yuvani ROCKS ( Episode 4)

recap….amaya – mantu meeting ,,suhani and yuvrajs fight ,swara and sanskars meeting ,,,some boyzz tease swara and swara beats them sanskar sees this and is shocked …all share their incidents ….three boyzz kidnap yums gums with difficulty

the kidnappers brings yums gums to a beautiful place ….yums gums wakes up and sees the place ..they think why d kidnappers brought them to such place …..sanskar says let it be we dont care and they try to free themselves while the kidnappers come and yums gums are shocked to see them …they say:you all ….and the three kidnappers are none other than laksh , neil and arjun…..yums gums get happy …they free all of them and sanskar hugs lucky,neil hugs mantu and arjun hugs yuvraj,sanskar breaks the hug and hits lucky ….lucky says:ouchh …what r. u doing ,, i gave u a surprise and u r hitting me …so mean naa….all look at them ,sanskar says:yeah tell me first why was ur phone unreachable ,and whats this type of surprise ….with fake anger …laksh says :because it was a surprise naa making weird faces…all laugh and hug each other ,then they come to hostel and talk for sometime

fly birds come near hostel while some boys came and starting teasing them …swara says:oh two in one day …suhani says what ??? amaya says i will tell u …u remember the recent incident she talking about that ….(boyzz teasing swra and she beating them) then one of the boy comes to amaya and says ohh butterfly u r so cool …amaya says thanks for the compliment but i know i am cool ….suhani says ok lets go …boyzz says where??? swara says ohhh…suhani asks her to keep quiet and asks the boyzz to go but the boyz started to laugh …amaya says they are not going to listen like this ….

the boys have a laugh and arjun says sooo boring??? neil and lucky says yaa u r right …sanskar asks so what do want to do ….flirt??? arjun says nooo radhika will kill me all say in unison OHHHH Hooo they sanskar says so when are making us meet ur miss radha?? neil says follow him in night n u will reach radhika …lucky hits him and says that was mine line …all laugh ..yuvraj suggests to go for a walk …all agree

fly birds were about to hit the boyzz when some girlzz hit the boyzzz and fly birds looks up and jumps in excitement because the girlzz are none other than ragini ,sam and radhika

boyzz are walking and laksh takes sanskar aside and says i want to tell u something …sanky asks him to say …laksh says ..i have a gf ….sanskar says so whats new u. have many ….laksh says nooo i love her …sanskar looks at him and says its not 1st april then why r u trying to fool me …laksh says no i am not joking ..actually she is radhikas friend and her name is ragini …sanskar hugs lucky and say i want to meet the girl who changed my bro ..laksh says ok lets go …they come to boyzz and tells them that they r going to meet radhika …arjun says what ..neil sats there will be many friends of her also naa sanky hits him amd says u all r same meanwhile mantu and yuvraj come and say but they are not …they come near hostel and are shocked to see the girlzz beating the boyzz …the boyzz gets up and apologizes to them …

the fly birds laugh while sanskar,yuvraj,mantu recalls their previous meeting with swara,suhani and amaya respectively

they look on shocked while the girl have a laugh and the fly birds see the boyzz standing and comes to them and were about to say something when radhika and ragini stop them ……mantu ,amaya,yuvraj,suhani,swara,sanskar say youuuuuu???? sam says ohhh u all know them i just know lucky and rj she calls arjun rj ….fly birds and yums gums tell everything to their groups …suhani and yuvraj look at each other angrily mean while swara comes to neil and says i dont know u ,by the way u r very handsome , both flirt while suhani and amaya take swara away …..arjun tells them that this is radhika ,

she greets everyone and tells their correct names and says arjun talks so much about u all ……and sanky hits laksh whispers which one??? lucky points towards ragini and sanky comes to ragini and whispers in her ear saying lucky is my bro, he is a flirt and they both laugh ,swara sees this and comes to them and says ohhh so u also know to flirt ??? ragini takes swara and tells everything about lucky ,,swara says ohhhhh so this is devar-bhabhi relation okay go ahead i also have saali-jiju realation and comes to laksh and says ohhh so u r my would be jiju ….she says its first time i am not flirting with a hansome boy and tells in his ear that your group has very handsome boys especially ur bro they laugh and everyone smile ….neil says why dont we plan a picnic ??all agree but sanskar and suhani say but college ….all say its off for two ,three days ..suhani says okay …arjun comes to radhika and fliets with her ….sam says ohhh rj have patience alll laugh …while suhani gets a call and she gets worried ………..she sees arjun and radhika and recalls sonething and gets teary eyed


  1. Radhika arjun

    Nice U know every day I’m waiting for ur ff I really like it

  2. suuupeeer yaar
    grlzz beating boyzz 🙂 ….
    women empowerment 😉

  3. Superb yar .I totally like it.I’m eagerly waiting for next update.

  4. Waiting for suhani’s past …..

    U r mending the story very differently and grt work….

    I knw it’s really difficult to maintain different pairs …. But u manage them well …..

    It’s really a grt sign of ur ability …

    Gob bless u …. Sory I may B younger to u but stil I am saying this words as I want u to make use of ur skill and go far ahead in ur life ….. (These are not just words for writing but frm my feelings …)

    Love you and ur work

  5. what is suhani past…

  6. What is suhani past

  7. Superb awesome loved it

  8. Wow suhanis past!!! Ur unfolding in parts to keep us hooked!?!! Anyways manya is my favourite see to that too pls ( well I no u will ) and yeah myself being a tamilian got so addicted to ur awesome ff rocking yaar!!!

  9. Superb bt wat is suhaani past

  10. It’s nice. What is suhani’s past? Anger 2 know

  11. I really wish ki aisi koi serial bane.. It wud b awesome nd fun to watch.. Hmm… Kaash… I truely wish yaar… Seeing all f dem happily flirting vil b soooo gud nd dat in coleg vil b wow!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  12. Pls update fast iam eagerly waiting

  13. Hey ur ff z amazing. And u joined so many characters. I only don’t lye Neil sam. Bit then also I’m reading ur ff Bcoz of swasan manya yuvani raglak and Ardhika. I luv dese all couple but no Neil and Sam. I used to watch manmarziyaan and I’m very happy 2 see my favourite couples in dis ff. So plz keep updating.

  14. Ur writing z fabulous amazing outstanding and so interesting. Can u add abhigya and twinj(Pragya and abhi and twinkle and kunj). If u can den plz add. Bcoz I luv dese both couples very much. And best of luck for ur ff. Keep writing dear. Hats off to u.

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