Sinhasan Battisi 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vetal is asking a riddle to samrat near the siddh kund samrat then says tat this riddle means the one who goes deep in the waters will get a gem moti while those lying at the banks will get nothing and then vetal asks samrat to go take a dip in the kund and find out and then samrat jumps in the kund and swims after swimming he reaches a cave and wonders wat is here and then he calls vetal where is he while he sees a pooja place there and then there comes vetal and samrat asks him wat place is this and it seems tat there have been no people from long time wat has happened while vetal says if he asks so many questions at once then he wont answer and asks him to ask one by one and then samrat asks him which is this place while vetal says tat this is the place where the ladies

have faced harrasement and they hear a sound of lady shouting for help and then samrat asks him to tell in detail wat has happened and vetal says tat he just cant hear but can see visuals and suddenly the pooja place lits with fire and then both of them are surprised to see this and vetal then tells tat it was swami bhoganand who used to sit and do prayers and then it is seen tat a father comes with his daughter and is in trouble and requests swami bhoganand to help him as he has no money to marry his daughter then bhoganand says tat he can solve his problem he has to leave his daughter here and the father leave her there and goes samrat wonders how can he just believe tat swami
Next vetal tells tat one lady comes with her daughter in law prays bhoganand and then asks her daughter in law to touch swamis feet when she touches bhoganand gets up and says she is a bad woman and if u take her home now ur son will die listening to this she asks bhoganand to give her solution on this and he asks her to leave here and she leaves her there and then bhoganand asks his dasi to take them to ashram while the lady is shouting not to take her samrat says tat was there no one to save these ladies ?vetal says tat bhoganand was also same type helping some of the people and samrat asks how and then vetal tells tat a husband brings his wife and asks bhoganand to keep her with them because she cant conceive and give birth bhoganand then says to the lady tat she should live in his ashram as the environment has made her to serve him and not marry and have a family the lady then says tat she knows wat is all going on here u all are fooling the womens and making use of then the husband then asks her to shut up and stay there and leaves the lady tries to convince her husband too not to leave her here but he doesnot listens and then bhoganand asks his dasis to take the lady to the ashram bhoganand says tat with the powers of these ladies he will become more powerful and he will do bhog with all these ladies to absorb the power in them listening to all this samrat says to vetal to stop as he cant here further and now he will struggle and fight for the respect of these ladies
Into old fort nallini says tat all the men then used to consider women for granted and always make use of them they never respected women raja bhoj says tat yes they never respected women but this will change soon and asks nallini wat did samrat do next nallini narrates he fought with all the society to give respect to women and tells his story further samrat then decides to talk to the ladies while the ladies are seen near kund they are talking with each other they say tat now only tweleve days are remaining as this time will come only after 100 days there comes samrat and vetal the ladies after seeing samrat say tat y has he come again wen once they have said tat they don’t need his help but samrat asks them tat y are they refusing and the lady tells her story tat her mother in law use to give her bad words as she cant give birth to baby her husband also gives her bad words and says tat he will leave her to bhoganand and then she tell him tat she has been sent to bhoganand because her father has no money to marry her she was left to bhoganand because her husband wanted to marry another woman and they will take revenge and then samrat says tat he wants to help them and then the lady says tat u r a man and we don’t need a mans help for this and she tells how bhoganand used them and killed later she tells tat he used to ask his god bhairav and then used to attack the lady take bhog of her and then kill them and so now they will take revenge samrat then says tat bhoganand was a acharaya but the ladies say tat he was a Acharhin acharaya a animal in a mans avtar he used to make use of women and then they leave to take revenge and then samrat decides to give justice to all of them .

Samrat vetal and chitralekha are seen together where vetal shows him the place where bhoganand has been buried and vetal warns him tat this is dangerous as he is a devil

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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