Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya requesting Bhabho to allow her to wear suits. Meenakshi taunts her. Bhabho asks Sandhya the reason. Sandhya says there is nothing such. Meenakshi thinks Bhabho will forgive her mistake and get after Sandhya. Babasa says we will do rituals first and talk about dressing later. Meenakshi says they did not scold Sandhya. Sooraj and Sandhya do the rituals. Sandhya combs her hair in her room. She smiles. Sooraj comes there and sees her. She asks what happened. He holds her and says Sandhya ji, you are looking very beautiful in these suits, why did you think of this suddenly.

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She says yes, Bhabho will

be feeling bad, but I can’t wear sarees. He asks why. She gets tensed. She changes the topic. He says sit, tell me what happened, I remember you used to wear sarees by changing your uniform, without anyone saying you. He asks what is the matter, are you hiding anything from me. She turns and gets hurt. He sees her feet. Babasa asks Bhabho is she annoyed with Sandhya’s dressing, world is changing and we also have to change a bit. She says yes, a person changes with time. She says don’t know what happened to Sandhya.

She says she is missing Chaturi and wish to talk to her. He says I have missed you a lot. He says moon is staring at your beauty. She smiles. He holds her hand and they have an eyelock. Diya aur baati…………….plays……………….. He holds her close and hugs her.

Sooraj describes the moments which made him feel love for her. He says he still feels the water drops of her hair. The water falls on their hands from roof leakage. She says yes, even I can feel it. She opens the eyes and shows him. He says what to do now. She says now we can’t sleep here, lets go in hall. Mohit talks to Emily and Meenakshi. Sandhya teases Sooraj. He says he will see her next time. They put mattresses and sleep. He holds her hand and move away hearing Babasa. She laughs as he acts like sleeping.

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Sandhya and Sooraj hide and seek romance goes on. He tries holding her hand. They turn and sleep. The light goes, and he again turns to her. He sees she has slept and smiles. He says she has really slept, she might be very tired. She turns to him in sleep, He corrects her bindi and looks at her.

Bhabho says Sandhya is our bahu and has to obey the traditions of this house, its her duty, and so she has thought something, and shows the saree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I never miss any episodes of DABH.But from last One months i Am not being able to watch dabh .. 🙁 Thank you Amina for regular updates ..

  2. Thanks Amena

  3. bhabhu returns….i like it..cute romantic episode…….bhabhu goint to split meenakshi and emily,s family and going to ask rent from mohith&vicram….i am waiting for that strict bhabhu….

  4. What the hell Sandya is Hiding?

  5. What the hell Sandhya is Hiding?

    1. She is the donor.she may have the stitches…so she is wearing salwar..

  6. Don’t drag the dressing too much, reveal kidney secret soon……

  7. It is nothing but dragging about Kidney track. I am sick of this suppose. If Sandhya tells the truth, she should not be hiding any thing to Sooraj.

  8. i thinking she was the kidney donor

  9. I couldn’t able to enjoy this episode. What is this new drama after reunite…

  10. Oh god….How many days this kidney drama continuous..

  11. Divya Bharathy

    Sandhya hiding something!!!! when it wil be know??

  12. Day by day …not getting interest to watch this kidney drama

  13. Nice episode…

  14. This kidney drama is continuing ………………………….Y Becoz it’s still thursday
    it will come closer on satarday’s episode

  15. Hello sandhya jiiiiiiiiiiii……………… if there is nothing like that.., what is ur problem to obey ur sasural’s tradition??

  16. Definitely Sandya would have donated her kidney to Bhabho

  17. Maybe she is pregnant? I dunno

  18. wow bhobho is back on track with her usual talk.that superb.and suraj and sandy a romance is also back.that look amazing and sound good.anyways bhobho is agree to sandy request.and the she will take strite action for meenaski vikram mohit and emily by asking rent and dividing them.superb bhobho only u can do this.amazing plan tha.and its cleared that sandy is the one who gave kidney to bhobho then its darging a lot,make the truth come out.and iam damn agar sandy is one who gave kidney to bhobho.then all be will speechless.

  19. most stupid things
    -two kidney patient’s are healthy.
    -kidney patient’s are very easily sitting down and simple standing without anybody support
    -so funny thing about Bhaboo…..even she got operated on both kidney, she don’t have any weakness

  20. ek saree drama thuu

  21. Boring episode. Unable to watch. Dragging. Dragging. Are we reached to 1000 episodes yet?. Sandhya is not the kidney donor. This information will be shown in the episode 1000 until then, we will see Sooraj and Sandhya romance. Bhaboo is back again, but she will rush to Hospital again. Chavi reunit with Dhilip and then she will fight again. Meenakshi who knows, she will set the fire to her sareer store again. But, She will blame to Sandhya.

    Wait a second. I just got up, It is just my dream. Probably, Sandhya will tell the truth in tomorrows episode. By the bye, every day you can expect another tomorrow episode.

    1. No, it’s still 960…………we have 40 episodes more
      that is why this stupid drama going….on………

  22. I think she could be pregnant.

    1. i won’t happen with this couple………
      becoz they never fullfil bhaboo’s wish of grand child

      1. sry not i……… it is “it”

      2. Yes, in this matter Sandhya is selfish…. Sandhya thinks about only her dream, Sooraj thinks about Sandhya and Baboo thinks about Sooraj……

      3. No, sandhya think about sooraj first and second one is IPS dream…

  23. if sandhya want to hide truth from her family,then she should stay away from them by using the opportunity of scotland.
    then dis nonsense would’nt happen….
    “what is the use” even she in house making family unhappy by hiding something

  24. I think that sandhya is the kidney donor….that is why she couldn’t go to Scotland…. for the training in Scotland Yard, strict medical check up will be there before going and she couldnt pass it since she donated one kidney and is not fit for training….She hides it only because Suraj and bhabhoo will be shocked hearing her sacrifice… she can continue as IPS officer till a further medical check up comes in the department….After all it is a serial…so we can forgive them guys……am I right??????????????????

  25. Raghunathan Sowrirajan

    I was told that mil babhoo name is neelu. Extraordinary character good than sandhya. Can anyone tell orinal name of sandhya. My enjoyment doubles after reading written update. If there is any translation sentence by sentence my joy tribbles. Can anyone reply to [email protected] sincecomments and replys are getting display on day basis. Earlier comments are not visible

    1. sandhya’s original name is Deepika Singh. She was married to the Director of the serial recently(Rohith), Sooraj is Anas Rasheed, Emily is Pooja Singh, Mohit- Varun Jain, Chottu-Aryan Sarma, Meenakshi- Kanika maheswari, zakir- Neil Bhatt, Chhavi – Sherish Ali

  26. She is the donor..she would have stitches…so she is wearing salwar…i think so

  27. Raghunathan Sowrirajan

    Sandhya met with an accident due to which she has wound in hip. Hence saree avoided. Actually ankur or dilip mother has donated the kidney. How is it

    1. Hello Mr. Raghu:
      Until story teller writes the story about kidney donor, we will speculate our wishes. As I said before, we will hear the truth in next episode. Every day, we will think about next episode to find the kidney donor.
      It is like hijack scenario. When RK hijacked the flight, we have worried about how will be every one safe. Now, kidney drama hijacked our mind. Now, we are all worried whether Sandhya Ji will be trouble free in Kidney donor drama.

      1. ha ha ha ha….. what u said is right Mr.Ramesh

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