Doli Armaanon Ki 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s Residence
Tani is beyond any advice offered, and in turn blames urmi for samrat’s debacle, as she speaks completely brainwashed the way samrat did. samrat asks gaurav to respect the fact that he is married to tani now. Gaurav asks him to stop this pretense, as he would throw him out rightaway, and rip him to pieces. samrat tells gaurav to understand something very clearly, its that he loves tani to the core, and nothing can separate him from her. He says that he might cut him to pieces but he wont get tani out of his mind. Gaurav and others are shocked. urmi asks saroj and devi to leave, as she would handle the matters here, while they are tensed. she asks them to take care of shaurya. Ishaan apologises to saroj and devi, with folded hands,

for what tani did. he along with urmi asks them to go. After they leave, Urmi continues to try and tell tani what samrat out her through, and she says that urmi infact deserved it only. She blindly relates all the romanticism that samrat expressed for her, which he didnt for urmi. Urmi tells her about his flirt with sanaya too. samrat watches the drama. Urmi tries to convince her, but she is beyond reprieve. tani says that samrat told her everything, and that its all in the past and she is the present. All are shocked at her stupidity. urmi says that he has manipulated her, while tani accuses her instead of that. ishaan asks her to stop, as she needs to remember that she is speaking to his wife. she asks how could urmi be so important that he is screaming at her, as she had thought that he would have been happy with her, but now she feels urmi has snatched him from her. Ishaan says that he is the same brother, and that today he wants to save her from ruining her whole life, as samrat uses her as a pawn. Samrat gets into a pretense mode yet again, and asks for another chance. tani asks him not to plead, while he says that he loves tani, and wants to live for her only, and asks them all not to insult her yet again. tani asks them to accept this relation now. Anirudh says that she has spoken enough, and that if this marriage means more to her, than her family, they she doesnt deserve to stay here. He says that if she still wants to live with the fraud, its her choice, but asks her to get lost. All are shocked. he asks her not to step inside the house ever again, as she would walk out today breaking all ties with this house, and ever member of this family, and from here on, he shall have just one child. damini asks how is this possible, and where would tani go in the middle of the night. He says that it would happen, while damini says that this cant be. samrat says that they shall leave, and takes tani along, saying that he has the strength to keep her safe, as urmi wont let them live in peace as it is. He decides to take her to jhansi. But she refuses to leave, saying that she shall stay here, as its her house, and she doesnt care what anyone things. She comes to her father, saying that she owns this house, as much as he does, and if urmi can stay with her past, then samrat too can stay in this house, as the son-in-law of this house. All are shocked. tani takes samrat’s hands, and asks him to come along, shocking everyone, while urmi and ishaan are distraught. samrat is barely able to conceal his smile, as they walk up. urmi sees through samrat’s intentions, and is extremely tensed.

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Downstairs, all are still tensed at tani’s foolishness. Anirudh asks them all to rest, as they all had a tiring day. they all retire for the night, bidding goodbye to Ishaan and urmi. urmi apologises to ishaan, taking the blame, that tghis wouldnt have happened had she not married him. he asks her not to talk like this, as samrat would have found some other way to irritate them. urmi is tensed for shaurya being here tomorrow, in samrat’s presence. Ishaan assures her that they would be here by shaurya’s side, while urmi is still tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya throws a tantrum, and starts breaking things saying that he hates his father and that he leaves rightaway. he is super angry and frustrated with samrat’s presence here, in Mumbai. sanaya and asha ask him to calm down and try and compose him. they are tensed for him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
In their room, Samrat starts gloating that he has a new house, new car and a new business, and that this is jackpot, which is on the base of their enemies’ ruin. He guffaws evilly. He thinks that he has toiled enough to come to this, as it was a tough job to get this foolish girl in his trap, as he did this for revenge, but instead got entitled for free entertainment of family drama. Tani comes to hug him, while he wonders if she head. she asks what was he blabbering about, and he makes an excuse by yet again flirting and romancing her. he takes her in his arms and says that he is very happy, and that she is the perfect wife for him. samrat tells tani that a wife’s greatest duty is to give and preserve her husband’s self respect and dignity, and she got a perfect score at that on the first day itself. Tani says that she can do anything for him, as this was a very small thing. Samrat smiles evilly, as she hugs him, and says that this is their first night, and their room is so simple. samrat asks her not to worry, and makes her sit next to him, saying that the bride and groom are the most important and not the decorations. he hugs her, saying that this is indeed a night to celebrate. the screen freezes on his smiling, evil face.

