yes.. Others also tells yes.. Narendran shares the plan with others.. Kathy tells I will help u..

Precap: Surprise… Wait.. Next epi tmr or next week.. Bye guys take care..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Wow naren… I read the episode with a biiiig smile on my face…??

    1. me too….you are the heroine of the episode 🙂

  2. Hey I saved Malay… So happy.. ?????? Shai …. Both we had a selfie yaar…” It reminds me a Tamil song “selfie kulla” vijays song …???

    1. Saving part… Reminds me of manmarziyan where radhika saves Arjun… I loved that moment… Wish u continues like that… Malay carry me to hospital… Wow…??? ok ok… It’s too much… I know???.??

    2. yeah i took the selfie with you both 🙂

    3. sorry comment posted in the wrong place

    4. and i want the grey character….

    5. Kyu shai??? I don’t want to see u in negative … Neheeeeeeee???

    6. di i like grey characters as i think that you can experiment and portray yourself very well…i got appreciation in playing grey gives lot of shades to your acting…just look at rohini aka kalpana, simone singh aka sakshi goenka and vatsal aka shourya of ek hasina thi….they were such classic grey characters and experssed themselves so well… (P.S- but i also love playing comic characters too and have written scripts on it!!!)

    7. Hmm you’ve got a point…

  3. OMG.. Who’s that veil man… ?

    1. hmm kalapna ka shayantra

  4. What this kalpana upto now… excited for the next surprise …. Keep writing ..

  5. liked the suspense naren!!! keep it up!!!

  6. hey naren…this is a friendly request….make me do something evil to bring apulay close….I love to play grey characters in the plays and skits

  7. Hey Narendran in Precap I was there but now I am not there but very nice episode.

  8. Nice epi..keep continue dude

  9. nice episode and take care be happy always

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