Doli Armaanon Ki 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya gets diya back to the house, in a wheelchair, and all happily welcome them back. A lighthearted banter follows, where finally shaurya amusingly teases ishaani that she too should get married now. He is in turn teased by everyone to bring a child soon in the family, while diya is flustered. he tries to excuse themselves to get to the room. they ask him to hurry as otherwise their wish wont be fulfilled. Diya and shaurya are embarassed, while diya tries to get up on her own but is unable. shaurya comes and helps her out of the wheelchair, and picks her up in her arms, taking her by surprise. Others watch amusedly. Diya and shaurya engage in a romantic eyelock. he carries diya up to their room. Seeing them, urmi hopes that it would

have been nice, had damini been with them on this special day of happiness, but where her arrogance and hatred led her to.

In their room, shaurya feeds diya who quietly complies. she eyes him overwhelmingly, as he cares for her. By the night, while diya is asleep, he comes in with meds, and caresses on her head, and she wakes up. he gently gives her the meds, and then asks her to go back to sleep. she is overwhelmed to see him caring so much. When she has trouble donning the vermillion on her head, he helps her do it, while she gets tears in her eyes, being emotional. He insistently takes care of her food and juice. When she wakes up from sleep in the night, he finds her sitting by the side of the bed and dosing off. She gently gets up and tries to caress his head, that wakes him up, and she shys away. he is all smiles as she sees him close. he asks if all is okay. she complies and then lies down. He gets up and lies on the sofa. they both dose off. she smiles.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Anirudh asks shaurya, while diya is serving them all, intentionally if he has packed everything that he needs. urmi asks diya to come and join as she has been working hard. Urmi asks him when’s the flight, and shaurya responds that its a late night flight. diya is boggled, and then asks what flight. urmi and anirudh eye her, as she seems interested to know. Shaurya is amused and says that in the entire hussle and busy schedule, he forgot to tell her that he is going to UK, in the next few days. She gets tensed that he going so far. diya asks why so suddenly. shaurya says that a big multinational company wants to tie up and merge with them, but asks her not to worry, as its just for 6 months. Much to their amusement, diya is shocked, but doesnt express it totally. He tells her not to worry, as all shall be here, and chiku too. they assure her, while she isnt able to still digest that he would be gone for 6 months. he says that its a big oppurtunity and such chances never come again hence he shall have to go. She excuses herself to hide her tension and worry, while shaurya is amused and waits for her to respond.

In their room, diya comes and finds shaurya working. she addresses him as sir, and he interrupts her. she fumbles and then adds shaurya ji, and he interrupts her yet again. she finally utters his name, and asks why didnt he tell her such a big thing. he acts naive, while she reprimands him for not telling her. he continues to be indifferent, and then says that she should be happy he wont be around, and therefore didnt consider it that big a deal. She asks why would she be happy. he reminds her that she was the one who wanted a divorce, so this is the perfect setting for her, as she wont have to bear him. She gets tensed, as her reminds her the whim that she had. he asks her to consider that they have separated. she says thats what she wanted then, not now. he asks whats changed now. she says that she doesnt want it now. He insistently asks her what does she want now. she flusters and doesnt respond. he asks her clearly. She fumbles but finally manages to say that now she wants him as she loves him. he smiles at finally having gotten what she wanted. She finally says, I LOVE YOU, to him, while he eyes her emotionally overwhelmed. but then acts pricvey as if he didnt hear and asks her to repeat as he didnt hear it earlier. she turns to him, and then smiles, and repeats the confession of her love. he smiles at her, and says that he loves her too. A passionate and romantic eyegaze follows, and they both hug each other. urmi, anirudh, alok and ishaani come in clapping. Diya is shocked. Anirudh says to shaurya that they had told that this plan shall not fail. shaurya smiles. diya stands boggled. Urmi and ishaanic lear that this was just a surprise, as he isnt going anywhere, and this was just to get her to express her love. She is shocked, that they all were together in this conspiracy. shaurya says that he wasnt involved as it was anirudh’s idea. he apologises, and says that despite their immense love, they were being as strangers, and they couldnt see it anymore. urmi too tells that they wanted that couple like understanding between diya and shaurya. Anirudh asks them to get ready, as happiness is being showered on them, and for that, they shall pray, and the puja shall be done by shaurya and diya today as a couple. He hopes that god keeps his blessings like this. he blesses them both. Diya and shaurya each other. The screen freezes on diya’s smiling face.

