Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho telling Sandhya that everyone followed the saree tradition always. Meenakshi says she is right, I m first bahu and I m still wearing sarees. Sooraj says Bhabho…. Bhabho asks him not to talk in between them, it will be good for all relations. Bhabho says Sandhya is our bahu and its her duty to obey all traditions, will you agree to me. Sandhya says yes, I will wear saree, I will agree to you. Bhabho gets the saree from Meenakshi’s hand and says all traditions and rules are made to hold all family in one thread, you have broken many of my rules and made me break also. Sandhya is puzzled. Bhabho says I was against Mohit and Emily’s marriage, as its against our rules, but you made it possible going against it, and luckily they are happy.

She says you

stepped out of home and became police officer, our Rathi family got new identify by you, the country is proud of you. Meenakshi thinks what is Bhabho saying, what does she mean. Bhabho says Sandhya taught me that person should change by time, its not bad to change mentality, today’s change will become tomorrow’s tradition, so I don’t have any objection of you wearing the salwar kameez. She says she can wear sarees sometimes. Sandhya thanks her.

Meenakshi says but this is wrong, you gave her permission, when I wore gown in my room, you have pulled my ears and scolded me, you are being partial now. Bhabho says I know you better than your mum, I will say why I have given this permission to Sandhya, as she has gone through the way which you can’t, she has become a daughter from a bahu, she has accepted the family by her heart by her good behavior, she made us her parents by her inlaws, I was strict to my rules, she melted me by her love, I used to think about losing and winning, but today its my victory to give her happiness, I m happy today. Sandhya thanks her and hugs her.

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Babasa asks Bhabho to be slow, as her wounds are still fresh, come with me and rest. Meenakshi says you permitted her saying she has earned this, I have also served you all the years, I m your first bahu, I would have also earned it. Babasa asks Bhabho to give her earnings. Bhabho says yes, I will not be partial to anyone, I will give you and Emily too, go and call Emily. Meenakshi calls everyone and asks Bhabho what is she giving them. Bhabho shows the utensils divided and kept on two tables.

Meenakshi asks whats this. Emily says she understood, she will clean all utensils. Meenakshi thinks she is being sweet to Bhabho to get everything, and acts sweet. She says she will clean all utensils. Emily says you are pregnant, how can you work, you have to manage home and shop also, I will do this work. Meenakshi says I will do. They argue. Bhabho says enough. I know my both bahus earn and are busy in work, and asks Chotu to keep everything.

Chotu shows Vikram and Meenakshi’s name written on slate outside their room, and kitchen stove given to them. They are shocked. Vikram asks Chotu what is this joke. Sandhya is puzzled. Mohit taunts Vikram and Bhabho says one decision is for you too. She asks Chotu. Chotu keeps another stove and shows Mohit and Emily’s name on the slate. Mohit asks Bhabho why is she doing this. Bhabho says you said my decision is right, when children go, they want freedom and are ashamed to walk with parents. She says smart parents are those who give them freedom.

She says you all did hardwork to be free, you got my thumb impression in my sleep state in hospital. Sandhya is shocked. Bhabho says you all succeeded. She says Meenakshi and Emily has earned this, take it now, go to your corners and start your family, we will be under one roof, but our kitchens will be separated. They are shocked. She says they can live freely now, by the way they like. Meenakshi sees the utensil box empty and says Bhabho its all empty boxes. Bhabho says yes, you have to fill it by whatever you want, market is open for everyone. She says this was your dream Meenakshi, I have fulfilled it.

Vikram says we are your sons. Bhabho says when did I say you both are not my sons, truth can’t change, I used t be happy to get your fav thing in your childhood, today also I did same, you both wanted this.

Mohit asks Babasa to stop Bhabho, they will be in problem if they get separated. Babasa says don’t be mistaken, we did not give you birth to get your support in old age, we don’t need any favor, we will manage ourselves, you both learn to manage your expenses and family. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to scold them as she is their mum. Bhabho asks Sooraj how much he used to pay when he went to stay on rent. Sooraj says 2500rs. Bhabho says I don’t like asking, so Vikram and Mohit will give me 5000rs every month. They are shocked.

