Doli Armaanon Ki 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Reception venue
When the photoshoot begins, samrat insistently asks for a pic of both the couples, and ishaan leaves the stage enraged and angry. Urmi is tensed. The waiter comes with juice, and after giving it to samrat and tani, he presents it to urmi, who denies. Samrat instigates her, and she drinks. samrat smiles evilly.

The kulguru comes and is greeted with much reverance and respect. samrat says excitedly to tani that he believes in such stuff. He sits down. Anirudh gives him a glass of juice, and he congratulates them of the son’s marriage. Samrat comes in saying that he should also get blessings too. he says that nothing precedes over love and blessings and begins to praise him. samrat asks tani to come too. She complies. They both take his

blessings together. Anirudh is mortified as questions arise on how his daughter got married too. samrat continues to praise Kulguru, and then asks ishaan to come along with urmi, to take blessings, as both the couples should get blessings. But urmi is nowhere to be seen. Tani too tells that urmi isnt there. Suddenly, they find that urmi is dancing incoherently, completely inebriated. All are shocked. people start commenting and the kulguru is completely mortified. samrat doesnt leave any stone unturned to instigate kulguru all the more. the kulguru is enraged. samrat leaves from there. Ishaan grabs hold of urmi, asking whats she doing, as people are watching. She keeps demanding for another glass of juice. The waiter is angrily sent off by ishaan. Urmi completely doses off, and he carries her. Damini overhears samrat saying that what he feared has happened, as she cant bear anyone’s happiness but herself. Damini is tensed.

The kulguru reprimands anirudh for bringing a bahu like this, and asks what got into him to do something like this. he listens silently wih his head hung low. all are shocked and tensed. damini places the blame on ishaan and anirudh.
Anirudh takes the blame for bringing a wife like this for ishaan. Samrat smiles evilly. But sandhya’s husband says that from what he knows, urmi isnt like this. Tani asks why he favours urmi so much. Samrat too dismisses his statement, and then tries to instigate them bringing out that she was completely inebriated. Samrat continues to emotionally hurt them, while the kulguru says that anirudh has wronged greatly. Just then, ishaan comes with the waiter saying that its all his fault, and asks him to say the complete truth. All are surprised and boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
All are shocked and deeply tensed as to how urmi could do this. gaurav says that definitely samrat is behind this, and he must have tampered or done something. saroj is tensed for urmi, as shaurya too hasnt recovered, and wonders what they shall answer him, when he wishes to go there. She wonders what all would samrat do. Shaurya comes out saying that he wont insist and says that he knows whats going on and asks them not to take his tension. Saroj hugs him and asks him to go and sleep, and escorts him too. Asha goes to gaurav asking if he can come along to sleep, but he snubs her off. Asha leaves, while he is enraged.

Scene 3:
Location: Reception Venue
Anirudh asks why is the waiter here. Ishaan tells them all that the waiter deliberately mixed up urmi’s juice with alcohol. All are surprised. samrat hopes that he doesnt give his name away. Ishaan says that he just now admitted. All are shocked. Anirudh angrily asks him to spill the name of the person, who made him do this. samrat takes him aside, in the means of getting it out and then blackmails him. He falls prey and says that it was just a mistake. ishaan says that he had full faith on urmi and hence knew something was wrong. anirudh says that even he couldnt believe. He asks the kulguru to have faith. sandhya says that urmi’s luck is good. The screen freezes on Samrat’s relieved face.

Precap: Urmi comes to shaurya and he hugs her. She says that she missed him, and he reciprocates asking when would he go with them, and if samrat has left or not. urmi is tensed. Later, urmi tells saroj and everyone else, how her drink was tampered and how she thinks samrat must have been behind it. All are tensed. gaurav is enraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  3. This is too much! When I saw the precap yesterday, I wished Samrats’ plan would backfire. It seems he’s won again. I’m close to stopping to watch and just read updates. If no improvement, I’ll stop even reading.

  4. If i had Samrat to deal with I would have hung him upside down in the square and castrate him publicly.This is how much I despise Samrat.I do not know why they a advertising this abusive man in this way .He should be shown behind bars wearing some jailers uniform.There are people who will draw the wrong conclusion thinking he is a love bird.This peacock needs to be taught a humiliating lesson.He is so arrogant,I just hate him.Writers I do not care but you all are women haters because you will not be writing this mess.

  5. I just stopped seeing this show. I jst read story and leave. Who will see such evil faces and boil our blood.This continues atleast for 4 monhs. So just relax. They want to celebrate after 300 episodes by dragging with dirty stories.

  6. They should wrap up the program with samrats plan backfiring as Tani turns out to be smarter than him.urmi has been through hell and she should be the one laughing out now.As for qubool hai it should just stop coz i dint see y evil is triumphing all through.What is this!

  7. nice show .
    the excitement is growing day by day

  8. hey guys dnt wry sto harrasing writers

  9. i feel like killing samarat

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