Badi Devrani 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti’s mother take Reeti’s MBA and tells Vidya not to tells anyon ethat it is Reeti,,Bilashi shows top university colleges to Daadiji,,Daadaiji asks why he showing??Bilashi tells that when Vibhor is doing MBA why not his sons Nikonj and Jugal..
Bilashi tells That Sitaram did sent his daughter he sent a poisonous snake..Daadiji tells why everytime Bilashi talks about Sitaram ..Indira and Divya comes Daadiji tells to come and sit..Daadiji tells to call Reeti..Indira tells that she brought Mangoes from their garden…Reeti comes..Vidya hugs Reeti….Vidya tells that she was missing Reeti soo much..Indira tells Reeti to keep the boxes,,Bilashi tells that they dont have soo much servents..Bilashi tells he will only keep..Bilashi holds the box,,All books falls Everyone sees..Bilashi

tells that its MBA books..Daadiji and Everyone is shocked..Bilashi tells before only he thought something is Fishy..Bialshi tells its Sitaram plan…Bilashi tells that Sitaram feel insulted..Prabha asks Indira what they wanted to show..Bialshi tells that Reeti would have said that they have refused to give books..Bilashi tells that Sitaram find new new ways to insult them..Reeti tells that Bialshi have mistaken it is her MBA books..Indira tells that she thought to bring so that Vibhor use it..Bilashi asks If Reeti wore any used thing???Daadiji tells Bilashi to enough…Bilashi tells that Even they would have brought new books…Indira tells that they are taking in a wrong way..Daadiji tells its nothing like that they are not thinking like that…Daadiji tells Reeti to take her mother in the room..Reeti,,Indira and DIvya goes…Daadiji tells Bilashi not to talk in high voice..Prabha tells everytime Daadi take side of Reeti..
Daadiji tells that Prabha forget when her sister-in-law used to come,,Prabha used to go in her room..Reeti asks Indira why she lied???Reeti asks why did Prabha hide that she Did MBA??Indira tells that in this family five year’s before Reeti’s proposal was rejected..And How can this family would accept that Reeti is more qualified then Vibhor..Reetii tells that the truth is she did hardwork and studied MBA..Vidya tells that Truth will come today or tommorrow..Vidya tells that whole family will blame Reeti..Indira gets worried..

Precap::Vibhor throws the MBA Book…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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