Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking her staff to find Chander. She gets the news that Chander is found at some under construction building. She reaches the place and goes upstairs. Chander goes in the partially made lift and she follows him by the stairs. He hides. She tries to find him. Everyone come back to their room and see the room messed up, and bags mixed up. They all look for their belongings. Babban argues with Prem. Prem asks Ratan how did he get his face cream and they start arguing. Everyone start fighting. Sooraj comes there and claps for them. He says great, you all might be happy after losing the winning match.

He says they need a spark and they will hold each other’s neck without knowing the truth, they don’t trust each other, he has swapped their belongings, they

don’t have time to find out, their anger has taken away the sense, they are one team and they all helped the opposite team, as they knew they will not work hard, you all will help them, be ready to see how they laugh on us.

He says victory is not tough, but we all should play united. Prem asks him not to blame him, he went alone to play, he wanted to become star player and get prize, what will we do there. Ratan says we also worked to be part of team, should we not get chance. Avinash says he played for himself, he used his captain post. Sooraj says he did not think about himself, he is not thinking even now, and swears on his son. He says he was thinking about the team, and leaves. Mahenda hears them and gets angry.

Zakir, and his senior get the info that the team is called at the building. Zakir asks the staff to make any excuse and not help Sandhya, he will manahge everything. He sees the video. Sandhya is caught by the goons. They tie her to some heavy metal bed. Chander comes there and laughs on her, saying she can’t go anywhere. He says he is leaving the city and asks the goons to manage her.

They goons leave and throw the key near her. Sandhya looks on. Zakir, his senior and the doctor see the live feed. Sandhya thinks why did the staff did not come till now, when she has sent the message to them on wireless. Emily gives coffee to Chavi. Chavi says thanks, I needed it. Emily likes her designs. Chavi gets her first order and says she is very happy. Emily says she is the model of her catalogue. Chavi says she has gift for her, that’s her designer dresses.

Chavi asks her about her and Mohit, is everything not fine. Emily says lets not talk about this. Chavi says you can share problems with me, I have gone through this, our marriages did not work, your life will be incomplete, don’t you wish to have a life partner who stays with you, who worries for you. Emily says she said right, but she has a good family, and she did not feel its her inlaws. She has Pari also, and asks Chavi to marry someone, lucky people get love again.

Sandhya moves the bed. Zakir says the way she is tied, she can’t break her ropes, she has one way to lift 100 kgs and reach the place to get the keys. The senior says he said yes, but I feel its tough for her, she has just one kidney. The doctor says if this task hurts her body, I will stop this task. Abhay and Mahenda are on the way talking. Abhay says Sooraj has united the team, we have to take a big step to break the team. Mahendra says no, the time has not come. Abhay asks when will the time come. Mahendra says he will make them lose the second match and asks him to wait, the team will be out of the tournament. Abhay reminds him that if the team works well, they can stun others and also make them lose.

He says he can’t have patience now, he wants the team to lose. Mahendra calms him. Abhay gives him some drugs to use and disqualify the team. Sandhya manages to lift the bed and stand. She gets hurt. The doctor asks them to stop the task, its putting force on her stomach, she will die. The bed falls back and she shouts.

Sooraj and the team see the police coming and get worried.

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