Precap: Ishaan takes urmi inside the room, while she is shy and nervous. As they enter, they are shocked to find the room completely strewn and torn apart, completely dishevelled and unorganised. they are both shocked and surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. How does Tani own her father’s house now? AND doesn’t the bride go to live with her in laws after marriage?!??! Why is she in her father’s house?!??! I am getting annoyed by this track.

  2. Tani married a man that tried to kill her own brother twice. Wow…Samrat must have some special powers to dupe these women smh.

  3. I’m also sick of Tani. She needs to see her husbands true colours very soon.

    1. fan of the show

      The honey will be over and she’ll be left on the moon in a few days-weeks..

  4. Tani’s such a ***** I would’ve killed her

  5. I do believe that Tani get caught up with Samrat because he is a slicker.He lies so much that he will make any one who do not know him falls off the mountain.He is an evil charmer.Samrat will eventually join with his now mother in law and his new wife to destroy Urmi and Ishaan.Who tore the bridal room apart.It has to be Ishaan”s mother because she hates Urmi with a passion.I do not why Samarat has to live there.Get your spinal cord together Ishaan and move away from this circus if you want your wife and stepson to be happy.Eventually he will show his true colors to his wife Tani and she will face some regrets in her life.She will know what an evil snake he is.I cannot figure out how is he blaming Urmi for his miserable life.ABUSERS always blame the wife for their misdeeds.Instead of jail time Samrat needs counselling inorder to become a good guy.

    1. I 2nd that Rosey, Ishaan needs to move out his family. Shaurya is affected already, it will be worse when he moves in with that evil man. Urmi is in this marriage for Shaurya’s happiness, only. Anyway, how do 2 people who are divorced and despise each other leave under one roof? Tani needs to be cut off from the family’s finances and see how Samrat gets the money.

  6. And there goes the serial to shit. Not worth watching any more.

  7. Am sure samrat will teach dis good for nothing girl a very good lesson

    1. fan of the show

      Yes, the witers will have fun showing who is going to straighten out who.
      If the parents were less emotional they could figure out that all they have to do is pretend to love samRat and everything he does and so Tani will be forced by her own nature to start hating him,

  8. Wtf does daughters own their fathers property even after marriage???

  9. samrat is at it again getting his way punishing urmi come on writers what shit you all doing this soap is a big joke lol urmi girl if I were you I would show samrat that he cannot get to me so easily so you know what someone has to leave and that is you your son shauyra and husband Ishaan go far away from there and do not let anyone know where you are going not even your immediate family because samrat will find a way to make them talk and you know he always win please urmi move out right away because the only reason samrat did what he did is to get revenge on you urmi so show him not this trip you lose samrat you will not take my happiness away you have waited toooooooooooo long for this and as for inshaans mother she needs to stop be jealous of urmi and concentrate on her life with her husband and for once accept the inevitable

  10. Too much is too much! To get the TRPs up and get an extension of the cut off deadline, the CVs are losing their minds and piling up a stack of nonsense!

  11. Tani you are deeply blind in love but one day you will regret why did you married that evil sneake. You know what that idiot basterd alwys win whyyy. I’m feeling sad for urmi

  12. Rosheena Singh

    How does Tanu after marriage claim her stakes in her parents.Shud,nt she moving in with Samrat’s parents,that wud be drama and not this rubbish.

  13. Pls can this show end,it goes round and round in the same circle,so borin

  14. fan of the show

    Marriage is always a gamble because there is someone else in it.

  15. Wear is 14 feb written updates. Uhhhh this sandhya needs a tigh slap…. hate her such creep woman and samrat u are discusting shame on you…..

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