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Doli Armaanon Ki 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence and office and City hospital
While shashi is in her room, amrit comes and hungrily eyes the money kept in her almirah. he tells her about going to some dhongi baba, who gave some rice, to be put under samrat’s pillow. shashi gets influenced, while amrit tells that he is a little costly. Shashi gives him more money for that sake, while amrit eyes the money hungrily. Shashi tells him to arrange for a meeting with baba. amrit manages to make a fool out of her. rudra comes in and they both hide their things. He asks what happenening. shashi jokingly refuses to tell him and sends rudra off. Rudra asks shashi not to be upto something yet again, but shashi moves out hastily.

In the evening, while urmi is trying to get hold of shaurya,

kanchan comes in and helps her to manage urmi, by luring him into storytelling. she tells urmi that shaurya would be taken care by her, so that they dont have a problem in the night. urmi complies and continues her work silently. Samrat remembers tauji’s advise. He finds it difficult to be nice to her making an effort but then asks her if she ate anything, surprising her. She says that she didnt. he asks her to do so, as its late. Shashi comes and finds him eyeing urmi, and thn takes out the bag that amrit gave to her. She asks about his health, and then slides the bag under his pillow, pretnding to adjust it nicely. saamrat tells her that urmi doesnt need instructions from her, as she does her work much better. Shashi finds that her work is done and leaves. He continues to eye urmi. later, samrat makes a face seeing meds, but silently opens his mouth, as he finds her staring sternly. She adjusts his pillowes to sleeping position, making the bag fall on the ground and after having adjusted his to completye comfort, she lies before having asked if she needs anything. He says no and she doses off. He does too. later in the night, she continues to tend to samrat’s pilows and adjusts it accordingly, and empties the bed pan while she is up. When samrat wakes up, he already finds her awake and getting ready. He is surprised at her dexterity.

The next morning, urmi gets shaurya’s and samrat’s breakfast. shaurya asks why is she feeding his father. She says that he cant right now, as he is hurt. Shaurya says that he would be fed by shashi just like she feeds him. She asks shaurya not to talk like that. samrat watches smilingly. Shaurya insists that he wouldnt allow anyone else to be fed by her, as she is his mother and noone else’s. Samrat says that she is his wife first of all. While urmi is attending to samrat, and shaurya plays along, he and samrat get into a verbal arguement and a tiff about who urmi loves more. shaurya insists her to answer whether she loves him more than his father or not. Urmi is at a loss for an answer. tauji sees this from behind the curtains and is amused. urmi changes the topic and asks shaurya to come and feed him first. samrat asks her to answer as the child is curious and his query must be satisfied. urmi tells shaurya that mumma loves him the most. samrat is jealous. tauji smiles. Urmi kisses him, and gets him to eat, after agreeing him to let papa have his breakfast from her too. She gives him the food sternly, and he gets jealous as she has a smile on her face when she feeds shaurya. tauji thinks that samrat’s got such a nice family, but he didnt have the maturity to keep it like that. tauji thinks that he wont be able to do anything and he himself would have to intervene. He knocks on samrat’s door after sometime, when urmi is gone. Samrat welcomes him in and he asks about his health now. tauji comments that he is looking fresh now. samrat says that he is feeling better too. tauji says that he was concerned. samrat asks questioningly whts the matter. tauji asks if urmi took care of him in the night. samrat says that he did, as she is his wife after all. tauji instigates him saying that he dosnt want to uset him with his opinion. It irks samrat and he instantly wants to know whats tauji trying to say.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
asha is crying that gaurav doesnt take her anywhere, while saroj and granny are tensed, as they find her like that and making a mess of the flour. Granny asks her to shut up, but asha continues to cry, while saroj assures her that she would talk to gaurav. They find that she is crying right into the flour that she is kneading, and decide to give this to the birds and animals. granny finally shuts her up assuring that they would talk to gaurav.

Scene 3:
Location: A client’s residence
Amrit takes a fake identity of deepak mahajan, samrat’s secretary, and goes to a lawyer recently settled in bhopal, asking him to make a transfer deed for Samrat Singh Rathore’s property to Amrit Singh chauhan’s name. The lawyer asks about their in-house advocate. Amrit makes an excuse of him having gone on a long vacation. He enquires how long would this work take. The lawyer says that they can be done by tomorrow too. He asks about the cost involved anbd is told that it would take 5000 and he instanslt agrees to it, giving him 2000 advance asking him to keep the papers ready. the lawyer takes the money and complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
tauji tells him that she may be doing the duties of a wife, but she considers the relationship on its face value only, as he thinks about her as his wife still, and that she is doing him a favour now. tauji tells him that she doesnt love him anymore from the heart. Samrat is shocked. Tauji says that she is merely fulfilling her duty now. He says that she told him clearly that she was leaving him, but just stayed back out of pity, after his accident. Samrat is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As urmi attends to samrat’s care, he asks her if she loves him or doesnt love him anymore. She ignores the question and begins to leave, when he takes her by the hand and jerks her closer to him, asking her to tell himif she loves him or not. urmi faces him sternly and almost angrily, surprised at his behaviour.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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