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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor treating Ved. Doctor says I gave him injection, he will get conscious, we have to see effect of what he has seen there. Sandhya holds Ved’s hand and says I will take you away from every fear, nothing will happen to you. She kisses his hand and cries. Bhabho prays for Ved.

A doctor tells Emily that the blood on this towel is of a girl aged around 28-30 years, she looks like having some disease, here are the reports. Emily checks reports. Maasa comes there and says I know you may have questions, that whose blood is this, why was I hiding this towel, this is Chandni’s blood, you know her mental state, what shall I say. Emily says I thought something else. Maasa thinks Emily was near the truth, if I did not come, the secret would have come out.


prays to Lord and cries. She says you know I have full belief that nothing will happen to my son, I know you will save him. She asks Lord to punish her and not her son. Bhabho and Binny look on. Binny says being a mother, I understand your pain, there is one way to save Ved. Sandhya asks what. Binny says to please Devi Maa, that curse can get away. Sandhya says I can’t do this. Bhabho asks what, you are seeing Ved’s state.

Babasa, Vikram and Chotu call out Arzoo asking for tea and milk. Babasa and Vikram ask Chotu did he say anything to Arzoo. Piya comes there with tea and snacks. She says I made breakfast for all of you today. They all get shocked. Piya gives tea and pakodi to Babasa, and lassi to Vikram, milk to Chotu. Arzoo comes and says from today, Piya will play Chotu’s wife’s role and I will be his GF. Chotu asks Arzoo whats all this. Arzoo says Piya should also get a chance, she loves you. Babasa says yes, we will take our plates, Piya would have made this well. He eats snacks and asks Piya what did she add in it. She says Arvi. He coughs and acts. Vikram asks what happened. Babasa slowly says I m fine, and acts. Vikram and Chotu make Babasa sit. Arzoo says Babasa has allergy with Arvi. Piya says sorry Aryan, I did not know this. Arzoo says that’s what I m explaining you, you have to know everyone closely if you have to become part of family, their behavior, likes and disliked, everything, this is tough.

Sandhya cries and says no, I can’t do this, Lord can’t punish an innocent kid, Lord wants devotion, not any chadava and fear, I won’t get superstitious for the sake of my son, I will not start this superstition, I don’t think Ved will get fine this way. Sooraj comes and tells them that Ved is not in his room. They all get worried and rush to find him.

Emily serves food to family. Chandni says there is some bad smell coming from food. Maasa says smell is coming from outside. Emily asks shall I go out and come. Maasa says groom’s family is coming to see Ritu. Emily says fine, I will come later. Om asks what is Chandni counting. Chandni says I m counting how many guys came to see Ritu. Ritu says you are problem for me. Chandni leaves food and goes. Emily goes after Chandni. Maasa scolds Ritu. Ritu gets upset.

Everyone look outside for Ved. They ask people did they see any little kid. They shout for Ved and look around everywhere. They all get shocked seeing Ved chanting Mukeshwari Mata’s name and pulling the Jhanki alone. Sandhya and Sooraj get teary eyed seeing Ved’s feet hurt.

Ved falls down in waters. The people throw the sticks and greet. Sandhya looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmmmmmmm? lets c hw sandhya is going to remove all tis superstitions

  2. But one thing am not understanding is tat hw can sandhya nt able to go inside tat place?nd arzoo ur only perfect fr aaryan…? common arz……

  3. It was an ok episode.Please end it soon …if it drags then though it conveys a message it may feel little boring. ……

  4. Booo piya.hate u.I am beginning to like arzoo.she is so real.

  5. I want to no if sandhya will go true with it to save ved n piya need to leave asap before bhabo comes back

  6. Sandya is a ppice officer. If she brings the police forve they will thoroughly investigate the temple and find out the secret buried in the premises of mukeshvari temple. Aarzo is very mild and loving wife of Chotu. Earlier she was very tough and aggressive. I wish her to gain her old characte andr kick Piya out of the house because it’s her house.

  7. DABH is beginning to bore us. Sandhya as a police officer encountering criminal challenges will make DABH interesting. Dragging superstition unnecessary is excruciating to watch day by day.

  8. Richa(Tittli)

    heyyyy howw r u all??
    hmmm nowdays Dabh cmmnts gettingg less n less well m backkk welll got tymm
    jeeyam sirr hw r u nd watts up sir??
    nd i think alll neww ppl here
    @@ ramiii bhaaiii were in thiss worlddd r u??
    welllllllll u knw i think IPL matchessss took ur remote again?????
    isnt it???
    hmmmm bhaaiiii watts up??
    welll u knw on sadda haq pg 1 day we were upto marrying druv bhaai so i thot of u werllll wen r u gonna marry??/
    invite me for sure 🙂
    LOL miss u alll guysss @@@ ma Dabh teammm 🙂
    nd m on sadda haq pg nowdaysss creating neuscence there soooo c u if any probbb call me there 🙂 LOL 🙂


    Nooooo …….still some people liking dabh….not some people but more people….including me…….my favourite serial is dabh…

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