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Ram and his two children- Arav and Disha take care of Anandita. Ram discovers her blood reports which states Blood Cancer Relapse and visits a local doctor. Doctor advices Ram to take Anandita to a cancer hospital. Ram hugs Anandita and says she should visit hospital. Next day, Ram tries to convince Anandita for a medical checkup. Anandita wishes to meet her father. Their daughter, Disha tries to find the medical envelope when Arav interrupts. Anandita and Ram reach the gate of her father’s house when watchmen stop them saying that Mr. Kapoor has no other daughter except Monica.

Monica and Monica’s husband Manav shout at them grinning at Ram and ask them to leave. Anandita’s father, Mr. Kapoor arrives and bickers with her for leaving him 18 years back. Mr. Kapoor does not accept her apology and ask them to leave. Anandita glances at her Mother’s photograph and leaves with Ram. Disha argues with her parents for visiting Mr. Kapoor’s house. Ram convinces Disha and Anandita thanks Ram for letting her apologize to her father. Ram ties Anandita’s hands and takes her to hospital. Anandita elopes from the hospital. The show is the story of Anandita who is suffering from a terminal illness and wants to embrace death to rid her loving husband and two kids of all the agony they are going through to bring her back to life. Ram is not ready to let go of his wife and is ready to go to any extent to save her. Do you like this show? Let us know in this poll.