Do you like Ragini’s makeover in Swaragini?


Colors’ Swaragini has got Ragini’s kidnapping drama recently. Ragini was kidnapped, and someone even tried to kill her. Ragini was held captive in a dark room in the outskirts of the city. She has seen a lady’s wig and assumed that the person is Swara. Ragini succeeded in escaping. She called her father, who along with the rest of the family members reached the spot to take her home. Ragini blames Swara for kidnapping him and later her doubt gets cleared.

First, Swara was in doubt, then Sanskaar. But the culprit turned out to be Laksh. Swara tries to get answers from Sanskar regarding her doubt on Ragini’s kidnap, but he ignores her. Police concludes that someone from their family is involved in the kidnap. Swara doubts Sanskar after she sees him burning the red blanket worn by Ragini’s kidnapper. Ragini tells Swara that Sanskar is innocent. Swara and Ragini unite once again to uncover the truth behind the masked kidnapper.

Laksh wants Swara back in his life and wants to kick out Sanskaar from Swara’s life. But how Laksh portrayed the kidnapped made the blame come on Swara. Ragini will show the viewers her drastic makeover. Laksh hates her for ruining his relationship with Swara. Ragini has now seen the truth of Laksh being her kidnapper. She decides to punish him by changing her crazy love into hatred for Laksh. She refuses to give him divorce and is keen to trouble him. Ragini will be seen in a very modern and confident look. She takes then control of the Maheshwaris and becomes the head of the house. Ragini swears to seek revenge on Lakshya for trying to kill her. Do you like Ragini’s makeover in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. yes its good as she is really looking beautiful in this avatar.
    But i hope she wll not try to ruin swara’s relationship with sanky as i love swasan.

  2. Whatever ragini do that i really likes ragini, every charector suitable for ragini good or bad. She have a different varietly acting skill. I only to see and watch swaragini seriel only reason behinds it’s ragini(tejaswi). I eagerly waiting for ragini new looks in that seriel.

  3. I think ragini phir se apni nayi drama suru krne wali h

  4. yah like it ,if ragini be quiet with swasankar relationship it will be super because I love swasan

  5. If she became positive then it would be a good and great change… already she is negative, bad, worst in traditional attire.. so what’s the big difference if she changes her make over or not… nothing new… same dish in different cup… that’s it… my only request is just change the title of the show… because writers r not at all justifying the name.. They spoiled it…

  6. I hate that ragini.. :/
    (not tejaswi)

  7. Yeah …..right…, Tejasvi is neutral.. She looks nice in both conditions… Nd she is really good actress Nd can act anything pstv or ngtv… She is really beautiful Nd looks more beautiful in this look Nd qute also…..

  8. Im watching this serial only for teju….she is perfect actress…

  9. yes i like it but plz don’t drag the show
    unite sea San

  10. Its alright, I just hope she stays negative cos it suits her ???

  11. Good but hope it doesn’t change swasan relationship

  12. Am a greattttt fan of RAGLAK..and along with swasan i want them to be united…and hoping that ragini is now in a positive role…but i hav a doubt!ragini wants revenge from laksh, for that y she is becoming head of the house and ruling and all???:-/but plzzzz… Its a request sort everything btwn swaragini.. And unite them as before. And swara should support ragini in taking revenge.. Plzzzz:-)

  13. If ragini turns into good charector and she tries to unite swasan in seriel then i’m will be the proud to says i’m big fan of my cute teju. Plz writter change her charector not importent to new look of ragini.