Sandhya gets hurt. Ankur comes and asks her what is she doing. He scolds Sooraj for making Sandhya hold the veg bag, she can’t…. Sandhya stops Ankur and smiles. Sooraj gets puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please reveal kidney secret and end it…

  2. Nice n Quick Amena…

  3. Good decision by bhabho

  4. wow superb epidose.bhobho just rocked the screen today by showing wt they r to her two sons and babu.even bhobho is vikram and mohit want this right and they r geting it now.wt the problem they have now.for this they will get to known wt maa is.for cheating her.they all deserve this.and ofcourse iam really proud of bhobho by change the decision of saree to salwar suit.everyone shoukd have a saas like this.sry saas nahi maa.superb bhobho.i just love bhobho a lot.

    1. me toooo

  5. Who gave kidney to bhabho?

    1. Sandhya ji donated the kidney to bhaboo

  6. -Bhaboo rocking screen…….
    -avoided the argument of saree and salwar…
    -well said about sandhya……..
    -New drama came to picture

  7. Plz………. stop this kidney matter…. one day this kidney will come out.
    too much thinking of it “will effect on our mind loss””

  8. good comeback bhabhu…this is the right punishment to meena vikram& emily mohith………by acceptting salwar bhabhu tendts to be a super mom saas………bhabhu no words to say about ur strong….u did right job at right time….bhabhu ask meena about the jewels which suraj gave them at the time of ur operation.don’t forget it

  9. It is sandhya only who gave her kidney as in this she is hiding her operation marks by the suit as saree can’t hide it

  10. Plz reveal it soon,what Sandhya is hiding.If Sandhya is the kidney donor,it ‘ll b a big betrayal by Sandhya 2wrds the nation.She’ll lose as a police officer.

  11. Thanks katrina

  12. Let us anlyse precap of tomorrow:

    “Sandhya gets hurt. Ankur comes and ask her what is she doing.
    He scolds Sooraj for making Sandhyahold the ve vag. She can’t.”
    I assume that Sandhya did not lie to Ankur. Ankur knows the reason for Sandhya hurt.
    If Ankur knows the reason, Sandhya’s pain will not be related to Kidney.
    One of the future episide will explain us , if Kidney donar is important in this show.
    If the kidney is donated by third person, we may not be knowing at all.

    1. It’s monday precap… Ankur and Sandhya will not reveal it… but Sooraj will find out in next week… Sooraj already noticed a change in Sandhya, now with Ankur’s behaviour he will get to know that Sandhya is hiding something from him….

  13. I think sooraj will know sandhya’s hiding matter soon which will related with their home situation.

  14. Sooraj and Sandhya souls are same. Even Sooraj will donate kidney if his in-laws are in such trouble. But Sooraj may not be able to bear this because it may become obstacle for her duty….

  15. Its obvious sh gve her kidney

  16. Wearing salwar instead of sari is not a myth. If Sandya is really pregnant, she would have no objection to wear sari since it is a happy occasion for the family. But her insisting on wearing salwar is to hide the partial exposure of stitchingsdue to her operation as a donor.However, her running in the garden to meet Suraj etc are foolish scenes taken by the director. But in thePrecap Ankur does not allow Sandya to take the weighty vegetable bag. That is correct .

  17. wait to see sooraj reaction when he comes to know about kidney donation of sandhya

    Sandhya hiding in hospital, how is it possible? here two patient’s are taken to same operation theator..after complition of surgery, they have to come out from same door.
    Sandhy running in park and sooraj taking her in his arms…..such a…
    How easily taken blessings from bhaboo and babasa…by touching their feet.

  19. super epi super super santhosh maa ki jai

  20. Without one kidney,many common people do heavy work ,control own family and alive whole life till to death.
    At first,he/she takes some complecation after overcomes. First 3-4 months patient can relax for getting body power.

  21. N Chandrasekaran

    Salwar is best than saree and keeps & covered all the body of Ladies. But The salwar is not tight fitted. Bhaboo’s decision is good and she teach a lesson to all the culprits in the family.

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