Precap: While the police van passes by, damini hides in a pile of bamboo stikcs kept at a distance. damini thinks that she has lost everything and doesnt have anything more to lose. She swears revenge and then thinks that she is coming back yet again, and shall see whether now urmi shall be able to save her family or not. Later, the police calls and tells urmi that damini sinha has escaoed and with the service revolver of one of their officers. urmi is apalled and aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow what an episode.i enjoyed a lot..but again damini ….ssshhhhhit

  2. Gonna miss kunal again …. Damini is going to die i guess….

  3. Finally she confessed her love!! Damini is too stubborn. That’s why she end up like this. She deserves it!! Just hope she doesn’t kill anyone.

  4. Oh I’m so overwhelmed reading today’s update. I’m a sucker for romance so I’m all tears for shaurya’s happiness n diya’s confessions of love for him…..sniff sniff!!!!! Urmi blessed to have a father in law like anirudh….had his support from day one….unlike her own dad who gave her thunder!!!!! Thanks you writers, for letting love b the winner!!!!! Hats off to you all.

  5. No villain … no story … the end.

  6. aww soo loving…I truly love diya and shauriya’s chemistry

  7. I’m happy that the writers are showing how evilness can isolate you from all that is dear n close to you. Damini should die……witch!!! So much hatred i ppl, eventually destroys the fabric of their fragile minds, to a point of no return n so damini is reaping the benefits, of sowing deception, n discord amongst her close relations.

  8. I only hope these stupid writers do not give damini the power to kill anyone of the family I hope there is a shoot out between the police and damini and they kill her in the process after urmi and shauyra and diya went through sooooooooooooo much already I hope there is a happy ending to this serial I am so sorry that Ishaan had to die saving samrath it would have been so nice for him to see the lovely daughter he and urmi produced anyway I know that aniruddh would take care of them for life

  9. Yes she finally tells him I love u n I hope damini doesn’t do anything stupid or hurt anyone of them now she is on the run

  10. So sad for doli armano Ki.I’m gonna miss al of them,except damini

  11. oh no…again an evil track will come…damini escaped???

  12. Oh God why let Damini escape ??? You BETTER LET HER DIE DAMMIT ! . Don’t let her kill anyone.. Let this be a great happy ending for once.. PLEASE… This world is too evil.. for once let the good win and let the evil lose.. I don’t understand why do they make the good ones suffer much worse than the evil ones ? JUST WRONG

  13. My belief is that Damini will be caught or shemay get hurt badly but she can never win . Good always prevails .What a wonderful story with so much education in it that everyone was able to learn something.This is the best serial but unfortunately it has to close .In closing the writer has portrayed exactly what she wanted to showcase to the world. Execellent job and well done writers.The abuse of women was well established to the public.Kudos to you all.Show case a story about the abuse of men and young boys now.This is a topic that a lot of people do not undertake and do not have much knowledge about.

  14. good update lakin fu!!! damiini so cruel disgusting

  15. In this story Urmi has overcome all obstacles.Diya has also won and found love.Ishaani has found her mother and is celebrating her.Anirudh has shown that he is a wonderful father,grandfather and father in law. He is an example of the many good men out there. Perfect example to learn from.I will miss this serial but it will also be memorable. The remembering of Samrat and Urmi and Ishaan and all those wonderful actors and actresses who made this show memorable all the best to you all.Everyone was wonderful in their own way. Writers thanks again for doing such a great job and let us do not forget that Damini ‘s character was well played,

  16. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ncy ending love confessions! Anirud best Man Ever.Is damimi hopefuly dies? Wen does serial end?

  17. What is the song played when shourya helping diya

  18. Jodian Thompson

    I love this show so much. I can’t believe its ending I was getting attached to it. Am eager to see the other series. Am hoping this is a break and we will be seeing you guys next year. Want to say thanks for the lovely nights of passion, anger, love, excitement, hatered, connection, commitment etc. Love the characters xoxxo

  19. Jodian Thompson

    This is my favourite episode I like seeing people in love and now when its time for them to express their love the show has been concluded. It was a great series I enjoyed it.

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