  14. Till now, love drama, now hatred drama…. I don’t understand why she run only behind lakshya….. Why can’t she get rid of him giving divorce, by seeking revenge on him what will she prove?????, Yeh uski kha tho khel hein… When she knows well she can never get laksh,What is she waiting for??? If someone don’t accept our proposal, it’ll be like a big insult, yet she married him,…jo log hamara proposal reject karte hein, usko vahi dhafa kar dena chahiya…. Stupid lady, she can get finest man, other than lakshya, purposelessly she is dragging the show… It is so point less,… We should stop watching this stupid thing…and that swara, she is always projected a mahaan, everyone boy accept adarsh, loves only her…. She flirt with all of them, she is a goddess, only she will be positive in any kind of negative situation….. She is the main culprit… She lured lakshya, even after knowing that he is her sister’s would -be, kya zaroorat thi uske saath ghoom ne phir ne ki, jab usee achhi tarah se pata hein, lakshya uski behen ki hone wala pati hein, she did everything thing, apne jeeja ji ke samne tameez se pesh ana bhi nahi janti…. Now she will put a innocent, positive face, as if she did nothing….. She even lured sanskar… By falling on him, on sofa in the earlier episodes, she won’t get up until he reminds her to get up…. Itna bhi hosh nahi hein kya,ke woh kahan par lete hui hein… Chi….. If I was in place of ragini.. I will break all ties with swara, and lakshya… Even with all maheshwaris…. I will take sheker, convincing him, he has to choose between me and swara, same even for shermishta and dadi, and go to a new place and start a new life…. How ever wants to be with ragini, will be with ragini, rest with swara… Khel khatam, woh kya thod degi swaragini kho, mein before hand hi thod dungi…. Usko apni zindagi se be dakhal kar doongi, even lakshya also, do hell with swara, do hell with lakshya.. Do hell with maheshwaris….. Dobara apni zindagi mein us kali billi (swara) ki nazar nahi pad ne doongi, I will find some nice guy and marry there after… If swara again interfere to steal my husband… Usko jaan se hi mar dalungi…. This should be character of ragini, then I would have loved it…. Even I won’t let swara to contact with any of my family members…. Chipkali… Ek bhar chipkegi. Asani se chodeji nahi…… Kali billi or usse bhi bathar… Lol…for all swara haters… Read it and enjoy……

  15. Hopefully she falls in love with sanskaar. Ragsan rocks ????. Swalak and ragsan forever ❤

  16. I hope she will turn positive because I don’t like him in negative role

  17. anything can be do to laksh….. but don’t spoil swasan relationship pls…..
    swara pls accept sanskar’s love… no one will love more than sanskar ..

  18. Ragini’s makeover z better than before. And whatever raging wanna do she can do but don’t spoil swasan relationship.I luv swasan very much.and it’s good that raging will now hate lakh.

  19. i like her but i want it to be swasan and raglak;;;;;;;; hoping for some romantic scenes in raglak n swaswan

  20. Varsha Darshini

    Hi guys actually I cannot understand what is going on the current track can any one explain me. I am in Chennai

  21. I want ragini to bcum positive and want more of raglak scenes…raglak as enemies is indigestable …..

  22. teju….is cuteeee in her evry look……..
    Hoping for some Rag – Lak …scne

  23. I like her only in her first outfit??????

  24. nice …

  25. I hate ragini can’t she leave the house already? & swasan fans pls stop uniting laksh with ragini she doesn’t deserve him can’t there b a new character 4 laksh

  26. Bakwaas hai ye… Ragini ne itna sab kuch kiya but everybody has to bear her. Lakshya doesn’t love her but she forced herself on him. Now when she was at the receiving end, she wants revenge. Ragini ka character ko aur kitna neecha girega?? she is already a cheapo ,psycho, despo bi***. Now what more. And what the hell she thinks she’s gonna achieve wearing such revealing clothes, Laksya will come drooling for her??

  27. Ragini wants revenge–but for what?? Laksh always said he never loved her. But Ragini does not have any self respect why is she behind a man who doesn’t love her at all. And what will she get out of her supposed “Revenge” drama?? Already everybody hates her. But somehow she managed to make bakra out of Sujata n Annapurna. Now nobody is going to side her. And what is point in taking revenge from Laksh? He already hates her, now she is making it stronger. And at the end what will she get – Laksh even after all this?? I doubt. This is seriously stupid. Ragini should move on and get a life.

  28. I don’t really follow this show but I m loving ragini’s makeover in the promos, and now the reason why she turned negative was because she loves Laksh but now she hates Laksh. Very interesting .
    Swasan looks very cute together.

  29. Tejaswi is a gr8 actor. she said i like all d transformations nd d change she went all thro’ dis serial….hats off fah her acting skill…..Ragz u Rock!!!!

  30. Is it true that Tejaswi has become a winner in a modeling show/contest even before she started to act in serials?

  31. tejaswi and helly fan

    i hope ragini gets her rights

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